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wocher Epiftle, is very highly - T. 22:3, speaking of the same, # 2 Et Lotr i sse vice at it. But the poo og serie nce of its powerful and happy *. I ze End o God, on the Heart of nebo ar: Tons bis Fortieth Epistle, thus :

* Bain ? 2 Leccened to me his Grace. ht , het ei, at a!'o to many others, toy zlova

o res; akose Heart God Ore 11 e entered into true Re.

* 1994LI: ztiarecone to the inward 32. * pp :z sirms ; being now of

1 03 Garment of Sin and 220 derecho lacno Chitral and Life. Of dheit & UT PU; fetr Days ago in

3. Siirr y Distinction, the Pa

r a Life: In whom I ** izei & Power of the ..-". "N o Lizit, and at the fame or *** Sa ar Exprespons of and B laze krer fire been witness

:: Pas at vorzu by the fame Ope. Tra

ny Ver. And indeed I tho ..

/ 2 in them, if I had

zzies the Divine Jun 26. 2027; ens' for three H. us Joua astinte de

God, ----Dung. So that he

Rus Dang in the Preencect G w others, cue of Hamily and Seite It God joyfulness and Great TIL

anned and renezied his Han nard 198 een this it'onderful lor

gether with another Man in :

to me, and highly rejoiced it Of tere brought to it, throuh

laa biise Time many Oiher alion, the same beffed Way; fo th. om I meration enably perceive,

known in the Spirit, heutik roveth and openeth itself in und earnest. This Accoun

her, I give you in the Pre one- ruth; seeing You are o ed I those to whole Hands this

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the Divine Appointment.

aved with 7oy, and ta Con- though you do not long

his persons above-mentioned into may receive it of God; ut

my Spirit, to know that) thne Man Should not purpose bime according to his own W Gt to down into God's Will,

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Ep. 45.

approach Him. So threw himfelf wholly upon God's Mercy, willing to let God do with and through him what He would, and desirous that God might be the fole Mover of his Prayers and Repentance. Upon which the Divine Sun instantly broke forth and shone in him; and for three Hours together, fpoke through his Mouth nothing but these Words, God,----Dung. God ----Dung. So that he accounted himself even as Dung in the Presence of God. In which" deep Exercise of Humility and Self-loathing the Divine Sun of Joyfulness and Great Knowledge arose, and wholly turned and renewed his Heart and Mind. After I had seen this Wonderful Work of God in him, he, together with another Man in the like Condition, came to me, and highly rejoiced with me; because they were brought to it, through my Book of Repentance. In a little Time many Others were likewise found in the same blessed Way; so that I did with much Admiration fenfibly perceive, what I had long before known in the Spirit, how the Door of Grace mightily moveth and openeth itself in such Souls as are sincere and earnest. This Account, dear Friend and Brother, I give you in the Presence of God as a certain Truth ; seeing You are one of the First-Fruits of those to whose Hands this Talent* is come through the Divine Appointment. Which you have also received with "Joy, and taken great. Pains therein: though you do not long after that which the Two Persons above-mentioned did, nor labour that you may receive it of God; which it would much rejoice my Spirit, to know that you did. Although indeed a Man should not purpose to receive aught from God according to his own Will, but only fink himself down into God's Will, as those Pérfons did; in

b 2


* His Writings.


order that God may, in and with him, do, know, will, enlighten, and lead him, how He plenseth. However, I was willing to inform you of this Event, in Love, for I well know that Your Soul will rejoice at it together with theirs and mine. I can asure you farther, that God hath brought fome, who were Pharisees and Reproachers of me, to the Light, and converted them, so that they now defre to have and read these Writings. Yea, they themselves now teach the Necessity of the New-Birth, and Renovation in the Spirit of Christ; esteeming and confeffing all Disputation to be idle and useless, and no better than Dung, in comparison of That; and direct Men to the Life of Christ. Moreover, these Writings have been very lately fought and desired by fome Great Men in Place and Power: So that it may be hoped the Day-break is at Hand.

It remains to fay a few Words of the present Edition of this Golden Manual. The English Tran lation of The Way to Christ, was first printed in 24mo, for Humphrey Blunden, a Lover of the Teutonic Theosophy, in the Year 1654.---And again, near a Hundred Years afterwards, viz. 1752, at Manchester, in 12mo, under the Auspices of the late pious and ingenious Dr. Byrom; who was likewise an Admirer of this divine Writer. But both these Editions being now out of Print, it seemed expedient and seasonable to give the Public this New, Corrected, and Enlarged one in a Pocket Size: Which can be no Prejudice, but may rather serve as a Preparative or Manuduction, to the accurate and elegant Edition in Five Volumes, Quarto, of the Whole Works of Jacob Behmen, now under Publication, and in Part published, by G. Robinson, in Pater-Nofter-Row, London, and illustrated with Explanatory Figures left by the Rev. Mr. Law.


The smaller Pieces of the Author's annexed to The Way to Christ, as treating of the same Articles, were selected out of his other Writings, and printed with this in that first Edition; all of them, except the Epistle to a Perfon troubled in Mind, which is here subjoined to his Treatise on the Complexions, as being analogous to his Discourse on the Melancholy Complexion, and throwing more Light on that dark Subject. An Explication also of some of the more difficult and unusual Words occurring in His Writings, was inserted in both those Editions, but so obscure in fome Particulars, and so short in all, as very insufficiently to answer its Title and Undertaking. It was thought good therefore to supply this Defect, by a fuller and more fundamental Exposition of the peculiar Terms and Expressions to be found in this Book, deduced from some of his other Writings, and those of his Great Disciple and Illustrator, Mr. Law.

It shall suffice to conclude this Address to the worthy Reader, with a forcible Exhortation of our

Author's to a friend, concerning this His Way to Christ, taken from one of his Epistles.

If you would enter into the Practice of this Book, you would soon experience its Profit. For it is generated out of an anxious Twig, (or Birth,) through Fire; and it was, and is, my own very Process or Way, whereby I have attained the Pearl of the Divine Knowledge."*


. * Remainder of 7. Behmen's Epistles. Ep. 27.

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