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of his age.


The Year

The Fourth Age of the World. before Christ. by a woman from the walls, and then kill'd out1233. right by his armour-bearer. 3232.

Tolah the son of Puah, after Abimelech, judgeth Judg. X.

Ifrael 23 years. 1210. Jair the Gileadite succeeds Tolah, and judgech

The Year

The Fourth Age of the World.
Chrift. of God is taken, and Hophni and Phineas, Priests,
1116. and sons of Eli, are Nain. Of all which when ti-

dings is brought to old Eli, frighted thereat he falls
from his chair, and breaks his neck, in the 98 year

The Philistines having brought the Ark into Ath- I Sami
dod, set it in the house of Dagon their God. But
when Dagon had been found two several times fal-
len groveling before it, and broken in pieces, and
the inhabitants of the place forely plagued : they
remove it from thence to Gach, and from thence
to Ekron. But the same Plagues and Judgments
following where ever it went; after seven months, VI.
by the advice of their Priests, they send home the
Ark again, with presents and gifts into the land of
the Israelites, and it is brought to Bech-themesh ;
where soooo and 70 men are smitten for looking
into the Ark. From hence it is carried to the VII.
house of Abinadab in Kirjath-jearim, who fanati-




Israel 22 years. 1206. The Israelites forsaking again the true God, fall

8, to worship the Gods of several nations, and are

given up into the hands of the Philistines and Am-
1188. monites; which fifth thraldom lafteth 18 years. IS.

Upon their repentance and abandoning their Idols,
at length they obtain mercy.

XI. 1187.

Jephtha the Gileadite being made captain of the höft of Israel, subdues the Ammonites; before the battle he vows his daughter unawares to be offer'd in sacrifice, and afterwards performs it. He puts to the sword 42000 Ephraimites, who had beha

XII. 6, ved themselves insolently against him, and judgeth

Israel 6 years. 7182. Ibzan the Bethlemite succeeds Jephtha, and

8, judgeth Israel 7 years. 1175. . Elon the Zebulonite succeeds fbzan, and judgeth 11,

Israel 10 years. 1164. Abdon the Ephraimite succeeds Elon, and judgech

Israel 8 years. 1156.

Eli the High-priest(in whom the high-priesthood 1 Sam. was transated from the family of Eleazar to I- IV. 18. thamar’s) succeeds Abdon, and judgeth Israel 40 years. The Ifraelites again provoke the Lord to Judges anger, and he delivers them into the hands of the XIII. 1, 2, Philistines. This sixth thraldom begins seven months after Eli's entring upon the government, and lasteth 40 years, even till seven months after his death,

when the ark was brought back again, 1155. Samson the Nazarice, as an Angel had foretold, 24.

is born at Zora. 1137 Whilst Eli the high-priest executech the office of XIV. 4.

a judge in civil causes under the Philistines, Samson takes an occasion to quarrel with them, by marrying a woman of Timnath; for having on the day of his berrothing propounded a riddle to the Philistines, and laid a wager ; his Wife tells them the meaning of it ; Enraged hereat, he goes and slays 30 men of Askalon, and gives them the suits of raiment which he had stript off their bodies, in performance of the wager which he had lost, and

returns home to his father. 27366

Samson again in harvest-time goes to present his XV. wife with a kid at her fathers house, but finds her given away in marriage to another man ; Samson re olves to be revenged; he catcheth 300 Foxes, and tying fire-brands to their tails, turns them all into the corn-fields of the Philistines, and into their vineyards and olive-gardens, and sets them all on fire. The Philistines take Samsons wife and father in law, and burn them; Samson in revenge, says a great multitude of them, and fics down upon the rock Etam, from whence being taken by 3000 of the Jews, and by them deliver'd into the hands of the Philistines, he days of them a thousand men with the jaw-bone of an Ass ; in which place he is miraculousy refreshed when thirsty and ready

to faint, 1117.

Samson is betrayed by Delilah his concubine,
bereaved of the hair of his Nazariteship, and deli-
ver'd to the Philistines; who put our his eyes, and
bind him with chains of brass. The Philistines
gather together to offer sacrifice to Dagon their
God, and Samson is brought to make them sport,
whose hair being grown, and his strength in a great
measure restored, he takes hold of the two chief
pillars whereon the house stood (wherein were the
Princes of the Philistines, and a great multitude of
People) and pulls down the house, killing more
men at his death than he did in all his life-time.
So he died, having judged Israel in the days of the
Philistines 20 years.

The Israelites take up Arms against the Phili- 1 Sam.
Aines, but with very ill success, for they lose 4000 IV.
men in one battle. Then they send for the Ark
of the Covenant from Shiloh, and cause it to be
brought into the Camp. The Philistines seeing now
all lie at stake, encourage one another to behavę
themselves like men that day, and so falling on,
if the Israelites 20000 men.

The Ark

fieth his son Eleazar to keep it.
1096. After twenty years, the Israelites, by Samuels

perfwasion, folemnly repent at Mizpeh, and upon
their conversion, God by thunder from Heaven de-
livers them from the invasion of the Philistines,
who are subdued, the hand of the Lord being against 13.

them all the days of Samuel.

