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Several worthy persons have laid this vagabond monarch, as if the annals down rules for the composition of let. of his reign were too glorious to be deters; but I fear it is an art which na- feribed by a female pen, or as if they ture only can teach. I remember in were worthy to be described at all, took one of those books,written by a German, the pains to write his own life in Dutch there was a strict injunction not to men. verse. There was another book of his tion yourself before you had introduced composition in another way, which does the person of your correspondent; that not reflect much more luftre on his meis, you must never use the monosyllable mory than his own Dutch cpic; this I betore the pronoun you. The Italians was what he called his livre rouge, and have stated expressions to be used to dif. was a register of seventeen mortifications ferent ranks of men, and know exactly he had received from Lewis XII. of when to subscribe themselves the devot. France, and which he intended to reed or the most devoted Nave of the illuf venge the first opportunity. After a trious or most illustrious person to whom variety of shifts, breach of promises, they have the honour to write. It is alliances and treaties, he had nearly true, in that country they have soclogged duped his vain cotemporary Henry VIII. correspondence with forms and civili. with a proposal of resigning the empire ties, that they seldom make use of their to him, while he himself was meditating, own language, but generally write to one what he thought an accession of dignity another in French.

even to the imperial diadem : in short, Among many instances of beautiful in the latter part of his life, Maximilian letters from ladies, and of the contrary took it into his head to canvas for the from our sex, I shall select two, which papal tiara. Several methods were agi. are very singular in their kind. tated to compass this object of ambition:

The comparison is not indeed entire- one, and not the least ridiculous, was ly fair ; but when I mention some par- to pretend that the patriarchal dignity ticulars of the male author, one might was included in the imperial ; and by expect a little more elegance, a little virtue of that definition he really assum. better orthography, a little more deco-ed the title of Pontifex Maximus, corum, and a good deal less absurdity, pying the pagan lords of Rome on his than seem to have met in one head, way to the sovereignty of the Christian which had seen so much of the world, church. Money he knew was the forest which pretended to so much literature, method, but the least at his command : and which had so long worn one of the it was to procure a supply of that nefirft crowns in Europe. This person was cessary ingredient that he wrote a letter the Emperor Maximilian,grandfather of to his daughter Margaret, dutchess Charles V. His reign was long, some. dowager of Savoy, and governess of the times thining, often prosperous, very Netherlands. The whole piece may be often ignominious. His fickleness, pro- seen in the fourth volume of the letters digality, and indigence, were notorious. of Lewis XII. printed at Brussels in the The Italians call him Pochi-denari, or year 1712. It is writtenes, very bad old the pennyless; a quality not more habi- German French, and therefore unneces. tual to him than his propensity to repair sary to lay it before the reader ; it will his thattered fortunes by the most unbe- be sufficient to observe, that his impecoming means. He served under our rial majelty acquaints his beloved daughHenry Vill. as a common foldier, 'at ter, that he designs never to frequent the siege of Terouenne, for a hundred naked women any more ; but to use all crowns a day: he was bribed to the at. his endeavours to procure the papacy, tempt against Pisa, and bribed to give and then to turn priest, and at length beit over. In thort, no potentate ever come a saint, that his dear daughter may undertook to engage hiin in a' treaty be obliged to pray to him, which he shall without first offering him money. Yet reckon a matter of exceeding glory. He VOL, I'I.



expresses great want of two or three " Do not all these things prove the hundred thousand ducats to facilitate deluge}" But ask Nucleus, this sage the business, which he desires may be divine, who would persuade you there kept very secret, tho' he does not doubt collections were made to serve the cause but all the world will know it in two or of the Bible, what he thinks of the three days; and concludes with signing fossils mentioned in Leviticus, and he himself future hope.

