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JULY 7-14, 1897

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LONDON: P. S. KING & Son, 5 King Street, Westminster, S.W.


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The twenty-fourth session of the National Conference of Charities and Correction was held in Toronto, Can., July 7 to 14, 1897. Both the general and section meetings were well attended. This was the first time that the Conference had met outside the United States; but it found a hospitable welcome in Canada, and was glad itself to welcome a delegate from Mexico. The spirit of liberality which marks this great body was sustained at the Toronto meeting, and new ideas and suggestions were expressed with the greatest freedom.

Among the papers dealing with subjects a little outside the ordinary list were the following: "A Comparative Study of the United States Poor Laws," by Professor C. R. Henderson; "The Nativities of the Inmates in the Public Institutions of New York," by Byron C. Mathews; "The Abolition of Pov-erty," by S. S. Craig, of the Canadian Single Tax Association ; "Child Study as applied to the Defectives," by Professor W. O. Krohn; and "State Regulation of Marriage," by Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells.

The section meetings were well organized and of great interest; but, as in the general meeting, the tendency was to present too many papers, leaving little time for discussion. The result is a large volume, close packed with abstracts of papers or addresses in full. Several sections were reported and the notes transcribed, but there was no room to print them. The report of the Charity Organization Section ap

peared in an admirable pamphlet by itself. The Charities Review also published several papers.

There have been the usual unavoidable delays, the more numerous on account of the size of the book and the great number of persons to whom proof had to be sent, to which must be added a delay of two weeks caused by the absence of the editor in Texas for the National Prison Congress, and in visiting the prisons of Monterey and the City of Mexico.

The next Conference will be held in New York City, May 18 to 25, 1898. President, Hon. William R. Stewart.

BOSTON, MASS., December, 1897.

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