Samuel being grown old, takes for his aslistants VIII,
in the gouvernment his sons ; by whose ill mana-
gement of affairs, the Israelites require a King to
be given them; whereupon God gives them a King Hosea
in his wrath, to wit, Saul the son of Kish, after

XIII, 10,
Samuel had judged Israel 21 years. Saul is priva-
tely anointed by Samuel, and afterward publickly
proclaim'd King at Mizpeh. About a month after
Jabesh-Gilead is besieged by Naash King of the

i Sam,
Amorites, and the liege raised by Saul; whereupon XI. 12.
the whole congregation of Israel coming together

at Gilgal, again proclaim Saul King.
1085. David the son of Jesse, the Ephrathite, born at XVII.

Bethlem, 30 years before he succeeded Saul in the

Kingdom. He was his fathers youngest son,
1063. God reje&s Saul, and sends Samuel to Bethlem, XVI. u.

there to anoint David King, whom Saul ever after
extremely persecuteth.

Yer Jonathan Sauls son loveth him, and often- XVIII.
times relcueth him from Saul's cruelty.
David having Saul twice in his power, forbears

to hurt him.

David fearing he may some time or other fall.

into the hands of Saul, flies to Gath unto King
Achish, carrying with him 600 men, and having
obtain'd of him the Town of Ziklag to dwell in,
he continueth one year and four months in the land
of the Philistines, from whence he invadeth the
countries of the Gerhurires, Gezerites, and Amale-
kites, and puts to the sword all, both men and
women, not leaving one alive to carry the news
thereof to King Achish.

Achish purposing to make war upon the Israeli- XXVIII.
tes, takes David along with him in that expedition,
to whom whilst he is upon his march with his 600 1 Chron,
men, repair a great many others of the tribe of

Manasses, and joyn with him.

Saul seeing the Army of the Philistines, is in 1 Sam.
great fear, and (Samuel being now dead) goes to XXVIII.
Endor, to consult with a Witch there, the Woman
raiseth an apparition of Samuel, and Saul receives
from it that dreadful doom, The Lord will deliver
Israel, together with thy self, into the hands of the

The Princes of the Philistines growing jealous of XXIX.
David, he and his company early the next morn-
ing leave the Army, and return to Ziklag.

*The Armies joyn battle, and the Ifraelites are XXXI.
defeated ; the three sons of Saul are Nain, and he
himself falls on his own sword.

Three days after an Amalekite brings Sauls 2 Sam. 1
Crown and the Bracelet that was upon his arm,
and presents them to David, professing that finding
him fallen upon his sword, he had kill'd him outo
right, and taken the Crown from off his head,
whereupon David caufeth him to be put to death,
for stretching forth his hand to Nay the Lords anoint-
ed, and lamenteth the death of Saul and Jonathan
bis son, in a funeral song. David having asko coun- 2 Sam. II)


.گ 105





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The Fifth Age of the World.
The Year The next year following, under pretence of a

before vow, he obtainech leave to go to Hebron, where
Christ. by Ahicophel's counsel, he breaks out into open
1023. rebellion, and forceth his father to fee from Jeru-


Ahitophel, because his counsel in all matters is XVII.
not followed by Abfalom, hangs himself.
Absalom having lost 20000 men, Aeeth, and a

bough of an oak catching hold of him, he there

hangs, and is run through by Joab.

David tempted by Satan, commandeth Joab to XXIV.
number the people : 'God offended thereat, Tends a
Prophet to put three plagues to his choice, viz. i Chron.
the famine, sword, or pestilence. David chooseth
to fall into the hands of a merciful God, rather
than into the hands of men. So God sends a pesti-
lence; whereof 70000 men die in one day. The
Angel being about to destroy Jerusalem, God bids
him hold his hand, for he beholds David repenting
in fackcloth, and intreating him to spare the in-
nocent people, and to turn his hand upon him-

self, and upon his fathers house.
Rehoboam is born unto Solomon, by Naamah

i Kings
an Ammonitish woman,

David being now 70 years of age, and broken
1015. with continual cares and wars, grows so weak and

i Kings
feeble, that cloaths can no longer prelerve heat in
him. Therefore Abilhag, a young virgin, is ap-
pointed to keep him warm. Adonjah seeing his
father thus declining, by the assistance of Joab and
Abiathar, makes himself King, which David un-
derstanding, he presently commands Zadok the
Priest, and Nathan the Prophet, with other great
men, to anoint Solomon King. Adonijah hearing
this, becakes himself to the Sanctuary, and is par-

XIV. 21,



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The Fourth Age of the World.
The Year fel of God, goes up to Hebron with those that are 2 Sam. II.
before about him, where he is anointed King by the men
Christ. of Judah, his own Tribe, in the zoch year of his 1 Chron.
1095. age, and there he reigns feven years and fix months. XII. 23.

Abner, who was captain of the host co Saul, 2 Sam. II.
carries Ish bofheth, Sauf's son, to Mahanaim, and 8.

there makes hint Xing over the rest of Ifrael.
1053 After two years there arise frequent and mortal

skirmishes between a party of men on David's
fide, headed by Joab David's nephew, and another
party on Ifhbosheth's side, whereof Abner is chief;

but the former ftill grows stronger and stronger.
1048. Abner affronted by Ish bosheth, revolteth to Da- III. 6,

vid, and deals with the chief men of Israel to trans-
fer the whole Kingdom unto him, and this in che
hearing of the Benjamites.

