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Or an Account of the most Remarkable Passages in the Books of the Old and New Testa

ment : Pointing to the Time wherein they Happen'd, and to the Places of Scriptur wherein they are Recorded.

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The Year

before Christ. .4004

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3874 3769.

y. 3

wil jul The Year

The Second Age of the World. before Christ. called the land of Ham ; and the Egyptian Pha- llai. XI)

Iraohs boasted themselves to be the fons of ancient 2185 ! Serug born.

Ge, XI.2 215S. Nahor born. 2126 Terah, Abrams father, born.

241 * 2008, Peleg, the sixth from Noah, diech.

. 19, 2007. Nahor, the ninth from Noah, dieth.

25. Noah diech, aged 950 years, 350 years after the IX, 2x; food,

29. 1996.

Abram born, he was 75 years of age when his XI. 32 father Terah died, aged 205 years ; so that Terah begat not Abram in the 70 year of his age, but Na 26. hor and Haran, and in the 130 year of his age be

gat Abram. See Aits 7. 4. 1986.

Sarai, Abrams wife, (called also Iscah) Haran, 29, 30
Abrams brothers daughter, born ten years after her XVII. 1
Reu, the seventh from Noah, dieth.

XI. 21 1955. Serug, the eighth from Noah, dieth. 1925. About this time Chedorlaomer King of Elam, XIV, i

subdueth the Kings of Sodom, Gomorrha, Admah, 2, 3, &r

Zeboiim and Bela; who serve him 12 years. 1922, Terah with bis family leaveth Ur of the Chal. XL. 31

deans, and dwelleth at Haran.

V. 9,


· 18, 21,

• Gen.

3679. 3609. 3544. 3382. 3317. 3130. 3074. 3017 2962. 2948.





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The Firß Age of the World. IN the beginning God created the heaven and Genesis

the earth, 6c. and last of all man after his I, & II. own image. Man falls from his first state, but is promised a III. Saviour of the seed of the Woman.

The World Girft peopled, after Adam and Eveļy. t; had left Paradise.

About this time Cain and Abel offer facrifice, and Abel is murder'd by his brother,

Seth born, Enos born.

About this time men begin to call upon the name IV. 26. of the Lord.

Cainan born.
Mahalaleel born.
Jared born,

Enoch the seventh from Adam, born.
Methusalah born.
Lamech, the father of Noah, born.

Adam dieth, aged 939 years.
Enoch in the 365 year of his age, taken up to

23, 243 God. Seth dieth, aged 912 years.

8, Noah, the father and Patriarch of the new world after the food, born. 'Enos, the third from Adam, diech, aged 90s years. Cainan dieth, aged 910 years, Mahaleel, the fifth from Adam, diech, aged 895

17, years. Jared, the sixth from Adam, dieth, aged 962 years,

God commands Noah to preach repentance, and to build the Ark, 120 years before the food.

1 Pet. III. To Noah, aged soo years, is born Japheth, and two years after, Shem,

2 Pet. Il.s. Lamech, the ninth from Adam, dieth,' aged 777 years. He is the first man whom the Scriptures mention to have died a natural death before his father, age. He was the oldest man.

27. The flood comes upon the earth in the 600 years of Noahs age,

VII. 11. The Second Age of the World. *HE-flood ceaseth, and Noah (with his family, Gen. V.

and the creatures he carried in with bim) VIII, 18, comes out of the Ark, and offers a burnt-offering. At the same time God makes a covenant, with Gen. IX. Noah and his seed, promising never more to de

9 stroy the World by Water, as a token whereof, he placeth the rainbow in the cloud. The same year Noah begins to plant vines, and is drunk.

Arphaxad born.
Salah born,
Eber born.

Peleg born ; so called, because in his days the 16. earth was divided.

About this time the posterity of Nimrod begin to build the city and tower of Babel, so called from

6 the confusion of languages which God sent among 8, the workmen.

About this time Nimrod begins to exalt him X. 8. self, by laying the first foundation of the Assyrian monarchy.

Nineve, the Metropolis of Affyria, built.
Reu born,

Mizraim, the grandson of Ham, leads Colonies XI. 18. into Egypt, and layeth the foundation of a King-, dom, which lasted-1663 years, whence Egypt is



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The Third Age of the World.

XII. I, of his age, is commanded by God to enter upon 1 the land of Canaan, which God promiseth to give unto his Seed (viz. Christ Jesus our Lord) all the 'families of the Earth should be blessed.

In the year following, a famine in the land of 10. Canaan forceth Abram with his family to go into Gal. 111 Egypt. From this first coming into Egypt, to the 1.7. departure of the children of Israel out of it, are Exodus reckoned 430 years.

