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16. 38.

The vail for the ark.

Chap. xxvij.

The altar of burnt-offering. 19 And thou shalt make forty sockets of silver,

CHA P. XXVII. Chrift under the twenty boards : two Sockets under one 1 The altar of burnt-offering, with the vessels thereof. Christ 1491. board for his two tenons, and two fockets under 9 The court of the tabernacle enclosed with bangings 1491. another board for his two tenons.

and pillars. 18 The measure of the court. 20 The oyl 20 And for the second Gide of the tabernacle on

for the lamp. the north-side there shall be twenty boards,

Nd thou shalt make a an altar of Thittim- 4 Chap.
21 And their forty sockets of silver : two soc-
kets under one board, and two fockets under ano the altar shall be four-square, and the height there- 43. 13.
ther board.

of shall be three cubits.
22 And for the sides of the tabernacle west 2 And thou shalt make the horns of it upon the
ward, thou shalt make fix boards.

four corners thereof: his horns shall be of the fame:
23 And two boards shalt thou make for the cor- and b thou shalt overlay it with brass.
ners of the tabernacle in the two sides.

3 And thou shalt make his pans to receive his Numb. 4 Heb. 24 And they shall be + coupled together be- ashes, and his shovels, and his balons, and his flesh

neath, and they shall be coupled together above the hooks, and his fire-pans: all the vessels thereof thou
head of it unto one ring : thus shall it be for them shalt make of brass.
both; they shall be for the two corners.

4 And thou shalt make for it a grate of net-work
25 And they shall be eight boards, and their of brass ; and upon the net shalt thou make four
fockets of silver, sixteen fockets : two sockets under brasen rings in the four corners thereof.
one board, and two fockets under another board. 5 And thou shalt putit under the compass of the

26 And thou shalt make bars of shittim-wood: altar beneath, that the net may be even to the midst
five for the boards of the one side of the tabernacle, ofthe altar.

27. And five bars for the boards of the other Gide 6 And thou shalt make staves for the altar, staves
of the tabernacle, and five bars for the boards of the of shittim-wood, and overlay them with brass.
side of the tabernacle for the two sides west-ward. 7. And the staves shall be put into the rings, and

28 And the middle bar in the mids of the boards the staves shall be upon the two sides of the altar to
shall reach from end to end.

bear it. 29 And thou shalt overlay the boards with gold,

8 Hollow with boards shalt thou make it : casChap. and make their rings of gold for places for the bars : t it was thewed chee in the mount, so shall they 26:50. and thou shalt overlay the bars with gold. make it.

+ Heb. a Chap.25.

30 And thou shalt rear up the tabernacle d ac 9 C And a thou shalt make the court of the ta- a Chap. 9.40.827. cording to the fashion thereof, which was shewed bernacle for the south-side, fouth-ward: there shall 38.9.

thee in the mount. A&s.7.44.

be hangings for the court of fine twined linen of an Hebr.8.5. 3! And e thou shalt make a vail of blue, and hundred cubits long for one side. 36.3. purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen of cun

10 And the twenty pillars thereof, and their 1 Chron. ning work: with cherubims shall it be made. twenty fockets shall be of brass : the hooks of the

32 And thou shalt hang it upon four pillars of pillars, and their fillets shall be of silver.

shittim-wood, overlaid with gold: their hooks shall u And likewise for the north-fide in length there Hebr. 9• 3. be of gold, upon the four sockets of silver. fall be hangings of an hundred cubit s long, and

33 And thou shalt hang up the vail under the his twenty pillars, and their twenty sockets of brass: taches, that thou mayest bring in thither within the the hooks of the pillars, and their fillers of silver.

vail, the ark of the testimony: and the vail fhall di 12 And for the breadth of the court on the f Hebr. vide unto you, between the holy place and the west-side, shall be hangings of fifty cubits: their pil9.2, 3.

lars ten, and their fockets ten.
34 And thou shalt put the mercy-seat upon the 13 And the breadth of the court on the east-side

ark of the testimony, in the most holy place. east-ward, shall be fifty cubits.
& Hebr. 35 And & thou shalt set the table without the 14 The hangings of one side of the gate shall be

vail, and the candlestick over against the table onthe fifteen cubits: their pillars three, and their sockets
side of the tabernacle toward the south : and thou three.
fhalt put the table on the north-side.

