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Books Printed for S. Smith and B. Watford, at the Prhceh-Arms in St.

Paul's Church-Tard.

DR. ^ Lucas's Enquiry after Happiness in several parts. Volume I., the 3d Edit. 1704. —Human Life, or a 2d part of the Enquiry after Happiness, 3d Edit. 1704. —Religious Perfection, ora 3d part of the Enquiry after Happiness 3d Edit. 1704. —Duty of Apprentices and Servants, with some Prayers and Directions for the worthy Receiring the Holy Sacrament, 120 price is. — Plain Man's Guide to Heaven; containing ifi.. his Duty towards God, idly, towards his Neighbour; with, proper Prayers, Meditations, and Ejaculations: defign'd chiefly for the Country-Man , Trades-Man, Labourers, tfc. the 3d Edit. 120 r703. price 1 s. —Several Sermons I preach'd before the Queen, Lord-Mayor, Assizes, <5V. in 2 Volumes Bvo.

Practical Observations upon the Miracles of our Saviour, by F. Bragge, B. D. together with some extraordinary passages of his Life, 2 Volumes in %vo. 1706.

Practical Discourses upon the Parables of our Saviour, with Prayers annex'd-ro-each Discourse, in 2 Volumes 8va. the 3d Edit. 1706. j

Xa/s Wisdom of God in the Creation, in two parts, the 4th Edit. 1704. 8vo. —Perswasive to a Holy Life, from the Happiness that attends it, both in this World, and in the World to come, 8vo.

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