Abram and Lot in this same year return into Genesis Canaan ; but ehe land not being sufficient for both XIII. their flocks, they part asunder. Lotgoeth to Sodom. God renewech bis promise to Abram. He removeth to Hebron, and there buildech an Altar,

Bera the King of Sodom, with four other Kings, XIV. 41 rebel against Chedorlaomer, but are overcome by him in the valley of Siddim. Lot being taken prifoner, Abram rescueth him, llayeth Chedorlaomer and his confederates, and in his return is blessed by Melchisedech King of Salem, and Priest of God, to whom Abram gives tithe. The rest of the spoils, his Partners having had their portions, he restorech to the King of Sodom,

Abram complaineth for want of an Heir ; God promiseth him a Son, and a multiplying of his Seed. Canaan is promised again, and confirm'd by a sign.

Sarai being barren, giveth Hagar her handmaid XVI. 1,3 to Abram, Ilmael, Hagars Ton,

15. Arphaxad, the third from Noah, dieth.

God maketh a Covenant with Abram ; and in xvii. s. token of a greater blessing, changeth his name into Abraham. As a seal of this Covenant, Circumci., fion is ordain'd. Sarai her name also is changed into Sarah, and she is blefied. God promiseth them à Son, and commandech that his name be called, Isaac; in him God promisech to establish his Covenanr.

Abraham entertaineth three Angels, who renew XVIII. the promise to him of having a son. God revealeth

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2, 3

XI. 15.


of her age.

Ifaac's age.


1 1817.

XXV. 17.

An index to the Holy Bible,
The Year
The Third Age of the World.

The Year

The Third Age of the World. before

before Christ. to Abraham the destruction of Sodom, with whom

Chrif. fon. He interpretech the dreams of Pharaohs Butler Genefis 1897. Abraham intercedes for Lot and his family. See

1718. and Baker, which come to pass according to his Gen. 19. 29.

interpretation. Lot is commanded, for the preservation of him. Genesis 1716. Ifaac dieth, aged 180 years, and is buried by his XXXV. self and his family, to get out of Sodom, and to fly


Jacob and Erau.

to the mountain;
but by much entreaty he obtainech


Joseph interpretech Pharaohs ewo dreams ; he XLI. 25. leave to go into Zoar. Sodom, Gomorrha, and all

giveth Pharaoh counsel, and is made governor of the Cities in che vale of Siddim, with all the inha

the whole land of Egypt. bitants of them, are for the most horrible fins de

Here begin the seven years of plenty in the land XLI.47, froyed by fire and brimstone from Heaven. The

of Egypt. About this time Manalleh and Ephraim,

so, Dead Sea remains a monument thereof unto this

Josephs two fons, are born of Alenath che daughter day. Locs wife for looking back upon Sodom, con

of Potipherah, priest of On. trary to Gods command, is turn'd into a pillar of

1708. Here begin the seven years of famine. Salt ; and Lot himself fearing to continue at Zoar,

1707. Jacob sendeth his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt; XLII. 1, leaves the plain Country, and becakes himself to the

they are imprisoned by Joseph for spies ; but are mountain, carrying his two daughters with him.

fet at liberty on condition of bringing Benjamin; 1896. Ifaac born in the 100 year of Abrahams age. Not XXI. 2.

and Simeon is kepe as a pledge. long after to Lot are born Moab and Ammon, his XIX. 36.

Jacob is with much difficulty perswaded to send

XLIIL fons at the same time, and his grandsons.

Benjamin ; Joseph maketh himself known to his

XLV. 3892. Hagar and Ihmael, at Sarahs request, are cast XXI. 9.

brethren, and sendeth for his father, by command forth.

from Pharash. 1878. Salah, the fourth from Noah, dieth.

1716. Jacob having offered facrifice to God, for that XLVI. 1871. God temptech Abraham to offer Ifaac; Abraham XXII.

his son Joseph is yet alive ; goes with all his family giveth proof of his faith and obedience.

inco Egypt, in the third year of famine, and 1 30 year Sarah diech at Hebron in Canaan, in the 127 year XXIII.

of his age. He is feared in the land of Gothen. 1704

Joseph gertech all the Money, Lands, and Cattle XLVII. 1856. Ifaac marrieth Rebekah the daughter of Bethuel, XXIV. 1703.

of the Egyptians for Bread ; only the Lands belongthe son of Nahor, in the 40 year of his age.

1702. ing to che priests he buyeth not. 1846. Shem, the son of Noah, diech.



