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of the Empire, through such an doctrine and practice of the immense crowd, that they found church, many of which were it necessary to go through some universally acknowledged; and gardens, in order to arrive at the as a third class was directed only place of audience. On entering against individuals who had atit, he was asked, in the name of tacked and defamed him, it was the Emperor, “If he was the impossible for him to recant, author of certain books, the without denying and condemnnames of which were read to ing truth and piety, authorizing him ?” and, " If he meant to re- and strengthening tyranny and tract or to defend them ?” In re- superstition, and giving counteply to the first question, he nance to the most dangerous, beowned the books which were calise unsuspected enemies of mentioned; but conscious of the religion. He acknowledged that important consequences both to he had written with too much himself, and to the cause of the acrimony; but contended, that reformation, which might result the truth of opinjons is indefrom the answer given to the pendent of the dress or spirit in second, he requested time for which they appear : and declarserious deliberation. On the ed, that as a man, he was con18th he appeared again before scious he was fallible, and if any the diet. As he passed through one should convince him of erthe crowd, he was animated by ror, by the testimony of Scripthe address of George Frons- ture, he would immediately reberg, a man of great respectabiltract, and be the first to burn the ity, both as to rank and talents, writings in which it might be who said to him, “ My poor contained. When the official inbrother, you are now on a march dignantly told him, that he had scarcely less dangerous than any not spoken to the point, and inwhich I and my fellow-soldiers sisted on a simple and direct anhave made ; but if you are in the swer whether he would retract or right, and certain of the good- not, Luther immediately replied, ness of your cause, go in the “that unless he should be tried name of the Lord; be courage- by scripture and reason, and by ous ; God will not desert you."' them convinced of heresy, as he The question for which he had' had no faith in the infallibility of asked time for reflection was popes, or councils, whose errors again put to him. His reply was and contradictions were notori. modest and respectful, yet firm ous, he neither could nor would and decided. He declared that retract; because it was neither his sole motive in writing as he safe nor honourable for a man to had done, was to promote the act against his conscience." glory of God, and the good of his Eckius said, that he had revived brethren ; and plead, that as some the heresies condemned by the of his publications, which treated council of Constance ; and the of Christian faith and morals, Emperor openly proposed to were praised even by his adver- proceed against him as an enemy saries; as others of them attack to the church, by denouncing the ed only those corruptions in the heaviest punishments against him, and all who should support which had been, with difficulty, bim; though he refused to vio- so long restrained, broke out in a late the safe conduct which he most violent sentence, which had given him. The Elector's declared Luther to be a member and other members of the diet cut off from the church, a schis. had recourse to private negocia- matic, a notorious and obstinate tions; but Luther continued heretic ; acknowledged the Pope firm in his adherence to scrip- to be supreme judge in the conture, as the only test by which troversy ; and threatened all he would allow his tellets to be who countenanced the heretic of examined, and after being press. Wittemberg, by hospitality, ined by various arguments address, tercourse, friendship, or even ed to his love of peace, bis regard correspondence, with a similar for the church, his worldly inter- condemnation. The effect exest, and his fear of danger,' and pected from this imperial edict, being asked himself to propose was greatly diminished by the some means of accommodation, manner in which Luther was " I know none,” said he, “but treated in being simply ordered that of Gamaliel ; if this work be to retract, without the very apof men, it will come to nought; pearance of an attempt to disbut if it be of God, you cannot prove his doctrines; by the aboverturn it."*

sence of a considerable number When these negociations were of the princes when the sentence finished without success, Luther was passed, which deprived it of received orders to leave Worms authority in their territories ; immediately, under a safe con- and by the subsequent occupation duct for twenty-one days, and a of Charles in matters more improhibition from inflaming the mediately connected with the minds of the people, either by temporal security of his extenpreaching or writing during the site and envied power. journey. But though he was permitted to depart in safety, he

~ The Life of Luther, with was no sooner gone, than the which is necessarily connected inimpetuosity of the Emperor,

teresting views of the Reforma

lion, will be concluded in the 198 * Acta Wormatiæ habita. Luth.

first numbers of the Panoplisi, Oper. tom. 2.

