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An index to the Holy Bible,
The Year
The Sixth, Age of the World,

The Year

The Sixth Age of the World. before

before Chrif. chadnezzar, or rather by continuing in an open

Christ. Cyrus having given the Kingdom of Babylon to Jerem, 599. rebellion (as his fathers had done) against God,

Darius the Mede, reserving some Palaces in the city L, LI. brought upon Jerusalem, and the whole Nation of

The Ba- for himself, he returns through Media into Persia. Dan. V. the Jews, those long deserved calamities which God

bylonian Daniels greatness raising envy in some principal 31. has lo often fore-warned chem of by his Prophets; 2 Kings Empire.

Courtiers and Officers, these contrive his ruin; but Ví. 6. for in the latter end of the eleventh year of Ze XXV.

finding nothing in his management of affairs, wheredekiah, Jerusalem, after a long liege, is taken by Jer. I. 3.

of to accuse him, they resolve to order matters Nebuchadnezzar, and his Chaldeans enter it. Zede- XXXIX.

so, that Daniels piery towards God fhall bəcome an kiah flies away by night, but being pursued, is taken, LII.

offence worthy of death. They move the King to and brought prisoner to Riblah, Nebuchadnezzars

make a Decree, that for 30 days no Petition shall head quarters, there having first seen his children

be made to any God or Man, but to himself only. Naughtered before his eyes, he has afterwards those

Which Decree Daniel breaks by making Supplicaeyes put out, and being loaden with chains, is car

tion to his God, and is for doing so, cast into a den ried away captive to Babylon. About a month af

of lions; but being found to have received no hurc ter the taking of the city, Nebuzaradan, captain of

there, Darius commands che Conspirators to be cast the guard, sent by Nebuchadnezzar, makes his entry

into the same den, who are presently devoured, and into it, fets fire to the Temple, the King's Palace,

the King publisheth a Decree, that all Persons throughand some Noblemens houses, and so layech the

out his Dominions fhall reverence and fear the God whole city in alhes ; the Walls of Jerusalem being

of Daniel. razed to the ground, all that were left in the city,

Toward the end of the first year of the reign of IX and chose that a little before had fallen to the Chal


Darius the Mede, to be reckoned from the fubverdeans, with what treasure he can find, doch Nebu

sion of the Babylonish Empire, begins the 70th year zaradan carry with him into Rabylon.

of the captivity of the Jews, which by Jeremiahs Jerem, and thus was Judah carried out of her own land, LII. 27.

Prophecy was to be the last year of their calamity: xxix. 468 years after David began to reign over it ; 388 2 Kings

Upon confideration of which time so near at hand, years after the falling off of the ten Tribes, and 1 34 XXV. 21.

Daniel pours our most fervent prayers to God for Dan. ix. years after the destruction of the kingdom of Israel,

the remission of his own sins, and those of his peoObadiah the Prophec denounceth Gods Judgments

ple; and for that promised deliverance out of their against the Edomites, who now infult over the ca- Jerem.

captivity. To whom the Angel Gabriel brings an lamity of the Jews. The same do Jeremy and E- XLIX. 7.

answer not only of this, but also of the spiritual de zekiel, and the author of the 79th and 137th Psalms, Ezekiel

liverance of the Church by the death of the Messiah; who wrote all about the same time.

XXV. 12.

uttering that memorable Prophecy of the Seventy

weeks. The Sixsh Age of the World.

- Cyrus, his father Cambysus, and his father-in-law The Persian Cyaxares both dying, Perha falls to him by inheriEmpire

tance, and Media by contract of marriage, and so The BaEgypt, and his conquest of Judea, and other 29, 33.

he is possessed of the whole Eastern Empire; from bylonian dings, falls distracted, and is driven from the socieCountries, and boasting the magnificence of his buil

which time, both Xenophon (Inftit. lib. 8.) reckons

the seven year of his reign, and the Holy Scripture, Empire. ty of men.

out of the Records of the Medes and Persians, reck562. After seven years spent among the beasts of the 34

ons this his firft year, for it reachech us, that in this field, his understanding returning to him, he humbly

year came forth that renowned Ediet of his, Thus acknowledgech the power of God, and his goodness

faith Cyrus King of Persia, the Lord God of Heaven Ezra I.2 towards him ; and is restored to his kingdom. ' A

hath given me all the Kingdoms of the Earth, and hath few days after he dies, having reigned about 20

charged me to build him an House at Jerusalem, months together with his father, and 43 years by

which is in Judah, &c. At which time the 70 himself.

years of the Babylonish captivity being expired (as Evilmerodach, his son, fucceeds him in the 37th 2 Kings

was foretold by Isaiah and Jeremiah, the former Irai. year of the captivity of Jehoiachin or Jeconiah, who XXV. 27.

making mention of Cyrus by name) he gives leave XLIV.28. presently gives order for the enlargement of Jeho- Jer.LIÍ.

to all the Jews dwelling in all parts of his Domini

XLV. iachin, and two days after changeth his prisoncloches, fets him above all the Princes of his Court,


ons, to return into their own country, and com

mands them immediately to fall in hand with reand causeth him to eat at his own cable. Jehoia

building of the Temple.
chin dies about two years after.

