Cameos: Short Stories

Hutchinson & Company, 1896 - 359 páginas

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This book is wonderful. However, pages 100-101 are missing from the story "Silence of the Maharajah"! Imagine my dismay!

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Página 61 - I met a lady in the meads, Full beautiful - a faery's child, Her hair was long, her foot was light, And her eyes were wild.
Página 308 - OGIVE thanks unto the LORD, for he is gracious: and his mercy endureth for ever.
Página 141 - THREE wise men of Gotham Went to sea in a bowl; If the bowl had been stronger, My song had been longer.
Página x - Done up for show ! " to all who cared to examine its exterior — there stood a closed brougham drawn by a prancing pair of fat horses. A coachman of distinguished appearance sat on the box ; a footman of irreproachable figure stood waiting on the pavement, his yellow-gloved hand resting elegantly on the polished silver knob of the carriage-door.
Página 288 - The LORD is on my side ; I will not fear : what can man do unto me?
Página 309 - Who remembered us when we were in trouble : for his mercy endureth...
Página 30 - See that ye despise not one of these little ones, for I say unto you that their Angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.
Página 23 - Eve and she felt almost gay, for had she not, by means of a little extra starvation on her own part, been able to buy a wondrous gold and crimson worsted bird suspended from an elastic string, a bird which bobbed up and down to command in the most lively and artistic manner ? And had not her hired baby actually laughed at the clumsy toy ? — laughed an elfish and weird...
Página 308 - For they persecute him whom thou hast smitten : and they talk how they may vex them whom thou hast wounded. 28 Let them fall from one wickedness to another : and not come into thy righteousness. 29 Let them be wiped out of the book of the living : and not be written among the righteous.
Página 26 - And encouraged by his friendly tone, she opened the folds of her shawl to show him her one treasure. The bull's-eye came into still closer requisition, as the kindly guardian of the peace peered inquiringly at the tiny bundle. He had scarcely looked when he started back with an exclamation :

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