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*Down, Dr. Edwin A., Member, State Bd. of Char.; Phys. to the Retreat for Insane, 30 Washington St.

Green, D. I., Supt., Char. Org. Soc., 234 Pearl St. Greene, Col. Jacob L.

*Hall, Miss Mary, Member, State Bd. of Char., 40 Pratt St.

Hartranft, C. D., D.D., Pres., Hartford Theol. Seminary, etc., 1507 Broad St.

Howe, Harmon G., M.D., Exec. Com., Hartford Hosp.

Huntington, Rev. John T., Pres., Chdn.'s Aid Soc. McCook, Prof. J. J., Director, Char. Org. Soc., 114 Main St.

Merriam, Alexander R., Prof. in Hartford Theol. Seminary; Director, Char. Org. Soc.

Phelps, Oscar A., Director, Char. Org. Soc.; Supt., Wachuton Chapel, 232 Sigourney St. Stearns, Dr. H. P., Supt., Hartford Retreat, 30 Washington St.


*Knight, Geo. H., M.D., Supt., Conn. Sch. for Imbeciles.

* Knight, Mrs. Geo. H., Conn. Sch. for Imbeciles. Knight, Mrs. Mary F., Conn. Sch. for Imbeciles.


Perkins, J. Deming. Woodruff, Geo. M.


*Fairbank, W. G., Supt., Conn. Indus. Sch. for Girls.

*Fairbank, Mrs. W. G., Asst. Supt., Conn. Indus. Sch. for Girls.

Fisher, Willard, Prof. of Economics and Social Science, Wesleyan Univ., 14 Observatory Hall. Whittlesey, H. C., Member, State Bd. of Char.


Warner, L. D. Whittemore, J. H.

New Britain.

Camp, David N., Auditor, Nat. Council of Congregational Churches.

Cooper, Rev. James W., D.D., 16 Washington St. Finch, Alfred S., Agt., Char. Org. Soc., 58 W. Main St.

Platt, F. G., Chairman Exec. Com., New Britain Char. Org.

New Haven.

Bacon, Miss Rebekah G., Member, State Bd. of Char.

Baldwin, Henry, Custodian of Amer. Hist., Library Americana, 260 Crown St.

Blackman, Rev. Wm. F., Prof. of Christian Ethics,
Yale Univ., 253 St. Ronan St.

Brewer, Prof. W. H., Yale Univ., Pres., State
Bd. of Health, etc., 418 Orange St.
Brown, Robert, Sec'y, Yale Univ. Observatory,
Observatory Pl.

Corcoran, Rev. John F., Treas., St. Francis Orph.
Asyl., P.O. Box 1477.

Douglass, Rev. Geo. Wm., Rector, Trinity Church, 239 Whitney Ave.

Farnam, Prof. Henry W., Yale Univ., Director,
Org. Char. Ass'n, 43 Hillhouse Ave.
Fields, Wm. T.

Fisher, Irving, Asst. Prof. Political Econ., Yale
Univ., 460 Prospect St.

Lowe, Walter I., Instructor in History, Sheffield Scientific Sch. of Yale Univ., 238 Whalley Ave. Porter, Jos., Chairman Com., Welcome Hall Mission, 215 Whitney Ave.

Preston, Sherwood (., Agt., Org. Char. Ass'n, 200 Orange St.

Saunders, E. A., Director, Org. Char. Ass'n, 440
Whitney Ave.

Sheldon, Chas. A., Director, Org. Char. Ass'n.
Welch, Pierce N.


*Smith, Henry D., Pres., Conn. Indus. Sch. for Girls at Middletown.

*Smith, Mrs. Henry D.

South Manchester. Cheney, James W.


Davenport, Rev. John G., D.D., Pastor, Second
Congregational Church, 22 Holmes Ave.
*Kellogg, Chas. P., Sec'y, State Bd. of Char.
Kellogg, S. W.

Wells, Thos. D., Sec'y, State Bd. of Prison Directors, 67 Chestnut Ave.


Ruland, Dr. F. D., Sanitarium.



Associated Charities, 602 West St.

Bancroft, Wm. P., Sec'y, Trustees Delaware Hosp. Warner, Mrs. Emalea P., Chairman, Exec. Com., Asso. Char., 1202 Delaware Ave.


Barlow, Mrs. Kate B., Supt., Indus. Home Sch.
of the Dist. of Columbia, 32d St. Extension.
Barrett, Mrs. Kate Waller, Supt., The Nat'l Flor-
ence Crittenton Mission, 218 3d St., N.W.
Castle, Henry A., Auditor, P. O. Dept.
Caywood, A. S., Committee on Char. and Cor. of
Board of Trade, 933 9th St., N.W.

