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gant, and several of those abandons This excursion loft my lady her keep-
Iball, upon any favourite scheme of er ; however, that loss fat very light
their's, go the greatest lengths in profu- upon her ; she snapt her fingers when
fion, nay even dislipate their last gui. the received the letter, called him scrub,
nea, and, at the same time, be guilty and swore she would live with me upon
of the greatest baseness and servility to bread and water.
gain money.

As I had been the means of her lor.
Misers and gamesters do just the ing a good allowance, I could do no
fame. From the time Hazard playing less than promise her, upon honour, the
took up my thoughts, or at least the thould always find a friend in me-how-
probability of winning against that of ever, in my own mind, I was deter-
losing, I grew indifferent to every thing mined never to be a dupe to a woman,
elle ; absorbed in an idea of accu- to maintain her--no, if this girl should
mulating wealth, I did not chufe to want any sum for an exigency, I would
lay out fix pence on any one amusement advance it, but never keep her.
bit the Hazard Table, and anxiety I now began to dislike my master's,
when I was there prevented my being seldom was at home; I had letters out
amused at it, it was avarice solely that of the country filled with remonftrances ;
poslefied me.

those I never condescended to answer. I believe it in some measure owing to My Mistress undertook once or twice my being so much used to business, I to talk to me in the motherly strain, for was a great gainer in about three months. my good, as she was pleased to preface

I was cool, and could lay my betts it; but I was too far gone to let advice better than any in the club, and was alter me; I was infatuated, I saw nosoon looked upon as the best calculator thing but prospects of golden pleasures in it.

before me ; for by this time I had, by One of the members, whose name only playing in that club, accumulated was Beltham, sent me a card of invita. upwards of fifteen hundred pounds. tion to drink tea that afternoon at his The lady whom I had deprived of chambers in Lincoln's inn ; I went, and her friend was still my woman, but one found him with a couple of very agree. whom, except a treat now and then at able ladies,

the tavern, an odd thing for a gown, He took me out, and told me that or a fancied ring, or some other such these were a couple of high girls in toy, did not cost me fix-pence. great keeping, who could only now and She never asked me for a shilling, and then steal out for an hour ; they came that generosity of temper was one reason for a frolic, had a mind to be jolly that of my admiring her so much. evening, and keep it up, and he had Had our meeting at Hazard contisent for me to make one of the party. nued, I don't in the least doubt but that

I thanked him for the favour, and I should have made my fortune ; but one we returned to the ladies ; I had lost all night an unfortunate quarrel dissolved it. wish for women, my whole defires were A dispute arose between my master's absorbed in a box and dice. But the son, and one of the company, about a champaign flew about briskly, the wo- bett-words grew very high, and unmen were in high spirits, talked lively, known to the rest of the members (after súng prettily, and were in person so the quarrel was seemingly made up) these eharming, I became really enamoured two adjourned to the Rose, and about of one of these ladies, and we agreed half an hour after four in the morning, to make an excursion together for three my friend was brought home to his or four days. Things of this sort are father's speechless, and run thro' the not more eagerly proposed than embrac- body, and expired in half an hour afed; post chaises were hired, and we all terwards. four set out for Windsor.

The agony of the family is not to be


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described My master ordered me to be However, I found my finances, on told, as soon as I came home, as he had my return to London for the winter, ralost his only fon by a quarrel at a gam- ther impaired by too high expences ; ing-table, at which he was assured I but as I had contracted a large acquaintwas one of the principal, and that I ance, I expected to reap the benefit of kept a common woman, he did not it, especially as I had luckily, as I then think it consistent either with his repu- thought, gained a friend in the gaming tation or interest, to entertain me any way, who promised to let me into fome longer in his house.

schemes, I was yet a stranger to, and I did not think it worth while to re we were by agreement to go lhares in ply to the message, but immediately or, the profits. dered a coach, packed up my things, The reader, if he will give himself the and drove to my girl's lodgings. trouble to recollect, will consider, that