He comes to David, and is kindly received; re-
turning, he is treacherously murder'd by Joab.
David much laments his untimely death, and buries
him at Hebron,

Baanah and Rechab murther their Lord and IV. 2.
Mafter Ithbofheth, as he liech resting himself upon
his bed. They bring his head to David, who in
deceftation of their Ť reafon, caureth them imme-
diately to be put to death.

The captains and elders of all the Tribes coming
to Hebron, anoine David a third time, and make i Chron.

David having given inftru&ions to his son Solo- II.
mon, diech; after he had reigned in Hebron seven
years and fix months, and 33 years in Jerusalem
over all Israel.

Pharaoh King of Egypt gives his daughter in III. 1, 2,
marriage to Solomon.

2 Chron,
The Lord appears to Solomon in a dream, and VII. 11.
bids him ask what he will, and it shall be given i Kings
him. Solomon askech Wisdom ; God gives him III. 5,
Wisdom from above, and adds thereunto riches and
honour, of this divine Wisdom Solomon makes
an eminent manifestation in judging between two

him King over all Israel.

David with all Ifrael marcherh to Jerusalem a- 2 Sam. V.
gainst the Jebusices, and takech the fort of Zion, 5, 6, 7, 9.
and calls it the city of David, and making Jerusa-
lem the seat of his Kingdom, reigneth there over

all Israel thirty three years.
1945. The Ark of the Covenant, which in the first VI.

Sabbatical year, was brought from Gilgal to Shilo, i Chron.
is this year, being also a Sabbatical year, brought XVI.
from Kirjath-jearim out of the house of Abinadab, 2 Chron.
and placed at Zion; 30000 choise men of Israel I. 4•

attending it, and finging the 68 Pfalm.

David now dwelling in his house of Cedar which 2 Sam.
he had built, and living in a full and perfect peace,
imparreth to Nathan the prophet his purpose 1 Chron.
of building a house for God, but is answer'd from XVII.
God, that this was a work which should be done, XXII.
not by him, because he 'was a man of blood, and
trained up in war, but by his son Solomon, a Man
of peace, which should be born unto him. The 2 Sam.
time which passeth from hence till the birth of so- VIII.
lomon is spent in wars; wherein David fubdues i Chron.
the Philistines, Edomites, Amalekites, Moabites, XVIII.
Ammonites, and Syrians, and extends his king- Gen. XV.
dom to the utmost bound of that land which had 18.
been promised to the seed of Abraham, and never Deut.
pofleft by any of them, save only by David, and XI. 24.
his son Solomon.

1 Kings
1035. At the end of this year, Joab going with the

army against the Ammonites, besiegech Rabbah 2 Sam.
the Metropolis of Ammon, whilft David cakes his XI.
ease at Jerusalem, and there commits adultery with 1 Chron.
Bathsheba the wife of Uriah the Hitrite, who was XX.
then in the Army, whom he also procures to be Nain.

The child so gotten in adultery is born, David 2 Sam.

is convi&ted by Nathan the Prophet of his sin, XII.
and he repents; in testimony whereof he compo-

seth the si Pfalm. The child dieth.

Baththeba becomes now Davids wife, and bear- 2 Sam.
eth him a son, unto whom, asunto one who XII,
should prove a man of peace, God gives the name
of Solomon ; and as to one beloved of the Lord, i Chron.

the name of Jedidiah.
1032 Amnon, David's eldest son, deflowreth his sister 2 Sam.

Absalom avengeth his sister Thamar, and killeth

his brother Amnon ; for which thing he feeth to
Geshur in Syria, where he continues three years
with King Talnai, his Grandfather by the mothers

1027. After three years exile, he returns to Jerusalem, XIV.

where he continues two years, before the King his
1025. father admits him into his presence, and is recon-

ciled to him.
This rebel fon having got chariots and horses,

and a guard to attend him, insinuates himself into
the favour of the people, and teals away their



The Fifth Age of the World.




1005 .






Olomon layeth the foundation of the Temple, Vi. 1.

in the 480 year after the departure of the 2 Chron,
children of Israel out of Egypt.

Solomons Temple finished in the Eleventh year 1 Kings
of his reign ; having been seven years and an half vi. 38.
in building,

Solomon this year (being the ninth Jubile, and VIII.
opening the fourth millenary of the World) with 2 Chron.
great magnificence celebrates the dedication of the v. VI.
Temple; at which time God givech a visible sign

of his favour.
Solomon having, as'tis with reason believed, for-

1 Kings
faken his lusts and vanities, to which he had been
too intemperately addicted, and written as a testi-

2 Chron.
mony of his repentance, his Book called the Prea-
cher, dieth. He reign'd 40 years.
The Israelites allemble at Shechem to crown

i Kings
Rehoboam, Solomon's son, King over all Israel. XII.
The People by Jeroboam fue unto him for a re-
moval of some grievances ; to whom Rehoboam,
by the advice of young men, returning an harsh
answer, alienates the hearts of Ten Tribes from
him, who make Jeroboam King over them, and
fall at the same time from the house of David, and
from the true worship of God.

Jeroboam in the beginning of his Reign, repairs
Shechem, destroyed by Abimelech 258 years be-
fore, and there dwells; afterwards going over Jor-
dan, he builds Penuel, and ac length makes Tirzah XIV. 17.
the seat of his kingdom. But fearing left his new
subje&s by going to Jerusalem

:) worship, may XII. 26.
be induced to revolt from hi

isech a new

XXII. 9.






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The Year
The Fifth Age of the World.