Jacob adopteth Ephraim and Manasseh, and bles- XLVIIT. 1837 Jacob and Esau born in the 60 year of their father XXV. 24.

seth them, and all his fons : prophesieth the descent XLIX.

of the Messiah from Judah, and diech, aged 147 1821. Abraham dieth, aged 175 years..

years; 17 whereof he lived in Egypt. He is with Heber, the fifth from Noah, dieth : from him XI. 17.

great pomp carried into Canaan, and buried in the Abraham and his posterity were called Hebrews.

lepulchre of his father. Gen. 14. 13:

1638. Jofeph on his death-bed prophesieth unto his bre1796. Esau, aged 40 years, marrieth Judith the daughter XXVI. 34.

thren their recurn inco Canaan; takes an Oath of of Beeri the Hitrice, and Bafhemath the daughter of

them to carry his bones out of Egypt, and dieth, Elon che Hittite.

aged 110 years. 1773. Ihmael diech, aged 137 years.

The Book of Genefis endeth in the death of Jo1760. Jacob, by his mothers inftru&ion, obtaineth the XXVII.

feph, containing the history of 2369 years; next to Blessing from Ifaac his father, which was designd

which in order of time the Book of job

follows, for Erau. Upon which he is forced to Ay into Me

written (as 'tis generally believed) by Mofes.

Exodus sopotamia co fhun his brochers rage. Upon the way XXVIII.

1619. Leyi dieth in Egypt, aged 137 years; be was

VI. 16. are foretold unto him in a Vision, the bleffings of

grandfather to Moses and Aaron. his posterity. At length he comes to his uncle La- XXIX. 1577. Here begins the bondage of the children of Israel, Exod. 1. & ban's house, and covenanteth to serve him feven

when a King roseup in Egypt, who knew not Joseph, years for his daughter Rachel, but Laban deceivech


Aaron born three years before his brother Mofes, VII. 7. him with Leah; the marriage-week being com

83 years before the departure of the children of pleated, Rachel also is given him to wife, upon

Ifrael out of Egypt.

I. condition of serving seven years more.

15, 22.

147 Pharaoh having in vain commanded the Hebrew Of Leah are born,

Midwives to destroy all the Males of the Ifraelites, 1758. Reuben.


fet forth an Ediæt, charging that they be all cast Simeon. 1757.


into the river, Levi. 1756.

34, 1571. Moses is born, who being hid in the Aags by the II. I) }, 2755. Judah, from whom the Jews receive their de 35.

river-side, is found by Pharaohs daughter, and benoinination.

comes her adopted son.
Rachel having been long barren, at length beareth XXX. 23. 1531.

Moses in the forciech year of his age, having lain
Joseph; Jacob defiring to depart, is pertwaded by

an Egyptian, whom he saw concending with an He-
Laban to serve Gx years more for some part of his

brew, Ayeth inco Midian, where he marrieth Zip flock.

porah the daughter of Ruel or Jethro a Prieft, and 1739. Jacob, after he had been twenty years in Mefo- XXXI.

liveth' with him forty years. potamia, sets forward on his journey homewards,

Joshua 1530.

Caleb, the son of Jephunneh, born.
without acquainting his father or brothers in law;

Whilst Moses keeps his father in laws theep at

Exod. III.
Rachel stealeth her fathers gods, and is pursued by XXXII.

Mount Horeb, God" appears to him in a burning
Laban. Jacob by his prudence is reconciled to his

bush, and sendeth him to deliver Israel.

1, 2, &c.

V. brother Élau. He wrestleth with an Angel at Pe

Moses and Aaron having declared to Pharaoh the niel, and is called Ifrael.

message in which they are sent unto him from God, About this time Dinah, Jacobs daughter, is de- XXXIV.

are charged by him as heads of a Muriny, and sent Powered by Sichem the son of Hamor. Simeon.

away with many bad words, and more grievous and Levi, Dinahs brethren, revenge their Sisters

labours are forthwich laid upon the Ifraelites. quarrel, by putting all the Males of Sichem to the

Moses being now 80, and Aaroni 83 years of VII. 7. (word; for which thing Jacob reproveth them.

age, urged thereunto by God, return again to PhaRachel is deliver'd of Benjamin on the way be- XXXV.

raoh, where the Magicians, by their forcery, imi. twixt Bech-el, or Bech-lehem, and Ephrath, and

tating the miracles of Aarons Rod, turned into a diech in Child-bed.

Pfal. Some think that job lived

Serpent, make Pharaoh more obftinate chan he was about this time.

before. Wherefore God by the hand of Moses lays LXXVIII Judah liech with Thamar his daughter in law in XXXVIII.

ten plagues upon the Egyptians,

CV. disguise.

Joseph is hated by his brethren, and is fold to XXXVII.

The Fourth Age of the World.
Merchant-men, Ishmaelites and Midianites, who
carry him into Egypt, where he is sold to Potiphar

Pon the fourteenth day of the first month Exodus
an Officer of Pharaohs, and by him made Overseer
of his Houfe.

with us) in the evening, the Paffover is inftiruted.
restante temptations of his Mafijar's XXXIX.

Upon the Gfteenth of the fame month at rude
It is wi-urn of ruo: Win a Lain itira.

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29. 41.