15 And on the other side shall be hangings, fif+Chap: 36 And h thou shalt makean hanging for the teen cubits:their pillars three, and their sockets three. 36. 37.

door of the tent, of blue, and purple, and scarlet, 16 And for the gate of the court, shall be an
and fine twined linen, wrought with needle-work. hanging of twenty cubits, of blue, and purple, and

37 And thou shalt make for the hanging, five scarlet, and fine twined linen , wrought with needleChap. pillars of, shittim-wood, and i overlay them with work: and their pillars shall be four, and their foc36. 38. gold, and their hooks shall be of gold:and thou shalt kets four.

111'.L. :1lus sound about the court Ball


he themed.


3. 14. Matth. 27.51.

most holy.

9. 2.

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fcend ).

Chap 26.

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Heb. 1,4

Holygarments, the ephod,


and breast-plate. Before be filleted with silver : their hooks shall be of silver, 10 Six of their names on one stone, and the other Before Christ and their sockets of brass. six names of the rest on the other stone, according

Chrift 1491. 18 4 The length of the court shall be an hun to their birth.

1491. Heb.fifty dred cubits, and the breadth † fifty every where, 11 With the work of an engraver in stone, like e Wird. fifty. and the height five cubits of fine twined linen, and the engravings of a signet, shalt thou engrave the 28. 24. their sockets of brass.

two stones, with the names of the children of Israel: 19 Allthe vessels of the tabernacle in all the ser- thou shalt make them to be set in ouches of gold. vice thereof, and all the pins thereof, andall the pins 12 And thou shalt put the two stones upon the of the court fall be of brass.

shoulders of the ephod,

for stones of memorial unto Lev.24.2. 20 I And e thou shalt command the children of the children of Israel. And Aaron shall bear their

Ifrael,that they bring thee pure oyl-olive beaten, for names before the LORD, upon his two shoulders for
Hebe to the light, tocaule the lampt to burn always. a memorial.

21 In the tabernacle of the congregation with 13 And thou shalt make ouches of gold;
out the vail, which is before the testimony, & Aaron 14 And two chains of pure gold at the ends: of
and his sons shall order it from evening to morning wreathen work shalt thou make them, and fasten

before the LORD : It shall be a statute for ever unto the wreathen chains to the ouches. , Chron. their generations, on the behalf of the children of 15 G And thou shalt make the breast-plate of f Chap. Ifrael.

judgment,with cunning work after the work of the 39. 8. CHAP. XXVIII.

ephod thou shalt make it ; of gold, of blue, and of 1 Aaron and his fons are set apart for the priests office. purple,

and of scarlet, and of fine twined linen shalt 2 Holy garments are appointed. 6 The ephod. 15 The thou make it

. breast-plate with twelve precious stones. 30 The Urim

16 Four-square it shall be being doubled, a span and Thummim. 31 The robe of the ephod, with pome- fall be the length thereof, and å span fballbethe granates and bells. 36 The plate of the mitre. 39 The breadth thereof. embroidered coat. 40 The garments for Aarons fons. 17 & And thou shalt + setin it settings of stones, g Chap.39. AN

Nd take thou unto thee a Aaron thy brother, even four rows of stones: the first row shall be a || far- 10,&c.

and his sons with him, from among the children dius, a topaz, and a carbuncle : this sallbe the first in ie, fir. of Israel, that he may minister unto me in the priests row. office, even Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and

18 And the second row fall be an emerald, a jor; ruby. Ithamar, Aarons fons.

sapphire, and a diamond. Chap: 2 And b thou shalt make holy garments for Aa

19 And thethird row a ligure, an agate, and an
ron thy brother, for glory and for beauty. amethyst

3 And thou shalt speak unto all that are wise 20 And the fourth row a beryl, and an onyx,

hearted, I whom I have filled with the spirit of wis- and a jasper : they shall be set in gold in their + 'en- + Heb. 1.3. & dom, that they may make Aarons garments to con- closings.

fillings. fecrate him, that he may minister unto me in the

21 And the stones shall be with the names of the
priests office.

children of Ifrael, twelve, according to their names;
4 And these are the garments which they shall like the engravings of a signet, every one with his
make;a brcalt-plate, and an ephod, and a robe, and name shall they be according to the twelve tribes.
a broidered coat, a mitre, and a girdle: and they 22 And thou shalt make upon the breast-plate
shall niake holy garments for Aaron thy brother, chains at the ends, of wreathen work of puregold.
and his fons, that he may minister unto me in the 23. And thou shalt make upon the breast-plate
priests office.

two rings of gold, and shalt put the two rings on
5 And they shall take gold, and blue, and pur- the two ends

of the breast-plate.
ple, and scarlet, and fine linen.