Hood, Mrs. Mary E., Manager, Asso. Char., 1009
Hood, Mrs.
O St., N.W.

Janney, B. T., 1671 31st St.

Lewis, Herbert W., Agt., Board of Chdn.'s Guardians, 472 Louisiana Áve.

Lowndes, Jas., 1505 Pennsylvania Ave. Macfarland, Henry B. F., Cor. Sec'y for District of Columbia, 1406 G St.

Moore, Frederic L., Chairman, Asso. Char., 1505 Penn. Ave.

Nourse, Mrs. Emily L., Bd. of Directors, Industrial Home School, 2823 Q St., N.W. Spencer, Mrs. Sara A., Trustee, Nat'l Homœopathic Hosp.; Prin., Spencerian Business College.

*Wilson, Geo. S., Gen. Sec'y, Asso. Char., 811 G St., N.W.

Woodbury, Mrs. Anna L., Pres., Mission Sch. of Cookery and Housework, 1319 Mass. Ave. Woodward, S. W., Vice Pres., Asso. Char.; Pres., Bd. of Trade, 2015 Wyoming Ave.

Woodward, Wm. Redin, Pres., Bd. of Chdn.'s Guardians of the Dist. of Columbia, 507 E St., N.W.

Wright, Carroll D., Commissioner of Labor.



Barclay, Jno. F., Supt., Marietta St. Mission and
Rescue Home, 24 W. Alabama St.

Cofer, M. J.

[blocks in formation]

Adams, Mrs. Geo. E., 530' Belden Ave.

*Addams, Miss Jane, Hull House, 335 S. Halsted St.

Banning, Ephraim, Member, Bd. of State Com'rs
of Pub. Char., 685 Washington Boulevard.
* Dewey, Richard, M. D., Phys. in charge Sanita-
rium at Wauwatosa, Wis.; Clinical Prof.
Mental Diseases, Chicago Post-grad. Sch. and
Woman's Med. Sch., N. W. Univ., 34 Wash-
ington St.

Doud, Mrs. L. B., 3257 Michigan Ave.
Felton, Chas. E., Mgr., State Reformatory, 3153
Calumet Ave.

Flack, Rev. G. K., Pastor, Wabash Ave. M. E.
Church, 154 25th St.

Flower, Mrs. J. M., Ill. Training Sch. for Nurses, 67 Lake Shore Drive.

Frank, Henry L., Pres., Jewish Training Sch. and Orph. Soc., 1608 Prairie Ave.

Gavit, John P., Editor, The Commons the Social

Settlement periodical, 140 N. Union St. Gross, Mrs. S. E., 48 Lake Shore Drive. Grueson, W. A., Lewis Inst.

Harris, D. J., 3145 Vernon Ave.

*Henderson, Prof. Chas. R., D.D., Univ. of Chicago, Chairman, Bureau of Char.

Hobbs, Mrs. J. B., Mgr., Home for the Friendless, etc., 343 La Salle Ave.

Holmes, Rebecca Brickell, Asst. Sec'y, Bureau of
Asso. Char., 80 Commercial Bank Bldg.
Lathrop, Miss Julia C., Member, Bd. of Pub.
Char., Hull House.

McDowell, Miss Mary E., Head Res., Univ. of
Chicago Settlement, 4655 Gross Ave.
Mack, Julian W., Sec'y, United Hebrew Char.,
108 La Salle St.

MacVeagh, Franklin, Pres., Bureau of Asso. Char.,
Lake St. and Wabash Ave.

* Magee, J. J., Trustee, Ill. Eastern Hosp. for Insane at Kankakee, 245 E. 57th St.

*Millis, H. A., 5739 Drexel Ave. *Milner, Rev. Duncan C., D.D., Pastor, Armour Mission, cor. 33d St. and Armour Ave. Olmstead, Rev. R. E., 5412 Jackson Ave. Pettersen, C. A., Teacher, Jefferson High School, 901 W. North Ave.

Reynolds, Arthur R., M.D., Com'r of Health, Chicago, 36 Washington St.

Rosenberg, Jacob, Director, United Hebrew Char., 1620 Michigan Ave.

Rosenfeld, Maurice, United Hebrew Char., 76 5th Ave.

[blocks in formation]

Shortall, John G., Pres., Ill. Humane Soc.; Pres., Amer. Humane Ass'n, 1600 Prairie Ave. Simons, A. M., Dist. Agt., Bureau of Asso. Char., 1746 W. 47th St.