He restoreth all the vessels of the House of God,
Belshazzar having removed some Persons who 'Daniel

which Nebuchadnezzar had brought from thence;
had murthered his father Evilmerodach, and ufur- VII. 1.

and contributes towards the building. ped his Throne, succeeds in the Kingdom of Baby;

The Jews therefore return into their own Coun- Ezra I. lon. In the first year of this Kings reign, Daniel

try; the poorer fort having allowance made them

si 6. has che Vision of the four Beasts, signifying the four

to defray their charges upon the way. The numMonarchies of the World, and of God, delivering

ber of the children of the Province, or Hebrews

11. over all power and fovereignty to the Son of man.

born in Chaldea, which with their captain Zerub- Nehem. 553. In the third year of Belihazzar, Daniel receives VIII. I.

babel, and their High-priest Jeshua, return out of

VII. the Vision of the Ram and He-goat, betokening the

captivity, is 42 360, besides Profelytes, Man-servants destruction of the Persian Monarchy, and the great

and Maid-servants, to the number of 7337.. Now misery which Antiochus fould bring upon the

the particular Sums of Extra's catalogue being caft People of God.

up, amount only to 29818 ; and those in ne538. This year Belshazzar makes a great feast for all

hemiahs account make but 31031, both which his Nobles, and causerh to be brought forth all the

come far short of that universal sum of 42 360, vefsels of the house of the Lord which Nebuchad

which at the bottom of each catalogue is said to be nezzar his grandfather had brought away from Je Jerem.

the number of the whole Congregation. Wherefore rusalem, to the glory of his idols, and dishonour of XXVII.7.

the Hebrews in the 29th chapter of their great the true God. In the midft of all this jolity, a hand

Chronicle, tell us, that to complete the full Sum of appears writing on the wall of the room, in which

42360, we must cast in those of the other ten Trithe King and his numerous guests for drinking, The Dan. Vi

bes of Israel, who came up out of captivity with King greatly terrified hereat, fends for his Chaldean

the Jews. For even till the last extirpation of the A Ets Aftrologers and Wizards, and commands them to

Jewish state, there remained some reliques of the XXVI. %. read the writing, and give him the interpretation

other ren Tribes, not only in the difperfion, and at Lam. I.i. of it, but they not being able to do either, Daniel

Jerusalem, and other cities of Judah; but also of Luke II. is sent for, who reads the writing, and gives the

chose who kept still in their own seats; for Shal 36 King the interpretation of it; whereupon Daniel is

maneser swept not away all out of the whole ten 2 Chron, publicky proclamed the third man in the Kingdom.

Tribes, but left a remnant of them in their own XI. 26, The same night Belshazzar is Nain, Babylon raken Isai. XIN:

Country, who were afterwards, together with the by Cyrus, and the Empire tranNates' to 'the Medes Hab. II.

Jews, Benjamites, and Levites, carried away by and Perfians, as had been sundry - recold by Jer. XXV.

Nebuchadnezzar irto Babylon, and are now dismis the Prophets.

ad and fant hanbimin hy Corne

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XI. 14

I, 6.

IX. 17.

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An Index to the Holy Bible.
The Year
The Sixth Age of the World.

The Year

The Sixth Age of the World, before

before Chrift, In the second year after their return from Baby- Ezra III. Christ. the last Darius, but of Darius Nothus, who now Nchem, 535. lon, in the second month, they appoint Levites to


reigns in Persia; the full History of Nehemiah en- XIII. 6. The Persian oversee the work of the House of God, and lay the

The Persian ding with the time of Artaxerxes Longimanus, father Empire. foundation of the Temple; the old men lamenting,

Empire of this Darius Nothus. who 53 years betore had seen the old Temple stand

Hitherto (faith Eusebius in his Chronicle to the ing, and the younger sort rejoycing to see the new

32d year of Artaxerxes) the divine Scripture of the one going up..

Hebrews contain the Annals of the times : But those 534 The Samaritans, by the means of certain Courtiers IV. s,

things which were done among them afterwards, about Cyrus, whom they had brided for that pur

we must deliver out of the Books of the Maccabees, pose, disturb the Jews in their work of the Temple,

and out of the Writings of Josephus, who have de529. In the beginning of the reign of Artaxerxes(called

livered a general History of the Jewish affairs from in prophane story Cambyses) the Samaritans, who

thence down to the times of the Romans.
whilft Cyrus lived, had secretly undermined the

That Malachithe last of the Prophets was contem-
Jews, now openly frame a direct'accusation in wri-

porary with Nehemiab, appears from hence, That
ting against the inhabitans of Judah and Jerusalem,

he no where exhorts the People to the building of and present it to the King who presently forbids the

the Temple, as Haggai and Zachary did ; but the Jews to proceed in the building,

Temple being now built, he reproves those disorders szo. In the second year of King Darius Hystaspes (the V r.