24. And thou shalt put the two wreathen chains
6 And they shall make the ephod of gold, of of gold in the two rings which are on the ends of
blue, and of purple, of scarlet, and finetwined linen, the breast-plate.
with cunning work.

25 And the other two ends of the two wreathen
7 It shall have the two shoulder-pieces thereof chains, thou shalt fasten in the two ouches, and put
joyned at the two edges thereof; and so it shall be them on the shoulder-pieces of the ephod before
joyned together.

8 And the i' curious girdle of the ephod which is 26 And thou shalt make two rings of gold,
upon it, shall be of the fame, according to the work and thou shalt put them upon the two ends of the
thereof; even of gold, of blue, and purple, and scar- breast-plate, in the border thereof, which is in the
let, and fine twined linen.

Gide of the ephod inward.
9 And thou thilt take two onyx-stones, and 27 And two other rings of gold thou shalt make,
grave on na

ind it. I put the cocho Cicles of the splod,

lings of

9.5.& 9. 2.

Chap 6. I.

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Or, emroidered.

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& 40.1 Lev. 10

+ Heb.


Heb. 20, 26,

b Lev.8.8. Numb. 27.21.

Deut. 33•

1 (Sam,
28. 6.

Nehem. 7. 65.




Urim and Thummim.

Chap. xxix.

Of confecrating the priests. B efore underneath towards the forepart thereof, oyeragainst brother, and his sone with him :-and thalt anoint Before

Chrit Christ the other coupling thereof, above the curious girdle them, and † confecrate them, and fanétifie them, 1491. of the ephod.

that they may minister unto me in the prietts office. ,1491 28 And they shall bind the breast-plate by the 42 And thou shalt make them linen breeches to 7.4 30. rings thereof, unto the rings of the ephod with a cover + their nakedness: from the loyns even unto lace of blue, that it may be above the curious girdle the thighs they shall + reach. of the ephod, and that the breast-plate be not loosed

43. And they shall be upon Aaron, and, up- their han from the ephod.

on his sons, when they come in unto the ta- fleshof el
29 And Aaron shall bear the names of the chil- bernacle of the congregation, or when they come
dren of Israel in the breast-plate of judgment, upon near o unto the altar to minister in the holy place; Chap.
his heart, when he goeth in unto the holy place that they bear not iniquity, and die. It shall be a
for a memorial before the LORD continually. statute for ever unto him, and his feed after him.
30 g And h thou shalt put in the breast-plate of

judgment the Urim and the Thummim; and they
Thall be upon Aarons heart, when he goeth in be 1 The sacrifice and ceremonies of confecrating the priests.
forethe LORD : and Aaron shall bear thejudgment 38. The continual burnt-offering. 45 Gods promise to

of the children of Israel upon his heart, before the dwell among the children of Israel, . Ezra 2.53. LORD continually.

Nd this is the thing that thou shalt do unto

them to hallow them, to minister unto me in And i thou shalt make the robe of the e

31 Chap. phód all of blue.

the priests office : a Take one young bullock, and a Lev.9 32 And there shall be an hole in the top of two rams without blemish, it, in the mids thereof : it shall have a binding 2. And bunleavened bread, and cakes unlea- b Lev. of woven work, round about the hole of it, as vened tempered with oyl, and wafers unleaven- 6.20. it were the hole of an habergeon, that it be noted anointed with oyl: of wheaten flour shalt

thou make them. l'Or, skitis. 33

33 And beneath upon the || hem of it thou 3 And thou shalt put them into one basket, and
fhalt make pomegranates of blue, and of purple, bring them in the basket, with the bullock and the
and of scarlet round about the hem thereof; and two rams.
bells of gold between them round, about. itses 4 And Aaron and his sons thou shalt bring unto

34 A golden bell and a pomegranate, a gol- the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and c Lev. 8.
den bell and a pomegranate, upon the hem of shalt wash them with water..
the robe round about.