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X. 29.

among them.

An Index to the Holy Bible.
The Your
The Fourth Age of the World.

The Year

The Fourth Age of the World. before

before Chrifto moh and his fervants make hafte to fend away the

Chrilt, of the Idolaters to death by the hands of the Levices. 1491. Ilraslices, and they, the self-fame day wherein they


God commands Moses to frame new Tables of Exodus were let go out of bondage, being the complete

Scone, and to bring them with him into the mount: XXXIV, term of 430 years from the art pilgrimage of their

Mofes brings them the next morning, and whilst
Ancestors, reckoning from Abraham's departure

he stands in the cleft of a rock, God pafleth by,
out of Charran, take their journey and marchi away,

and Theweth him a glimpse of his glory.
being 600000 men befides children, and come to

God renews his Covenant with his people, and
Rameses, from whence by several encampings they Numb.

upon certain conditions gives them his Laws again.
come to the Red Sea, the Lord condu&ting them in XXXIII. 1420,

In the firft Gx months of this year, the Taberna- XXXIX, pillas of cloud by day, and in a pillar of fire

cle, the Ark of the Covenant, the Alcar, the Table by night. They carry Jofephs bones with them.

of Shew-bread, the Friests garments, the holy OineAt the Red Sea Pharaoh' with his hoft overrakes Exodus

ments, the Candlestick, and other Utensils and them; 'Moses divides the waters with his Rod, and XIV.

Veflels belonging to the Sacrifices, are finished in the children of Ifrael pass through on dry ground,

the desert at mount Sinai, and are brought unto Moses. unco the defert of Etham ; whom when Pharaoh

The Tabernacle is set up and anointed with holy

XL. and bis Army would needs follow, they are all

Oyl: Aaron and his fons are consecrated for the overwhelmed by the waters coming together at the

Priesthood. dawning of the day, whereby the Israelites are wholly

Nadab and Abibu for offering frange fire, are Levit. X. freed from the bondage of the Egyptians ; whofe XV.

struck dead in the place, by fire from Heaven. carcasses when they fee floating all the Sea over,

The Princes of the tribes present their offerings Numb. and caft upon the thore, they ling a song of praise

towards the dedication of the Tabernacle. God

VII. and thanfgiving unto God.

speakech to Moses from the Mercy-sear. Upon the Afteenth of the second month (our XYI.

The second Passover is instituted.

IX. Jone the 4th, being Thursday) the Ifraelites come

Jethro, who is also called Hobab, brings his to the wilderness of Zin, which liech between E

daughter Zipporah, with her two sons, Gerlaon

Exodus lyma and Sinai, where for want of food, they mur.

and Eliezer, which were left with him, to his son

XVIII. mur against God, and their Leaders ; About the

in law Mofes, and having congratulated his and the evencide God fends them Quails, and the next

whole people of Israels deliverance out of bondage, morning rains upon them Manna from Heaven;

he openly declares his faith and devotion cowards and upon that kind of bread they lived afterwards

the true God. By his advice Moses imparts the by the space of forty years, even till they came to

government of the People to some others, and or. the borders of the Land of Promise. An Omer of

dains Magistrates for the deciding of lesser causes. ic is preserved for a memorial.

Moses complains to God of the over great burden

Numb. XI. At Rephidim, which was the eleventh place of XVII. 1,

of his government; God to ease him of his charge, their encamping, the people murmur for want of

gives him for affistance the Court of 70 Elders. water : Moses gives them water, by striking the

The People luft for flesh, God gives chem Quails

31. hard rock in Horeb with his Rod.

in wrath, and sends withal a moft grievous plague
The Amalekites falling upon the rear of the 8, 9, &c.
Israelices, are discomfired by joshua, whilft Moses

God rebukech che Sedition of Miriam and Aaron,

XII. holds up his hands to God in prayer.

and maincaineth Moses his right. God publiheth his Law contain'd in the Ten XX.

From the wilderness of Paran, near Kadelh-bar.

XIII. Commandments, with a terrible voice from Mount

nea, cwelve men are sent (among whom are Culeb Sinai.

and Joshua) to discover the land of Canaan. ReThe People being in great fear, God gives them XXI.

turning, they bring with them a branch of a vine, sundry other Laws, all which being written in the XXII.

with a cluster of grapes upon it; ten of the twelve book of the Covenant, Mofes proposeth them to &c.

so senç, speak ill of the Country, declare it barre.1, the People: which done, rifing early in the morn

and magnify the Cities for their strength, and the ing, he builds an altar at the foot of the mountain, XXIV.

giantly itature of the inhabitants. and sets up 12 Statues according to the 12 Tribes

The People terrified with this relation are about XIV. of Israel, and fends 12 young men of the first born,

to return inco Egypt, from which Caleb and Joshua (whom the Lord had consecrated to himself, as mi

endeavouring to disswade them, are like to be stoned.
nifters of those holy things, before the Levitical

