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+ Heb. they re

are at the

and cried unto thee, thou heardelt them from Northe Tirthatha, to the fon of Hachaliah, filings

8. 9.

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+ Heb.


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Lech. 7•

II. + Heb. protract over them.

in the Joand of

thy pro

See LA&t.7.51.t 3 Pet. 1.

Ezra 2

3, &c.



bojealed the convenani. Before them saviours, who saved them out of the hand of covenant, and write it ; and our princes, Le Before Christ their enemies.


vites,, ana priests seal unto it. 445 28 But after they had reft, + they did evil

445: again before thee': therefore leftest thou them in

C H A P. X.

+Heb. derred to the hand of enemies, so that they had the The names of them that sealed the covenant. Scaling, dominion over them : yet when they returned

29 The points of the covenant.

or, reale.

Ow +that | Heb.
heaven, and many times didft thou deliver them,
according to thy mercies :

and Zidkijah,

a Chap ..
29 And testifiedst against them, that thou 2 Seraiah, Azariah, Jeremiah,
mightest bring them again unto thy law : yet 3 Pashur, Amariah, Malchijah,

6 Chap+
Levit. they dealt proudly, and hearkned not unto thy 4 Hattush, Shebaniah, Malluch,
commandments, but sinned against thy Judg- 5 Harim, Meremoth, Obadiah,

Chap 12. they gave ments, (p which if a man do, he shall live in 6 Daniel, Ginnethon, Baruch,

them) and t withdrew the shoulder, and 7 Meshullam, Abijah, Mijaming
hardned their neck, and would not hear.

8 Maaziah, Bilgai, Shemaiah : these were
30 Yet many years didst thou + forbear them, the priests.
and testifiedst 4 against them by thy spirit + ' in 9 And the Levites: both Jeshua the son of

thy prophets : yet would they not give ear: Azaniah, Binnui of the fons of Henadad,
9 2 King. therefore gavest thou them into the hand of the Kadmiel;
ach13. people of the lands.

10 And their brethren,, Shebaniah, Hodijah,, 36. 150

31 Nevertheless, for thy great mercies fake, Kelita, Pelaiah, Hanan, + Heb.

* thou didst not utterly consume them, nor 11 Micha, Rehob, Hashabiah,
forfake them ; for thou art a gracious and 12 Zaccur, Sherebiah, Shebaniah,
merciful God.

13 Hodijah, Bani, Beninu. phers.

32 Now therefore our God, the great; the 14. The chief of the people; d Parosh, Pahath-d See
mighty, and the terrible God, who keepest moab, Elam, Zarthu; Bani,
covenant and mercy; let not all the + trou- 15 Bunni, Azgad, Bebai,

Chap17. s jer. to ble seem little before thee, t that hath co- 16. Adonijah, Bigvai, Adin,

me upon us, on our kings, on our princes, 17. Ater, Hizkijah, Azzur, = 4:6,7. and on our priests, and on our prophets, 18 Hodijah, Hashum, Bezai, weariness

. and ou our fathers, and on all thy people, 19. Hariph, Anathoth, Nebai,

since the time of the kings of Assyria, unto 20 Magpiash, Melhullam, Hezir, found us.

21 Meihezabeel, Zadok, Jaddua,
33 Howbeit, thou art just in all that is 22 Pelatiah, Hanan,. Anaiah,
9. 34.

brought upon us ; for thou hast done right, 23 Hofhea, Hananiah, Hashub,
but we have done wickedly :

24 Hallohesh, Pileha, Shobek,
• 34. Neither have our kings, our princes,

25 Rehum, Halhabnah, Maaseiah; our priests, nor our fathers kept thy law, nop 26 And Ahijah, Hanan, Anang: hearkned unto thy commandments, and thy 27 Malluch, Harim, Baanah. testimonies wherewith thou didst testifie against

28 ç e And the rest of the people, the priests; ; Ezra

the Levites, the porters, the fingers, the Ne-9. 1.
35 For they have not served thee in their shinims, f and all they that had separated them-Chap:
kingdom, and in thy great goodness that thou felves from the people of the lands, unto the law. *3. 34
gaveit them, and in the large and fat land which of God, their wives, their sons, and their
thou gavest before them, neither turned they daughters, every one having knowledge and
from their wicked works.

having understanding
36. Behold * we are servants this day, and 29 They clave to their brethren, their

kar-3.8. for the land that thou gavet unto our Fathers nobles,, 8 and entred into a curse and into an. 12, 138

to eat the fruit thereof, and the good thereof, oath, to walk in Gods law, which was given
behold, we are servants in it.