will tell you, I profess, I knew not of As a contrast to this scrap of imperi- any fuch passage, pray Thew me where al folly, I shall present the reader with it is ; for, to tell you the truth, I never the other letter I mentioned. It was looked further into the Bible, than the written by the lady Annie, widow of the history of the creation, and the food." earls of Dorset and Pembroke (the life 'Tis the same with this great genius of the former of whom he wrote) and in electricity; he dances punch inimitaheiress of the great house of Clifford- hly, (preads out a feather, and flashes Cumberland, from which, among many his magic lightning, or knocks down a noble reversions, she enjoyed the borough poor dog, to the great diversion of all of Appleby. Sir Joseph Williamson, present; or opens his magic lanthorn, secretary of state to Charles II. wrote and gives you pull baker, pull devil, in to name a candidate to her for that bo- their gaudiest colours. He makes ribrough: the brave counters, with all the bands on paper for the ladies with a spirit of her anceitors, and with all the prism, lets the guinea and the feather eloquence of independent Greece, re. fall in an air-pump, or strikes his clockturned this laconic answer.

work bells. His rooms are hung round “ I have been bullied by an usurper, with glasses that invert, enlarge, or diI have been neglected by a court, but minih, concaves, hollows, and conI will not be dictated to by a subject; vexes. Even the pendulum of his clockyour man fhan't stand.

moves two pretty masters at see-saw, Anne, Dorset, Pembroke, and Montgo- and the clock climes often enough to mery."

disturb the whole neighbourhood, though

it mightily diverts its master. SomeN. B. This piece is taken from the World, times he will entertain the ladies with

a paper published a few years pasi, an enormous worm (out of his own and is a striking proof of th; origi- nose) in a microscope, or with some of nality of the Magazine Essays, fince the loose combings of his hair, or perit is directed to the Author of the Briliaps with the elegant dilplay of the tish Magazine.

limbs of a louse.

Nucleus is very fond of every thing curious, and values his treasures accord

ing to their scarcity; so that the petriFrom the UNIVERSAL MUSEUM. fied bone of an antediluvian would please

him bet:er than the possession of the The Experimintalift, or Modern Philo- most beautiful wife in the world. jopher.

It is amazing the yearly expence of UCLEUS takes prodigious Nucleus's experiments: the glass-houses

journies to dig fossils, and fur- will feel his death, and all the carpenters nishes his room with enormous cases of in the parish may lament his fall. An mahogany, filled with the dirt and hundred chemical processes are tried, jumber of ten thousand quarries ; these and none succeed: an hundred electri. every friend must travel over, whenever cal globes are annually whirled to atoms, they wait upon Nucleus, and after three to move the dancing leaf gold ; and hours tedious attention, all the satisfac. glafles blown on purpose to deceive you, tion or knowledge you will obtain, is like a juggler, by letting a bullet and froin the finishing speech of Nucleus ; a nail descend, that the lightest body


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may break what the heaviest could not mera, the philosopher's stone ; since by reach.

a continued variety of experiments Aqua fortis in Nucleus's apartments something curious and useful (as was is continually eating up his Majesty's the case) might be accidentally ftruck halfpence; and aqua regia now and upon, while the same set of trifling exthen feeds upon a half guinea ; while periments daily repeated, can have no copper-tillings and spirits of hartshorn, other end, than in rendering Nucleus, brass and sea-lalt, treble distilled vine- and all his imitators, under the masks gar, spirit of tartar, and an hundred of scholars and philosophers, mere pemore, are dying his ivory tobacco-ftop- dantical bauble-hunters, and puppetpers with all the colours of the rainbow. thew men.

You need not doubt but he has a ske. leton in a box, and a scull an a fhelf, GGG

Best two globes with red leather nightcaps, and thermometers and barometers in a Froin the UNIVERSAL MUSEUM. bundance. In short, his house is one continued nett of manly toys and play. On the Antiquity of the Venereal Disease. things, and he himself is always divert. T is an opinion universally received, ing himselt among them.

that we owe the veneral disease to the This Nucleus is yet stiled a man of discovery of America. But this is a knowledge, and is in truth a modern vulgar error. Don Sanchez, a learned pbilosopher, one who is fond of the

