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Old Age Pensions Commission, study in Mas-
sachusetts, 562

Ohio, family welfare and legal aid, 191; re-
cruiting of social workers, 606; Supreme
Court decision on zoning, 367
Opium traffic, suppression of, 117
Opportunities in social work for public speak-
ing, 657

Organization, as it affects personality, 20;
form of, for federation publicity, 648; the
order of the day in social work, 5
Organization of Public Health, Hopkins, 222;
Peters, 228

Organization of Social Forces (Div. VIII), 449
Organization of Social Work in New Orleans,
The, Buell, 475

Pan American Child Congress, work of, 128
Parenthood and the community, 258
Parenthood, Suggested Further Developments
in Education for, Lowrey, 283

Parenthood Training, The Present Status of,
Brown, 277

Parents and mental health of children, 433
Park boards and community recreation, 497
Participation in International Child Welfare
Work, Lathrop, 126

Pasteur's contribution to public health, 223
Patriotism, should recognize virtues of op-
ponents, 74

Pauper, word should be abolished, 563
Pennsylvania, almshouse administration, 529;
Conference of Social Welfare and legal aid,
191; mothers' assistance in family life, 295;
poor-law administration, 527

Personality and civilization, 29; case workers'
stock in trade, 436; development of the
aim of social work, 4

Personality in Social Work, Lee, 19
Personality through Religious Experience,

The Development of Human, Silver, 272
Personality, What Measures Do We Have for
Growth in? Whitson, 290

Personnel of health departments, 228, 234,
238; of psychopathic work, 422, 428
Peters, William H., M.D. (paper), 228
Philosophy, Christian for social workers, 69;
for social workers, wanted, 30
Platform Address and Worth of Opportunities
which Social Agencies Have for Using It,
Value of The, Bickham, 657

Police cooperation with social work, 671
Politics and administration of public charity,
552; and public health, 228

Politics in State Institutions, Bowen, 554
Ports of embarkation, European, emigration
conditions, 571

Positive good the goal of social work, 3; law, 76
Potter, Ellen C., M.D. (paper), 527

Pray, Kenneth L. M. (paper), 625
Prenatal clinic, as part of a health center, 207
Private organizations, supervision of by public
authorities, 575

Probation work in juvenile court, 144, 481
Professional Standards and Education (Div.
XI), 587

Professional Standards of Social Work to the
Public, Interpreting, Bliss, 669; Rowe, 679
Program for Americanization, 582; county
welfare work, 546; maternity and infancy
in rural communities, 396; publicity (see
Div. XII), 637; for social work must be
democratic, 628; for standardization of
social statistics, 561

Program for an American City, Hart, 369
Program for Meeting Psychiatric Needs,
Adler, 419; Lowrey, 424

Progress (social) and law, 76

Progressive Methods of Care of Children
Pending Juvenile Court Hearing, Lenroot,

Protective Work with the Young, Binford,
158; Falconer, 164; Barnabas, 172
Protective work for children in New Orleans,

Psychiatric clinics for children's agencies, 407,
413; examination of adolescents, 200
Psychiatric Needs, Program for Meeting,
Adler, 419; Lowrey, 424

Psychiatry's contribution to judicial pro-
cedure, 185

Psychological aspects of detention problem,

Public and private agencies, division of work,
458; charity and human relations, 550;
health (see Health, Federal, State, etc.);
opinion and social work (see Div. XII),
637; supervision and the church, 515; wel-
fare (see Social Work)

Public Health, The Place of Social Work in,
Hopkins, 222

Public Health and the Federal Government,
Frankel and Tobey, 211; Bolt, 215

Public Officials and Administration (Div. IX),

Publicity, Available Channels of, Routzahn,

Publicity, educational (see Div. XII), 637
Punishment Versus Treatment, Jacoby, 175,

Purdy, Lawson (paper), 100

Quarantine in institutions, 199

Radicalism hardened down into conservatism
and privilege, 70

Radio as means of publicity, 644, 674
Randall, Emily B. (paper), 523


Raushenbush, H. S. (paper), 55

Records in an almshouse, 523; of growth in
personality, 29; of social work, personality
in, 23; social data, 259, 265, 270
Recreation, in Cleveland, 486; in program for
American city, 372, 381; of the young, 159;
significance, objectives, machinery, stand-
ards of, 493

Recruiting of Students by Schools and of
Apprentices by Agencies, Burnett, 599
Registration and cooperation, 472

Regularizing Employment, Progress in,
Brown, 352

Relief as a part of family welfare, 103; in form
of transportation, 534; public and private
combined in Iowa, 546

Religious (see also Spiritual, Church, etc.)
background in family life, 259, 265, 270
Religious Experience, The Development of
Human Personality through, Silver, 272
Remuneration of social workers, 591, 604
Renard, Blanche (paper), 500

