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į, was made lord of God's hand-works upon earth;

and all the creatures in it paid their homage to him, when they came and received their names from him in paradise : but now the crown is fal

len from his head, he has come short of this glos B ry; the creatures refuse subjection to him. 2 3. Man is come short of the glory he had in

the enjoyment of God in paradise. It was man's glory, honour and happiness to be allowed a more than ordinary familiarity with God. God and A. dam conversed together in paradise. He was al.. lowed the company of God; that made his state happy indeed. What could man want while the all-sufficient God kept up so close, so blessed and comfortable a familiarity with him, and daily load, ed hiin with his favours ! But this he has come short of.

4. Man has come short of that glory he had the prospect of. God set bim fairly on the way, and did furnish him sufficiently for a journey to e ternal, unchangeable, never-fading glory; but this he has come short of; and this indeed follows natively upon the former. This is indeed much, but we conceive this is not all that the expression has in it; nay, certainly there is more in it: this falling short, though it only seems to point at the négative, yet certainly it takes in the positive; and we therefore say, that this expression, in the

5. Place,implies not only man's loss of his original beauty and glory in a conformity to the image of God, but that he has fallen in the mire, and is defiled by sin. · He who some time a day was the image and glory of God is now more filthy than the ground he' treads on, than the mire of the Street, tiian the lothsom toad. 6. Not only has he lost the dominion he had, G4


but he is become a slave, a slave to fin. He who some time a day, looked like a god in the world, is now debased down to hell. He to whom the creatures once vailed as to their sovereign, now daily stands in danger of his life by them, and lies open to the insults of the meanest of them.

7. Not only has he lost the sweet and soul-ravishing communion he had with God, but now he is (as it' were) scarce capable to look toward him; the sight of God which once was his life is now to him as death. ..

8. Not only has man forfeited his title to fu: ture happiness, but which is worse, he is by fin entitled to future, eternal, inconceivable misery and wo. A dreadful coming short this is indeed. From how high a hope into what an inconceive able abyss of misery and wo, is poor man fallen by fin! The crown is fallen from his head. - He was a little hence all beauty, glory, excellency and comeliness : but now, alas, we may grone out an Ichabod over him ! where is the glory. We come now, in the

line Sixth place, to enquire' into the fource and spring of all this misery and wo. How and whence is it that all are involved in the guilt of fin ; and this fad and afflicting calamity fows,

1. From the guilt of Adam's first fin. Adam by the holy, wise, just and good appointment of God stood in the room of all his posterity. Had he stood, in him we all had stood, and retained the innocency and integrity of our natures, the favour, love and kindness of heaven"; but he falling into fin, in him we all finned; and by the disobedience of this one man, we all were made finners, as the apostle doth at large discourse, Rom. v. from the 12 ver, and downwards. This,

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this is the poisoned spring whence all our sin, all
our sorrow and misery flows.. .

2. This flows from the natural depravity of the
mind of man that is transmitted to us from our
progenitors. We are shapen in iniquity, and in
sin did our mothers conceive us. We received a .
fatal wramp when first formed in the womb, as
the Pfalinist complains, Pfal. li. 5. And indeed
there is none can bring a clean thing out of an
unclean. Our infected parents transfer to us the
infection of sin. Sin runs in a blood, and our na- .
tures have a natural inclination to evil, only to e-
vil, and that continually, Gen. vi. 5. :

3. This flows from abounding temptations, As our hearts are wicked, and set only on evil'; fo every thing in this present disorder on account of fin, is suited to carry on the infection. The creatures, by reason of fin, are made subject to vanity. They are made fübfervient to the lusts of men; the devil and our corrupt hearts daily abuse them to this end; and by these means it is that all men have sinned, and thereby come sort of the glory of God. .

The application is that which we principally designed in the choice of this subject: and therefore, we have but named things in the doctrinal. part: and now we come to improve the whole.

That which ve design chiefly in the improve-'! ment of this, is an use of conviction.' Some days ago we came to you proclaiming the grace, 'mercy, and love of God in Christ Jesus ; now we come to accuse you as guilty of sin, "The design of our doing so, is indeed the advancement of the glory of Chrift, and in him of the grace and mercy of the Lord God. But our present work in itself is fuch as doth not in its own nature look that way, tho'

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by the infinite wisdom and goodness of God it be made subservient thereunto.

You are all here present before the Lord, to hear what God the Lord will speak unto you ; and as Ehud said to Eglon king of Moab, so we say to you, We have a mesage from God to you, Judg. iii. 20. A sad message, not much unlike to that which Ebud brought to Eglon, a message of death. We come this day to you to implead you in God's name as guilty of sin. The message is not to some particular gross offenders, but to every soul now present before the Lord; to the child, to the young man and maid, to those of riper years, and to them who are old, and stoop under the weight of many years.

In the name, and at the instance of the great, the terrible God, the king, the Lord of hosts, whose naine is dreadful among the heathen, Mal. i. 14. that confirmneth the word of his servants, and performeth the counsel of his messengers, Il. xliv. 26. we are to implead, impeach, and accuse every soul here present as guilty of sin. Hitherto we have spoken in general, which, it may be, has been no better to you than Nathan's parable to David. It may be Tome of you have been faying, that the soul that has figned has deserved. ly fallen short of the glory of God, and fallen under the wrath of God; but now what we said before in general, we come to say in particular to every one of you, as Nathan did to David, Thor art the man, thou art the wonian, thou art the child, the young man, or the maid who hast finned, and thereby come short of the glory of God.

Now that we may be successful in this work, and bring you if possible, to understand your state and condition, we thall

1. Read

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1. Read and open, as it were, the charge and indictment we do in God's name bring against you. 1. 2. Lead witnesses, whereby we shall prove it a.

gainst you all in general.
3. Endeavour particularly by arguments to make
our charge good. (1.) Against children and
young men. (2.) Against these of a middle age.
And (3.) against old men and old wonen. This
we shall do, as it were, by taking you to the pla-
ces, the companies and occasions where you have
finned, and incurred the guilt now charged on

4. Shew what fatisfaction our great Lord demands against such traitors.

5. What reason he has to require it. And then, 6. Endeavour to represent to you, your misery upon this account.

I. The charge we lay against you, is not some petty, some small misdemeanour, that may be atoned for by a bare acknowlegement, by some pi. tiful mock, God have mercy upon me. No; the charge draws deep, it is no less crime than that of fin, sin against the great Sovereign of the world. Ye all have sinned. O if ye knew what a world of evil is in that cursed thing Sin! When we fay, ye have sinned, you are ready to say, O we know that well enough, is this all ye have to say ? When we heard of such a dreadful thing as a charge and indictment in the name of God against Us, when we heard of leading witnesses,and all the other parts of a trial, we did apprehend there was fome terrible thing a coming, some dreadful, unheard of evil to be laid home to our door; but now. we find there is nothing said against us but only that we are finners, and who will deny this? Who knows it not ? and this is


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