+ by Moses the servant of God, and to ob- + Heb..
37 And it yieldeth much increase unto the serve and do all the commandments of the by the

hand of..
kings whom thou hast fet over us, because of our LORD our Lord, and his judgments and his
fins : also they have dominion over our bodies,, ftatutes :
and over out cattle, at their pleasure, and we 30 And that we would not give hour daughters - Exod.
are in great distress.

unto the people of the land, nor take their bu.6
3&®And cure of all this, we mike a swe daughters forour fons. :.

8. &c..



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45. ; ii are at the


-20. 10.

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Deut. s.


+ every debt.

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Macch4 5.& 27.


| Deur.


b i Chr.

IS. 2.

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m Lev.

Ezra 2:

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points of the covenant.

Chap. xj.

Dwellings by lot. i And if the people of the land bring

31 Christ

logue of their names. 20 The refidue dwell in Before ware or any victuals on the fabbath-day, to

other cities.

Christ 445. sell, that we would not buy it of them on the

Nd the rulers of the people dwelt at Je- 445. fabbath, or on the holy-day : and that we would rusalem : the rest of the people also caft Lev:23:3. leave the k seventh year, and the exaction of lots, to bring one of ten, to dwell in Jeru

salem a the holy city, and nine parts to dwell out ther. 32 Also we made ordinances for as, to in other cities. *Exod. charge our felves yearly with the third part

2 And the people blessed all the men, that 53. 13:19,1.1: of a Thekel, for the service of the house of our willingly offered themselves to dwell at Jeru

falem. 33 For m the shew-bread, and for the con

Ő Now these are the chief of the province,...

3 Chap

tinual meat-offering, and for the continual that dwelt in Jerusalem : but in the cities of le band burnt-offering, ^ of the fabbaths, of the new- Judah dwelt every one in his pofleffion in their

moons, for the set-feasts, and for the holy things, cities, to wit, Ifrael, the priests, and the Le Strobe and for the sin-offerings, to make an atonement vites, and the Nethinims, and d the children of 43:

for Israel, and for all the work of the house Solomons servants.
of our God.

4. Ande at Jerusalem dwelt certain of the e'i chro -28.& 29.

34 And we cast the lots among the priests, children of Judah, and of the children of Ben- 9. 3, &c.

the Levites, and the people o for the wood- jamin : of the children of Judah; Athaiah the :hen offering, to bring it into the house of our son of Uzziah, the son of Zechariah, the son of God, after the houses of our fathers, at times Amariah, the fon of Shephatiah, the son of

f Gen. 3 appointed year by year, to burn upon the altar Mohalaleel

, of the children of Perez; of the Lord our God, P as it is written in

5 And Maaseiah the son of Baruch, the son
the law :

of Col-hozeh, the son of Hazaiah, the son of
35 And 9 to bring the first-fruits of our Adaiah, the son of Joiarib, the son of Zechariah,
& 34. 26. ground, and the first-fruits of all fruit of all the son of Shiloni,
Lev. 19. trees, year by year, unto the house of the

6 All the sons of Perez that dwelt at Jerus

salem, were four hundred threescore and eight
36 Also the first-born of our fons and of valiant men.
our cattle, (as it is written in the law) and 7 And these are the fons of Benjamin ;
the firstlings of our herds, and of our flocks, Sallu the son of Melhullam, the son of Joed,
to bring to the house of our God, unto the son of Pedaiah, the son of Kolaiah, the
the priests, that minister in the house of our fon of Maaseiah, the son of Ithiel, the son of