Portuguese physician, now living at Paineans, without troubling himself about ris, formerly first physician to the Em. their end and design; and is not unlike press Ann of Russia, published a work the countryman, who coming to a gau a few years ago, in which lie proves, dy sign post to drink with a friend, itood from authentic papers, that before Cowithout, gaping and wondering at the lumbus's voyage to America this dir. Duke of Cumberland's head, and suf

temper was known in Europe. It is ac. fering his companion within to drink up knowledged, that it has been more tak. all the liquor.

en notice of since the fiege of Naples in But, after all, so little do they know, 1494, becaule at that time it made who really seek knowledge, and so inuch great havock among the French who less do they, who only play with thele had criminal commerce with women natural experiments, that I think Nu- who had been intected by the Spaniards. cleus is very little better than king Pepin But that this distemper is of a much in Bedlam, who is always wearing a earlier date is evidently proved by the traw crown; or the boy at the head of Treatise of Surgery wrote at Paris, by the canal, who thews you the refiitance Lanfranc of Milan, in 1296, a very of the water, by making his stones dive fair the French king's library. and rise again, like ducks and drakes in The author, in the 11th chapter of the a pond.

third doctrine of his third tract, expresy Would Nucleus be an useful philoso. says, that bubo’s, chancres, and ulcers, pher, let his expences and experiments which appear on certain parts of the be rather turned to the improvement of body, proceed ex commixione cum ea nua arts and sciences ; let him apply his lieri,quæ cum egro salem habente morbum powers, and not idle them away ; let him de novo coieral. Could lie have exprellbless mankind with useful discoveries, ed more accurately the contagious prin. or at least discover where they are not ciple which is communicated from one to be expected; for of the two philolo- man to another, by the intervention of phical madnefles which have been the a third person ? Lanfranc goes farther : fashions of the present and the last he prescribes a preservative for him qui century, I think the old system the most recedit à muliere quam habet Sufpectum rational, tho' it aimed at a rain chide immunditiâ. Nutning, furely, can



be a demonftrative proof of the existence finely powdered; from this quantity fif.
of the venereal disease in Europe before teen gallons of fresh and wholesome wa.
the discovery of America, if these paf- ter may be extracted in two hours and a
sages be not so.

half, at the expence of little more than
a peck of coals; this proportion of in-
gredients will answer very well in these

northern seas, but in some parts of the From the UniveRSAL MUSEUN. Mediterranean or Indian sea, where the

water is more salt and bituminous, the A Method of extra&ting Fresh Water quantity must be increased to nine from Sea Water.

ounces of each ; the ship's boiler should UT twenty gallons of sea water not be used for this process ; what re

into a still, together with fix mains is very noxious. ounces of lapis internalis, and fix ounces

WALTER ROULSTON. of bones calcined to whiteness, and

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bert Since

NEWS Foreign and Domestick.
Petersburgh, December 9. most perfect tranquillity reign in those

countries : nothing ever happens there T is natural enough that from a but some bickerings between the subjects

country so remote as the frontiers of of the two states, and they are always in. this empire' towards China, one should stantly compromised by commissaries on not always exactly know in Europe what both sides. The mines, which are falsely passes there ; but it is surprising that supposed to be claimed, have been for any body should endeavour to supply ages past possessed by Ruffia, and are this want of regular intelligence, by a worked now, as they have always been, series of lies : such, for instance, is the without the least impediment or molesletter pretended to be written from this tation. city, and inserted in the supplement of We are told, that some English troops the Utrecht Gazette of the 11th of No. had entered Dacca (for what reason we vember, and copied by other Gazettes. cannot learn) when the Nabob fled from Nor is there any better foundation for his palace, which the English entered, the news said to have been brought by and began to plunder; information of the courier sent from hence to China in which being sent to the Nabob, he took the month of October last year, than an opportunity of falling upon them there is for giving an account of his re- with his forces, and entirely routed turn, which cannot be for some months them, cutting most of them to pieces; yet to come. The limits between the and being flushed with success, he attwo empires have been fixed above thir- tacked two of the company's factories ty years ago ; and it is ridiculous to and took them. write, that both governments are labour. It is reported that Gen. Laurence ing to regulate a thing that has been has stopped all the forces from coming so long perfectly settled. The same cre to England, and had sent for Gen. dit is due to the imaginary conquests of Draper's from Manilla, in order to draw the Chinese, as far as Selinginík, the the forces in a body. falling off of several tribes of Kalmucks It is said by some that the Dutch and Tartars to fide with the Chinese, were no ways concerned, but only the and the danger with which the fouth Nabob's troops, who were defending part of Siberia is threatened : mere vie their countıy. lions of the said Gazetteer or his cor. All the expresses that were dispached respondent. The greatest security and on Saturday last for Holland on the above


