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all know of no truth more important so a body of i.o.o.o.o.o.o. a; solute dependance of missions on God. I know. ofno sentiment worthy of being engraven in broader and deeper characters on the bosom of every. missionary' than this, “Not by might, nor by power; but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts!”. himself is the secret spring, the original * ver of the whole design. From the days of the apoles to the present hour, his invisible hand set, th gle machinery in motion. These designs of, to the heathem are of no earthly origin; and tige tire suggess of. them depends on. him who, gayosh embirth. His providence must smile, or to Host benevolent plans will be defeated. His spirit must be poured from on high, or the heathen world will remain still dead in sin, and grope their, way to eternity through gloom dark as midnight. There is every thing to throw the cause of missions, absolutely into the hands of God. Mere human, influence can never subdue the stupid lethargy, the inexorable habits, the imbedded depravity of the pagan mind. There are most disheartening, most overwhelming obstacles at every step. And God will not give his glory to another. If we attempt. the subjugation of this world to its rightful Prince, rather. by our own policy and prowess than his presence and power, we shall be compelled to feel our insufficiency. Whether the cause decline or prosper, its friends must be driven to their knees. They must stretch out their hands unto God; they must lie on their faces at his throne. This is their confidence. “Prayers and pains through Jesus

Christ,” said the devoted Elliot, “can do any

oolomé"wiligion their stipidity; will kindle a momentary zeal; will excité à flüsh of animal'seeling; will commend their cause to the enthusiasm of a popular assembly: this will give them power with God.' ' *I wish it were in my power to enforce, as I desire; the importance of prayer for the cause of missions. **My "respected fathers and "brethren, shåll we not carry this cause "with fiew fervor to the throne of grace?" We cannot hope too much from God; FCôpious showers of divine grace upon - ... oured forth as soon as a s irit" of supplication isocopiously poised forth upon the churéfies: "Missionáriës"die and, become the prey. of Savage fied; for the want of prayer in the churches at fiómie." It is a melancholy fact, that the number of 'conversions in 'heathen lands does not bear’adué proportion to the amount of effort. in the missionary enterprise, and for the want of * prayer in the churches at home. “It is a lamenta-" tión; that the 'special occasion set apart for such prayer aré'so little" regarded" by the professed friends of Jesus Christ. It is one of the dark signs of the times: 'One of the melancholy proofs that the day of millennial glory is not very near," is the little interest which is taken in those precious seasons of united and special supplication, for the conversion of the heathen. "Were Paul to rise from his grave, and visit these churches, one of the first privileges' he would seek to enjoy, , would be the monthly concert of prayer for the heathen: Were Jésus Christ again to descend into our world, I am persuaded he would never absent himself from this season of prayer. The

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