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For Latin Prose.

When the Consuls took the field at the beginning of the campaign, two legions had been left, as usual, to protect the capital. These were now to be employed in active service; and with them was a small detachment of troops, which had been drawn from Picenum and the neighbourhood of Ariminum, where their services were become of less importance. The contingents from the allies were not ready; and there was no time to wait for them. In order, therefore, to enable the dictator to take the field immediately, eight thousand slaves were enlisted, having expressed their willingness to serve; and arms were provided by taking down from the temple the spoils won in former wars. The dictator went still further: he offered pardon to criminals and release to debtors, if they were willing to take up arms: and amongst the former class were some bands of robbers, who then, as in later times, infested the mountains, and who consented to serve the state on receiving an indemnity for their past offences,


Grammar Paper.

1. Give the gen. sing., dat. pl., and the gender of xeíp, γίγας, οδούς, ἰχθύς, μέριμνα: abies, ordo, manus, vulnus,


2. Give the comparative and superlative of πív, madaiós, Xapleis, μéλas, déws: gracilis, malevolus, arduus, celeriter. 3. Write out in full:

Imperf. indic. mid. of πроσαιтÉW,
1 aor. opt. pass. of rάoow,
Plpf. subj. act. of negligo;

and give the various moods of the 2nd aor. act. of πívw, ἄγω.

4. Parse: ἀπολούμενος, ἐνήνεκται, ἐδεδοίκεσαν, προσεθρέφθη, EKTаlévтa: rebatur, amentis, nisis, securim, aggredere.

5. Write down

3 pl. I aor. imper. mid. of nauw,

3 pl. 1 aor. ind. act. of ȧyañáw,

I pl. 2 aor. opt. pass. of paívw,

nom. pl. fem. 2 aor. part. mid. of Tíonu,

2 pl. perf. ind. act. of ȧkoúw,

3 sing. perf. subj. act. of veto,
2 pl. imper. act. of prodeo,
pres. inf. of exorior,

3 sing. impf. subj. act. of effodio,
fut. pass. inf. of tego.

6. Give the perf. and sup. act. of caveo, aufero, accedo, sepelio, arcesso; and the fut. act., perf. act. and pass., and aor. act. of βάλλω, κλέπτω, κρίνω, αἴρω, and αἱρέω.

7. Translate into Latin:

(1) She asked whether he knew Marius. He answered


(2) He said that he could not find a soldier to send.
(3) He begged them not to allow that place to gain
a name from the defeat of the Roman people.

8. Translate :-παρὰ τῷ βασιλεῖ, παρὰ τὸν ποταμόν: μετὰ τῶν φίλων, μετὰ τὸν πόλεμον: ὑπὸ τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ, ὑπὸ τὴν νύκτα: and give the Latin equivalents of πρὸς with the acc., εἰς, ἐν, and ἕνεκα.

9. Translate into both Greek and Latin :-

Whence have you come?

Where are you going?

How many of you are there?

If you wish, I will go away.

Would that this had never happened!

10. Distinguish θεὶς, τιθεὶς, τεθείς : ἴστε, ἴτε, ἴθι: ut factum est, ut fiat: exorsus, exortus, exosus: desĭdis, desīdis, decidis.



1. Find by Practice the cost of 4 cwt. 2 qrs. 12 lbs. at 4. 138. 4d. per quarter.

2. Reduce of 1d. to the fraction of 178. 6d. ; and find what fraction 6 oz. 15 dwt. is of a lb. Troy.

[blocks in formation]

4. Find the value of .3416 of 5l.; and multiply 17 acres 3 roods 10 perches by 015.

5. In a town where the annual death rate is 2.5 per cent., the average number of deaths per week (counting 52 weeks to the year) is 228. What is the population of the town?

6. Divide .019 by 190, 56.25 by .0015, and 6 by .109. 7. Find the G. C. M. of 6409 and 7395, and the L. C. M. of

8. If 50 men can construct a fence 3 miles long in 60 days working 12 hours a day, how many hours a day must 120 men work to finish a fence 4 miles long in 40 days?

9. Find the cubical contents of a hall III feet high, 45 ft. 4 in. broad, and 40 feet high. What will be the cost of building it at 91d. per cubic foot of its contents?

10. Which will be the better investment of lend it at simple interest at 4 per cent. for 5 years, or at compound interest for 5 per cent. for 4 years?

11. Extract the square root of 119025, and of 5 to 4 places of decimals.

12. A person transfers 3000l. from a Four per cent. Stock at 90 to a Three per cent. Stock at 72. How much of the latter can he purchase, and what will be the difference in his income?

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