5. And thou shalt take the garments, and put achap. 35 k And it shall be upon Aaron, to minister: upon Aaron the coat, and the robe of the ephod, 28. 2. and his sound shall be heard when he goeth in unro and the ephod, and the breast-plate, and gird him the holy place before the LORD, and when he com- with the curious girdle of the ephod.

e Chap. eth out; that he die not.

1. 6 f And thou shalt put the mitre upon his head, Chap

36. And thou fhalt make a plate of pure gold, and put the holy crown uponthe mitre. and grave upon

it, like the engravings of a lignet, 7. Then shalt thou take the anointing & oyl, and 8 Chap. HOLINESS TO THE LORD.

pour it upon his head, and anoint him.
37. And thou shalt put it on a blue lace, that it 8 And thou shalt bring his sons, and put coats
may be upon the mitre : upon the forc-front of the upon them.
mitre it shall be.

9 And thou shalt gird them with girdles (Aaron
38 And it shall be upon Aarons forehead, that and his fons) and + put the bonnets on them: and + Heb.
Aaron may bear the iniquity of the holy things, the priests office shall be theirs for a perpetual fta- bind,
which the children of Israel fhall
: hallow in ali tute: and thou shalt + h consecrate Aaron and his

+Heb. their holy gifts: and it shall be always upon fons. his forehead, that they may be accepted before

10 And thou shalt cause a bullock to be brought 28.4.1: the LORD.

before the tabernacle of the congregation : and. Aa- iLev. 1. 39 S And thou shalt embroider the coat of fine ron and his sons shall put their hands upon the head & 8.14 linen, and thou shalt make the mitre of fine li- of the bullock. nen, and thou shalt make the girdle of needle II And thou shalt kill the bullock before the work.

LORD, by the door of the tabernacle of the 40 g

m And for Aarons sons thou shalt make congregation. coats, and thou shalt make for them girdles, and 12 And thou shalt take of the blood of the bulÉzek 44. bonnets shalt thou make for them, for glory, and lock, and put it upon k the horns of the altar with Chap.2 for beauty:

thy finger, and pour all the blood beside the 2. & 3o. A And thou Tale out them upon Aaron Jiu bortom of the altar

Ecclus 45. 9.


his head, slev. 8


39. 30.


the buna

m Chap. 28.8. 9.& 39.28 41.




anatoand the

octors drift.


of his fonso
a Numb,


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Sacrifice and ceremonies.


The continual burnt-offering, 13 And I thou shalt take all the fat that covereth for Aäron, and of that which is for his sons. Before Christ the inwards, and the caul that is above the liver, 28 And it shall be Aarons and his sons by a

Chrift 491, and the two kidneys, and the fat that is upon them, tute for ever, from the children of Israel: for it is an 1491, seemeth and burn them upon the altar.

heave-offering : and y it shall be an heave-offering y Lev. 714 But m the flesh of the bullock, and his skin, from the children of Israel of the facrifice of their 34. and his dung shalt thou burn with fire without the peace-offerings, even their heave-offering unto the

LORD. be the camp: it is a sin-offering.

15 n Thou shalt also take one ram, and Aaron 29. And the holy garments of Aaron shall be Lex: 47. and his sons shall put their hands upon the head of his tons after him,2 to be anointed therein, and to be a Numbe br. 13. the ram.

confecrated in them. Lev. 8.

16 And thou shalt slay the ram, and thou shalt 30 And + a that fon that is priest in his stead Heb. he take his blood, and sprinkle it round about upon shall put them on seven days, when he cometh into the altar.

the tabernacle of the congregation to minister in the 20.28. 17 And thou shalt cut the ram in pieces, and holy place.

wash the inwards of him, and his legs, and put them zi And thou shalt take the ram of the conse1, epon. unto his pieces, and ' unto his head.

cration, and feethe his fesh in the holy place. 18 And thou shalt burn the whole ram upon 32 And Aaron and his sons shall eat the flesh of the altar : it is a burnt-offering unto the Lord: it the ram, and the b bread that is in the basket, by the b Lev. 8. is a sweet savour, an offering made by fire unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. LORD.