*Smith, Miss Mary R., Hull House, 335 So. Halsted St.

Smith, Robert M., Principal, John Worthy Sch.,

Sturges, Miss Marion Delafield, 107 Pine St.
Sturm, Adolph, Supt., House of Correction.
Taylor, Graham, Hammond Library, 43 Warren

Wallace, Mrs. M. R. M., 3817 Michigan Ave.
*Weller, Chas. Frederick, Dist. Supt. for Engle-
wood and West Side Districts, Chicago Bureau
of Asso. Char., 308 W. 63d St.
Woodbridge, John, Pres., Nat'l Chdn.'s Home
Soc., 604 Reaper Block.


Calhoun, Wm. J., Member, Bd. of Pub. Char.

Caldwell, W., M.A., D.Sc., Prof. of Moral and
Social Philosophy, N.W. Univ.
Southgate, Rev. B. M., 912 Wesley Ave.


Miller, Rev. M. J., Trustee, Antioch College at
Yellow Springs, Ohio.

* Amigh, Mrs. Ophelia L., Supt., State Home for Juvenile Female Offenders.

Benthall, Mrs. E. D. W., M.D., Asst. Supt., State Home for Juvenile Female Offenders.

*Hale, S. W., Trustee, Eastern Hosp. for Insane.


McClaughry, R.W., Warden, Ill. State Penitentiary.


* Small, Lem., Trustee, State Hosp. for Insane Stearns, Wm. G., M.D., Supt., Ill. East. Hosp. for Insane.


Smith, J. W., M.D., Supt., Asylum for Feebleminded Children.


Corbus, J. C., M.D., Member, Bd. of Pub. Char. Monticello.

Miller, Mrs. Flora J.


*Magner, J. H., Supt., Ill. Soldiers' Orphans' Home.


Talcott, Wm. A., Sec. and Treas., Rockford Hosp. Ass'n, etc.

Talcott, Mrs. William A., Vice-Pres., Ladies' Union Aid Soc., etc.

South Evanston

Miller, Miss Katharine S., Supt., Ill. Indus. Sch. for Girls.

Morgan, Miss Fannie E., Visitor, Ill. Indus. Sch. for Girls.


Dodds, F. C., Clerk, Bd. of Pub. Char.

Lawrence, R. D., Member, Bd. of Pub. Char.


[blocks in formation]

* Ellison, Thos. E., Member, Bd. of State Char.; Pres., Bd. Mgrs. Ind. Ref'y.

Guild, Mrs. Helen F., Pres., Asso. Char., 372 Fairfield Ave.

*Harper, Mary Rowan, Sec'y, Bd. of Trustees, Ind. Sch. for Feeble-minded Youth, 76 E. Washington St.

* Johnson, Alex., Pres., National Conference of Charities and Correction for 1897; Supt., Ind. Sch. for Feeble-minded Youth.


* Bergen, Miss Margaret, Matron, Johnson Co. Orphans' Home.


* Bicknell, Ernest, Sec'y, Bd. of State Char.
Elder, John R., Member, Bd. of State Char.
Elliott, Rev. F. M., Supt., Ind. Chdn.'s Home
Soc., 90 E. Market St.

Gavisk, Rev. Francis H., St: Vincent de Paul Soc., 126 W. Georgia St.

Greely, Miss Laura, Clerk, Bd. of State Char. * Grout, Chas. S., Gen. Sec'y, Char. Org. Soc. Harrison, Mrs. Benj., Member, Flower Mission, 674 N. Delaware St.

* Keely, Miss Sarah F., Supt., Ref. Sch. for Girls and Woman's Prison.

McGinnis, Geo. F., Member, Bd. of Control, Ind. Ref. Sch. for Boys.

*McKeenan, Mrs. Susan, St. Vincent de Paul Soc., 618 N. Madison St.

Mount, James A., Governor.

*Peelle, Mrs. Mary F., Member, Bd. of State Char. * Spink, Mary A., M.D., Member, Bd. of State Char.

Streeter, W. B., Agt., Bd. of State Char.
Thomas, Miss Lelia, Bd. of State Char.
Walker, Mrs. C. A., Mgr., Ind. Ref. Sch. for
Girls and Woman's Prison, 120 W. 12th St.


Brown, Prof. D. C., Member, Bd. of State Char. Jeffersonville.

Zulauf, Miss Hannah, Sec'y, Orphans' Home Soc.


Graham, A. H., Supt., Soldiers' and Sailors' Orph. Home.