which Nehemiah at his second return with a new XIII. same with Ahasuerus) Zerubbabel and Jeshua inci

commission from Babylon, faith he found in his abted by the Prophets Haggai and Zechariah, set for

sence to have crepe in among the Jews; as marriage ward the building of the Temple.

with strange women, withholding of tithes, and abules Haggai prophesiech, that the glory of this second Hagg. II.

in the worship of God. And because a succession
Temple shall be greater than that ot the former, not

1, 9•
of Prophets was not to be expected, as before, he

as being a more magnificent structure, but in regard

exhorreth the people constantly to adhere to the law the blefled Messiah Pall one day honour it with his

of Moses, till Christ the chief Prophet should appear; Luke i. presence, and from thence propagate Peace to all

whose fore-runner John the Baptist Mould come in Nacions.

the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of

About this time Zechariah the Prophec exhorreth Zech, I.

the fathers unto their children, and the disobedient
the Jews to repentance.

to the wisdom of the just. See i Mac. IV. 46. and

XVII. 12 $19.

Ahasuerus puts away Queen Vashti his wife, and Est. 1, 11. 518. not long after espouseth Esther the Niece of Morde

cai the Jew
In the sixth year of Darius, or Ahasuerus, the Ezra VI.

Lexander the Grear, King of Macedonia, par- Joseph.
Temple is finished, the dedication whereof is cele-
brated with great joy and abundance of facrifices,

waste the Persian Empire.

II.C.S. the Priests and Levites, every one in his place, at

332, Manafles brother to Jaddus the High-priest, re- Id. ibid. cending on the Ministry of the Temple. The Pas

fusing to put away his strange wife, is driven from sover also is celebrated.

the facrifice; Sanaballach his father in law, Gover910, Haman an Agagite, of the race of the Amalekites, Esth. III.

nor of Samaria, revoles from Darius, obrains leave a great favourite of King Ahasuerus, offended at

of Alexander to build a Temple on mount Gerizim, Mordecai, because he falls not down and adores

and makes Manasses High-priest thereof: to which him as others do, resolves to be revenged of the

resort all such as are entangled in unlawful marriage, whole Nation of the Jews (which was ever averse Deut.

with all such offenders as think not themselves safe to his) and to root it out, for the executing of which XXV.19.

at Jerusalem. This was the rise of that Schismatical purpose, that he may find a successful time, he

Conventicle of the Samaritans. . See John IV. 20. causeth Pur, that is, the Lot, to be cast before him,

Alexander marchech coward Jerusalem, intending Jos. Ant. for to know the day and month wherein the Jews

to besiege it : Jaddus'the High-priest hearing of it, lib. 11. shall be destroyed, and the lot falls on the twelfth

putteth on his priestly Ornaments, and accompanied month Adar.

with the People all in white, goeth out to meet him:
Haman obtains an Ediet from the King, that all

Alexander seeing his habit, falls proftrate before
Jews, without respect to sex or age, upon the thir-

him, saying, that whilst he was in Macedonia, 2
teenth day of the month Adar, be put to death in

man appeared unto him in the very fame habit, who all the provinces of the Kings dominions. Hereupon Esth. IV.

invited him to come into Afia, and promised to Mordecai, Esther, and all the Jews humble them

deliver the Persian Empire into his hands. After selves before the Lord by fasting and prayer.

this he goes to the Temple, and offers facrifice acA hasuerus hearing it read in the Chronicles that a VI.

cording to the High-priests direction. They Thew

Conspiracy had been discovered co him by Morde-

him the prophesie of Daniel, That a Grecian should
cai, commandeth that he be publickly honoured, and

come and destroy the

Persians: whereby he ismigh. XI. 13: that by Haman himself, his deadly enemy.

tily confirm'd in his Perswafion, that he himselt is Esther entertaining the King and Haman at a ban


the man: lastly, he bestowech on the Jews whatever quet, maketh suit for her own life and her Peoples,

favours they desire, and deparreth. and accuseth Haman. The King understanding that

330. The Persians are overcome Darius Nain, and
Haman had provided a Gallows for Mordecai, cau-

The Ma Alexander remains universal Monarch of the eastern
seth him to be hanged thereon. In memory of this IX. cedonian World.
great deliverance, the two days of Purim are made

Empire. Alexander having reigned six years and ten months, Jof. Ant.


dieth; his Army and Dominions are divided among lib.12.c.1. Ezra the Priest, a man skilled in the law of Moses, Ezra VII.

his captains. Antigonus makes himself governor of

I Mas I. obtains a large Commission from King Artaxerxes,

Asia, Seleucus of Babylon, and the bordering Nato sectle the Jewilh Common-wealth, and to reform

tions ; Lysimachus hath the Hellefpont, Caflander,
the Church at Jerusalem.