The Year

The Fifth Age of the World.

the one at Bethel, the other at Dan, for the sedu-

Chrift. him his vineyards, falls fick upon it; Jezebel his wife XXI.
ced people to bow down unto.

899. suborning false witnesses to accuse him of blafphemy,
From the time of this dismal rent, Rehoboam i Kings

causech Naboth to be stoned, and puts the King in
reigneth over Judah and Benjamin 17 years, and XIV.

poffeffion of the Vineyard. Whereupon the Prophet E-
Jeroboam over Israel, or the other ten Tribes 22 2 Chron.

lijah denouncech Judgments against Ahab and Jezebel ;


wicked Ahab repenting, God defers the Judgment.
The Priests and Levites, and other Israelites who XI. 17. 898.

Ahab in the seventeenth year of the reign of je- XXII. 50.

feared God, stick to Rehoboam, and maintain the

hosaphat, makech his son Áhaziah his associate in
kingdom of Judah three years ; after which time

the government of his kingdom.
Rehoboam falls to Idolatry, and walketh no more

Jehosaphat also maketh Jehoram his son copartner 2 Kings
in the ways of David and Solomon,

with him ; whence it is, that Jehoram the son of III. I.
Jeroboam sacrificing to his Calf at Bethel, a 1 Kings

Ahab, who succeeded his brother Ahaziah in the
Prophet is sent unto him from God, who foretels XII. 32.

kingdom of Israel, in the eighteenth year of Jeho-
the Judgment which hould one day be executed XIII.2.

faphat King of Judah, is said to have begun his reign 1. 17.
upon that altar, and the Priests ( viz. those whom

in the second year of Jehoram che son of Jehosaphas.
Jeroboam had made of the lowest of the people )

897. fiege of Ramot-gilead, before he goes, he askech XXII.
that served at it. Which prophecy then and there

1 Kings
is confirm’d by signs and wonders upon che King

counsel of 400 false prophecs, who promise him 2 Chron.
himselt, and upon the altar.

victory and success ; but by Jehosaphat's advice, XVIII.
Shishak King of Egypt fpoileth Jerusalem and i Kings

Micaiah a true Prophet of God is consulted, who
the Temple; but the King and the Princes repent- XIV. 25.

foretels his overthrow; and according to his word,
ing at the preaching of Shemaiah the Prophet, God 2 Chron.

Ahab is fain at Ramoth-gilead, and buried at Sa-
gives them not over to utter destruction,


Abijam the son of Rehoboam fucceeds his father Kings 896.

Ahab being dead, the Moabites revolt from Israel, 2 King. I.
in the Kingdom of Judah, and reigns three years. XV.

who had continued in subjection ever since King III. s.
He obtains a great victory over Jeroboam, kill- 2 Chron.

David's days.

2 Sam.
eth sooooo men in one battle, and taketh Bethel, XII.

Ahaziah King of Israel lying ill of a fall, sends VIII. 2.
Asa, in the twentieth year of Jeroboam, suc- 1 Kings

to consult Baal-zebub the God of Ekron, concerning 2 King. I.
ceeds his father Abijam, and reigns 41 years.

XV. &

his recovery. Elijah the Prophet meeteth the mela
Nadab in the fecond year of Afa, fucceedeth his .

senger, and telleth him Ahaziah shall surely die;
father Jeroboam in the Kingdom of Israel, and

whereupon two captains over fifty men apiece are
reigneth not full cwo years.

sent to apprehend him, and bring him before the
Nadab at the siege of Gibbethon (a Town of

King ; Elijah calleth for fire from heaven, and de-
the Philistines ) is Nain by Baalha of the Tribe of

Itroyeth both them and their companies. A third
Issachar, in the third year of Afa ; and the same

captain with his fifty men being sent, and behaving
year having made himself King over Ifrael, he

himself submissively, Elijah goes along with him ;
utterly destroyeth the whole race of Jeroboam, and

the Prophet certifies the King, that he shall not come
reigneth 24 years. At this time lived the Prophets

down from his bed alive. So Ahaziah dieth, having i Kings:
Jehu, Hanani, and Azarias.

governd (partly by himself, and partly together with XXII.
Asa destroyeth Idolatry, and enjoying Ten years 2 Chron.

his father) cwo years.
of peace, strengthens his Kingdom with Forcs, and

Jehoram fucceedeth his brother Ahaziah in the

2 Kings
a standing Army:

Kingdom of Israel, in the latter end of the eigh- III. I.
Zerah the Ethiopian with an innumerable Army 2 Chron.

teenth year of Jehosaphat, and reigneth cwelve years.
invadeth Judah : Afa overcomes bim, sacrificeth xiv. 9.

Elijah is taken up into Heaven in a fiery chariot. II. II.
to God of the spoil, and maketh a solemo Cove- XV.

1892. Jehosaphat grown old, gives to his sons many 2 Chron.
nant with God. He also deposech Maacah his

gifts with fenced cities in Judea ; but his eldest son XXI. 2, 3-
Grandmother, a great Patronefs of Idolatry, bring-

Jehoram he now more absolutely investech in the 2 Kings 1
eth into the Temple those things which his father

throne of the Kingdom, in the fifth year of Jehoram VIII. 16.
and himself had consecrated unto God, and enjoys

King of Israel.
a long peace.