33 And they shall eat those things, wherewith 12. 40 1:21 22. 19 And thou fhalt take the

other ram, and the atonement was made, to confecrate and to fanc- 22. Aaron and his sons shall put their hands upon the tifie them : but a stranger shall not eat thereof, be head of the ram.

cause they are holy: 20 Then shalt thou kill the ram, and take of his 34 And if ought of the flesh of the confecrablood, and put it upon the tip ofthe right ear of Aa- tions, or of the bread remain unto the morning, then ron, and upon the tip of the right ear of his sons, thou shalt burn the remainder with fire: it shall not and upon the thumb of their right hand, and upon be eaten, because it is holy. the great toe of their right foot, and sprinkle the 35 And thus fhalt thoudounto Aaron, and to his blood upon the altar round about.

fons,according to all things which I have command-
21 And thou shalt take of the blood that is uponed thee : « feven days shalt thou consecrate them. . Exod.
hap-30. the altar, and of P the anointing oyl, and sprinkle it 36 And thou shalt offer every day a bullock for 40:13:

upon Aaron, and upon his garments, and upon his a sin-offering, for atonement:and thou shalt cleanse 33-34.
fons, and upon the garments of his fons with him: the altar, when thou haft made an atonement for
and 4 he shall be hallowed, and his garments, and it, dand thou shalt anoint it to sanctifie it.

a Chap his sons, and his sons garments with him.

37 Seven days thou shalt make an atonement for 30: 29: & 22 Also thou shalt take of the ram the fat and the altar, and sanctifie it: e and it shall be an altar 2 Chap. the rump, and the fat that covereth the inwards, most holy: fwhatsoever toucheth the altar shall be chlo and the caul above the liver, and the two kidneys, holy, and the fat that is upon them, and the right shoul 38 g Now thisis that which thou shalt offer upder; for it is a ram of confecration:

on thealtar ; & two lambs of the first year, hday by : Numb. 23 " And one loaf of bread,and one cake of oyled day continually. bread, and one wafer out of the basket of the unlea 39 The one lamb thou shalt offerin the morning: Dan. 9.27. vened bread, that is before the LORD.

and the other lanb thou shalt offer at even. 24 And thou shalt put all in the hands of Aaron, :40. And with the one lamb a tenth deal of flour and in the hands of his sons ;and shalt + wave them mingled with the fourth part of an hin of beaten for a wave-offering before the LORD.

oyl: and the fourth part of an hin of wine for a 25.5 And thou shalt receivethem of their hands, drink-offering. and burn them upon the alcar for a burnt-offering, 41 And the other lamb thou shalt offer at even; for a sweet savour before the Lord: it is an offering and shalt do thereto according to the meat-offering madeby fire unto the Lord.

of the morning, and according to the drink-offering 26 'And thou shalt take the breast of the ram thereof, for a tweet favour, an offering made by fire

of Aaronsconfecrations, and wave it for a wave-of- unto the LORD. 7.99.6. fering before the LORD:and Vit shall be thy part. 42 This shall be i a continual burnt-offering: Chapı

27 And thou shalt fanctifie * the breast of the throughout your generations, at the door of the ta- 30. 8.

wave-offering, and the shoulder of the heave-offe- bernacle of the congregation, before the LORD : kk Chap. 18. ring, which is waved, and which is heaved up of the where I will meet you, to speak there unto thee. rinn se... of that which je there 'I will meet with the cute


ebr. 22.


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b See

& 12. II

Teb. e to

fro. ev.8.

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ev. 7.


30. 36.


of the

my glory

17. 24.


25. 8.


Lev, 26. 12.


I 2.




37.25. b See *. 10.

26. 6.

Ilai. 52.

+ Heb.



I ne alt UT OJ incenje.

Chap. xxx.

I ne holy anointing oyl.

. Before Ifrael, and the tabernacle shall be fan&tified by among them that are numbred ; f half a shekel after Before Chrift

the shekel of the fanctuary (8 a shekel is twenty

Chril 1491. 44. And I will fanctifie the tabernacle ofthe con- gerahs) an half-thekel shall be the offering of the 1491 forlfrael, gregation, and the altar: I will fanctifie also both Aa- Lord.

f Maith, ron,and his sons,to minister to me in the priests office. 14. Every one that passeth among them that are s Lev.

