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hower The BEAUTIES of all the MAGAZINES selected. 395 An extraordinary Cafe to our Purpose. in the chimney, preparing some liquor

John Cott, an husbandman in this for him, and clapping his arms round place, applied to me fome time ago for her waist, he lifted her froin the floor, a great shortness of breath, like an afth- and danced round the room with-lier ma, and a hard swelling in the region in his arms," naked as he was,

and ling of his stomach. Finding him incura- ing all the time: the thought the should ble, I informed hiin of what he must have died away with the fright, hav. expect, and asked leave, before wit. ing never been so scared in all her life nesses, to open only his belly after his before, as the told me next morning : decease, as I imagined something un. For it was to no purpose to cry out for common would present itself, which help, as it was in the dead time of might prove of publick utility: my ré. the night, and in a lonesome upper quest was granted : soon after, he took chamber, remote from any neighbours ; to his bed and died.

he foon fat her doon again, As soon as I inade an incision on the ran to his bed, and laying himlelt all abdomen, out bolted a large hard along, kept singing, that he was goi

going, substance as tough as buff; what should to heaven, and died directly. this be at Taft but a scirrhous liver, as

This last occurrence, it is true, big as four or five common ones. I foreign to the affair in hand, but for afterwards wished I had weighed it to its oddity only, I here venture to fiind the difference. In short it filled add it. up the whole region of the stomach I am your humble servant, from Yide to side, and squeezed that

John Cook, M. D. bowel into a very little compats, and forced up into a by corner under the photos


92 left ribs, no bigger than my fift; the reason I then faw, why no emetics I From the LONDON MAGAZINESI. ordercd him would move once up- Hardships of the inferior Clergy exemwards, but all purged off directly. The Twelled liver was so very large

plified. downwards, He clergy are without doubt a and the midriff upwards, thereby con

and fining the lungs very much, and pre. are esteemert, by all persons of lente venting their expanfion in inspiration, and candour. It must give great comthe cause of his shortness of breath, punction, therefore, to a good man, to and i not being able to stoop forwards. see any of them act out of character. After tiewing all this to my son, I But what is more inconsistent and unleft him to sew up the incision for de natural than their behaviour to their cent burial'; when his wife coming inferior brethren ? What examples of home, who had been absent, the oppression will almost every diocese threatened me with law, hoping to produce, in respect to curates? men, extort money, but the funk in her for- who work constantly in the ford's vinerost, and I heard no more of it. But yard, who toil" night and day (as the wliat is very remarkable in

in this case, accidental duty of many places may and for which I produce it, was, that be termed), and who earn their bread the patient had no signs of the jaundice, by the sweat of their brows, but bread neither before, nor after his deceale, alas ! not for their own support, but

Let me tell you, moreover, that on to support, in fact, the pride and lux the night he died, about twelve as he ury of their superiors as Yor them. lay with his mind Confuced, and of a felves, they have scărce

gleanings tudden; and unexpectedly, he juinpect of the vintage ; if they wave enough to out of bed, Fab directly

to the fire place, , support nature, they have not enough where Nis' hurre was was stooping her head to support credit and reputation.

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As this is a fact too notorious and are served by lots : I suppose, dear too general to dwell on, why thould Sam, you don't understand my figura. Superior clergy complain, if they are stivo way of expression: I undertand not always paid the respect they think it full wells God knows my heart, and due to their cloth, when they thew so can truly sayI Apeak by no figure, unless little regard for their' own brethren! by the figure of 3. as I will explain to or how can they be angry, if the ups you..When she rectors and vicars here. wrightness of their hearts is called in abouts find their lungs begin to foun.

question, when they so frequently derzi or have any other more labftantial · leave their flocks, throw all their care reason for quitting the plough and

on curätes," retire to fotne pleasant looking backward or forward, it mat. -part of the world, take their pleasure, ter's not which, to discovery rome plea. pay their parishioners a visit, at a par. fant retirement from dury, oltwo or ticular season of the year, 'to receive of sometimes three of them weet, smoke them every shilling more than they de- their pipes, and agree for the good of Serve, and to reward their more worthy some brother of the cloth; to Jump hirelings with an inadequate, and I their churches all together. :? The next will fay, unjust pittance!

