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who are praying, and exerting themselves for the pros: perity of Zión, will be in danger, either of presump: tuously, relying, on-Providence, without, considering what Providence requires them to do; or of employing means repugnant to the nature of the Gospel...To attempt the propagation of Christianity, except in its embodied, living state, is an undertaking in itself ire rational,and canneyer succeed. The power ofgodliness, the true means of bringing those who are “strangers and foreigners,” to be “sellow citizens with the saints; and of the lousehold of God.” . . . . . . . . . . . . ... In accomplishing. this great. work, God will, from time to time, raise up, qualify and employ such men as: his instruments, as will bestsubserve the purpose; and when they shall severally have accomplished;as an hireling, their work, in succession, he will translate them to higher and nobler services in his kingdom above; and others, qualified by his Spirit, shall fill the vacancies which their removal shall have made. When instruments are taken away, on whose continuance the success of the cause of the conversion of the heathen has seemed greatly to depend, we are permitted to weep, but not to despond. The LoRD ever liveth, and his watchful eye and care are continually extended over all his operations. , No. vacancies in the ranks of his laborers are left unfilled. If one goeth, another cometh. The work of the Lord will never stop for want of proper instruments to accomplish it. . In reflecticns of this kind, we find our consolation, our antidote against despondency, under the very solemn bereavement with which we have been recently afflicted.

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ofhe office and duties of the Rev. Dr. Wome&# made him extensively known; and the ability, fidelity; and courteousness with which he sustained this office, and fulfilled these duties, made him as extensively respected and beloved. Few men and their offices have ever been better united; than Dr. Worcestes and the Secretaryship of the American Board of Commission. ers for Foreign Missions.” His natural endowments, a strong and acute mind; a retentive memory, a capacity for deep and extensive research; for o: and with a calm spirit deliberately surveying, and digesting great subjects, and great plans, and energy to execute them—these éndowments, sanctified by the grace of God, formed a broad foundation on which was erected his distinguished reputation. These natural talents were cultivated for a series of his earlier years, in fulfilling the duties of missionary, and other âssociations, with which he was officially connected; more limited in their scale and operations. His advances were gradual, but sure.' He was accustomed to think before he spoke, to deliberate before he acted; and yet, on emergencies, where no time was given for deliberation, he discovered remarkable promptness in discussion, and wisdom in plan and decision, indicative of a cool, sensible, well furnished mind. He was indeed a wise and good man, singularly fitted in Providence for the various offices which he sustained at his death, and in fulfilling the dutics of which he may be said to have sacrificed his life. But the cause in which died, is one in which it is noble to die. It is the which CHRIST died, who has left us an example that we should follow his steps: and with whom, if we labor and suffer, we shall reign

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - : * : i. with him in glory. Ampng, the heathen, for whose benefithsourcessfully laborai, he had the privilege to die; and there is: his grave, destined for years to êome;-toshéd widely around it aimonitory and wholer $onie influence; both on Christians and heathen, who shall hereafter visit it. Dr. WörckstER's life was, comparatively short in the number of its years, but longifestimated from the labor he performed....He accomplished much in a short time!: “We ne'er shall look upon his like again”, “We weep with the wide ow andfatherless children,with his belowed colléague.” with hisbéréayed fläcklockWe, of this Board, who can 'best estimate'his worth to us, who have so long acted. with him in condicting itsjardiidus duties, cannot rea frain, on this decasion, from mingling our tears, and weeping with all others who feel with us...this loss— with the ministers; and churches; and associations with which herwas inuvarious ways connected; with the Missionaries, who corrásponded with him, and looked to him for counsel, consolation and encouragement; as to a wise and affectionate father and friend; and we weep, also, with the spoor heathen, who, as they became enlightened, had begun to know his name, and to estimate his influence in promoting their happiness. The Bible authorises us thus to mourn. In our afflictionlet us be humble and submissive, trusting in God. A laborer with as in the vineyard of the Load is removed; the more labor devolves on those who survive. or or ; *...*.*, 3 * Brethren, letius'ssel our obligations to God, to our fellow beings generally, and specially to the heathen world, or Here is a wide field for the operations of benevolence. Much is to be done. The harvest

* Rev. Elias CoRNElits.

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idences such visible, bextensive; and remarkable pre:
- parations are made for gathering ini, this harvest, and
form fulfilling the predictions and promises scattered
$othickly, through the Bible. :: *i-ii solo ti. Ho.
as At this prospect, every:Christian's heart must glow
withinjhim. His best affections and noblest emotions.
must be touched, elevated and kindled together, in the
contemplation of so glorious"an object, altiwill be a
token for good, if the counsels of all thosen who are
engaged in promoting this noble désign, shall be stead-
ily conducted upon this principle;that ithe "power of
godliness, felt and exhibited by professing Christians,
enters into the true means of bringing those;"who are
strangers and foreigners, to be fellow citizens with the
saints, and of the household of faith, c. It is indeed no-
ble for Christians universally, to have their conversa-
tion as it becometh the Gospel tofu CHRist, to stand
fast in one spirit; with one-mind, striving together. for
the faith of thc Gospel, and in endeavors to spread
the knowledge of its pure doctrines among those who
itting #kness, and in the valley's of the shadow of

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*Wha oremains, then, my brethren in the ministry, *and fellow Christians generally, but that we make full

proof of our Christian character, taking heed to “let "our lightshine before others.” “With this conductin

Christians, rest assured, is ultimately connected the

ospread of the Gospel and the advancément of the ... kingdom of CHRist, as well among ourselves, among o the people. in our frontier settlements; as among *the more distant heathen. of

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*Eet no Christian imagine; that becauseshehas not the advantage of particular situations, or talents; that. he can be of no service in the cause of his glorious Redeemer, or that he cannot be the instrument of converting the heathen to CHRIST. to The opportunities,

of Christians to be useful in this work are various, and,

separately considered, they may in many cases seem :

small; yet, when combined are of large amount....And they are often connected in such a train, that it is impossible to foresee how much good might be done, were every Christian in his particular sphere to fulfil those duties, exhibit that character and maintain that spirit, which become the Gospel of CHRIST.

Let this then be done by Christians universally,

Let them be Christians indeed. Let them be exemplary in their lives, servent in their prayers, liberal in their pecuniary contributions, for the prosperity of

Zion. Let their prayers and their alms together,

come up for a memorial before God. Let the rich, according to their abundance, and others according to their several ability, give to this work of the Lord. Let all men, from thc highest to the lowest, in Christian lands, bestow on it their combined energies. Then, through the power of the Holy Ghost, the work will prosper, and in due time be accomplished. God will add daily to his church of such as shall be

saved. Much people will be added to the Lohn. "The

heathen will be given to CHRIST for his inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms

of our Lord, and Jehovah be universally acknowledged . .

king over all the earth. All the families of the earth will be blessed in Christ, and call him blessed; the ends of the world will turn unto the Lond, and the

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