45 And? I will dwell amongst the children of numbred from twenty years old and above, shall Numb. 3 Israel, and will be their God.

give an offering unto the LORD. 46 And they shall know that I am the LORD 15 The rich shall not t give more, and the Zech. 2. their God, that brought them forth out of the land poor shall not t give less than half a shekel, when Heb. 1 Cor. 6. of Egypt, that I may dwell amongst them: I am ibey give an offering unto the LORD to make an hela the LORD their God.

atonement for your souls. Rev.21.3.

16 And thou shalt take the atonement-money h Chap. CHA P. : XXX.

of the children of Israel, and h halt appoint it for 38.25. 1 The altar of incenfe. The ransom of fouls. 17 The the service of the tabernacle of the congregation;

brasen laver. 22 The holy anointing oyl. 34 The that it may be a memorial unto the children of Israel
composition of the perfume.

before the LORD, to make an atonement for your -Chap

Nd thou shalt make an altar bto burn incense fouls.
upon: of fhittim-wood shalt thou makeit. 17

And the LORD spake unto Moses,saying, 2 A cubit sballbethe length thereof, and a cubit 18 iThou shalt also make a laver of brass, and: Chap. Lex. 4-7, the breadth thereof (four square shall it be) andtwo his foot also of brass, to wash withal

. and thou shalt 38. 8. cubits shall be the height thereof: the horns thereof put it between the tabernacle of the congregation shall be of the fame.

and the altar, and thou fhalt put water therein. 3 And thou shalt overlay it with pure gold, the 19 For Aaron and his fons k shall wash their + Heb. + top thereof, and the +lides thereof round about, hands and their feet thereat. roof. and the horns thereof: and thou shalt make unto it 20 When they go into the tabernacleofthe con- 11. a crown of gold round about.

gregation, they shall wash with water, that they die Hebr. 10 4 And two golden rings shalt thou maketoit un- not: or when they come near to the altar to mini+ Heb. der the crown of it, by the twot corners thereof, Ater, to burn offering made by fire unto the LORD. upon the two sides of it shalt thou make it and they that they die not: and it shall be a statute forever to

21 So they shall wash their hands and their feet, shall be for places for the staves to bear it withal.

5. And thou shalt make the staves of shittim- them, even to him and to his feed throughout their
wood, and overlay them with gold.

6 And thou shalt put it beforethe vail,that is by 22 Moreover the LORD spake unto Moses,
the ark of the testimony; beforethe mercy-seat,that saying,
is over the testimony, where I will meet with thee. 23 Take thou also unto thee principal spices,

7 And Aaron shallburn thereon + sweetincense of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet incense of

every morning : when he dresseth the lamps he cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty Spices. shall burn incense upon it.

shekels, and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty 8 And when Aaron | + lighteth the lamps + at hekels, Jestech sp. even, he shall burn incense upon it ; a perpetual in 24 And of cassia five hundred shekels, after the + Heb. cense before the LORD, throughout your genera- shekel of the fanctuary, and of oyl-olive an "hin. 1 Chap. caufesh eo afcend. tions.

25 And thou fhalt make it an oyl of holy oint- 29. 4-0. 9 Ye shall offer no ftrange incense thereon, nor ment, an ointment compound after the art ofthe Iwo cvens. burnt-facrifice, nor meat-offering; neither shall ye | apothecary : it shall be an holy anointing-oyl. pour drink-offering thereon.

26 m And thou shalt anoint the tabernacle of fumer. 10 And Aaron shall make an atonement upon the congregation therewith, and the ark of the testi- 40. 9; 14. & 23. the horns of it once in a year, with the blood of the mony,

sin-offering of atonements: once in the year shall he 27 And the tableandall his vessels, and the can-1.

make atonement upon it, throughout your genera- dlestick and his vessels, and the altar of incense, Chap tions: it is most holy unto the LORD.

28 And the altar of burnt-offering, with all his 38.25. 11 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, vessels, and the laver and his foot. 12 - When thou takeft the fumof the children of

29 And thou shalt sanctifie them that they may Ifrael, after t their number ; then shall they give be most holy: " whatsoever toucheth them, shall ». Chap. them that every man a ransom for his soul unto the LORD, be holy.

when thou numbrest them : that there be no plague 30 • And thou shalt anoint Aaron and his fons, o Chap.29. amongst them, when thou numbrest them. and consecratethem, that they may minister unto me 7, &c*

py one thor mfleth in the nriette office


+ Heb.

• Chap.

27. 20.

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