Research in an infirmary, 519; in rural social
work, 465

Reynolds, Bertha C. (paper), 400

Rhode Island State Infirmary, social research
in, 519

Robinson, Bruce B. (paper), 407

Rockwood, H. L., M.D. (paper), 238
Rosenberry, M. B. (paper), 76
Routzahn, Mary Swain (paper), 543
Rowe, Clara Louise (paper), 679
Rural (see also Farm, Agriculture, etc.) com-
munities, a maternity and infancy pro-
gram for, 396; demand for trained workers,
595; social problems, facts and factors of,
394; social work in North Carolina, 461; in
Florida, 467; in New York, 471
Ryan, Rev. John A., D.D. (address), 62

St. Augustine, social work in, 468

St. Louis and federation publicity, 649, 654;
districting for social and civic purposes, 500
Salaries of social workers, 591, 604
Sankey Commission's plan for solving coal
problems in England, 40

Sartwell, Ransom H. (paper), 519
Schisby, Marion (paper), 571

School boards and community recreation, 497;
problems being attacked scientifically, 620;
teachers and professional standards, 618;
teachers and social work, 599
Schools, deal with behavior problems, 426;
as recruiting centers for social workers, 601;
of education and professional standards,
618; of engineering, studied, 613; of social
work and recruiting of social workers, 600
Settlement law, need of uniform, 536, 540;
social, in life of city, 382

Sex, social control of, 258

Sheppard-Towner Act, 216, 219

Siberia, repatriation of war prisoners, 115
Silver, Rev. Abba Hillel, D.D. (address), 61;
(paper), 272

Smuggling of aliens into U.S., 566

Social action in industry, international, 118;
aspects of coal industry, 35, 50, 55; aspects
of employment, 352; data and religious life,
259; forces, organization of (Div. VIII),
449; progress and law, 76; statistics, stand-
ardization of, 558

Social Aspects of the Coal Industry, Devine,

Social Case Workers' Attitudes and Problems
as They Affect Her Work, The, Dexter, 436
Social Problems of Our Mexican Population,
J. B. Gwin, 327

Social Research in an Infirmary, Sartwell, 519
Social Service Exchange, The, A Tool for
County Cooperation, Falconer, 471

Social Significance of Recent Court Decisions
on Zoning, The, Bettman, 364

Social Work and the Law, Bradway, 189;
Kirchwey, 181

Social Work, How Much Can a Community
Afford? From the Economic and Social
Point of View, Purdy, 100; From the Ethi-
cal Point of View, Addams, 108

Social Work in Public Health, The Place of,
Hopkins, 222

Social Work, International Aspects of,
Crowdy, 113

Social Work, The Spiritual Element in, Ryan,

Social Work, agencies and recruiting of social
workers, 599; and democracy, 625; and
founding of families, 251; and public health,
222; and public opinion, 659; and religious
background of family, 259, 265, 270; and
religious experience, 275; and the law, 181,
189; county unit in, 461; cost of, 449, 561;
fiduciary character of, 637; goals of, 3-10;
governmental responsibility for, 457; gov-
ernmental supervision of, 641; in New
Orleans, 475, 479; interpreting of stand-
ards, 669, 679; juvenile court the achieve-
ment of, 183; leadership in, 7, 10, 21, 607;
personality in, 19; publicity (Div. XII), 637;
rural, in Florida, 467; rural, in North Caro-
lina, 461; support of, 449; turnover in work-
ers, 511; unit of in large city, 500, 504, 510;
volume of, 449, 561; wasteful, 640; with
other races, 14

Social worker, ability to state problems, 648;
and birth control, 67; and democracy, 625;
and ethics, 607; and International Labor Or-
ganization, 121; and public opinion, 71; and
religious faith, 275; and spiritual element,
65; and the family as an institution in so-
ciety, 375, 378; and trade unionism, 339,
346; and zoning, 362; as leader, 7; as trus-

tee of funds, 637; attitudes and problems,
436; breathless habit of, 12; demand for,
587, 591; education needed as well as train-
ing, 596; in rural communities, 462; licens-
ing of, 598; medical, 207; motives of, 68,
436; need of books and scholarship, 15;
need of sharing one's best, 17; number of,
587; personality, 19, 436; philosophy for,
30, 69; recruiting of, 599; relations with
client, 63; remuneration of, 591, 604; speci-
fications for publicity secretary, 651; treat-
ment processes of, 400; with other races, 15
Society, The Family as an Institution in,
Kerby, 374

South America's immigration increasing, 574
South, family life in small town, 384
Speakers' Bureau, Conducting a Year-Round,
Hillhouse, 664

Speaking as means of publicity, 644, 654, 657,
664, 673

Spiritual (see also Religious, Church, etc.)
Spiritual Element in Social Work, The, Ryan,

Stability of social work personnel, 591
Standardization of Social Statistics, Frankel,