Macedon, and Prolemy the son of Lagus gets Egypt.
In the seventh year of Artaxerxes, Ezra with a VIII.


Prolemy, firnamed 'Soter, makes himself master Jof. Ant. great multitude of Jews, fers out from Babylon.)

of Jerusalem by a stratagem; for he enters the city lib.12.0,1. 509 Ezra obligeth those who had taken ftrangers to IX, X.

upon a fabbath-day, under pretence of offering fawife, to send them back.

crince, and whilst the Jews suspe&t nothing, but 407. In the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, Nehe- Neh. II.

spend the day in ease and idleness, he furprisech the miah a Jew, one of his cupbearers being made go

city without resistance, and makes the citizens capvernor of judea, obtains leave to build the walls of

tives. He sendeth several colonies of Jews into E455. Jerusalem, and finish that great work. Here begin

gypt, and puts great confidence in chem. Daniels 70 Weeks, to be fuifilled before the Paltion Dan. IX.

177. Ptolomeus Philadelphus, son of Prolomeus Soter, Jof. Ant. of our Saviour.


being a great favourer of learning, builds a moft lib.12.c.2. 442. Nehemiah having governed Judea 12 years returns Nehem.

magnificent Library at Alexandria. Demetrius to the King of Persia.

Phalereus, to whom he had committed the care of 415 This year is the 21st Jubile, the last that ever the XIII. 6.

procuring all sorts of Books, and out of all CounPro oheis of the Old Testament faw; for that place

tries perfu les him to rip 772 lew in trayiiliascual, .. ATT. 22. is ... underton

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VIII. 7.

V. 14

IX 9.



IV, 7, 23,

c. 18, 19.

1. 18.c.17.

An index to the Holy DIDIC.
The Year
The Sixth Age of the World.

The Year

The Sixth Age of the World. before

before Christ. into the Greek Tongue, which was done in the se

Chrift. and causech bim to retreat. He purifieth the Tema 277. venth year of his reign. The King also dismissech

164. ple, and setteth it in order, after it had lain defoThe Ma- many captive Jews, and dedicates many Presents

The Ma- late three years; and buildeth a wall about Sion. cedonian to the Temple of God at Jerusalem.

cedonian. Antiochus is taken with a violent pain in his I Mac. Empire. One Simon a man of the Tribe of Benjamin, 2 Mac. Empire. bowels, and such a rottenness seizeth his Acth, that

- VI. 177 Governor of the Temple, falling out with Onias the III,


worms breed in it; he contesfeth that he is plagued 2 Mac. High-priest, goes to Apollonius the Governor of

162. for the wrong done to Jerusalem, and dieth in the Cælofyria, and informs him, that there is a vast

149th year of the Kingdom of the Grecians. His Jof. Ant. treasure in the Temple ; Apollonius acquaints King

son Antiochus Eupator, a child about nine years 1. 12.C.13, Seleucus his Master with it, who prelently sends

old, succeeds him: He maketh peace with the
his Treasurer Heliodorus to Jerusalem, to bring this

Jews, but quickly breakech it: he puts to death
Money away, Heliodorus entring the Temple, is

Menelaus the Highpriest, and conters that honour 2 Mac, by Angels struck down in the very place, and car

upon Alcimus or jacimus.

XIII. Tied from thence half dead; but by the prayers of

Onias the son of Onias III. retires into Egypt, Jof. Ant. Onias, he is soon after restored to his health ; re

where Ptolomey Philometor, and Cleopatra his turning to Seleucus that seni him, he magnifies the

wife, permit him to build a Temple at Heliopolis, holiness of the Temple, and the power of God

in imitation of that at Jerusalein, and chey conitidwelling in it.

tute him High-priest there. Antiochus Epiphanes succeeds Seleucus in the

1 Mac. Demetrius Soter the son of Seleucus, escapes

i Mac. I, Kingdom of Syria, and reigneth 11 years and some

from Rome, and comes into Syria, where he .VII. months.

causeth himself to be crown’ King, and putteth to 175. Jason by corrupting King Antiochus, obtaineth

2 Mac.

death Antiochus and Lyfias. the office of High-priest.

161. Demetrius, at the instance of Alcimus, sends Ni- i Mac. 172.

VII. Menelaus, brother to Simon the traicor, being

canor with a great Army against Judas Maccabeus, imployed by Jason to carry the Money to the King,


whom he endeavours to surprize. They joyn battle, 2 Mac. promiseth 300 Talents of Silver above what Jason

and Nicanor is sain.

