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racters of infinite contrivance and workmanship in its manifold parts, so also doth the soul, which is the primary and only source of the body's existence. Fearfully and wonderfully is the soul made also, when we consider the interior and exterior memories of man, in which all things that he hath thought, said, done, and acquired, are stored up, and from which they are instantly called forth, one by one, as occasion requires. When we also consider that the will is the source of affection, love, and spiritual ardour, and that the understanding is the source of thought, light, truth, and wisdom, and that the Lord flows into each with all his life, glory, and power. What a subject of admiration, praise, and adoration is this! So also, is that intermediate principle called conscience, which is the plane or ground of the heavenly influences, and. which being mercifully insinuated by the Lord, renders the possibility of man's restoration to a new will and a new understanding continually predominent to equilibrate the natural evil and falsehood of his hereditary life. To these reflections may be added, the various modifications

of the human mind, which are manifested outwardly in the countenance, and are called anger, grief, despair, fear, suspicion, joy, expectation, &c. The wonderful power of imagination, thought, and desire, the exuberance of future prospect, the love of posthumous renown and our perpetual capability of sitting as judges over our very selves, by scrutinizing past actions, computing the probabilities of future conduct, examining our motives and the qualities of our states, all which is utterly incompatible with a material organized machine, soon to be worn out, covered over, trod upon, and eternally forgotten. For, can matter think at all? It may be a medium to assist embody, and manifest the soul's operations here, but intellect, reason, science, divine speculations and excursions, must take their rise from God alone, and extend forward and above the painful and laborious career of threescore years and


Let us consider also, the wonderful combination of ideas, sleeping or awake, and the endless ratio of improvement. The soul never sleeps at all, in reality, though it contents itself with heteroge

neous excursions, called dreams, while the body is getting rest, to recruit its vigour, for succeeding and additional pursuits. And, though the body soon grows up to its appointed maturity of strength, order and perfection :- How different is the case with the mind? Like the mercies of God, which are for ever new, so are the diversified improvements of the mind, both in human and divine science. The soul travels in paths of infinite extent, and swims in that ocean which is without a bottom, or a shore. It only wants means of excitation and assistance, i. e. education, for human science and spiritual illumination in a state of humilty and good affection for that which is divine. And, in order to this, particularly the latter, there are astonishing unknown means, principles, and operations of regenerating the soul, while its distinct and independent existence is connected with the body. This answers to the internal preparations and resolutions called digestion in the body, and indeed, to the continual operations of nature, or rather the God of nature, to continue this body in life and motion. Sub

sistence is perpetual existence, and regeneration answers to creation. And, as the heart and lungs operate together in connection, so is there a like influence, operation and connection between the will and the understanding, goodness, and truth, the states of apparent and genuine order, the internal and the external man. So that man, both in body and soul is fearfully and wonderfully made,” and fearfully and wonderfully preserved and reinstated by the Lord our God. And, since the fall of man, darkness as well as light, evil as well as good, and sickness as well as health, are each over-ruled, adapted, and made subservient in the perpetual creation and eternal regeneration of



Such being a faint but just description of the power, wisdom, and glory of the creator, conformably to the doctrine of our text, it remains our essential duty to gather wisdom from these contemplations, and glorify God in our bodies, and in our spirits, which are his also. How plain is it to see the distinct connection of body and soul, and of what infinite value the soul is now, and for ever more, whereas, the body shortly

you do,

droops, dies, and gives up the pursuit of human life. And, how essentially necessary it is to estimate the narrow span of our existence here, by taking care of the body, for the sake of the soul, and gathering all the fruit we can, to take with us into the eternal world. In order to this, remember this address of the Psalmist to his Maker. "I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well." And, if this you will call upon all that is within you to bless his holy name. As a proof of this, every thing external, natural, corporeal, and ultimate, will be made subservient, and thus the whole man will be dedicated to the Lord. In such a case or state, the unmistaken law of nature, religion, and revalation, will be followed as God hath appointed. The respective functions and uses of soul and body will be fulfilled with humility, temperance, gratitude, and adoration. In this only true and proper manner can the divine artificer rejoice in his work, and the work itself be animated, splendid, useful, and glorious. Let us then seriously reflect upon these

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