$89. Jehoram now by the death of his father, has the

2 Chron.
Elah the son of Baalha, succeeds his father in the

Kingdom of Judań to himself which he holds four XXI. 4,50

1 Kings
Kingdom of Israel.

XVI. 6,

years. He is no sooner settled in his throne, but
929. In the second year of his reign, and the 27 of

he puts all his brethren to the sword, with many
Aza's, Zimri, one of his captains conspires against

of the Princes of Israel. At this time the Edomi-
him, kills him, and reigneth in his stead. As soon

tes, who ever since King David's time, had lived Genelis
as he fits in the throne, he destroyeth the whole

in subjection to Judah, revolt, and (as it was fore- XXVII.
family of Baasha ; but che Army which then lay

told by Isaac) they for ever shake off his Yoke.
before Gibberhon, make Omri their King, who

Libnah alfo a city of the Priests, in the tribe of Judah, 2 Chron.
presently besiegerh Tirzah, and taketh it; which

falls off from him about this time.

XXI. 10,
Zimri leeing, he lets in fire the kings palace, and


Jehoram following the counsel of his wicked wife
perisheth in the frames.

Athaliah the daughter of Ahab King of Israel, fers
The people of Ifrael are now divided into two

up in Judah, and even in Jerusalem it self, the
fa&tions, one follows Tibni the fon of Ginath, and

idolatrous worship of Baal, and compels his sub-
endeavours to make himn King, the other adheres

jects thereto; a letter which was left for him by
to Omri; but Tibni dying, Omri reigns alone, ia

Elijah the prophet, comes to his hands, which re-
the 31 year of Afa.

proves him, and denounces all those calamities and
Omri having reigned six years in Tirzah, remo- 23, 24.

punishments which afterwards befel him.
ves the seat of his Kingdom to Samaria, a place

Ahaziah succeeds his father in the kingdom of

2 Kings
which he himself had built.

Judah (having had part of the government bestow- VIII. 250
Ahab succeeds his father in the Kingdom of Il-


ed upon him the year before) in the 12 year of
rael, and reigneth 22 years in Samaria. He did

Jehoram king of Ifrael, and reigneth one year în
evil in the fight of the Lord, above all that were

before him.


Jehoram King of Israel, and Ahaziah King of
Jehofaphat succeedeth his father Asa in the fourth XXII.41.

Judah, lead their armies to Ramoth-gilead, against
year of Ahab King of Israel, and reigneth 25 years 2 Chron.

Hazael, who had newly succeeded Berbadad in the
in Jerusalem.

kingdom of Syria; Jeboram is dangerously woun-
912. lehosaphat being settled in his Kingdom, and xvII. 7.

ded, and retires himlelf to Jezreel to be cured. In
having demolished the high places and groves: in

the mean time Elisha seadech a young prophet with

the ebird year of his reign sends Levites with the

instructions to anoint Jehu the son of Jehosaphat
Princes to infruct the People in the law. God in

the son of Nimshi, at Ramoth-gilead, king over
the mean time fubdueth his enemies under him.

Ifrael, and to open to him the will of God for the
Benhadad King of Syria layeth rege to Samaria, 1 Kings

rooting out of the house of Ahab, who being pro-
who by the dire&tion of a Prophet is bearen off, XX.

claimed King by the soldiers, marchetb straight to
and a vast number of the Syrians sain.

Jezrei': kieth Jehoram in the field of Naboth,
Ahab noi able to perfwarla Noboch to

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XX. 3L.

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VII. 9.




An Index to the Holy Bible.
The Fifth Age of the World.

The Year
The Year

The Fifth Age of the World.

Chrift. where she is eaten by dogs. He dispatcheth letters 2. Kings Christ. Jeroboam King of Israel (under whom that King- 2 Kings
also to Samaria, and causech 70 of Ahabs children X.

784. dom came to its full height of glory) dieth ; after xlv. 29
to be beheaded. Then taking with him Jehonadab

his death all things fall into contusion, and the State
the son of Rechab, he comes himself to Samaria,

is reduced to a plain Anarchy, which lastech ir
and destroys the whole family of Ahab, and all the

years and an half; for such an interregnum or va-
Priests of Baal. Nevertheless having put down the

cancy the Synchronism of Kings requires; that the
worship of Jeroboam's golden Calves, but main-

fix months of Zachariah the son of Jeroboam may
tains that Idolatry all the time of his reign, wbich

answer the 38 years and one month of Shallum,
was 28 years.

who murder'd him the 39 year of Azariah, or Uz-
Jehu proceeds farcher, and executeth the divine IX.

ziah King of Judah.
vengeance upon the idolatrous house of Judah, he


Zachariah the son of Jeroboam 4th and last XV. 8,
pursues Ahaziah, who Aed towards Megiddo, and

of the race of Jehu (as was foretold) begins his
overtaking him at Gur, causech him to be kill'd in

reign over Ifrael in the the 38 year of 'Azariah or
his chariot. Going also to Samaria, he meeteth with

2 Kings

Uzziah King of Judah, and reigneth 6 months.
42 of Ahaziah's kinsmen, whom he causeth to be

Shallum the son of Jabesh, at the end of 6 months,

murders him in the light of the people, and reigns
Athaliah the daughter of Ahab, seeing her son XI.