thing to be done is to procere la curate : The hard case of the inferior clergy they accordingly advertise that a has been long real caule of complaint, gentleman, in priest's orders, is wantand, from tive appearances of things, 'ed to terve a cure, in foelia part of there is little hope of redress. This the kingdom, salary fol. per annum, 'melancholy case, however has touched the furplice fees. An advertilement the Heart of the present bishop of E-r; of this sort I met with and being ant to the honour of that noble prelate out- of business, immediately applied Bel it' spoken, it is a 'fast known to as directed, and the returning post

thoulands,' that he has made it a prin- brought me for anlwer the cure was Scipali concern, since his consecration, at my service. The word gentleman "?tolinspeet into t'lie condition of the in the advertisement, operated not a

linferior clergy of bis diocele, and has little with ine; I conclured I was god actually advanced the salaries of feveral ing into some polite práce, where the curates, where he found lucta salaries surplice fées were confiderable! I acinadequate to the duty, and value of cepted therefore without 2 hesitation,

the livings. God grant that his ex- and without any enquiry into particulample may be prevalent. Atter, his lars, the cure ; and, at the fixed time, 15 lordship bas finished so just fo falutary packed up my diviniry; ands in two 97 *& work in Dan, I fall not be sorry days reached my elysium : ut judge,

to hear that he is; tranflated : I fear, my friend, how great was the perihowever, his lordship will find his staltic motion of my inteftines, when works inerease as he moves more east. I was informed I was to serve three

ward; for an old school-fellow, who churches every sunday, (fermon at • 7 has been 'curate for many years, lately each) to refide in a fourth parish, sempre en mis neighbourhood get their in the year, and

, in thort, to do the acserved in a very reasonable, cidental duty of all four. You think, troi fore if you will, unreasonable manner, perhaps the lurplice fees atone for all 31en which, I believe is not practised by this is how they truly, they will not

the clergy of G-n. wift morous fellow, I have Tent you part of I'received every poor woman's fox-pence

bis letter, which may be an amused for returning God thanks after child. sd ment to your read

readers, and will serve to" Birth.ebayog nie'').

911 311 Sat," it would make thy heart ake Churches, in my neighbourhood, to fee tay old fchool-Fellow, with whom



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annum, ; being the principal and interest aboŲt the beginning over the

thou hast been whipped so often, scam- master of all arts too, (except that' of 1

pering through thick, and thin, on a getting money) and that is the greatsunday, from this church to that, est confort, tu the old gentleman, and whilk to a third, weather beaten and all, in short, he can; lay--pr. boast of. frequently wet to the skin, avd alt for If write more on this subject, Isthall po per annum-Such an immenselim; grow, melanchulys to let nie affure my that my friend may have a curjosiy to friend, that if he ever comes this way, know how I can possibly fpend it. The and will pay me a visit k will ank toe following communibus annise ista true' years favings to treat fuch an old ac. account:

ia: aol lol sikit de squaintance : Ather acquaintance, muft To lodging and diet.'- SW1-0 expect.only, cas I-live.coptepted with, s To wa dingi and mending og er et Initead of pompous courte, a oneTo keeping a borse, Shoes

jing, & to 9913 91775 (ri v Inktcard of rare, quadrimum, bome. To coaths, including ever rio.

iz von: brew'd-ale. rything about 91.0.0 12 Pa S. I forgot to mention, that ! To facrament gifts, and to,

dine on Sundays like an old, Greciar, 140144pbrieis, in order to let a

quite in high-caste; çüry my dinner *ill gocdexample to my.cgn.

in my pocket, and while Sternhold and 111 pi gregations : ri.