XIV. had sent, and getteth the Priesthood to himself.

Here ends the continued History of the second Jof. Ant. 170. Menelaus not paying the Money he had promised 27

book of Maccabees, being an abstract and breviary 1. 12. C. 17. the King at his admillion, is fummon’d to appear

of the five books of Jason, a Jew of Cyrene. before Antiochus ; He substitutes Lysimachus his

King Demetrius sends Bacchides with a new Ar i Mac. brother in his place.

my, consisting of 20000 men, against Judas Mac IX. Antiochus takech Jerusalem, and sacking it, pil- 1 Mac. I.

cabeus; Judas having with him but 800 me:n, ven- Jof. Ant. lageth the Temple, destroyeth 40000 of the Inha

21, 22.

tures to engage him, and is Nain. His brother Jo- lib 12. bitants, and sellech as many more. He endeavour- 2 Mac. V.

nathan is chosen General in his stead. eth also to abolish the worship of God, and forcech Jos. Ant.

Jonathan enters an alliance with the Romans, I Mac. many Jews to forsake their Religion. The Sama- 1.12.c.7.

Josephus observes that this was the firit league that VIII. 19. ritans now disown their relation to the Jews, to Dan. XI.

ever was known to be between the Romans and ihe Jof. Ant. whom in prosperity they pretended alliance, and 28.

Jews. consecrate the Temple on mount Gerizim to Ju


Whilst Alcimus commands che wall of the inner 1 Mac, picer.

court of the Temple to be pull'd down, God Prikes IX. 55, Perseus having made war upon the Romans, is 1 Mac.

him suddenly with a Palle, so that without peakthis year overcome by them, and the Kingdom of VIII. 5.

ing a word, he dies in great torment. the Macedonians ends, when from Caranus it had

Jonathan having wearied Pacchides by war, 70: stood 626 years. Nevertheless, the reliques of the

compelleth him to make a league, and draw off bis Jol. Ant. Macedonian Empire, while that of the Roman was


1. 13. C. 2. rising, did yet survive in the Prolemeys of Egypt,

Alexander Balas, the son of King Antiochus E I Mac.

153. and the Kings of Syria.

piphanes, enters with an Army into Syria; the Ga167. King Antiochus, by a publick Edia, commands , Mac. I.

rison of Ptolemais set open their gates to him, by Jos Ant. all Nations that are subject unto him to observe the


reason of their hatred to King Demetrius; who pre- 1. 13. c. 3. same way of Divine Worship, and laying aside their

pares himself for war.

1 Mac. peculiar Customs, to profess the same Religion with

Demetrius desireth an alliance with Jonathan, X. 3, 10. the Grecians ; the punishment of Death being

who makes use of this occasion to repair the forti- for. Ant. threatned unto such as Mall be disobedient; and he

fications of Jerusalem.

1. 13. C. 4. appoints Overseers over every People and Nacion,

Alexander Balas is no le's careful to obtain the I Mac, who shall compel them hereunco. Of the Jews

friendship of Jonathan; and to oblige bim, confers many chuse rather to undergo the most cruel tor

on him the High-priesthood.

Jof. Ant. ments, than to offer sacrifice unto Idols; all which


Jonathan puts on the holy Vestment, on the se- 1. 13. c. 5. Martyrdoms with those glorious sufferings of the

venth month of the 160th year of the Kingdom of 1 Mac, seven Maccabean brethren, are recorded in the two

the Grecians, at the feast of Tabernacles. He was

X. 21. Books of Maccabees.

the first High-priest of the Hasmonean family. Id. ibid. Matthias a Priest, with his five sons, nay those 1 Mac. II.

Demetrius and Alexander come to a battle, and 1 Mac.

150, that are sent by King. Antiochus to compel them 2 Mac.

Demetrius is slain,

X. 49, 50, to offer abominable facrifices, and after betake VI.

Alexander Balas finding himself in the peaccable Jofeph. themselves to the desert. They are followed by Jos. Ant.

possession of the Kingdom of Syria, espouleth Cleo- ubifupr. many others, of whom a great number are stifled 1. 12, c. 8.

patra, the daughter of Ptolemey Philometor King i Mac. in their caves, because they would nor defend them

of Egypt. Alexander highly honours Jonathan the selves on the Sabbath-day. Matthias aboliheth

High-priest at his Nuptials.

Jor. c. 7. that superstition, and exhorts his sons to assert their


Demetrius Nicanor, eldest son of Demetrius So I Mac. privileges, and deliver their Country from bon- 1 Mac. III.

ter, enters into Cilicia with an Army. King Aledage.

2 Mac.

xander Balas gives the command of Syria to A pol- Jos. Ant. 166. Matthias dies, and Judas Maccabeus takes upon VIH.

lonius, who lets upon Jonathan the High-priest; 1. 13. c. 8. him the management of this affair. He delivers Jof. Ant.

Jonathan defeats him, and takes Joppe and Azotus, his Country, and purgeth it from the abominations 1. 12, c. 9.

and burns the Temple of Dagon. which had been committed in it.

I Mac. III. 146.