Now I commenced man of the town, I inuit be very young during these transwore my laced suits, fupped every night actions, and therefore wonder how I at one or another of the noted taverns could commence gambler under age ; with my woman, and others of the fame but that is easily accounted for; the rank, gave my opinion at the Bedford, younger I was, the less liable to be sure made a great noise at Eprom races, and pected; I had made it my study ; I was appeared to be of all that pitiful conse- apt at the profesion; the company

of quence, which every lownger about kept women and men who gamed, town assumes.

bronzed me into an unblushing behavio I was bowed to most submissively at our, and before I was eighteen, few the Shakespear, the Bedford Head and people knew more of playing all the Arms, King's Arms, Star and Garter, games than I did. &c. by all the landlords, addressed with My youth, that was my protector in the most servile fattery by them them. gaming, ruined me in my connection selves, their larders, their horses, post with women. Vain, and full of de. chaises, or whatever else they kept al- fire, I took pride in being thought to ways at my service. Their piinps fiew have so fine a woman, and froin her to me at a beckon, every mistress or wo well acted endearments I grew to dote man of plealure in keeping fond of in- upon her. viting me to parties with them.

For some weeks I observed her to be I now sorted with thole wiio are stig- mure thoughtful than usual ; an invo. matized by the name of gamblers; how. luntary figh burit from her; I was ever, I soon knew as much as they did; uneasy, she never would tell me, tho' I they dresied weli, lived gay, and kept pressed ever so often; however, I was the best company; so did I, every thing determined to know, and with this stale went on glibly I could play with any trick, this scene, which I have seen reof the most rioted gameiters, because I presented upon the stage, was I taken know they always acted upon honour in--so true it is, THAT BY HIS Whore's with their acquaintance.

CUNNING, OR BY HIS OWN, EVERY I went to Scarborough and York KnAVE AT LAST FALLS A SACRIFICÈ. races, lived as a man of fashion ought I sent for her upper servant to the to do; and although I was by this time fountain one day, and desired her to tell known to have no other way of support. me what was the matter with her miling myself but by gaming, and that tress ; upon which she, who had been playing always upon the square must in. long waiting for this cue, began a most evitably ruin every man who follows it; melancholy story, how well her miltrets therefore, I was a gamester profesled. had lived when the last gentleman kept Yet as long as I dressed well, payed my her, whom she left for me, and that played debts honourably, and entertain. ever since her mistress had been running ed elegantly, I was intimate with, and behind.hand; but that the loved me lo visited by several people of fashion. в 2

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well, she was not willing for me to ner of, a bank was made, the bubble know it, because the said I might suf- ushered in, and we won 200 l. of him pect it was only a scheme, a decoy--but before 12 at night. (the girl continued) as she hoped to be This was at what was called a pri(aved, and upon her honour, ber mil vate Card Allembly ; we went to suptress went in fear of being arrested every per about one, and what they gave me day, because she wou'dn't go into com- in my liquor I know not, but I soon pany, her love for me was so great. grew fuddled, and remembered very

I snapt at the bait, ordered her flily little that happened afterwards. to get me a litt of her sistresses credi

My servant the next day came to me tors; she had it ready, she said, on pur- with a letter from my partuer, which pose to show me several times, but her informed me, that I had, by getting heart failed her. Even that did not drunk, ruined both him and me, because open my eyes, I could not discover, that I would play myself, and there was no there must be some design in this ready hindering me, he said ; and I had not wrote out list, than I at first saw

only lost all he had won, but also playI was prepossessed, and I the next day ed away all our stock; that for his part discharged them all, by sending my girl be had been obliged to go a-tick for 50 l. the contents of the list, which I think which he defired I would send him, per came to 24.01. 75. od.

bearer, and I should have it in October I had not by this rashness left myself meeting. above an hundred pounds in the world I could not speak for some time; nay, I don't doubt but the reader will ob- my servant two or three times defir serve, that this was not like a professed ed to know what answer be should send gamester, to strip himself for a mistress ; the messenger-I told him to lay it was but then be it remembered, that I was very well, and sunk down upon my pilvery young, my passions prodigious low in such horrors, which the honest strong, and I thought I was doing a me part of the world cannot even fancy to ritorious act, in preventing a girl from themselves. ruin, who had reduced herselt to that After being tormented with all the condition, merely for the love of me agonies of mind it is possible, I believe, I have since known better.