At this God is so provoked, that he threatens to
Priethood was ordain'd) which offers facrifice, frft

destroy them ; but is prevailed upon by Moses his
for fin, and then for thansgiving to the Lord : and

prayers to spare chemNevercheless he denouncech when Mofes had read the book of the Covenant,

thať all who are now 20 years old and upward he takes the blood of the Calves and Goaths so of

(except Caleb and Joshua) thall die in the wilderfer'd, and with water, scarlet wooll, and hyssop,

ness. The men who raised the evil report are all sprinkles the book therewith, and all the people, and

destroyed by sudden death. Some endeavouring to chofe 12 ftatues representing them; and to performs

enter upon the promised land contrary to the com a folemn Covenant between God and his people.

mand of God, are smitten by the Amalekices and Mofes and Aaron, Nadab and A bihu, and 70 men XXIV.

Canaanites. of the elders of Israel, go up into the mount, and 9, 18. 1489.

In this place, viz. Kadeth-barnea, the Israelites Deut. I. there behold the glory of God: the rest returning,

continue many days, but that in some places they

46. Moses with his servant Joshua abides there ftill, and

continued many years, appeareth, for that in the waits fix days, and upon the seventh day God speaks

space of 37 years there are but trencampings menundo bim, and there he continues 40 days and 40

tioned. nights, (reckoning those fix days which he waited

To cheir long continuance in Kadesh, and the Numb. for the appearance of the Lord) eating do meat all

encampings from thence, all that we find deliver'd XXXIII. that while, nor drinking water, (Deut. 2.9.) where

in the 1 sth and four next ensuing Chapters of Num. he receives Gods command, touching the frame of


bers, seems to refer ; as how Korah, Dathan, and XVI. the Tabernacle, the Priefts garments, their conse

Abiram, for railing a muriny against Mofes and cracion, sacrifice, and other things comprised in XXV,

Aaron, were swallowed alive into the earth, and this and the fix following Chapters.


250 of their associates, and how the People murAt the end of 40 days, God gives Mofes the ewo XXXI.

muring against Moses and Aaron for the calamity Tables of the Law in Stone, made by Gods own 18.

which had befallen their brechren, were destroyed hand, and written with his own finger ; bidding

by God to the number of 14700 men; and how 12 XVII, him withal quickly to get him down for that the

rods being brought by 12 princes, and laid in the people had already made to themselves a molten

fan&uary, Aarons rod only, budded and brought Calf to worship. Moses by prayer pacifieth God, XXXII.

forth Almonds, and was laid up before the Ark, and goes down from the mount, and seeing the

for a memorial to those who hould afterwards be people keeping 4 feftival in honour of their Idol in

given to Rebellion. The Camp, he breaks the Tables of the Law at the

In these 37 years the Israelites by 17 encampings,

XX. foot of the mount': for which the Jews keep a

having compaffed the hill-country of Seir and Edom, folemn faft unto this day.

they come to the wilderness of Zin in the hrst month Mofes having hacer and defend haldal mite vann

The Year

before Christ,

1452, dieth.

12, 23.

23, 28.

may live.


1, 2,

An index to the Holy Bible.
The Fourth Age of the World.

The Year
The Fourths Age of the World.

ge"? "T

Here Mirjam, the lister of Moses and Aaron, Numb. Christ. God signifies to Moses chap he fhall die; and Jo- Numb.


Mua is thereupon declared to be his Succeffor; XXVII.

1451. The People again for want of water, murmur 1; 2;

upon whom Moses lays his hands, and gives him against Moses and Aaron, whom when God had

Instructions. Several Laws are made. conimanded to call water out of the rock only by

Twelve thou and of the Israelites, under the 26, 27, 28.

Deut. III.
Speaking to it, Moses being moved in his mind

command of Phineas, vanquish the Midianites, and Numb.
through impatience and diffidence of the thing,

put to the sword all the males among them, with xxxi. speaks something, whatever it was, unadvisedly

their five Princes, and among them Zur, the father,

with his lips, and Atrikes the rock thrice with Aa-

of Cozbi, and Balaam the wizard; but they sfave
rons rod, and thereby draws water from it, but for xx. 12,
.! X\" the women alive, at which Moses is wroch and


21, 22. tranfgrefsing Gods command, they are both debarra

commands that every male child and all the wofrom entring into the land of Canaan.

men, except such as be virgins, be killed.
In the fifth month of this year Aaron dieth at

The lands which belonged to Sihon and Ogi Numb.
Mofera, on the top of mount Hor, at the Age of

namely all from the river Arnon, to mount Her- XXXII.
123 years, leaving his son Eleazar his fucceßor in

mon, Moses divides and gives to the tribes of Deut. III. the High-priesthood.