Vol. II.

Religious Communications.

DUTIES TO THE RISING GENER- discharge, until, by Divine Provin ATION.

dence, they are brought into the EVERY generation of men en place which their fathers filled, ters on the stage of life deeply and, like them, are called to indebted to the preceding gen- stand as the guardians and ineration. It is a debt which they structors of another generation. never have full opportunity to Then, they are taught, by expe

rience, what was done for them past ages, to be, by them, faithfulin their younger age. Then, ly transmitted to the generation they have opportunity to dis- to come. But, to teach posterity charge an immense debt. . how to live in this world is only

Important is the place which a small part of their duty. They all parents are called to fill, and possess, or have the means of innumerable are the cares which possessing, knowledge which is have devolved upon them. infinitely more important. That These cares, innumerable and instruction, which, above erery weighty as they are, come upon thing else, they are to communieach generation, in consequence cate to the rising generation, is of the appointment of God. Al- derived from the volume of inthough men are made capable of spiration, and relates to eternal being taught, yet they possess things. Epirusted, as parents no innate ideas. They are not are in this highly favoured land, born into the world with a store with the oracles of God, which

of knowledge ; but they com- are the fountain of light, they are 1 mence their existence, in a state under obligation to teach their

of as great ignorance as the offspring all the distinguishing brutes commence theirs. They doctrines contained in them. have every thing to learn re. They are to teach them the charspecting this world and the fu- acter of God, the purity, extent ture. Surely they need much and immutability of his law, the instruction. They need faithful entire moral corruption of the guides and counsellors. Ac- human cace, the necessity of recording to the appointment of generation by the agency of the God, they ordinarily first fall in- Holy Spirit, the distinguishing to the hands of those who were grace of God, by which sinners instrumental of their existence. are brought to the saving know). Froin them they receive their edge of the truth, the inexcusafirst and strongest impressions. bleness of men in sinning, the Under the care of their parents, real divinity and all-sufficiency and in view of their example, of the Saviour, the necessity of they form characters for eternity. that faith which unites the soul Who, that stand in the place of to Christ, and which leads the parents, can think of these things, subject of it to purity of life, the without seeing the importance necessity of mourning for sin af. of faithfulness to their offspring! ter a godly sort, and the certain

One branch of the duty of pa- ty of future rewards and punishrents is to teach their rising off- ments. These are some of the spring how to live in this world, plain and distinguishing docand to fit them to be good and trines revealed in the word of reputable members of society. God; and being found there, we To be useful to them in this re- are bound to receive them as spect, as they may be, and as they eternal truths, and faithfully to are under obligations to be, re- teach them to the rising generaquires great attention and perse- tion. In faithfulness to their vering diligence. With the ris- trust, parents are to make known en generation are entrusted the to their children all those duties experience and improvements of enjoined in the scriptures, the

performance of which is necessa. sown. The knowledge of God ry to prepare them for heaven; is not handed down, in this day,' such as public, family and secret by any miraculous interposition; prayer, forgiving enemies, and but, by a careful and persevering overcoming evil with good, ad attention to certain means, which ministering to the wants of the God hath appointed for that purneedy and distressed, and making pose. It is to be done by diligent all proper exertions for the sup teaching... God hath made paport and spread of the gospel. rents, as it were, a depository They are also to acquaint them of his word and ordinances. To with all the institutions of God; them he hath committed divine such as the holy Sabbath, baptism instruction to be faithfully transand the Lord's supper, which mitted to their posterity. As they are to teach them to ob- instruction is respected, they are serve, as tokens of their obedi. to be God's mouth to their offence to Him, who cominands spring, and to all the souls enthem to be his people. They trusted to their care. How great are to make known the wonder- and solemn is the charge of paful providences of God; not on- rents! Jy such as are recorded in scrip- The diligent teaching, now ture, but, such as their own eyes urged on parents, may be enforchave witnessed, or their fathers ed by calling their attention to have told them.