one month in the 39 year of Uzziah King of ju-

Ahaziah dead, usurps the kingdom, destroying those

2 Chron.

dah. After Zachariah's death follow those direful
that had right to the succession; but Jebolheba the XXII, 10.

calamities foretold by Amos the Prophet.
daughter of king Jehoram, and wife to Jehoiada

Menahem the son of Gadi going from Tirzah to

2 Kings

XV. 14
the High-priest, cakes Jehoalh being then an Infant,

Samaria, killeth Shallum, wastech Tiphsah and the
and son to her brother Ahaziah, and hides him in

borders thereof, and because the Town would not
the temple, and so saves him from that massacre

open to him, he takes it, and rips up all the wo-
which was made of the rest of the blood-royal.

men with child.
Jehoiada the High-Priest brings out Jehoash, now

While Menahem in these broils labours to get

seven years old, and anoints him King ; causech

2 Kings

the possession of the Kingdom, Pul King of Affyria
Athaliah co be Nain, and restorech the worship of

invadeth his country, to whom Menahem giveth

2 Chron,
the true God, destroying the house of Baal, and

1000 Talents of silver, and afterwards reignech

commanding the idolatrous Priest Mattan to be kil-

quietly 10 years.
led before his altars. Jehoash now beginning his


761. Pekahiah succeedeth his father Menahem in the
reign in the seventh year of Jebu, reigneth 40

50 year of Uzziah King of Judah, and reigneth 2
years in Jerusalem.


25, 27,
Jchoash in the 23_year of his reign, giveth order

2 Kings 759. Pekah, one of his captains, kills him in his own
for the repair of the Temple, committing the charge XII. %.

palace at Samaria, and reigneth zo years.
chereof to Jehoiada the High-Priest.

Jocham succeedeth his Father Uzziah in the

Jehoahaz succeedeth his father Jehu in the king. XIII. I.

kingdom of Judah, at the age of 25 years, and
dom of Israel, and reignech 17 years : during all

reigneth 16 years in Jerusalem.

2 Chron,
which time, Hazael King of Syria oppressech him,

Jocham subdues the Ammonites, and makes them
and exercisech all those cruelties upon the Israelites

tributary for 3 years. Under him and his two fuc- XXVII.S.

Mic. I, 1,
which Elisa the Prophet had foretold.

ceffors, the Prophers Micah and Hofea execute their
Jehoalh the son of Jehoahaz King of Israel, is XIII. 10.

Prophetical Office. About this time lived the Pro-
taken into the consortihip of that kingdom by his

phet Nahum, and prophesied the destruction of Ni-
father, in the 37 year of Jehoash King of Judah,
and reigneth 16 years.


Ahaz succeedeth his father Jotham in the 17 year 2 Kings
Zechariah che son of Jehoiada the High-Priest, 2 Chron.

of Pekah King of Israel, and reigneth 16 years. XVI, I,
for reproving the people of Judah that fail to ido- XXIV.

This year Rezin King of Syria, and Pekah King
lacry after the decease of Jehoiada, is stoned to death

of Israel, are confederate against Judah, which stri-
in the court of the house of the Lord, by the com-

kes a great terrour into that Nation; but unto A-
mandment of King Jehoalh, who the next year af- 2 Kings

haz, God by the Prophet Efay sends a gracious Isa, VIC,
ter is murder'd by some of his servants, as he lay XII. 20.

message, with a promise of deliverance; for a fign
in his bed, and Amaziah his son succeedeth him.

whereof ( when the incredulous King, being bid to
Jehoahaz dieth, and Jehoath his son succeedech in XIII.

VIII. 12.



ask a fign, refused to do it) God gives him the.
the kingdom of Israel. Not long after his father's

promise of Immanuel to be born of a Virgin. Re-
funeral, he visits Elitha the Prophet, then lying lick,

zin and Pekah, now lay siege to Jerusalem, and
and with many tears asketh counsel of him, who

therein to Ahaz, but are beaten oft ; Ahaz is na
promiseth him victory over the Syrians. A dead

sooner deliver'd from his enemies, but he forfakes
man is brought to life, by being laid in Elisha's grave.

741. God his Deliverer, and falls to idolatry. Wherefore 2 Chron,
336. Jeroboam the second is this year taken into the XV. 1.

God gives him over into the hands of the King of XXVIII, B,
consortship of the kingdom of Israel by his father

Israel, who Nays of the men of Judah 120000 in
Jehoash, going to war against the Syrians. This is

one day, with a great many of the Nobility, and
gather'd from Azariah King of Judah's beginning

carrieth away 270000 captives; but there, by the
his reign in the 27 year of this Jeroboam.

advice of the Propher Oded, are released and sent
826. Amaziah King of Judah growing proud upon a


victory obtain'd against the Edomites this 14 year 2 Chrona


Hoshea the son of Elah, murders Pekah King of 2 Kings
of his reign, provoketh Jehoash King of Israel to

Israel, and gets the kingdom into his own hands; XV. 30.
battle. Jehoath overcomes him, and takes him pri-

it is said in the 20th year of Jotham, that is from
soner, breaks down 400 cubits of the wall of Jeru-

the time that Jotham first began to reign, which is
falem, and having spoiled the Temple and the King's

the same with the 4 of Ahaz his son. Hoshea, by
house of a vast treasure, returns to Samaria.

reason of the cumulrs and disorders which ensued,
Jehoath dies as years before Amaziah, and Jero- 2 Kings


cannot be said to have reigned till 9 years after,
boam the second his son reigneth in Samaria 41 years. XIV. 23

the State continuing all that time in great confu-
Amaziah finding a conspiracy against him at Je-

fsons without any form of government.
rusalem, Aies to Lachish, where he is muccher'd; 2 Chron.


