The Questions of Jesus

Think Red Ink, 2007 - 492 páginas
More important than the questions we ask Him are the questions He asked us. Mark 11 implies that He may answer our questions, but only after we answer His. This great devotional book and study souce revisits and offers new perspectives on some of the most familiar Scriptures in the world, the questions in red letters, the questions of Jesus. There are 151 questions, formulated in the mind of the Son of God, recorded in the Scriptures. This book explores them all. The Gospels will never be the same!His questions will challenge us ... the answers will change us. (492p.)

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There is a life-changing personality in religion that has been hidden (buried if you will) by traditions, creeds and doctrines. We must find Him. We must diligently seek Him. He has the last word for man from God. I found Him in the Questions of Jesus. You can too.
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