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Eng by W Hughes

Scale of Cubits



(properly so called) with the COURT of the PRIESTS on un EVLARGED SCALE


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A Duter Wall of the Court of the Miasts
B Court of the Priests
C Chambers for the Singers, Guards, and wrionis

errors for the Mests
D Marble Tables on which the Beasts were killed
E Chambers where the vaut was prepared for

the Niemens
F Porches of the principnl Guttes
G Stepr of the principat bites
H Varth Gute Porch, her the Perists were killat on D
1 Pillars supporting the onštrues roumel the Court

or the Horts

K Stars leartma to the upper (hambers of the Priests
L Small Apartments round the Temple, where the

necessarius wete kept for its use
M Holy or Holies
N Holy Place
0 The Porch
P Steps at the Porch of the Temple
Q Altur for Burnt ofierings
R Steps of the Altar
S Wall of separation round the Altar
T Sturs to the upper Apartments
Vall or the Temple properly so alled

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narrowings, or, rebate ments.

God's promise unto it.


The ornaments of the temple. Before

round about, both of the temple and children of Israel, and will not for-
of the oracle: and he made + cham- sake my people Israel.
bers round about:

14 So Solomon built the house, Heb. ribs.

6 The nethermost chamber was and finished it.
five cubits broad, and the middle was 15 And he built the walls of the
six cubits broad, and the third was house within with boards of cedar,

seven cubits broad: for without in || both the floor of the house, and the ! Or, from + Heb. the wall of the house he made + nar- walls of the cieling: and he covered here the

rowed rests round about, that the them on the inside with wood, and the walls, &c.
beams should not be fastened in the covered the floor of the house with 16.
walls of the house.

planks of fir.
7 And the house, when it was in 16 And he built twenty cubits on
building, was built of stone made the sides of the house, both the floor
ready before it was brought thither: and the walls with boards of cedar:
so that there was neither hammer he even built them for it within, even
nor ax nor any tool of iron heard for the oracle, even for the most holy
in the house, while it was in build- place.

17 And the house, that is, the 8 The door for the middle cham- temple before it, was forty cubits 1 Heb. ber was in the right + side of the long.

house : and they went up with wind 18 And the cedar of the house
ing stairs into the middle chamber, within was carved with || knops and i Or, gourds.
and out of the middle into the third. + open flowers: all was cedar; there + Heb.
9 So he built the house, and finish- was no stone seen.

openings of 1 Or, the

ed it; and covered the house || with 19 And the oracle he prepared in canll-beams beams and boards of cedar.

the house within, to set there the ark
ceilings with 10 And then he built chambers of the covenant of the Lord.

against all the house, five cubits high: 20 And the oracle in the forepart
and they rested on the house with was twenty cubits in length, and
timber of cedar.

twenty cubits in breadth, and twenty
11 And the word of the LORD cubits in the height thereof: and he
came to Solomon, saying,

overlaid it with † pure gold; and so + Heb. shut 12 Concerning this house which covered the altar which was of cedar. up. thou art in building, if thou wilt walk 21 So Solomon overlaid the house in my statutes, and execute my judg- within with pure gold : and he made ments, and keep all my command- a partition by the chains of gold be

ments to walk in them; then will I fore the oracle ; and he overlaid it b 2 Sam. 7. perform my word with thee, b which I with gold. 1 Chron. 22. spake unto David thy father :

22 And the whole house he over13 And I will dwell among the laid with gold, until he had finished




and the


5. — he made chambers round about :) In the Hebrew, charges respecting it, unless he firmly intended to lead he made “ribs,” by which some understand galleries, a religious life, and observe all the Divine laws. Bp. Paencompassing the above-mentioned chambers, so as to trick. afford a convenient passage to them. The chambers were 15. the walls of the house] He here speaks, ver. 15, made for the convenience of the priests, where they 16, of the most holy place, which, of all parts of the might refresh themselves, change their dress, eat of the temple, was properly called “ the house,” because here sacrifices, &c. Bp. Patrick.

the Divine glory dwelt, and here answers were given 7. - so that there was neither hammer nor ax &c.] The from the oracle of God. It is called “the house within," sense is plain, that the stones were laid without any ver. 19, probably on account of its being farthest from noise, there being nothing to be done but to join them the entrance into the whole building, together. Bp. Patrick. All the materials, whether of 17. the house, that is, the temple before it,] He here wood or stone, were so adapted and prepared before- speaks of the holy place, or that part of the house, hand, that they were put together with great quick- which was before the most holy place; the former being ness, little trouble, and very little or no noise of work forty cubits in length, and the latter twenty. Bp. Patrick. manship. Pyle.

19. And the oracle he prepared &c.] The inmost or 12. Concerning this house &c.] While Solomon was holiest room (agreeably to that in the tabernacle) was laying the foundation, and raising the building very the place where the ark (or oracle) was to stand, whence firm and strong, which would last for many generations, the whole room is called the oraclé, ver. 20. This room God conveys this intimation to him, that he should not was plated every where with beaten gold, ver. 20, as presume upon its duration, unless he and the people of was also the altar (of incense) that stood before the ark. Israel continued in obedience; and therefore that he The holy place, and the most holy, ver.21,22, were parted had better not proceed in his work, nor incur further by a large costly vail or curtain, hung upon golden





|| Or, oily. + Heb. trees of oil,



The ornaments of the temple.