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* Caldwell, P., Supt., Indus. Sch. of Reform. Hartwell, F. N., Financial Sec'y, Soc. for the Protection of Newsboys and Waifs, 11th and Maple Sts.

Hill, Archibald A., Head Resident, Neighborhood House, 324 E. Jefferson St.

Richardson, Caroline H., Char. Org. Soc. *Rolph, W. T., Financial Sec'y, Char. Org. Soc.;

Sec'y and Treas., Southern Conference of Charities and Correction, Columbia Bldg. Richmond.

Bennett, Miss Belle H., Pres., Woman's Parsonage and Home Mission Society, M. E. Church, South.


Baton Rouge.

McVea, Chas., M.D., Physician, State Inst. for the Blind, 715 Convention St.


Hays, Geo. A. B., M.D., Supt., Insane Asyl. of Louisiana.

[blocks in formation]

Browne, Arthur H., Director, Char. Org. Soc., 531 Natchez St.

Capdevielle, Paul, Pres., Merchants' Ins. Co.

Carré, W. W., Pres., Char. Org. Soc., 331 Carondelet St.

Derby, Capt. Geo. McC., Director, Char. Org. Soc., 3232 Prytania St.

*Ferrier, George, Jr., Sec'y, La. Prison Reform Ass'n, City Hall.

*Heyman, Michel, Cor. Sec'y, La. Jewish Orph. Home, 5342 St. Charles Ave.

Hirsch, Mrs. Cerf, 232 Canal St.

Howard, H. T., 2113 St. Charles St.
Jennings, Mrs. M. C., 2263 Carondelet St.

Johnston, Wm. Preston, Pres., Tulane Univer

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Baltimore, Continued·

Glenn, Rev. Wm. L., 1103 N. Eutaw St. Jessup, Rev. Chas. A., Member, Bd. of Mgrs., Char. Org. Soc., 309 Cathedral St. Kelly, Howard A., M.D., 1418 Eutaw Pl. *King, Miss E. T., Vice-Pres., Instructive Visiting Nurse Ass'n, 840 Park Ave.

Lawford, J. M., 19 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Levering, Eugene, Treas., Soc. for Suppression of Vice, 1308 Eutaw Place.

Levering, Joshua, Pres., House of Refuge, 102 Commerce St.

*McLane, Miss Kate M., Mgr., Char. Org. Soc.; Trustee of the Poor, 1101 N. Charles St.

* Maxwell, W. W., Gen. Sec'y Ass'n for the Improvement of the condition of the Poor, 4 W. Saratoga St.

Niver, Rev. Edwin B., Rector, Christ Church, 1014 St. Paul St.

Penington, D. F., M.D., Pres., Masonic Lodge of Relief, 221 N. Liberty St.

* Richmond, Miss M. E., Gen. Sec'y, Char. Org. Soc., 301 N. Charles St.

Ridgeley, Miss Eliza, 825 Park Ave. *Rogers, Miss Julia R., Treas. and Sec'y, Evening Dispensary for Working Women and Girls, 821 N. Charles St.

Shippen, Charles C., Mgr., Char. Org. Soc., 603 N. Charles St.

Steiner, Bernard C., Librarian, Enoch Pratt Free Library.

Walker, Elisha H., Fidelity Bldg.

White, Julian LeRoy, 2400 North Ave., W.
Williams, Miss Carrie H., 1428 Park Ave.
*Woods, Frank, State Delegate, Pres., House of
Reformation at Cheltenham, Md., 2113 St.
Paul St.

Ellicott City.

Fort, Samuel J., M.D., Font Hill Private Inst. for Feeble-minded and Epileptic.


Rohe, Dr. Geo. H., Supt., Second Hosp. for Insane.



Hitchcock, Edward, M.D., Member, State Bd. of Lun. and Char.; Prof. Physical Education and Hygiene, Amherst College.

Blue Hill.

Codman, Miss C. A.


Allen, Rev. Frederick B., Supt., Episcopal City Mission, 132 Marlboro St.

* Barrows, Mrs. Isabel C., Official Reporter and
Editor of the National Conference of Charities
and Correction, 5 Park Sq.
Birtwell, Chas. W., Gen. Sec'y, Chdn.'s Aid Soc.,
43 Charity Bldg.

Blake, Clarence J., M.D., 226 Marlboro St.
Boston Children's Aid Society, 43 Charity Bldg.
Bradley, Chas. H., Supt., Boston Asyl. and Farm
Sch. for Indigent Boys, P.O. Box 1486.
Byrne, Rev. Wm. V.G., Spiritual Director, St.
Vincent de Paul Soc., 6 Allen St.