Shalmaneser King of Allyria comes up against 2 Kings
after whom comes his son.

Hofhea, and makes him to ferve him, and pay him XVII. 3-
Uzziah or Azariah, in the 27 year of Jeroboam 2 Kings

the second, he reigneth 52 years in Jerusalem.


Hezekiah fucceedeth his father Ahaz in the king- XVIII. 1,
8o8 Now is held the 13th jubile under the two most

dom of Judah, he destroyeth Idolatry, and prof. 2 Chron,
Aouriling Kings, in whose times live fundry great

pers ; he also celebrates a solemn Passover, and XXIX,
Prophets in both kingdoms ; Isaiah and Joel in Ju-

Teigneth 29 years in Jerusalem; his father had made
dah; Jonas, Hosea, and Amos, in Israel.

him, in the last year of his reign, his Alfistant in
Jonas of Gath-hepher, a town belonging to the

2 Kings
tribe of Zebulon in Galilee of the Gentiles observe XlY; 25, 725. Hofhea King of Israel, having consulted with So 2 Kings
here the blindness of the Pharisees, Fobn 7. 52.),

Ifai. IX. I.

King of Egypt, refuseth to pay tribute to Shalm2- XVII. M.
was afterwards sent into Nine

cropolis of
Jon. III.

ner; prorok bereby, and jealous offome farrhor









the Government.


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An Index to the Holy Bible.
The Year
The Fifth Age of the World.

The Year

The Fifth Age of the World.

Christ. of Egypt, Shalmaneser layeth siege to Samaria, and

Chrift, him captive into Egypt, where he end his days. 2 Chron,
724. towards the latter end of the third year, takech it,

610. Jehoiakim at 25 years of age begins to reign, and XXXVI.
721.' and carrieth away the Israelites captive into his

he reigneth 11 years,
own country. This was the end of the Kingdom


Uriah and Jeremiah prophesie against Jerusalem, Jerem.
of Israel, when it had stood divided from the king-

the former is put to death, the latter is acquitted, XXVI.
dom of Judah 254 years.

and set at liberty. About this time Habakkuk alla
Sennacherib King of Affyria coming up against

2 Kings

Judah, besiegeth their fenced cities, and takes many


This year is Nebuchadnezzar the great made by XXV. 1.
of them, but is pacified by a tribute.

his father Nebopolazzer, his associate in the king-
About this time Hezekiah falls sick, and is cold 2 Kings

dom of Allyria and Babylon, into whose hands God
by Isaiah, that he shall die ; but pouring out his

delivers up Jehoiakim, who is pur in chains to be 2 Chron.'
tears and prayers unto God, he recovereth his

606. carried to Babylon, but upon his submission, and XXXVI.
health, and obtaineth a prolongation of his life and


promises of obedience, is left in his own house, 6.
kingdom for 15 years. For a lign whereof the sun XXXVIII.

where he lives a servant to Nebuchadnezzar 3 years.
goes ten degrees backward.

From which entring of the King and People of the Jerem.
Sennacherib not observing the articles of peace, 2 Kings

Jews into the subje&tion and Service of Nebuchad- xxv. 11.
layeth siege to Jerusalem, and sendeth a blasphemous XIX.

nezzar, are the 70 years of the captivity of Babylon xxix. 10.
letter to Hezekiah, which he opening and spreading Isaiah

to be reckon’d, which were foretold by the Prophet
before the Lord in the temple, with many tears, XXXVII.

craves assistance from God against the Assyrians.

Nebuchadnezzar gives order to Alpenaz, master Dan. I. 3,7.
Whereupon the Prophet Isaiah aflures him that God

of the Eunuchs, that he shall carry from Chence of
will deliver him, and defend that city. The self-

the children of Ifrael, both of the blood-royal, (as
fame night an angel of the Lord Nays 185000 men

was foretold by the Prophet Eray to Hezekiah) and Isaiah
in the Assyrian Army, and the next morning Sen-

also of the Nobility, the choicest Youths both for XXXIX.
nacherib departeth and returns to Nineve ; where

beauty and wit that he can find ; who being edu-
not long after, whilst he is worshipping in the

cated three years in the Language and Sciences of
house of Nisroch his God, he is llain by his own

the Chaldeans, may afterwards be fit to serve the

King in his Palace; among whom, of the tribe of
698. Hezekiah, and reigneth 55 years. He sets up Ido-
Manassech at 12 years of age succeedeth his father 2 Kings

Judah, are Daniel, called Belteshazzar ; Hananiah,

called Shadrach ; Mishael, called Meshach ; and
latry, and sheddeth much innocent blood. Where- 2 Chron.