The time of building it,
all the house : also the whole altar overlaid with gold, within and with-
that was by the oracle he overlaid out.
with gold.

31 1 And for the entering of the
23° 1 And within the oracle he oracle he made doors of olive tree:
made two cherubims of I tolive tree, the lintel and side posts were || a fifth Or,
each ten cubits high.

part of the wall.

wing of the Cherub, and livel eubits olive tree; and he carved upon them here or the
the other wing of the cherub : from carvings of cherubims and palm trees
the uttermost part of the one wing and topen flowers, and overlaid them + Heb.
unto the uttermost part of the other with gold, and spread gold upon the nomings of
were ten cubits.

cherubims, and upon the palm trees.
25 And the other cherub was ten 33 So also made he for the door
cubits : both the cherubims were of of the temple posts of olive tree, || a | Or,
one measure and one size.

fourth part of the wall.
26 The height of the one cherub 34 And the two doors were of fir
was ten cubits, and so was it of the tree: the two leaves of the one door
other cherub.

were folding, and the two leaves of
27 And he set the cherubims with the other door were folding,

in the inner house: and © || they 35 And he carved thereon cheru# Or, the stretched forth the wings of the che- bims and palm trees and open flowers :

rubims, so that the wing of the one and covered them with gold fitted
touched the one wall, and the wing upon the carved work.
of the other cherub touched the 36 1 And he built the inner court
other wall; and their wings touch with three rows of hewed stone, and
ed one another in the midst of the a row of cedar beams.

37 9 In the fourth year was the
28 And he overlaid the cherubims foundation of the house of the LORD
with gold,

laid, in the month Zif: 29 And he carved all the walls of 38 And in the eleventh year, in the house round about with carved the month Bul, which is the eighth figures of cherubims and palm trees month, the house finished appurand + open flowers, within and with || throughout all the parts thereof, thereof, and out.

and according to all the fashion of it, ordinances 30 And the floor of the house he So was he seven years in building it,

C Exod. 25. 20.

cherubims stretched forth their wings,

1. Or, with all the


+ Heb. openings of flowers.




the partition itself, as far as the curtain, was seven years and a half in building it, but the half year overlaid with gold, as was also the whole of the sanc- is omitted to express the time in round numbers. Bp. tuary or holy place. Pyle.

Patrick. This building of the temple was a work of 23. — two cherubims of olive tree,] These were dif- extraordinary despatch, if we consider its magnitude, ferent from the cherubims constructed by Moses, which variety, and minuteness. The summit of the rocky were of solid gold, rising out of each end of the mercy limestone mount of Moriah was first to be levelled, and seat, and looking towards each other, Exod. xxv. 18, hollows and inequalities to be filled up, in order to form 19. But these were of a much larger size, and made of a sufficient area or platform for the temple itself, its olive wood. Thus, in the most holy place of Solomon's courts, porticoes, and surrounding offices, which altotemple, there were four cherubims; two lesser made by gether composed a prodigious pile of building, the most Moses of massy gold, and two larger made by Solomon, splendid and magnificent, perhaps, that the world ever overlaid with gold. Those constructed by Moses formed saw; worthy of the Divine Architect who planned, and part of the mercy seat, and were inseparable from it; of the wise and opulent prince who executed it. Dr. these of Solomon seem to have spread their wings over Hales. Though the temple itself was a small edifice, it, being added only for the greater ornament and glory yet the many courts and offices about it made the whole of God's house. It is generally agreed, that, by the a vast pile; and the exquisiteness of the art, and the cherubims which were so plentifully delineated in every small number of the artists that could be employed, renpart of this holy place, the hosts of angels were repre- dered a long time necessary for the construction. It sented, there attending on the Divine Majesty, as minis- must be owned, however, that, considering all things, ters to execute his pleasure. Bp. Patrick.

singular despatch was used; for, if the building of 36. he built the inner court] Meaning the court of Diana's temple at Ephesus employed all Asia for 200 the priests, or that in which they were to perform their years; and if no less than 360,000 men were employed services ; and which, as here described, was parted from for twenty years in erecting one pyramid, (as Pliny the court of the people by a low wall faced with wood, affirms,) no reasonable man can wonder that the temple so that the people might see what the priests did, and was seven years and a half in building. Stackhouse. the priests could address the people for any purpose The following is a further account of Solomon's temple, which they might wish. Pyle.

given by Calmet, from whom the plan of the structure 38. - So was he seven years in building it.] He was which accompanies this work is taken,






till 992. a Chap. 9. 10.

The building of Solomon's house. CHAP. VII.

The porch of pillars, &c.