Reuben and Gad, and the half-tribe of Manaffeh;

The People murmuring, are plagued with fiery XXI. 5,9.

so that their posfellions lay on this side Jordan; XIII. &
serpents, whereof many die; upon their repentance John III.

nevertheless they assist the rest of the Tribes in all

God commands that a brazen serpent be made and 14

their wars, till they had subdued the Canaanites,
lifted up upon a pole, that as many as look on it i Cor. x.

and poflessed the promised land.

Moses commands the people that in their passage Deur.
About the latter end of this year, all those who Numb.

over Jordan, they shall set up great stones, and XXVII.
at Kadesh- barnea mutinied against God being wholly XXI.

engrave the Ten Commandments on them, with extind and dead, the Israelites pass over Zered, and

the form of blessing upon mount Gerizim, and of come to the border of Moab at Ar, and at length

cursing on mount Ebal. Exhorting them to observe XXVIII. they arrive at Bamoth a valley in the Country of

the law of God, by setting before their eyes, the the Moabites, and pitch at mount Pisgah.

benefit that would ensue chereon. Sihon King of the Amorites refusing them pallage

He also renews the Covenant made by God with XXIX.

21, through his Country, is nain, and the Israelites pola

them and their Children on mount Horeb, and again: sess his land.

perswades them to keep thac Covenant, by all the Og the king of Bafan, coming out against Israel, is


blessings and curses which would undoubtedly folat destroyed with all his People, not one left alive, and

low the keepers or breakers of it. Yet with a.

XXX his Country pofless'd by the Israelites.

promise of pardon and deliverance, if at any time After these victories the Israelites set forward; XXII.

having broken is, they shall repent chem of their and encamp in the plains of Moab.

::7 fin; and tells them furcher, that God had therefore Balak king of Moab, considering what the Israeli

thus declared his will unto them, to the end that

3. tes had done to the Amorites, fears, left under pre

none hereafter offending, shall pretend ignorance. tence of passing thro' his Country, they should posless

Moses having written this law, delivers it to the XXXI. themselves of his whole kingdom, rakes counsel with Joshua

Priests, the sons of Levi, and the elders of the Peoo" the Princes of the Midianites his neighbours, and XXIV.9.

ple, to be kept ; the same day also he writes his XXXII. sends for Balaam, soothsayer, out of Mefopotamia,

moft excellent song, and reaches the fame to the to come and curfe the Ifraelites, promising him greag

children of Israel to be sung; and having finished rewards for his labour ; purposing afterwards to

the book of the law, he takes order to have it laid make war upon them.

up in the side of the ark. Balaam forewarned of God, refuserh it first to Numb.

Moses now drawing near to his end, blessech e- XXXIII. come; but being sent for a second time, he impor- XXII.

very Tribe in particular, by way of prophesie, fave tuneth God to let him go, and goes with a pur 7, 35.

only the Tribe of Simeon. pose indeed to curse Ifrael : but God offended hereat,

In the twelfth month of this year, he goes up XXXIV. makes the dumb Ass of this wizard, on which he 2 Pet. II.

to mount Nebo, and from thence beholds the land rode, speaking in a mans voice, to reprove his folly. 15, 16.

of promise, and there dieth, aged 120 years: the Balaam twice offers facrifice, and would fain have Numb.

body of Moses God translates out of the place where cursed Ifrael, to gratifie Balak therein; but being XXIII.

he died, into a valley of the land of Moab, over: forced thereto by the Spirit of God, instead of cu Deut.

against Beth-peor, and there burieth it, nor doch fing, he blesseth them altogether; foretelling what XXIII. S.

any man know the place where he laid it unto felicity attended them, and what calamities Mould' Joshua

this day. The Israelites mourn for him 30 days." befal their enemies.


Here ends the Pentateucb, or five Books of Mo-'
By his advice the women of Moab' and Midian Numb.

fes, containing the history of 2552 years and a half,
are set on work to turn the Israelites away toldo XXV.

from the beginning of the world; and the book of larry. Wherefore God commands Mofes frit' to 1, 2, 3, &c.

Joshua begins with the 41 year after the departure: take all the ringleaders of this disorder, and to Deut.

of the children of Israel out of Egypt. :) hang them up before the Sun, and then gives order IV. 3.

Joshua being confirmed in his government by Joshua II. to the Judges to put to death all such as had joyn- Psalm

God, sends forth spies from Shitrim to the city of ed themselves to Baalpeor. Last of all God Tends CVI. 28.