© Hopkins's band are making seraphie 17: To the poor of my parishes, wie harmony, I say a short grace and fall .? Upg" at different times, that I

to, in my pulpitulunpít, take this 2.1.11-7 may preach with a good gre opportunity, or am obliged to dine

record bigrace, lix sermons which :7 galloping, which I find by no means
Birgire Jibave by me, on charity. 0. 10 o lo comfortable' a way as the former.
v Toiviktation expences, the 5 1 Notwithstanding, firy my old-school,
Les gun parishes, allowing me no-

fellow seems to be bappy and easy in 17221?: thing for attending,

his condition, every considerate per 19.1 To paper and ink for wri.

son muit allow that his falary is , yery • 758 ting out sermons of my

inadequate to the duty and that this ilo nisl own coin position

o scheme of uniting several churches, be. 5.1 To fervants of the 'squire,

longing to different--rectors, with a initetiteland head-farmers of the

view of getting them fervedd o by one Nitq paines, who otten alk

curate, (which I know, and, if called wil me to dinner

on, will prove to be fact) iş fcandalous ON! To the fervants of one of

and oppreffive, and highly demands the $): į Isny reétors, who lives but

attention and inspection of the right re-119 9a-few miles from ine

verend and worthy, the bishops.cs carniting the ili Vyas ng aans | Expences 39 10

*** 110 To lay up to keep the

0767 devil out of my pocket


MAGAZINE. 76.b) du har noge} Savings., 10

stoom brangina 5.9931 ob 01,9,

Account of an extraordinary Sleeper. rifa uoY ..705.*:lto 90 vub tr 400

Woman named Elizabeth Arten,
Dt grote gangt tapet
It As for furplice fees, they come and

of a healthful Mtrong cohtirution,
go the Lord knows how: to that you who had long been servant to the curate
- deen deas Sam, L. fave ten fillings per of St. Guilain, near the town of ions;
of about a thousand pounds that my „ thirty-fix years of age,
father expended on my education ; but tremely restless and melaicholy in the
ther he has a son na clergyman, and month gf August 2015

of Augult in the same years the it



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fell into a deep which held forr days, notwithstanding all possible endeavours XX*XXXXXXXX to awake her. - At length the awaked naturally, but became more reftlefs and From the LONDON MAGAZINE. uneafy than before. Por fix for feverf ind. days, however, the resumed her fial Anecd.te of Sir William. Gooch, firme employtients

' until the fell asleep again, 900. time Guver nor of Virginia. which

Othing . that time which is fifu teeri years, the fell asleep daily about lesson to mankind. Sir William Gooch three o'clock in the morning, without being in conversation with a gentleman waking until about eight or nine at ina Itreet of the city of Williamsburgh, night. In 1745, indeed," her sleep re. rerurned the falute of a negro, who was turned to the natural periods for four paffing by about his master's business, mônths': and in 1748, a tertian ague Sir, laid the gentleman, does your ho. prevented her sleeping for three weeks. nour descend fo far as to falute a fave? On February 20, 1755, M. Brady, with Why (replied the governor) Yes: I can. a furgeon, went to see her ; about five not fuffer a man of his condition to exo'clock in the evening they found her. ceed me in good manners. pulse extremely regular; on taking hold Perliaps never reprimand was more of her arm it was fo rigid, that it was delicate...??? not bent without much trouble. They How different'an impresion the fo!then attempted to lift up her head, but lowing incident gives us of another goher neck and back were as ftiff as lier vernor of Virginia: arms.0i He hollowed in her ear as loud The laws of that country were for. as his voice could reach, he thrust a merly oppressive to the Quakers. Lord needle into her fleth up to the bone, hè Howard of Effingham, having an aver. put a piece of tag to her 'nose faming fion to those fectaries, put them rigidly with spirit of wine,' and let it burn in execution'; in consequence of which Some time; all these without being able they suffered many vexations. A de to disturb her in the least. At length puration of them at length waited upon in about fix hours and a half, her limbs him at Turkey-Mand, requesting, withy began to relax, in eight hours the turn- a buckrami kind of humility; amiga ed herself in the bed, and then suddenly tion of his severity. On his-abrelute se? raised herself up, fat her down by the fusal.Well (replied their thriciy the fire, eat heartily, and began to spin. Lord's will then be done bryde, og It must be observed here, that before G-d, answered the Governor, and the the coming of M. Brady, a furgeon had lord's will thalt be done, I give you given this unfortunate woman a vomit, my word. com do ti 279 birlsb which would certainly have killed her 3.1.4 90712,95!*gio liorliw 2349 10.1 had the then waked; at other times XXX XXX {}% they whipped her till the blood came; they rubbed her back with honey, and From the UKIVERSAL MAGAZINE W then expofed it to the itings of the bees;

sniuri ziol 90 10.1

isavy awo'd bin they thruf nails under her finger nails I boughts on the Use and Abuse of Dife... and what will fcarcely be credited, there

putation. Found nitritons barbarous tricts of experiments confult THE ühegaal measure of intelied more the "gratifying their own curr.) osity at the expence of the tnhappy' the afonifhing Vårfety of their characsubject, than the recovery of the matters, tempers, prejudices, paffions, the ladypub y 13, silah arnalen different faces whereby they view tre cysty 25W WII 1910 il