4 And there were windows in three

rows, and + light was against light in
1 The building of Solomon's house. 2 Of the three ranks.
house of Lebanon. 6 of the porch of pil-

+ Heb. sight

5 And all the || doors and posts against lars. 7 Of the porch of judgment. 8 Of the house for Pharaoh's daughter. 13 Hi- were square, with the windows: and stor, ram's work of the

two pillars. 23 Of the light was against light in three ranks. spaces and molten sea. 27 Of the ten bases. 38 Of 6 1 And he made a porch of pil- square in the ten lavers, 40 and all the vessels. lars; the length thereof was fifty

UT Solomon was building his cubits, and the breadth thereof thirty he finished all his house.

them: and the other pillars and the heading to 2 | He built also the house of the thick beam were || before them.

|| Or, forest of Lebanon; the length there 7 Then he made a porch for the according to of was an hundred cubits, and the throne where he might judge, even breadth thereof fifty cubits, and the the porch of judgment: and it was height thereof thirty cubits, upon covered with cedar + from one side Heb. from four rows of cedar pillars, with cedar of the floor to the other. beams upon the pillars.

8 9 And his house where he dwelt 3 And it was covered with cedar had another court within the porch, + Hebe ribs. above upon the + beams, that lay on which was of the like work. Solomon

forty-five pillars, fifteen in a row. made also an house for Pharaoh's

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floor to floor.

The place pitched upon for the erection of this mag- sary for the use of the temple. There were but three nificent structure was on one side of mount Sion, called ways of entrance, to the east, north, and south, and Moriah. Its entrance or front stood towards the east, there was an ascent to it of eight steps. Before, and and the most holy and most retired part was towards over against the gate of the court of the priests, in the the west. In the books of Kings and Chronicles we court of Israel, was erected a throne for the king, have chiefly a description of the temple properly so being a magnificent alcove, where the king seated himcalled, that is, the holy place, the most holy, and the self when he came into the temple. Within the court apartments belonging to them, also the vessels, imple of the priests, and over against the same eastern gate, ments, and ornaments of the temple; without much was the altar of burnt offerings, of twelve cubits square, description of the courts and open areas, which how- according to Ezek. xliii. 12, 13, or of ten cubits high, ever made a principal part of the grandeur of this august and twenty broad, according to 2 Chron. iv. 1; the asedifice. But Ezekiel has supplied the defect by the cent to it was by stairs on the eastern side. Beyond this, exact plan which he has delineated of these parts. It and the west of the altar of burnt offerings, was the must be owned that the temple, as described by Eze- temple properly so called, that is, the most holy place, the kiel, was never restored after the Babylonish captivity, holy place, and the porch or entrance. The porch was according to the model and mensurations which that twenty cubits wide, and six cubits deep. The holy place Prophet has given of it. But as the measures which was forty cubits wide, and twenty deep. There stood the he sets down for the holy and most holy places are golden candlestick, the table of shewbread, and the golnearly the same as those of the temple of Solomon, and den altar upon which the incense was offered. The most as this Prophet, who was himself a priest, had seen the holy place was a square of twenty cubits. There was first temple, it is to be supposed that the description nothing in it but the ark of the covenant, including the which he gives us of the temple of Jerusalem, is that of tables of the law; the high priest entered into it only the temple of Solomon.

once a year; and none else was permitted to enter. The ground plot on which the temple was built was Solomon embellished the inside of this most holy place a square of 600 cubits, Ezek. xlv. 2. This space was with palm trees in relief, and cherubims of wood encompassed with a wall of the height of six cubits, covered with plates of gold, and in general the whole and of the same breadth. Beyond this wall was the of it was adorned, and, as it were, overlaid with plates court of the Gentiles, being, fifty cubits wide. After of gold. Round the holy and most holy places were this was seen a great wall

, which encompassed the whole three stories of chambers, to the number of thirty-three. court of the children of Israel. This court of the chil- Ezekiel makes them only four cubits wide; but, acdren of Israel was 500 cubits in square, and was en-cording to 1 Kings vi. 5, 6, five cubits were allowed to compassed all round with magnificent galleries, sup- the first story, six to the second, and seven to the third. ported by two or three rows of pillars. It had four gates or entrances, to the east, west, north, and south, Chap. VII. ver. 1. was building his own house thirrespectively. They were all of the same form and size, teen years,] It appears that he did not begin to build and each had an ascent of seven steps. The court was his own house till he had finished the house of God; paved with marble of divers colours, and had no cover- for it is stated at chap. ix. 10, that he was twenty years ing; but the people, in case of need, could retire under in building the two. The house here mentioned was the galleries that were round about it. The court of in Jerusalem. It appears from the next verse, that he the priests was placed in the middle of the court of the also built another house for himself, called “the house people, and was a perfect square, having each side 100 of the forest of Lebanon.” We are not to suppose from cubits. It was encompassed without by a great wall

, this name that it was built in the forest of Lebanon, having various covered galleries and apartments round which was in the very extremity of Solomon's kingdom; about. These apartments were for the lodging of the it was probably built in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem, priests, and for laying up such things as were neces- and derived its name, perhaps, from being built on a

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