37 . And that we should bring the first-

8 Andafter him Gabbai, Sallai, nine hundred
fruits of our dough, and our offerings, and twenty and eight,
15,19; & the fruit of all manner of trees, of wine and 9 And Joel the son of Zichri was their over-

of oyl, unto the priests, to the chambers of feer: and Judah the son of Senuah, was second
Deut. 18. the house of our God, and the tithes of our over the city:
4. & 26. ground unto the Levites, that the fame Le- 10 & Of the priests : Jedaiah the son of Joiarib, Icelaria

vites might have the tithes, in all the cities of Jachin.
our tillage

11 Seraiah the son of Hilkiah, the fon of
38 And the priest the fons of Aaron, shall Melhullam, the son of Zadok, the son Meraioth,
• Numb. be with the Levites, when the Levites take the son of Ahitub, was the ruler of the houfe

tithes : and the Levites shall bring up the tithe of God.
of the tithes unto the house of our God, to the

12 And their brethren that did the work of
chambers, into the treasure-house.

the house, were eight hundred twenty and two: 39 For the children of Israel, and the chil- and Adaiah the son of Jeroham, the son of * Deur. dren of Levi, * shall bring the offering of the Pelaliah, che son of Amzi

, the son of Zechariah, 12.6,11. corn, of the new wine, and the oyl, unto the the son of Pashur, the son of Malchiah,

chambers, where are the vessels of the sanctuary, 13 And his brethren chief of the fathers, two

and the priests that minister, and the porters, hundred forty and two: and Amalhai, the son y Chap and the fingers : ' and we will not forsake thé of Azareel, the son of Ahasai, the son of Melhil13.10,11. house of our God.

lemoth, the son of Immer, + C H A P. XI.

14. And their brethren mighty men of valour, I The rulers, voluntary men, and the tenth man an hundred twenty and eight: and their overseer het

The fen of chosen by lot, dwell s:t Jerusalem. 3 A cata- was Labdiel, || the son of one of the great men. Haggades


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mr Chroas


» i Chron. 26.29.

44 The


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* Heb.

2-.-8. W Or, Melics

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verf. 140

i See

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Or, ahe tower

Meraioch, verf. 1S.

| Or,


Therefidue dwell in other cities. Nehemiah. The

succession of the high priests. 15 Allo of the Levites : Shemiah the son of 33 Hazor, Ramah, Gittaim, Christ Hafhub, the son of Azrikam, the son of Hasha- 34 Hadid, Zeboim, Neballat,

Chrift 445. biah, the son of Bunni.

35 Lod and Ono, m the valley of craftfmen. 445. 16 And Shabbethai, and Jozabad of the 36 And of the Levites, were divisions in Ju-7.14

chief of the Levites, had the oversight of dah, and in Benjamin. wercover. h the outward business of the house of God.

17 And Mattaniah' the son of Micha, the

1 The priests; 8 and the Levites which came up
son of Zabdi, the son of Asaph, was the prin- with Zerubbabel. 10 The fucceffion of high
cipal to begin the thanksgiving in prayer : and priests. 22 Certain chief Levites, 27 The fo-
Bakbukiah the second among his brethren, and lemnity of the dedication of the walls.
Abda the son of Shammua, the son of Galal, offices of priests and Levites appointed in the
the son of Jeduthun.

18 All the Levites in the holy city, were two


Ow these are the priests and the Levibundred fourscore and four.

19. Moreover the porters, Akkub, Talmon, of Shealtiel, and Jeshua : b Seraiah, Jeremiah, see and their brethren that kept + the gates, weré Ezra,

Chap 1 es the gates. an hundred seventy and two.

2 Amariah, || Malluch, Hattush,
20 And the residue of Israel, of the priests 3 | Shechaniah, || Rehum, || Meremoth;
and the Levites, were in all the cities of Judah, 4 Iddo, i Ginnetho, Abijah,
every one in his inheritance.

5 | Miamin, || Maadiah; Bilgah,

Shebanisti 21 i But the Nethinims dwelt in O- 6 Shemaiah, and Joiarib, Jedaiah, Chap. 3. phel : and Ziba, and Gispa were over the Ne- 7 Sallu, Amok, Hilkiah, Jedaiah : these Harim, thinims.

were the chief of the priests, and of their brethren yediso 22 The overseer also of the Levites at Jeru- in the days of Jeshua. falem, was Uzza the son of Bani, the son of 8 Moreover the Levites : Jeshua, Binnui, Hashabiah, the son of Mattaniah, the son of Kadmiel, Sherebiel, Judah, and Mattaniah, Ginnerbons Micha: of the sons of Afaph, the singers were which was over | the thanksgiving, he and his 'Luke si over the bufiness of the house of God.

brethren. 23 For k it was the kings commandment 9 Allo Bakbukiah, and Unni, their brethren, ": Ezra 6.8. concerning them, that la certain portion should were over against them in the watches. be for the lingers due for every day.