to feel from remorse for the crimes I had Tlie person who had agreed we should committted, I jumped out of bed, hurshare profits together, called of me the ried on my cloaths, and hasted to let next day, and told me, he had a glo. my girl in to all my damned ill luck, as rious scheme, but I must bring about 300 I was certain the could and would help along with me just to make a shew with; me, since, to my knowledge, the could that he had one of the finest bubbles in raise upon her jewels above 10001. the world. I would not let him know some of which I had given her, and that I had parted from my capital, but which her confidant had told me was in as I depended upon him, agreed to meet pawn when I sent her the money.him the next day, and pretending ear But by an accident, as I lay there one pest business to transact, we parted. night, I believe it was the night follow

I had so good an opinion of my new ing on an alarm of fire, I discovered the partner, that I reckoned all he said to

had not pawned them. be gospel; and as I had several valuable However, for me, I was sure the trinkets by me, I that afternoon dil. would, and therefore determined not to posed not only of them, but of my make myself uneasy any longer, but cloaths, linen, horses, every thing that went to her house in very good spirits. was worth raising money with, and next The maid informed me her inistress evening, according to appointment, was gone to one of those houses, where mame in with no less than 400 and 201. ladies and gentlemen usually meet in an This I immediately informed myparte evening, it was in the Strand, and re


markable for the resort not only of girls to open what I intended ; in a few in low circumstances, but also for wo words I related my situation—and desirmen of the town who were better pro. ed Jemmy would lend me zool. for two vided for.

months. The master and mistress of this house I took notice, during the latter part having always expressed the most cordi- of my relation, he was trying to put al friendhip for me, it piealed me to the cork in the bottle again, and when think the went there, and I resolved to I had finished, turning his head to the discover to them the fituation of my door, called out, I'm coming, Sir; and affairs : and as they had several times went out without giving me any answer. proffered to lend me a luin, and told I was left then with my mistress; and me, and had swore to it, that if ever I I asked her if the thought there was any wanted any sum of money that they thing so very odd in what I asked the could command, it was only ask and landlord and his wife, that they should have, I should be sure of it.

leave the room so abruptly, and defired When I came into the room where her to tell me what the thought of it. my lady was, there happened only to She, as if just waked, gave a start, be the landlord, landlady, and my and told me - Lord, don't bother one a. mistress; as soon as I opened the door, bout it, to be sure every body knows their they each took me round the neck, and own affairs beft, do ring the bell, will almost fified me with kiffes.

you, I want somebody to get me a chair. The landlord he begged pardon, he Why, where are you a going? said of me, but to be sure he was not Why, I must go to the Shakespear, of a jealous disposition, but that if he I promised. was to be jealous of any one gentleman, But you promised to 'pend the even. it would of me, for that his wite loved ing with me. me so well, that the often talked of me But I can't, though; can you now, in her fleep.

in your own conscience, expect a girl Nay, for that matter, my dear soul, that has her bread to get, can contine replied his very polite spoule, you love herself to one man; I'm sure its an unhis honour as much as I can do.-Yes, reasonable out of the way thing to Sir, (addreiling herself to me) my Jem: suppose it. my is the most fondest of you, nor he is Before I could reply, the Jandlady of any one gemmun in England ; I'm and landlord entered ; and after some sure I wonders, so I does, what you altercation between them who should can do to make all the men and women speak first, the landlord thus delivered so fond of you, I'm sure, if you wanted himself that as how truly, if he it, you mought have all we were worth. had any money in the house, why I

My girl interrupted with an oath, was welcome to it, and I'd do any thing and taking hold of the bowl, stretched to help any distressed gentleman-Betty, out her arm, took me b: the hand, and why don't you take that cordial bottle looking me full in the face, called ont, away, and those two large spoons-but that it ever she refused Maring her' lait indeed, Sir, I have so many bad debts, fixpence with me, the withed the most and am obliged to tip so much to folks bitter evils might befall her that I ever of the right fort, to prevent informatiheard exprefied.