the positive command of God. This is only a general view of This command may be found in that instruction, which we are many parts of his word. Inspirbound to communicate to the ris, ed by the Holy Spirit, Moses ading generation. To teach them dressed the people of God in the these things is infinitely more following impressive language ; important than to teach them how “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our to live and be reputable in this God is one Lord. And thou world. These things are inter- shalt love the Lord thy God with esting to them as creatures of all thine heart, and with all thy God, and as creatures, who are to soul, and with all thy might. exist in eternity, and particularly And these words, which I cominteresting, considering their fal. mand* thee this day, shall be in len, deplorable condition, by na- thine heart. And thou shalt ture. .


teach them diligently unto thy The obligation to communi- children, and shalt talk of them cate such instruction may be when thou sittest in thine house, urged from the consideration, and when thou walkest by the that He wlio hath said, “ all souls way, and when thou liest down, are mine,? liath committed and when thou risest up. And rents the particular care of their thou shalt bind them for a sign rising offspring. i'. Bilire upon thine hand, and they shall

We are no more to expect that be as frontlets between thine children, will acquire knowledge, eyes. And thou shalt write without instruction, than that them upon the posts of thine men will reap their fields, which house, and on thy gates." With they have never cultivated and the importance of this divine • Vol. I. No. 12.. VE . . . 12:,

command, the mind of Asaph How great would be the sin, in was deeply impressed when he the present generation, of withpenned the following words ; holding or suppressing that in« For he established a testimony struction, in regard to the docin Jacob, and appointed a law in trines, duties and institutions of Israel, which he commanded our the gospel, which their fathers fathers, that they should make were at the pains of communi. them known to their children; cating to them? Did their fathat the generation to come might thers put the Holy Scriptures into · know, them, even the children their hands? They are bound which should be born, who should from this consideration, to comarise, and declare them to their mit that precious treasure into children, that they might set the hands of their children. Did their hope in God, and not for their fathers labour to make them get the works of God ; but keep acquainted with the character of his commandments." The in- God, and with the great and inspired Psalmist evidently reason- teresting truths of his holy ed on this ground, that as the word ? They are bound, from generations before him were this consideration, tò labour as commanded to stand in their much, at least, to teach the same lot, and transmit the laws and things to their children. Do institutions of God to their pos- they call to mind, that when they terity; so it was the incumbent were under the care and instrucduty of the generation, in which tion of their fathers, they were he lived, to stand in their lot, in taught by example and precept, defence of the saine divine laws to remember the Sabbath day to and institutions, and communi. keep it holy? It will be the cate the same invaluable bles- basest ingratitude, for them to șings to their posterity. Every be silent on this subject, or to succeeding generation, from that exhibit before their children a time to the present, has been un. careless observance of holy time. der the same'obligation ; and the Did their fathers teach them the obligation has increased in pro- importance of honouring God in portion to the increase of light the house of prayer, by constantand privileges.'

1 ly attending themselves, and by The duty of communicating providing for their attendance? divine instruction to children This may be urged as a reason, may be urged on the score of why they should be assiduous to gratitude. Parents and guar- impress on the minds of their dians must be careful not to hide children the importance of regu. from the generation to come lar public worship. Were their what their fathers have told them parents constant in pleading for respecting the interesting things thein in family prayer? They of religion. Having themselves ought also to plead for their cbilbeen taught these things, they dren, and by their example to must be chargeable with awful teach them to plead for theirs. ingratitude not to communicaté Do they recollect; that their pa. the knowledge of them to their rents, in many ways, expressed children.“ Freely they have rea" concern for their immortal ceived, freely they must give. souls? The sin of ingratitude

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