10 And Jeshua begat Joiakim, Joiakim al-Word 24 And Pethahiah the son of Mefhezabeel so begat Eliashib, and Eliashib begat Joiada,

of the children of 1 Zerah the son of Judah, was 11 And Joiada begat Jonathan, and Jonathan's alcoi; Gen. 38. at the kings hand in all matters concerning the begat Jaddua. people.

12 And in the days of Joiakim, were priests, 25 And for the villages, with their fields, the chief of the fathers : of Seraiah, Meraiah : Hag. 1. r.

Zech. 3. F. fome of the children of Judah dwelt at Kirjath- of Jeremiah, Hananiah : arba, and in the villages thereof, and at Dibon, 13 Of Ezra, Melhullam: of Amariah, Je-the

psalms and in the villages thereof, and at Jekabzeel, and hohanan : in the villages thereof,

14, Of Melicu, Jonathan : of Shebaniah, sizing. 26 And at Jeshua, and at Moladah, and at Joseph : Beth-phelet,

15 Of Harim, Adna: of Meraioth, Helkai:
27 And at Hazar-shual, and at Beer-sheba, 16 Of Iddo, Zechariah : of Ginnethon, Me-
and in the villages thereof,

shullam :
28 And at Žiklag, and at Mekonah, and in 17 Of Abijah, Zichri : of Miniamin, of
the villages thereof,

Moadiah, Piltai :
29 And at En-rimmon, and at Zareah, and 18 Of Bilgah, Shammua : of Shemaiah, Je-
at Jarmuth,

honathan :
30 Zanoah, Adullam, and in their villa- 19 And of Joiarib, Mattenai: of Jedaiah, Uzzi:
ges, at Lachish and the fields thereof, at A- 20 Of Sallai, Kallai: of Amok, Eber:
zekah, and in the villages thereof. And they 21 Of Hilkiah, Hashabiah : of Jedaiah, Ne-
dwelt" from Beer-theba, unto the valley of thaneel.

22 The Levites in the days of Eliashib,
The children alfo of Benjamin | from Ge Joiada, and Johanan, and Jaddua were recorded

ba, dwelt at Michmalh, and Aija, and Beth- chief of the fathers : also the priests, to the reign Gebiam el, and in their villages,

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of Darius the Persian. 32 And at Arathon. N. b, Ananiah, 23 The sons of Levi, the chief of the faa

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Berri Chri

o i Chron.

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3. II.

s Chap.

i 2 King. 14. 13.

24. & 25.
& 26.

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20.5. Pfal. 30 title.

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made their voice to be

s i Chron.

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The dedication of the walls. Chap. xij. xiij. The office of the priests and Levites.
Before thers, were written in the book of the chroni- 38 And the other company of them that gave

cles, even until the days of Johanan the son of thanks, went over against them, and I after them,
445. Eliashib.

and the half of the people upon the wall, from 445. 24. And the chief of the Levites : Halhabiah, beyond the tower of the furnaces, even unto Chap. Sherebiah, and Jeshua the son of Kadmiel, with sthe broad wall.

their brethren over against them, to praise and 39. And from above the gate of Ephraim, 3. 8. si Chron. to give thanks f according to the commandment and above " the old gate, and above the fish

of David the man of God, & ward over against gate, Y and the tower of Hananeel, and the tower Chap. 8. . Ezra 3. ward.

of Meah, even unto the sheep-gate; and they • Chap. 25 Mattaniah, and Bakbukiah, Obadiah, Me- stood fill in 2 the prison-gate. shullam, Talmon, Akkub, were porters keeping

* Chr

40 So stood the two companies of them that the ward, at the || thresholds of the gates. gave thanks in the house of God, and I, and they Chap. treasuries,

26 These were in the days of Joiakim the son half of the rulers with me: or, aftem

of Jeshua, the son of Jozadak, and in the days 41 And the priests; Eliakim, Maaseiah, Mi- 3. 31. of Nehemiah the governor, and of Ezra the niamin; Michaiah, Elioenai

, Zechariah, and
priest, the scribe.