Capen, Samuel B., Pres., Boston Municipal
League, 350 Washington St.

*Coe, Miss Mary Alma, Agt., Asso. Char., 47

Providence St.

Converse, Mrs. C. C., 348 Beacon St.

Crafts, Miss Mary E., Vice-Pres., Asso. Char., 304 Berkeley Št.

Derby, Wm. P., M.D., Supt. Outdoor Poor, State Bd. of Lun. and Char.

Donnelly, Chas. F., Member, State Bd. of Lun. and Char.'

Evans, Mrs. Glendower, Trustee, Lyman and Indus. Schs., 12 Otis Pl.

Fay, Mrs. Lucy Atwood, Asst. Gen. Agt., Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to Chdn., 15 Pemberton Sq.

Fleischer, Rabbi Chas., Hon. Vice-Pres., Chdn.'s Aid Soc. of Boston, 38 St. Botolph St.

Folsom, Mrs. Chas. F., Pres., Ward 6 Conf. Asso. Char., 15 Marlboro St.

Fowler, Wm. P., Chairman, Overseers of the Poor, etc., 931 Tremont Building.

Grew, Henry Sturgis, 89 Beacon Street.
Hale, Geo. S. (died July 27, 1897).

Hamilton, Rev. F. W., Pres., Dist. 14 Conf. Asso.
Char., 44 Townsend St.

Haskell, Edw. H., Member, State Bd. of Lun. and Char., 11 Otis St.

Hildreth, John L., M.D., Member, State Bd. of Lun. and Char.

Humphreys, Richard C., Overseer of the Poor,

etc., 141 Franklin St.

Kehew, Mrs. Mary Morton, Pres., Women's Educational and Industrial Union, 317 Beacon St. Kennedy. John J., Vice-Pres., Central Council,

St. Vincent de Paul Soc., 1500 Tremont St. *Ladd, Miss Emily J., Member, Asso. Char., 47 Providence St.

*Laughlin, Mrs. Harriet M., Member, Asso. Char., 74 Carver St.

Lawrence, Wm., 122 Commonwealth Ave.
Lee, Joseph, 20 Hereford St.

Lincoln, Roland C., Director, Boston Co-operative
Building Co., 269 Beacon St.

Lincoln, Mrs. Roland C., Sec'y, Bd. of Pauper
Insts. Trustees, 269 Beacon St.

Lyman, Arthur T., P.O. Box 1717.
Mason, Miss Ida M., I Walnut St.

Morse, Miss Frances R., Visitor, Asso. Char., 12
Marlboro St.

Munro, Miss Martha H., Visitor, Asso. Char., 542 Massachusetts Ave.

Overseers of the Poor, cor. Hawkins and Chardon Sts.

Paine, Robert Treat, Pres., Asso. Char., 6 Joy St. Paine, Mrs. Robert Treat (died March 9, 1897). Paine, Miss Sarah C., 21 Brimmer St.

Parsons, Miss Emma A., Visitor, Asso. Char., 903 Boylston St.

* Pettigrove, Fred G., Gen'l Supt. of Prisons of Mass., State House.

*Pingree, Miss Laliah B., "The Ludlow." Pratt, Laban, Member, State Bd. of Lun. and Char. Public Library of Boston.

Putnam, Dr. Chas. P., Asso. Char.; Mass. Infant Asyl., 63 Marlboro St.

Putnam, Miss Elizabeth C., Trustee, Lyman and
Indus. Schs., 63 Marlboro St.

Rogers, Miss Annette P., Overseer of the Poor;
Director, Boston Chdn.'s Aid Soc., 5 Joy St.
Seavey, Mrs. Mary L., Vice-Pres., Dist. 12 Conf.
Asso. Char., 542 Massachusetts Ave.
*Smith, Miss Zilpha D., Gen. Sec'y and Asst.
Treas., Asso. Char. of Boston, 43 Hawkins St.
Spalding, Warren F., Sec'y, Mass. Prison Ass'n,
15 Pemberton Square.

Thorndike, Augustus, 101 Beacon St.
Ware, Miss Mary L., 41 Brimmer St.
Wells, John D., Clerk, State Bd. of Lun. and Char.
Wells, Mrs. Kate Gannett, Member, State Bd. of
Educ., 45 Commonwealth Ave.

Wentworth, Dr. Lowell F., Supt., Almshouse and
Hosp., Long Island.

Wigglesworth, Geo., Trustee, Mass. Gen. Hosp., 53 State St.

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