Ptolomey Philomecor King of Egypt, comes to 1 Mac. A pollonius, Governor of Samaria, having raised Jos. Ant.

the relief of King Alexander his son in law; Ale

XI. an Army among the Gentiles and Samaritans, falls 1. 12.C.10.

xander ungratefully sers Ammonius to lie in ambush jos. loc. upon the Jews, but is discomfired and Nain by Ju- 1 Mac.

to kill him. The treachery being discovered, Pro

citat. das Maccabeus.

lemey takes away his daughter from Alexander, Seron also Governor of the lower Syria, mufters Jofeph.

and marriech her to Demetrius. Alexander having up all his forces under his command, and invades ut supra.

been driven from Antioch, the inhabitants of that Judea; him Judas Maccabeus encounters, Nays 800 1 Mac.

place make offer of the Kingdom to Prolemey; but of his men on the place, and puts the rest to flight. III. 27.

he refusech it, and perswadeth them to accept of
Judas Maccabeus defeats a great Army which IV.

Demetrius for their King.
Antiochus sent against the Jews. Lysius returns Jof. Ant.

Alexander recurns with a great Army. Ftolomey
with a greater power ; Judas kills sooo of his men,

and Demetrius unite their forces, and overcome




X. I.

X. 15.

X. 51.

X 75

III. 13•


c. 25.


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лі плася со спіс погу DILIC. The Year The Sixth Age of the World.

The Year

The Seventh Age of the World. before

before Christ. him in a pitch'd battle; but Ptolomey dies of the

Chrift. meddles not with any of the treasure which was in 145: wounds which he received, after he had seen the

63. the Temple, but makes the Jews tributary to the The Ma- head of Alexander sent to him by Zabdiel an A


Romans. cedonian rabian Prince. Jonathan besiegeth the citadel at

The RoEmpire. Jerusalem, held by a Garison of Macedonians.

man Em Here begins the Empire of the Roman Cefars, when Complaint hereof being made to Demetrius, Jo

pire. Julius Cesar, having overthrown Pompey at the Battle
nathan appeaseth him by Presents, and obtaineth

40. of Pharsalia, was made perpetual Dictator,
new favours for the Jews. Demetrius incurreth
the hatred of his soldiers, by abridging their Pay

Herod the son of Antipas, or Antipater, an Idu- Jof. 1. 14.
in time of Peace.

mean, is this year by the Romans declared King of
Tryphon, with some soldiers that revolted from 1 Mac.

Demetrius, undertakes to establith Antiochus the XI. 54.

Herod aflisted by Sosius the Roman General, lays Id. ibid.
son of Alexander Balas in the Kingdom of Syria. Jof. Ant. 37:

fiege to Jerusalem, and takes it; the soldiers fill all c. 28. 1. 1. 144. Demetrius is vanquilh'd by young Antiochus,l. 13. c.9.

corners of the city with blood, rapine, and cruelty. Bell.c. 13. and made to Ay into Seleucia. Great honours are 1 Mac.

Antigonus the Prince and High-priest is by Solius by Antiochus conferr’d on Jonathan, who assists XI. 55.

carried away prisoner to Rome, and Herod put in him against Demetrius.

full possesfion of the Kingdom. Jonathan renews his alliance with the Romans I Mac. 31.

About this time Hillel a Babylonian, descended and Lacedemonians, and fortifeth Jerusalem. XII.

from David, Aourilh'd at Jerusalem; one of whose Tryphon contrives how he may quit himself of Jof. Ant.

Disciples was Jonathan the son of Uzzie!, the fa-
Antiochus, and reign in his stead; but fearing Jo-1. 13. c. 9.

mous Author of the Chaldee Paraphrase.
nathans opposition, he invites him to come to Pro - Jos. Ant. 28, Cesar O&tavianus, Nephew to Julius Cesar, in
lemais, and bring with him some few of his fol-1.


his fifth Consulship, with the alient of the Senate diers, promising to deliver that City into his hands.

and People of Rome, assumes the title of Empe- Dionys. Jonathan suspecting no treachery, comes only with

at which time the Government among the lib. 52. 1000 men to Tryphon at Ptolemais, but as soon


Romans was legally changed from a Republick inas he is entred the City, Tryphon commands the

to a Monarchy. The next year following he is by Jof. Ant. gates to be fhut. Jonathan is taken prisoner, and

the Senate sirnamed Augustus.

lib. 20.
all bis men put to the sword.

Herod this year begins to enlarge, or rather to
The Jews hereupon make choice of Simon Mac 1 Mac.

rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem 46 years before John II.
cabeus for their Ġeneral, in the place of his bro-


the first Passover of the Ministry of Christ, and in ther jonathan. Tryphon leads an Army againft

Si- Jof. Ant.

nine years and an half finishech that magnificent
He promiech for 100 talents of Glver to


release Jonathan; the money being paid him, he c. 10, 11.

The Angel Gabriel appears to Zachary the Luke 1.
breaks his promise, and puts Jonathan to death,

Priest, as he is offering Incense in the Temple, II,
Simon ere&ts a facely monument for his father

telling him that a fon Thall be born unto him,
and his brethren.

whom he shall call John; who also shall be a Na-
Tryphon murders the young King Antiochus, iMac.

zarite, and the forerunner of the Lord, in the spirit
pucs the Crown on his own head.


and power of Elias. The Romans and Lacedemonians renew their 31, 32.