Hananiah with trumpets:
445. 27. And at b the dedication of the wall of 42 And Maaseiah, and Shemaiah, and Ele-
6 Deut. Jerusalem, they fought the Levites out of all azar, and Uzzi, and Jehohanan, and Malchi-

their places, to bring them to Jerusalem, to keep jah, and Elam, and Ezer: and the singers + fang + Heb.
the dedication with gladness, both with thanks- loud with Jezrahiah their overseer.
givings, and with singing with cymbals, pral- 43. Allo that day they offered great facrifices, heard.
teries, and with harps.

and rejoyced; for God had made them rejoyce
28 And the fons of the singers gathered them- with great joy; the wives also and the children
selves together, both out of the plain country rejoyced : so that the joy of Jerusalem was heard
round about Jerusalem, and from the villages of even afar off

. Netophathi,

44 And at that time were some appointed a Chap, 29. Also from the house of Gilgal, and out of over the chambers for the treasures, for the offer-13.5, 12. the fields of Geba, and Azmaveth: for the singers ings, for the first-fruits, and for the tithes, to had builded them villages round about Jerusalem. gather into them out of the fields of the cities the

30 And the priests and the Levites purified portions of the law for the priests and Levites : Il That is, themselves, and purified the people, and the + for Judah rejoyced for the priests and for the openintendo gates, and the wall.

Levites + that waited! 31 Then I brought up the princes of Judah 45 And both the singers and the porters kept of Judak? upon the wall

, and appointed two great compa- the ward of their God, and the ward of the puri- + Heb. nies-of them that gave thanks, wbereof k one went fication, baccording to the commandment of Da- that foods

on the right hand upon the wall i toward the vid, and of Solomon his son. 13& dung-gate:

46 For in the days of David and Asaph, of 1 Chron. 32 And after them went Hofhaiah, and half old there were chief of the fingers, and songs of CHS.CO of the princes of Judah,

praise and thanksgiving unto God.
33 And Azariah, Ezra, and Melhullam, 47 And all Israel in the days of Zerubbabel,

34 Judah, and Benjamin, and Shemaiah, and in the days of Nehemiah, gave the portions
and Jeremiah,

of the fingers, and the porters, every day his 35 And certain of the priests fons m with portion, and they || sanctified holy things unto the | That is, trumpers: namely, Zechariah the son of Jona- Levites, dand the Levites sanctified them unto fer apart: than, the son of Shemaiah, the fon of Mattaniah, the children of Aaron. the son of Michaiah, the son of Zaccur, the son

CH A P. XIII. of Alaph :

I Upon the reading of the law, feparation is made 36 And his brethren, Shemaiah, and Aza- from the mixed multitude. 4 Nehemiah at his return

rael, Milalai, Gilalai, Maai, Nethaneel, and Ju- caufeth the chambers to be cleansed : 10 He refor* 1 Chron. dah, Hanani, with n the musical instruments of

metb the offices in the house of God. 15 The viola. David the man of God, and Ezra the scribe be- ; tion of the fabbath, '23 and the marriages with fore them.

strange wives. 37 And at the fountain-gate, which was over against them, they went up by Petite in ON that day I they read in the book of Mo- + Hebe

ses in the + audience of the people ; and 7 Chap of the city of David, at the going up of the wall, therein was found written, a that the Ammonite + Heb

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above the house of David, even unto the water- and the Moabite should not come into the con3.26.& 8. gate east-ward.

gregation of God for ever ;

.را .3


4 Deut

3 Chap.

23. 3, 4

2 Be


* Numb.
22. 5.
Joh. 24.90
23. 5.

9.2. & 1o. 28.

+ Heb. being set over


+ Heb.

thе сот



21, 22.

