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Printed for T. WALLER, opposite Fetter-Lane, Fleet-Street.


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Continuation of the Story of the YOUNG CRIMINAL. ** LEASE to remember, of 70 guineas by winning. We esta.

reader, that I had promised blished a club for play that night, to to dine at the same tavern meet twice a week; I went home overin a few days, and my joyed, not only at my good fortune,

master's Yon put me in mind but also at the prolpect I had of gaining of it the night before the appointment. great sums; to qualify myself for that, I told him the resolution I had inade, I bought the Doctrine of Chances, itu. that I saw the ridiculousness of de- died the odds between main and chance, bauchery, that I despised it, and had nicks, throwing out, giving money updetermined never to be led into it again. on the han:), and all the other rules

But he sooned fhamed ne out of my and schemes of Hazard Tables. resolution, and rather than be thought As I was better versed in figures than ridiculous, I made myself wretched. any of the rest of my companions at

We met as polite, as friendly as por. that club, I did not in the least fear my fible; we supped' as usual, but we did being able to be their superior in maknot seem to be in the same flow of spi- ing or taking bets, and consequently rits for drinking as before. The no. supposel, from that knowledge, I shou'd velty of the company was worn off, every make my fortune. And this is the true body were then old faces to one ano. principle of a gameser ; for, young as ther--they considered me as one of them, I was, házard playing was no more they had no more left to do--they were pleasure to me, than what a common palled- jaded with riot, fick of liquor strumpet receives from a half hours dal- women were proposed-no-they ob- liance with a stranger--but as there jected to them--at last some person was a prospect of getting money by it, mentioned throwing a main-it was ap. I was determined to pursue it. proved of, and box and dice immedi. And herein I must caution parents of ately ordered.

too (trongly inculating the love of mio. I sat by while they played at Hazard ney, and the power of money, into their for some time, I was several times urged childrens minds—they become avaritito try my fortune ; they told me what ous ly such prejudices--the opinion I had to do, and which I saw others grows with their growtli, and strengthens do I ventured, took the box, and with their strength; and at lalt, they threw in five hands. This emboldened think nothing to be too mean, or too mne. When it came to my turn again, mischievous, so money is to be gòt by it. I threw with spirit; and, at the breaking

Wonen of the town are paradoxes ; lip of the party, found myself goflefled they are both avaritious and extravaVOL. II,



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