110w things that surrouhid Michig'inave given" olurii otbil 511109 isti s. ic. Vla)!!'

1.0.1 vo 01 19401 911d ..,697.995.: 912 1991. Measing himself.

n.167.: 2.'All ENS . ... noi..." 25**

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rife to what is commonly called dispu. them infipid ? What resource for the tation or argument. This ardour for wit that delights thereią ? But how ma. difputation has scarce respected a small ny are there that stand in need of a fti. number of tru:hs cloathed and surround. mulys, to their wit ? Cold, and dry in ed with all the fplendor of evidence. tranquil.conversation, they appear Rapid Revelation has not been able to inspire and deftitute of invention, Shake off it with the same respect for those which their indolence by polite disputation, ought to have been fill more respecta- they will awake from their lethargy, to ble. The sciencesa by diffipating the charm those that hear them. Byl provok. darknets of ignorance, have only openg ing them, you have roused up that creed to it a more extensive field to display ative genius which seemed to be be its

talents in. Whatever nature come numbed in them. Their talents were prebends most mysterious, morals inte buried and lost to society, it disputa. resting, history dark and intricate, have tion had not raised them divided minds into opposite opinions, Disputation may therefore become the and formed feets, whose exercise will be feasoning of our discurlive entertain. difputation to the end of the world. cments, and this seasoning will be grate

Disputation, the receiving its birth ful when disseminated by prudence, and from the defects of man's knowledge, softened and tempered by politeness and might notwithstanding become a source moderation. But, if thus in society it of advantazy, if passion were banilled, may become a source of pleasures, it from it; a dangerous excess which poia may also in the sciences become a source fons its good tendency. It is to this of knowledge. In that contention of excess that we muft impute all that is thoughts and reasons, the mind, fimu odious and hurtful in it. Moderation lated by opposition and the defire of would render, it equally agreeable and victory, collects forces which it is some. useful, whether we consider ic in regard times surprized at itself: in, that exact to society or the sciences. If we gene discussion, the object appears by all its roully stand forth in the defence of truth, faces, of which the greater part had ef. why do we not make our detence with caped its and, as it takes a full view of . weapons worthy of oth? Let us lhew it, it lays itself out for a thorough know, fome deference for those who do not re- ledge of it. In learned disceptations, fift truth but as fancying they take it for each person by attacking the opinion of a lyçs, falsehood, error, its greatest ene. his adversary, and defending his own, mies. A blind zeal for its interests arms removes partly the cloud shat cove

vered them against it; they would become its it. defenders, if we had the art of opening, But it is reason that diffipates this their eyes without offending their pride. cloud; and reason, clear,Sighted and Its will not suffer from our regard active in a calm, lores in the storm botla.. ! to their weakness; our blunted darts its light and activity ; confounded by will not have the less force; our fof- tumultuous noise, it can fee and act but it tened blows will not be less home ; we feebly,' To discover the truth that liessri's Thall conquer our adverfárywithout concealed, there is a necessity of sexanada wounding him.

mining, discussing, comparing weigh the Cool and moderate disputation, faring, Precipitation, the child, of, paflors at from lawing division and diforder in so does not leave fufficient time for

diffing be ciety, may becònie in it a fource of the cult operations. In such a ftuation, is so moft engaging charms. What graces nic pellible, to lay

y hold of shat decifissout does it ngt give to conversation with clearness which is displayed by disputa variety it brings life and soul. What tation? This clear view was

perhaps is more proper to avert from them the the only guide that could lead to truth; sterility that makes them fink into lana - it was inuich hierfelf. She appeared, but quor, and the unifarmity that makes it was to eyes full of diftration and in:


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