Jericho ; who being harbour’d by Rahab, are pria plague upon the people, whereof die 23000 men Apoc. II.

vily sent away, when search is made for them.
in one day ; which added to them which were

Upon the ioth day of the first month (April 30) III.
hanged and killer
with the sword, amount in all rợ 1 Cor. x. 8.

to wit, the same day, that the Paschal Lamb was

to be chosen out of the flock, the Israelites under
Phineas the son of Eleafar, by killing Zimri, the Numb.

the conduct of Josua, a type of Jesus Chrift, go
chief of his father family, and Cozbi the daughter XXV,

up out of the river Jordan, into the promised land of Zur, a Prince of the Mediarires, appeareth che Psalm

of Canaan, a type of a more heavenly Country. wrath of God, and the plague ceafeth: God there- cvi. zo.

They pass through the river op dry ground, the fore ferdlech the high priesthood for ever upon the Numb.

waters being for that present divided; for a memo

IV. house of Phineas, and commands that wat be made


???. rial of which miraculous paffage, Joshua sets up upon the Midianites,

12 other stones in the very channel of Jordan, and Mofes and Eleazar by Gods command, in the xxyi.


taking 12 other stones out of the midst thereof, plain of Moab, rear into Jordan over against Je

fers them up at Gilgal, the place where they next richo, number the people from 20 years old and

eñcamp. upwards, and find them to be 601730 men, besi

The day following, Joshua renews the use of des the Levites, whose number reckoning them

Circumcifion, which had been omitted 40 years. from one month old and upwards, come to 23000,

Upon the 14th day of the same month, in the and then Mofes receives command for the parting

evening, the Iraelites, celebrate their first passover of the land of promise among the Ifraélites.

in the land of Canaan, si The daughters of Zelophehad have their fathers XXVII,

Next day after the passover Manna ceaseth. 11, 12) land parteth arong hem forward of IM je male;

Our Lord Jesus, Captain of his fathers hoft, apthis rccasion

i tienges to

pears to Jerr!, the typical efis bijvicho,

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1, 2,


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IX. :


own tent.

44 AUW til WAV The Year The Fourth Age of the World,

The Year

The Fourth Age of the World, before

before Chrift. with a drawn fword in his hand, and promisech

Christ. highly provoked, gives them up into the hands of 1451. there to defend his people.


Culhan King of Mesopotamia; which first calami-
Jericho, the Ark of the Lord having been car-
ried round about it, is taken the seventh day, the

ty of theirs holds them but eight years.

Judges VL

Othniel the son of Kenaz, and lon in law to Joc 111.9,

1405. walls thereof falling down at the sound of the

fhua, stirred up by God, as a judge and avenger of Priests trumpets, all the inhabitans are put to the

his people, defeats Cushan, and delivers the Israesword, except Rahab and her family.

lites out of bondage, and the land resteth 40 years,

16, The Ifraelites beliege Ai, and are smitten by


after the first rest which Joshua procured for them. their enemies, God having, abandon'd them for


Othniel dying, the Ifraelites fall again to sin afacrilege committed by Achan; Achans (in being

gainst God, and are given over into the hands of discover'd by the casting of lors, and him'elf found

Eglon King of Moab, who joining with the Amguilty, he is stoned to death, and togecher with his

monites and the Amalekites, overthrow's the Israechildren and cattle, burnt with fire. God being VIII.

lites, and takes Jericho ; and this second opprespacified hereby, Ai is taken by ambulhment, and

fion continueth 18 years. urterly destroyed.


Ehud the fon of Gera is raised up by God to be
On mount Ebal, according to the law made, is

30, 350
an avenger of his people; for feigning a message to

3®, an altar erected, and the Ten Commandments en

Eglon, he runs hiin into the belly with his dagger; graven on it, the bleflings and curses are repeated

then getting away, he gathers all Ifrael into a body on mount Ebal and mount Gerizim, and the book

on mount Ephraim, and Nays 10000 of the moit of the law read in the ears of the people.

valiant Men of Moab; and the land refteth 40 years The Kings of Canaan combine against Israel;

after the former rest obtain’d by Ochniel. only the Gibeonites craftily find a way to save their

After him Shamgar, the son of Anath Nayeth own lives, by making a league with them, but are

600 Philistines with an ox-goad, and he also avenafterwards deputed to the servile offices of the

geth Israel, house of God.


The Ifraelites after the death of Ehud, return-IV. 1, 2, 3. Adoni-zedek King of Jerusalem, with the Kings

ing to their old sin, are given up by God into the of Hebron, Jarmuth, Lochill, and Eglon, hearing

hands of Jabin king of Canaan; and this chraldom that Gibeon is fallen off from them, joyn their

of theirs continueth 20 years. forces together, and besiege it ; but Joshua raiseth

1285 Deborah, the wife of Lapidoth a prophetess, who the fiege, pursuech those tive Kings, and smiteth

at this time judgeth Ifrael in mouni E, hraim and them as far as Azekah, the Lord in the mean