In the sixth month after John was conceived, 262 leagues with Simon, and write them in tables of Jos. Ant.

the fame Angel Gabriel is fent by God to Nazabrass.

1. 1 3.C.12.

reth in Galilee, to the most blessed Virgin Mary Simon has the Government and High-priesthood 1 Mac.

(espoused to Joseph, a Person of the house and li142. sertled on him and his Heirs; the Jews are by his XIV. 18.

nage of David ) the Angel declares unto her, that means di charged from all manner of tribute to Jos. Ant.

the shall conceive by the overshadowing of the
any foreign Prince. He takes Sion the fortress of l. 13.6.13.

Holy Ghost, and bring forth a Son, and call his
Jerusalem, drives out of the City all Idolaters,

name JESUS.
clears the houses of their Idols, and placech in the

John the Baptist born six months before Christ. 57
City such as are true worshippers of God.
Tryphons vices rerder bim so odious to his fol- Jos. Ant.

The Seventh Age of the World. 339.

diers, that they submit themselves to Cleopatra, l. 13.6.12.
Demetrius's Relict. She marrieth Antiochus So-

VHRIST our Lord and Saviour, in the fulness Luke II.
ter, Demetrius's brother, and causeth him to be

crowned King: Antiochus drives Tryphon out of

Bethlem, and laid in a manger.
Syria, besiegeth him in Dora, whence he flies to

On the eighth day after his Nativity, he is cir-
Apamea, where he is taken and lain.

cumcised and named JESUS.
Simon the High-priest traversing the Cities of 1 Mac.

The wise-men of the East bring presents to the Mat. II. 135. Judea, and taking care for their orderly govern XVI.

New-born King of the Jews. mento comes down with his two fons, Matthias Jof. Ant.

Jofeph flies into Egypt with the child Jesus, and

143 and Judas, to Jericho; Ptolomey the son of Abu-'lib. 13.

Mary his Mother. bus, Simons fon in law, invites them to a castle

16, C. 13

Herod commands the Infants in and about Bethwhich he had fortified, called Dochus, and there

lem to be lain. whilst he entertains them at a banquet, barbarousy

Herod dieth, and his son Archelaus is by Cesar murders them. John Hircanus fucceeds his father

made Tetrarch of Judea; other dominions which Jof. Ant. in the High-prieithood.

belonged to Herod are divided among his fons.

Christ, by Gods appointment, is brought back Mat. II.
Here ends the firf Book of Maccabees, containing

out of Egypt into Nazareth.
the History of 40 years.

The Year

The First Year of the vulgar Christian Æra begins here. 130.

John Hircanus takes Shechem, and demolisheth Jos. Ant.
the Temple on mount Gerizim, 200 years after it lib. 18.

Luke II.

By occasion of the Passover our Lord goes up
had been built by Sanaballat.

46. c. 17.


with his parents to Jerufalem, and there disputes Judas eldest fon of Hircavus, otherwise called Jof. lib. 1.

with the Doctors in the Temple. 007 Ariftobulus, and firnamed Philellen, fucceeds his Belli

, c. 3.


Augustus dies, and Tiberius succeeds him. father in the government, and the High-priesthood; Ant. lib.

Jofephus, called Caiaphas, is made High-priest Jof. Ant. he was the first of any that, after the return from 13. c. 19.

of the Jews, by the favour of Valerius Gratus the l. 18. c. zo
the captivity of Babylon, set a Crown upon his & lib. 20.

Roman Governor.
Head, and changed the state into a Monarchy. c. 8.

26. Towards the end of this year, Pontius Pilate is Mat. III.
Anna the Prophetess, daughter of Phanuel, of the Luke II.

sent to be Procurator of Judea, in the place of Va-
tribe of Afer, this year becoming a widow, departs

lerius Gratus,

Mark 1.2
pot from the Temple, but serveth God with tasting


John the Baprist begins to preach and to baptize Luke and prayer night and day, for 84 years together, Jos, lib, F.

in the desert of Judea, thereby preparing the way 111. 3. until "luch time as the fees Christ in the Tem- Belli, c. so

of the Lord, and doing his endeavour, that Christs John 1.7. Art. 1. 24

coming after him may be made known unto Is- 11a, XLÁ. en er i

jaw! gives

a fur where y he may

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An Index to the Holy Bible.

The Year

The Seventh Age of the World.

The Year

The Seventh Age of the World.



Chrift. know the Lords Christ, that upon whom he shall

Chrift. Chrift payeth Tribute to Cefar.


27. see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him,

A certain Village of the Samaritans refureth our XVII. 240

The Ro- the same as he which shall baptize with the Holy

The Ro- Saviour entertainment in his way to Jerusalem, the Luc. IX.
non Em- Ghot.

man Em-disciples desiring to call for fire from Heaven to 51.
Jefus entring upon the thirtieth year of his age, Mat. III. pire. consume them, are severely reprehended.

comes from Galilee to Jordan, and is baptized of 13.