-you take me, that nobody upon The landlord Jemmy would insit the face of the earth wants money so (begging my pardon) to treat me with much as I. Bess, have not you got the a bottle of claret; he brought it in, and gentleman's bill there it is, Sir-not poured out a bumper for each, and much-every body knows I neverlove to drank my health, and overdowed with spunge upon my friends, it is but 25l. protestations of kindness to me. in the whole -- take your own time. a This I thought to be the only time week hence, Sir, will suit me as well as



now; only, Sir, I can't afford to give But how can I do it without money? any more credit, and away they went How, why before I wouid let luch out of the room; the landlady telling creatures dun me for money, damme my mistress she wanted to speak with if I wou'd not liang myself, or I'd do her.

something to deserve hanging, that I I sat for a moment, and as my lady would.- Pray, are you the first gentlewas rising to go out, I desired her to man that has come to misfortunes ; see stop, just to tell me what she thought of if I wou'dn't make the public pay me, such usage. Her reply was as follows. I'd try my chance upon the road.

They are a couple of scrubs, and What, wou'd you have me turn highfor my part I'll never use the house a.

wayman? gain; and I fhall look upon you to be Good Lord, is that such a great mata most inean spirited tellow, if you ter, have not you been a gamelter ? and don't pay them their vill immediately. pray which is worse, not a highwayman,

But how can I do it? I have not a I'm sure. guinea, nor one thing I can raise a Ay, but consider, suppose I should guinea upon ; if you'll lend me the mo. be taken ? ney-Me! If I have any more in the Ay now, that's the thing ; - I wish whole known world than this six and I was a man, see if I should be afraid nine. pence, may I never see the face of running any risque. I see what fort of day-light again. I'm sure I take it of a spirit you have ; but mark me, it very ill your asking me, so I do you don't find out some way or other when you know I would pawn my finock to get yourself clear of these people, and off my back for you, so I would. prove to me you are a man of spirit,

Well, don't cry, my dear girl, you never shall you again come between a have superfluous plate enough upon your pair of theets with me---so mind what Lideboard that might raise that money. 1 say to you, that's all, and I swear it,

Yes, and so then my fervants would She left me immediately, and after miss it, and they'd make a hubbub in about a quarter of an hour's reflection the neiglıbourhood, and so then my with myself— not from remorse, but to landlord would come and seize for rent. consider only how I might reconcile my.

But have not you spare jewels e. self to my woman, and show her I had not nough?

a mean spirit. I found no way so eliNo, that I han't, and you know it- gible as the road, and the next mornI have not enough, so far from having ing, properly equipt, I set out, met any to spare. Why now, didn't Kitty with some success, wrote her word how Clear but ialt opera right, get the what. I went on, remitted her money to pay you call.em Umbafiadores Sekertary, the bill, as the desired I would in her only because she had more diamonds answer to one of my letters, but which than I on--and didn't you promise me is not yet paid. Then I committed a I thould have some more. Howsomde- robbery, for which a great reward was ver, I scorn to reproach any Gemmun published to apprehend him or them for breaking his word ; to be sure you that did it. have done as much as you can for me, She only knew where I was, and and I should be the most ungrateful since my conviction I have been ascerbitch in the world, if I didn't do every tained, that she went halves with the thing I could for you, but you are ax. thief:takers. I was seized, and an to ing me things out of my power, unless suffer on monday next; but as I ought you would have mestarve, and that could to die in charity with all the world, I do neither you nor I gcod. I would freely forgive her, nor let any one repawn my smcck for you, I am sure, to proach her for her behaviour to me, serve you. But pray, for God's lake, since she only acted in character ; beif you love me, pay thefe wretches this cause it is imposible for Prostitutes to bill.


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