Azariah, called Abednego. Their names being thus
fore God delivers him up into the hands of the Af- XXXIII.

changed by the master of the Eunuchs.
syrians, who in the 22d year of his reign, carry


whilft Nebuchadnezzar pursues his victories over
him away captive to Babylon; but upon his repen-

the King of Egypt, his Father dies, which coming
tance God restores him to his liberty and kingdom.

to his knowledge, he gives order for the bringing
656. This year Nabuchodonosor King of Assyria pur- Judith

away the captives, and posts with a small company
posing to make himself universal Monarch, fends XIII.

the nearest way to Babylon, where he is received
Holofernes his General against Judea, who layeth

as the lawful Successor to his father's Dominions.
fiege to Bethulia, and there hath' his head taken off

He causeth to be brought to Babylon what he thinks Dan. I. 2:

2 Chron.
by Judith a woman of the cribe of Simeon.

fit of the vessels and furniture of the Temple, and

Amon, aged 22 years, succeedeth his father Ma-

2 Kings

placerh them in the house of his God, viz. Belus. ,
nasleh, and reigneth two years. An Idolater indeed xxi. 19.

Jehoiakim having lived 3 years in subjection to

2 Kings
as his father, but no penitent; he is murdered by 2 Chron.

the King of Babylon, falls off and rebels against

his own servants.


Josiah, a child of 8 years old, succeedeth his fa- 21, 22.

This year (being the second of Nebuchadnezzar's Dan. II.
ther Amon, and reigneth 3! years. In his time 2 Kings

reign, taking it as it begun at his Fathers death)
lived Jeremiah, and Zephaniah the Prophets, and xxII. 1.

Daniel recovers Nebuchadnezzar's dream, and inter-
Huldah the Prophetess.

2 Chron.

prets it to betoken the four chief Monarchies;
In the 12 year of his reign he begins a reforma- xxxiy.

whereupon he and his companions are highly ad-
tion in Judah and Jerusalem, and carries it on fuc-



Nebuchadnezzar sends an army consisting of Chal- 2 Kings
This year he giveth order for the repair of the

deans, Syrians, Moabites and Ammonites, against XXIV. 2.
Temple. Hilkiah the High-Priest having found a

Jehoiakim ; these waste the whole country of Ju-
book of the law, sends it to the King, who hears

dea, and carry away from thence 3023 captives:
it read all over to him, and thereupon asketh coun-

Jehoiakim also is taken prisoner ; whom they put Jerem.
sel of Huldah the Prophetess, who prophesieth the


to death, cause his carcase to be drawn out at the XXII. 18.
destruction of Jerusalem, but not in his days.

gate of Jerusalem (as was foretold by the Prophet XXXVI.
Josiah calleth to him the Elders of Judah and je- 2 Kings

Jeremiah) and leave it without the walls unburied. 30.
rusalem, with the Priests and Prophets, causeth the XXIII.

Jehoiachin (called also Conias and Jeconias) at '2 Kings
book of the law to be read over before all the peo-

years of age succeeds his Father Jehoiakim, and XXIV. 8.
ple, and reneweth the Covenant between God and

seigns three months in Jerusalem.

2 Chron,
his people; he burneth also dead mens bones upon 2 Chron.

Against him Nebuchadnezzar leads an Army, and XXXVI.
the altar at Bethel, as was foretold; and keepeth a XXXIV.

besiegerh Jerusalem ; Jehoiachin with all his Kin-
most folemn Paffover.

dred and Courtiers, come out to meet him. Ne-
At this time a war breaks out becween the King 2 Kings

buchadnezzar makes them all prisoners, enters Je-
of Egypt and the King of Assyria. Josiah unadvi- XXIII.

rusalem, and takes all the Treasure he can find in
sedly engageth in this war against Necho King of

the Temple, and the King's Palace, breaking in

Egypt, and is sain in the valley of Megiddo. The

pieces all the vessels of Gold, and Furniture which
good King being thus taken out of the world, whose

Solomon had made for the Temple ; he carrieth XXXIX.
life only kept off the Babylonish Captivity from that

away captive to Babylon, the King, his Mother,
nation, not only the People then living bewaild his Zechar.

death, but even in after time, a publick mourning XII. 11.


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Wives, Courtiers, Magistrates, and iooo able men

out of Jerusalem, leaving none behind but the poorer XXXIV. 1!
for him was kept. The Prophet Jeremy also in
remembrance thereof, composeth his lamentations,

2 Chron,

sort of people, and out of the country roundabout, Ezekiel

he carries also away 8000 Artificers ; among the
wherein bewailling the calamities which were shortly

Captives are Mordecai, and Ezekiel the Priest; E-
to befal that people, as present before his eyes, in a


zekiel therefore in his Prophecy reckons the time I. 2, 3.
most compassionate manner he points, as it were


all along from the beginning of this captivity. An
with his finger, at the death of Josiah, as the fource Lam. IV.

Epistle, said to be Jeremiahs, is now sent to the
and original of all those ensuing miseries.

Captives, admonishing them to beware of the Ido-
After the death of Josiah, the people anoint Shal-

latry which they shall see in Babylon.
lum, one of his younger sons, to be their King. Af- 2 Kings

Nebuchadnezzar before his departure from Jeru- 2 Kings
ter three months reign, he is deposed by Pharaoh


salem, makes Matraniah, Jehoiachins fathers brother,
Necho, who makes Eliakim his elder brother King 2 Chron.

King, changing his name into Zedekiah.
over Judah and Jerusalem, and changes hic namá

2 Chron.

Zedekiali bisinin his rei na 2:12:r of
Gni inkim; but Lebuhr-1










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