Barak of the Tribe of Naphtali, being made capwhile killing more with hailstones from heaven,

tain of the host of Israel, in light of Megiddo overthan the Ifraelites with their swords. Joshua com

cometh Si'era captain of Jabins army, whom Jael mands the Sun to stand still over Gibeon, and the

the wife of Heber the Kenite afterwards kills in her Moon over the valley of Ajalon, by the space al

For a memorial of which victory, Demost of one whole day, until the Israelites are

borah composeth a song ; and the land resteih 40 V. 37. fully avenged of their enemies. The five Kings

years after the former rest obtained by Ehud.
hide themselves in a cave at Makkedah, from

The Israelites linning again, are delivered inco

VI. whence they are brought forth, scornfully used,

the hands of the Midianites, which fourch thraland hang'd.

dom lastech seven years. Hereupon they cry unto

1245 1450. From the Autumn of this year, wherein, after Exod.

God for help, and are reproved by a Propher. Then the failing of manna, they began to till the ground, XXIII.

Gideon the son of Manaffes is by an Angel from che rise of the sabbatical years is to be taken.

God sent to deliver them. He first overturns the 1445. Josua now grown old, is commanded by God Joshua

Altar of Baal, and burns liis grove, and is called to divide all the land on the west of Jordan, among XIII.

Jerubbaal. He out of 32000 men which came VII. the nine cribes remaining, and the other half-tribe

unto him, choosech only (God so commanding) of Manasseh. The Lord and his facrifices are the

300 ; but with them he puts to fight all the host inhericance of Levi.

of the Midianires, whom the Ephraimites afterwards The rest of the Kings with whom Joshua had XI.

pursue and say their Princes, Oreb ord Zeeb. Giwaged war for six years, re'olve to set upon him

deon having pacified the Ephraimites, ho com VIII, with united forces; but Joshua comes upon chem

plain that they were not called to the battle at unawares, lays them, and pofTefTeth their Coun


, passerh the river Jordan, and defeats the retries.

mainder of the Midianitish army; hechistieth also Joshua now roots out those Giants, the Anakims,

the men of Succoth and Penuel, who had refused with their cities, out of the hill Countries, out of

him victuals in his journey; and Nays the two kings Hebron, Debir, and Anab, and generally out of all XIV.

of the Moabites, Zebah and Zalmunna. After che mountains of Judah and all Israel. And having XV.

which great victories, the Israelites offering to settle gotten the whole land into his hands, he divides

the kingdom upon him and his posterit', he ref: fech it among the children of Israel, according to their

it; but receiving their golden ear-rings, he makes Tribes; and the land rested from war.

thereof an Ephod, which afterwards proves an oc1444. The first fabbatical year or year of reft ; from

casion of Idolatry, The Midianites being thus vanhence the year of Jubile, or every fifty years space

quish’d, the land enjoys rest 40 years, after the is to be reckon'd.

former reft restored to them by Deborah and Barak. The Tabernacle is set up at Shilo (thought to XVIIT.

1236. Gideon dieth, and the Israelites falling back again 33: be the same with Salem) where it continued 328

to Idolatry, worship Baal-berith for their God. years.

Abimelech the son of Gideon (begotten upon his IX. 1, 2, The Reubenices, Gadices, and the half tribe of XXII.

Concubine) purposing to get to hit self the king &c. Manasseh with a blessing are sent home to their

dom which his father had refused, nayeth 70 of
possessions on the other side of Jordan.

his brothers all upon one stone, and having by the
Joshua gathers together all Israel, exhorts them XXIII.
to obedience, briefly recices Gods benefits to them, XXIV.

1235. help of the Shechemites, got to be made king: Jo

tham the youngest son of Gideon, who only espaced renewerb the Covenant between them and God,

Abimelechs fury, from the top of the mouni Geand dieth 110 years old.

rizim, expoftulates with them the wrong they had 1413 After the decease of Joshua, and the Elders who Judges

done to his fathers house; and by way of a parable, outlived him, and who remembred the wonders 'II. 7.

foretels their ruin; which done, he Aies and dwells which God had wrought for Israel, there succeeds

quietly in Beerith. a generation of men which forget God, and mingle

1233. Abimelech having reigned three years over Israel, themselves with the Canaanites by marriage, and III. 6,7,8.

Gaal a Shechemite conspires arainst him, which worship their idols. In this time of Anarchy and

being discovered to him by Zeb' l, he utterly deConfusion, when every man did that which seem'd

stroys the city of Shechem, and puts all the inharight in his own eyes, all those disorders were com

bitants to the sword, and burns the temple of their mitted which are reported in the five last Chap

God Beerith with fire, from thence he goes and 50. cers of the Book of Judges; to wit, the idolatry of

2 Sam,

layeth siege to Thebez, where he is knock'd on Micah, and the children of Dan; the war of the

the head with a piece of a milstone, caft upon him XI. 21, Benjamites, and the cause thereof. God being






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