* Heb. at the end of days. y Or,


Divers abuses reformed


by Nehemiah. 2 Because they met not the children of Israel and figs, and all manner of burdens, which they Before Christ with bread and with water, but bhired Balaam brought into Jerusalem on the fabbath-day : and Chrift 445. against them, that he should curse them: how- I testified against them in the day wherein they 434 beit our God'turned the curse into a blessing.

fold victuals.
3. Now it came to pass when they had heard 16 There dwelt men of Tyre also therein,

the law, that they separated from Israel all the which brought fish, and all manner of ware, and á Chap. mixed multitude.

fold on the fabbath unto the children of Judah, 4 f. And before this, Eliashib the priest, and in Jerusalem. t having the oversight of the chamber of the 17 ñ Then I contended with the nobles of Ju- n Vers. 15od house of our God, was allied unto Tobiah: dah, and said unto them, What evil thing is this

5 And he had prepared for him a great cham- that ye do, and profane the fabbath-day? • Chap. ber, ewhere aforetime they laid the meat-offer- 18 Did not your fathers thus, and did not ings, the frankincense, and the vessels, and the our God bring all this evil

our God bring all this evil upon us, and upon tithes of the corn, the new wine, and the oyl, this city? yet ye bring more wrath upon Israel

(+ which was commanded to be given to the Le- by profaning the fabbath. mandment vites, and the singers, and the porters) and the 19 And it came to pass, that when the gates of the Le- offerings of the priests.

of Jerusalem began to be dark before the lab. Lev. 23 6 But in all this time was not I at Jerusalem: bath, I commanded that the gates should be shut, 434. for in the two and thirtieth year of Artaxerxes and charged that they should not be opened till I chiposo king of Babylon, came I unto the king, and after the fabbath : Pand some of my servants set Ip Jer. 17.

t after certain days l'obtained I leave of the king at the gates, that there should no burden be

7 And I came to Jerusalem, and understood brought in on the fabbath-day

of 'the evil that Eliashib did for Tobiah, in pre- 20 So the merchants, and sellers of all kind tiquelon paring him a chamber in the courts of the house of ware, lodged without Jerusalem once or

of God.

8 And it grieved me fore, therefore I cast 21 Then I testified against them, and said forth all the houshold-stuff of Tobiah out of the unto them, Why lodge yệ + about the wall? if I. Heb chamber.

ye do so again, I will lay hands on you. From wall? 9 Then I commanded, and they cleansed the that time forth came they no more on the fabchambers; and thither brought I again the vessels bath. of the house of God, with the meat-offering and 22 And I commanded the Levites, that "they 9 Chapa the frankincense.

should cleanse themselves, and that they should 12. 30.
10 And I perceived that & the portions of come and keep the gates, to fan&tific the sabbath-
the Levites had not been given them: for the day: Remember me, O my God, concerning : Verf. 148
Levites and the singers that did the work, were this also, and spare me according to the 'greatness for,
every one to h his field.

of thy mercy.
11 Then contended I with the rulers, and 23 J. In those days also faw I Jews that

faid, Why is the house of God forsaken? And + shad married wives of Afhdod, of Ammon + Heb!
I gathered them together, and set them in their and of Moab :
+ place.

24. And their children spake half in the speech them. ftanding 12 'Then brought all Judah the tithe of the of Ashdod, and † could not speak in the Jews Ezra g.

corn, and the new wine, and the oyl, unto the language, but according to the language 7 of 1 Heb. I treasuries.

each people.

they dif 13 And I made treasurers over the treasu- 25 And I contended with them, and cursed to speak. ries, Shelemiah the priest, and Zadok the scribe, them, and smote certain of them, and pluckt of Hebie and of the Levites Pedaiah : and + next to their hair, and made them swear by God, saying, and people. them was Hanan the son of Zaccur, 'the son of Ye shall not give your daughters unto their fons, rebited Mattaniah : for they were counted faithful, nor take their daughters unto your sons, or for them. and + their office was to distribute unto their your felves. brethren,

26 Did not Solomon king of Israel fin by these 14 m Remember me, O my God, concerning things ? yet among many nations was there no s 1 King.

this, and wipe not out my f good deeds that I king like him, who was beloved of his God, and 3:13: Chap. s. have done for the house of my God, and for the God made him king over all Israel: * nevertheless, 1. 12. offices thereof.

even him did outlandish women cause to sin. 15 In those days saw I in Judah fome tread- 27 Shall we then hearken unto you to do all * 1 King. obfervan ing wine-presses on the fabbath, and bringing in on the fabbath, and bringing in this great evil

, to transgress against our God, in

11.1, &c. theaves, and lading asses; as also wine, grapes, marrying strange wives?

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h Numb.

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in multitude

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