Standards of, admission to almshouse, 525;
city health work, 228, 236; community
recreation, 493; cooperation in carrying out,
517; interpreting, 669, 679; juvenile court
work, 146; living of farmers, 388; profes-
sional education, 587; rural social work,

State, and federal subsidies, 215; assistance in
maternity and infancy program, 398; control
of marriage, 251; grants to children proposed,
313; hospitals with psychiatric clinics for
children, 408; institutions and politics, 554;
program for meeting psychiatric needs, 424;
supervision of juvenile court, 147; super-
vision of private agencies, 515

Statistics of, aged in Massachusetts, 562;
immigration, 319, 320; mental hygiene,
560; Mexicans in U.S., 328; Negro health in
Cleveland, 241, 242; Negro populations,
321, 384; size of family in England and
Wales, 307; standardization of, 558; value
of family living on farm, 390

Steamship companies and immigration, 571
Stillman, Charles C. (paper), 607
Street, Elwood (paper), 648

Students, recruiting of for social work, 599
Subsidies, federal, and health, 215

Supervision of private organizations by public
authorities, 515

Support of social work, 449

Supreme Court pronouncements on social
welfare, 216

Survey, as means of interpreting standards,
679; health of 186 cities, 233; in social
work, need of philosophy, 34; of engineering
education, 614

Tax and Contribution Support of Social Work:
Facts as Revealed by the Study of Volume
and Cost of Social Work, Clapp, 499
Taxation a means of solving monopoly prob-
lem in anthracite coal, 43, 53
Taylor, Ethel (paper), 412

Technique of case worker, 436; of mental
hygiene worker, 433; of social worker, 400
Temporary care of children, 135
Tenancy turnover, 511

Terminology of social work, 563

Tests of community recreation, 498

Texas, The Mexican Immigrant in, Hand-
man, 332

Thurston, Henry W. (paper), 148
Tobey, James A. (paper), 211
Toledo, naturalization customs, 577
Town, family life of Negro in small, 384
Trade Unionism and Social Work, Billikopf
and Glassberg, 339; Donnelly, 346
Trade Unions and the Family Welfare Agency,
Billikopf and Glassberg, 339

Trained social workers, demand for, 587, 595
Training for boys' work, 172; for health work,
234, 238; for parenthood, 277, 283; for social
work, development of since 1912, 9; in per-
sonality, 28

Transportation Agreement, The, Brackett,

Traveling clinics, 409

Treatment Processes as Developed by the
Social Worker, Reynolds, 400
Treatment versus punishment, 175, 188
Trends Since Cleveland, 1912, Some Signifi-
cant (presidential address), Vaile, 3
Tuberculosis and public health, 226; in Cin-
cinnati, 232; in Cleveland, 241;

Turner, Mary O'Donnell (paper), 582
Tyson, Mrs. Helen Glenn (paper), 295

Uniform Area Plan for Chicago City-Wide
Social Agencies, Clarke, 510

Uniform Districting in a Large City for Social
and Civic Purposes, Renard, 500
Uniform Settlement Law, The Need of a,
Hasking, 536; Gillin, 539

Union, need of, 71

Unit of social work, in a large city, 500, 504;
the county, 461, 467, 471

United Mine Workers' plan to solve coal
problems, 40, 48, 60

United States, child dependency, in 148;
immigration (see Div. X, 565); naturaliza-
tion laws, 576

United States Public Health Service, an assist-
ant secretary proposed, 214; and immigra-
tion, 572; some activities of 212, 233
Unmarried mothers in almshouse, 522


Vaile, Gertrude (presidential address), 3
Vance, Donald (paper), 645

Vice problems in immigration, 566
Visiting teacher work, 485

Volume of social work, study of, 499

Wage, living, and family allowances, 305
Walker, W. F. (paper), 233

Wanted: A Philosophy for Social Workers,
Crothers, 30

Ways in which Professional Schools are Ele-
vating Educational Standards, Woodward,
Ways in which Standards of Professional
Training Have Been Raised in Schools of
Education, Hunt, 618

Welfare (see also Social Work, Child, Family,

Welfare Work in Cleveland, with Special
Reference to Recreation and Character
Building, A Charting of the Organization
and Performance of, Haynes, 486

West Palm Beach County, Florida: A Unit
for Social Work, Cooley, 457

Where in Social Work Can the Concept of
Democracy be Applied? Pray, 625
Woodward, Frederick C. (paper), 621
Whitson, Walter W. (paper), 290

Wisconsin, Supreme Court decision on zoning,

Women, naturalization of, 581; and children,
suppression of traffic in, 115

Wyckoff, Garret P. (paper), 595

Year-round publicity, 655, 664
"Yellow-Dog" contract, 346
Young, Protective Work with the, Binford,
158; Falconer, 164; Barnabas, 172

Zoning, and housing conditions, 360; recent
court decisions, social significance of, 364
Zoning Is Doing to Improve Housing Condi-
tions, What, Hartman, 360

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