account, are detained at Harwich, hay which account his highness's levee, which
ing missed the packet-boat.

should have been this day, is deferred
Calimbuzar, said to be taken from us till this day se’ennight.
in the East-Indies, is an island in the Last Saturday afternoon the steward
river Hughly, on which are Cutwa fort of Mr. Wilkes arrived in town from Pa-
and town, and which was taken in the ris, which gave occafion to the report,
year 1757, by the admirals, Watson that he himself was arrived ; he left his
and Pocock, and colonel Clive. It be-

master in a very


fore that belonged to the French, and when he quitted France.
was then governed by M. Law. At It is confidently said, that a lottery,
that time the Nabob, Suraja Dowla, was

attended with annuities for life, the pro-
in the French interest; over whose army, prietors of which are to enjoy the bene-
consisting of 20,000 men, lord Clive fit of survivorship, will soon take place,
gained a complete victory, and made in imitation of the Tontines of France.
an amazing booty. After this, Jaffier The importation of Irish tallow, free
Ally Cawn was raised to be Nabob of of duty, is found to be of such import-
that province, at the instance of the ance to the nation, that it is said the
English ; on which he agreed, that all fame will be continued a further limit-
the country before belonging to the ed time.
French should be the property of the It is said, that a person who was late-
Englith, and the French never be per- ly an eminent merchant in this city, was
mitted to settle there, which has since concerned in procuring a ship to be
been ratified by the late treaty of peace. fraudulently lolt, on which account he
Since the above affair happened, our

has absconded, and diligent search is good friends the Dutch made some making after him, in order to bring claims, and three Indiamen came to

him to justice. blows with them, for their refusing to On Saturday last 6040 beaver, and deliver up five or fix English vessels they 3562 deer skins, for Spain ; 445 ditto, had seized in the above river, which has 104,427 lb. of tobacco, for France; caused several memorials to pass between 100 qrs. of wheat, for Portugal ; goo our court and the Dutch : but what was ditto of wheat, and 800 ditto of oatthe issue, the public knoweth not.--How. meal, for Breinen, were entered for ever, there are people who think, Jallier exportation. Ally Cawn is at length become Dutch.

The commissioners of the Customs Near Patna, (the other place taken are going to take in an additional number higher up the river) on Jan. 15, 161, of warehouses, and also an additionali the Mogul's troops, said to have conlist. number of clerks, on account of the in. ed of 80,000 men, headed by Shah create of trade, since the increase of our Zadda, and supported by a small num

colonies by the late treaty of peace. ber of French troops under M. Law, Exiract of a letter received on Monday were totally defeated, by major John Carnack, at the head of goo Europeans,

by Mr. Wirkes frim his Brother. 2500 Seapoys and 20,000 black troops,

Paris Hotel de Saxı,Jan 15,1764, with 12 pieces of cannon. M. Law, and " I am too ill at preient to be sure most of the French were taken priloners. of any fixed time for my return, and I

Wednesday, Feb. 8. There was no had hetter keep my room (as I am forcd
advice received yelterday, at court, of to do) here, than on the road to Calais,
the yachts with the prince and princess which would be the infallible conse-
of Bruniwick on board, since they quence of my fetting out.
failed from Harwich.

" I wrote to the Speaker last post,
His royal highness the duke of Cum- and inclofend, I believe, an unexcepti.
berland is laid up with a severe fit of onable certificate of my ill state of
the gout, in Grosvenor-Iquare ; on health. My eager desire is to return to


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