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thing bati Ignorance or Affectation CQuld make a Man so impertinent, as to talk of any thing that were pious and good. 1 beseech you to consider whether this be not a very near approach to the being asham'd of Christ; and if it bq , bow shall we escape that dreadful Sentence which is denounced against it, Mark 8. 38.. Whosoever Jliall be ajliamed of me, and of my words, in this wicked and. adulterous Generation , of him also Jliall the Son of Man be ashamed, wljen he cometh in the glory es his Father with the holy

Angels. This Minds me of the

3d, And last Direction, which is , That we must be thoroughly ferswaded that the right conduit os our selves,, in the joint of Society, is a. Aiatter of the highefi moment and importance. Does not the Scripture plainly suggest this, when our Saviour tells us, Math. 12. That by our Words we shall be justified, and by ouf Words we shall be condemned. Aud St. James tells us, James 3. 2..

II If any Man offend not in Word, the same is a perseft Man. And 'tis no wonder the Scripture lays so great a stress, or sets so great a value on the due government of the Tongue, since nothing tends more to the pleasing of God, to the honour and interest of Religion, and to the forming the Morals of Men. As to this latter, the forming every Man's particular Manners, J have said enough: One thing here I will only remark; never was there a more illustrious Proof of the Efficacy of Religions Conversation N than in the Primitive Times. Next to that of the Spirit of God it self the Christians found no greater Support under all their Trials, than what they derived from their mutual Encouragements and Exhortations of one another. And I do not question, but that Religious Friendship would be as useful now to preserve us against the Snares and Pleasures of Sin, as it was then to uphold them under their fiery Trials and Afflictions, were


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out Discourses now actuated by the same Spirit theirs were then. As to the pleasing God; must not God, think you, be as well plcas'd with our talking of, and magnifying his wondrous Works in our familiar Conversations with one another, as with our praising or extolling him in our Closets? and must not the regard and reverence which we testifie for him in Company, be as acceptable to him _ as our private Adorations? spring they not from the same Principle, and is not the one as subservient (to say no more) to his Glory, as the other? As to the Honour and Interest of Religion, nothing can more effectually promote it than the giving a frequent and publick Testimony of our Value for it. Which way can we more clearly convince the World of the Excellence and Vertue of it? Which way can we more effectually propagate in one another the Love of it, than by making it appear that it has moulded and form'd our



Souls into the Image of God; that it has possessed our Thoughts, and resin'd our Conversation? But on the other Hand, if we have no regard to our Talk, if we think this a Matter which Conscience is not concern'd in, we shall soon see Religion daily lose ground \ for we shall soon learn to think and, act with the same liberty we talk -, and this will introduce a strange face of things in a little time.

Now to close all, If our care or unconeernment in this point, be of this vast Consequence, we cannot but think we shall be called to a strict account about it in another World; the Day is coming when the Lord will fulfil his promise, Mai. 3. And the Lord barkened and heard, and a Book of remembrance was written , and they P>all be mine, faith the Lord, in that Day when J m^kg up my Jew-j els. The Day is coming when God will execute the Threat denouncin the Apostle Jude, Behold the


Lord cometh with ten Thousand of his Saints, to execute judgment upon all, to convince them that are ungodly a\mong us, of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodlily committed; and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

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