33. The Seventy Disciples are sent out by two and

X. I.

John, at which time a moft illustrious manifesta- Mark 1.

two, to work miracles, and to preach.

XI. I.

tion is made of the blessed Trinity ; for the Son

Christ teacheth his Disciples to pray.


John XI.

of God ascending out of the water, and praying, Luke III.

Chrift raiseth Lazarus that had been buried four

the Heavens are opened, and the Spirit of God, in


the shape of a dove, descends upon him ; and the

Caiaphas, High-priest of the Jews, prophesieth Luke
voice of the Father is heard from heaven, saying,

concerning the death of Christ.


This is my beloved Son in whom I am well

Zaccheus a Publican, converted.


Christ restorerb to blind Bartimeus his right.


John sees it, and bears record, that this is the John I.

Mary the Sister of Lazarus anoints our Saviours John

Son of God.


feet with costiy spikenard, and wipeth them with XIL 3.

Jesus, full of the Holy Ghost, returns from Jor- Mat. IV.

the hair of her head.

dan, and is led by the Spirit into the wilderness,

Christ rideth in triumph to Jerusalem, the mul XXI.
where he fafteth forty days and forty nights, and is Mark I.

titude spread their garments in the way, and cry Mar. XI.

tempted by the Devil.

Hosanna to the Son of David. Coming near the Luke

After this, our Lord returns into Galilee.


City, he weeps over it, and forerells its destruction. XIX.

John gives testimony to our Saviour, passing by IV, 1,

He enters the Temple, and cafteth out thoʻe that Joh. XII.

him ; Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathaniel, ac-

bought and sold there, and heals the blind and Isa. LII.

knowledge him to be the Messias, and become his John I.




35, 47

He curseth the fruitless Fig-tree, and the next

Chrift at a marriage in Cana of Galilee, turneth

II. 1,

morning it is found dried up and withered : Thence Marth.

water into wine; this was his firft miracle.

he takech occasion to thew the power of faith.

XXI .17

VI. 17.

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The Fourth Passover, in which Chris our Passover was

sacrificed, 1 Cor. V. 7. and to an end is fac to all

legal sacrifices prefiguring this great Expiuiion. The

fourth or middle Team of Daniels laft Week begins,

Dan. IX. 27.

N the first day of unleavened bread, when the March.

Passover of the Jews was to be sain, (April XXVI.

2.) in the Evening, Jesus eateth the Passover with Mark

his disciples, and institutes the Sacrament of his XIV.

Body and Blood in Bread and Wine.


Christ walheth his Disciples feet, and exhortech XXII.

them to humility and charity:


In the self-fame night Christ is betrayed by Ju- XII.
das, mocked, buffeted, and spit upon by the fol- XVIII.

Next day he is condemned by Pilate, and cruci- Marth.
fied; the Sun during the Crucifixion, is darkned, XXV I.
and the vail of the Temple rent in the midst. Mar. XV.
Christ praying for his enemies, gives up the ghost. Luke

: Joseph of Arimathea begs the Body, and lays it in XXIII.

a new sepulchre.

Joh. XIX.

On the third day, the next after the Jewish Sub-PC. XXIL

bath, ( April s.) Christ riseth from the dead; his Marth.

Resurrection is declared by Angels to the Woman XXVIII.

that came to the Sepulchre. Christ first appeareth Mark

co Mary Magdalene, and afterward to his Difciples, XVI.

and dineth with them.

L ke

Christ bringeth his Apostles to mount Olivet, XXIV.

commandeth them to expect in Jerusalem the send- Jo'. XX.

ing down of the Holy Ghost; sends them to teach 'Acts 1.

and baptize all nations, and blesses them; and while Marth.

they behold, he is taken up, and a cloud receives XXVIII.

him out of their right. After his Afcenfion the dis-

ciples are warned by two Angels to depart, and to

set their minds upon his second coming ; they ac-

cordingly return, and giving themselves to prayer,

choose Matthias to be an Apostle in the place of


On the day of Pentecoft, ( May 24. ) the Holy Ads II.

Ghost descendeth on the Apostles in the form of

cloven Tongues, like as of fire, and enableth chem

to speak all Languages. Peter the same day preach-

eth Christ and the Resurre&ion, and about 3000

Believers are added to the Church.

Peter, by faith in Christs Name, healeth a lame III.


The rulers of the Jews offended at Peters Ser IV.

mon, and his miraculous cure of the lame man, caft
both him and John into prison; upon their exami-
nation, they boldly avouch the same man to be
healed by the Name of Jesus, and that by the same
Jefus we must be eternally saved. After this the Jews
forbid them to speak any more in that Name; but the
Apostles answer, That it is fic they should obey God

VI. 7.

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and later

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