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The Antediluvian—the Patriarchal—the Wil.

derness—the Temple--the Christian-the Millennial--the Glory.


The dove hath returned with the olive leaf

now, And the ark is reposing on Ararat's brow : The door is unbarred; the world smiles as

before, And the patriarch walks its green carpet

once more: His earliest employment an altar to raise, And kneeling, his mighty Preserver to praise. Accepting the worship, God paints on the

The offering on yonder green hill must be

done, Whose brow shall sustain, in its splendour

and pride, The future abode where my name shall

reside,Take Isaac, thy loved one, thy dearest, thy

best, The child upon whom all the promises rest, There build thee an altar, the sacrifice he, That all may the strength of thy confidence

see.' 'T is done, the fair boy on the altar is laid, And Abraham undaunted prepares the sharp

blade; One glance to Jehovah, one struggle in prayer, And a voice from the sky utters loudly

• Forbear! Yonder ram, in the thicket entangled, shall be A substitute victim accepted by me.' The promise is then more abundant renewed, And Christ, and atonement, in metaphor



I stand on the summit of sepulchred years, And the scroll of past ages before me appears; Like a grand panorama, distinct to my eye, The homes of the world's early fathers pass


His pledge, in the rainbow, of fury gone by. But peopled afresh, soon rebellious again, His creatures engage in an enterprize vain ; Tower piled upon tower so immense they

will rear, That no second deluge their children shall

fear. God sees their devices unmoved on his throne, And showers a profusion of languages down; Distraction exults o'er the multitude now, And anger sits lord on each passionate brow; Till indignant, dividing, each seeks a retreat, And the Babel stands only a badge of defeat. A voice in the vineyards of Ur, 't is the

Lord And Abr’ham is summoned to wander abroad: • Go far from thy kindred, thy parents, thy

home, And thou shalt indeed a great nation become; My blessing on thee shall abundantly rest, And in thee, and thy seed, shall all nations

· be blest.' Long childless he waits, though old age on

his brow Hath scattered his silvery blossomings now; Still faithful, beholding the period extend, And talking with God as a man with his

friend. Despondent may Sarai devices invent, Or laugh at the promise while hid in the tent, At the time pre-determined shall Isaac be

born, And the bond-woman's child shall be ba.

nished forlorn. But now a new trial ; • Take Isaac thy son,

I see the white tents under Mamre's tall oaks, And the wells, where the maidens give drink

to the flocks. I see the rich vineyards, the green olivegroves, And the hills, which the swift-footed ante

lope loves. 'Tis noon, and young Esau comes weary and

worn, He hath coursed the gazelle since the first

flush of morn : With hungry desire, he sees the repast Rebekah's meek son is beginning to taste : • Here, give me the dish, let the birth-right

be thine;' And a moment transfers what a life shall

repine. I see their grey father half blind on his

couch, Deceived by his wife, and deceived in his

touch, Endowing with blessings extended and free The wily supplanter who bends at his knee. I see the stern hunter returning too late, Shedding tears of remorse at his folly and fate. While wandering for safety self-exiled from


To Jacob bright visions of blessedness come: Weep we may, rebel we must not, Heaven opening at Bethel, God visits the Though by numerous cares opprest; place,

Low we 're brought, but sink we cannot, Renewing the gift of unmerited grace. Leaning on our Jesus' breast. I see him by Laban deceived in his turn; I see him with all his abundance return.

Do the ills of life perplex thee? I see him a: Jabbok, when trembling with

Well may faint a heart like thine ; fear,

Burdened soul, thy Saviour loves thee, At tidings that Esau revengeful was near.

On his gracious arm recline.
I see in the moonlight the wrestler prevail,

Cast thyself, with all thy sorrow,
And friendly the brothers salute in the vale.
I see his tall sons with dark jealousy filled,

Where the loved disciple lay ;

Lean on Christ to-day, to-morrow. Conspiring to murder his favourite child.

Soon he 'll smile thy fears away. I see the loved youth weeping bound in the cave;

Bethnal Green.

I see him transferred at the price of a slave.
The cause of their hatred, the coveted coat,
I see them embrue in the blood of a goat;
I see them relentless, present to their sire,

With fiction of slaughter his Joseph's attire;
And hear the lament, the loud language of

Guide us, ( our Jesus, guide us, grief,

Through this vast wide wilderness, Which spurned consolation and mocked at

Till we join with all thy ransom'd relief.

In the glorious realms of bliss.

Then, when thou hast brought us thither, In the marble pavilions of Ham I behold,

We will strike our harps anew ; Like a monarch, the youth who was purchased

Nothing then our souls shall hinder and sold,

Or obscure thy face from view. Dispensing his mandates, inspired from above,

When is passed death's gloomy valley,
From Egypt the horrors of want to remove. And we tread fair Canaan's shore,
I see, when pale famine reigns scowling and Then shall we behold our Jesus

Ever, ever, evermore.
The sons of his father consulting for bread;
I see them obsequious his vision fulfil, Then what gladsome hallelujahs,
I hear the stern questions his love to conceal, In the realms of heavenly bliss,
Which bursting restraint when the youngest Will we sing to Christ our Saviour,

And our joys will never cease.
Shews the Regent of Egypt dissolving in

Heavenly pleasures, joys unnumbered,

Glories hidden from the sight,
But Joseph forgotten, and now on the throne

Are reserved for that blest moment-
A Pharaoh to whom all his skill was unknown, Moment of supreme delight!
The children of Jacob, in Goshen increased,

Till we meet thee, Lord, in glory,
Awaken suspicion in jealousy's breast;
The mandate is published, their children de-

Often give a sweet foretaste ;

Pay our longing souls a visit, stroy! No fond Hebrew mother shall smile on her

Bid us to a heavenly feast. boy!

Let us view our suffering Saviour, And the people, let taskmasters cause them By the blesse

By the blessed eye of faith; as slaves

And may faith behold her interest For Egypt's great kings to rear pyramid.

In his sufferings, groans, and death. graves.

Dearest Lord, aecept'our praises,
Let thy name exalted be,
For thy love, in condescending

To expire on Calvary's tree.

Saints and angels do adore thee,

And shall not such worms as we? WHEN our foes and fears alarm us,

Yes, King Jesus, loud hosannas
And the heart with grief o'erflows;

Will our souls ascribe to thee.
Then how sweet the voice that bids us
On the Saviour's love repose.


T. P.


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"For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the WORD, and the

Holy Ghost: and these Three are One."--1 John v. 7. "Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. Jude 3. “Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."---1 Tim. iii, 6.

MARCH, 1842.

PUPERY A SNARE AND A TRAP TO it!” and then, perhaps, the little UNWARY PROTESTANTS.

creature is taken, when it is too late A Word of Affectionate Counsel Against to regret the peril of the venture. Giving Encouragement or Support, in any The plan of the papists is this : first form, to the teachers and abettors of the to turn some poor man and his wife Church of Rome, wherever they may ap

from the true Catholic or universal pear.

Church of Christ to the Romish sect; " Keep me from the snare which they have

afterwards to take their children into laid for me.”—Ps. cxli. 9.

the Popish schools; by and by, to get Tae wise man, a long while ago, this perverted family to open their remarked, “ Surely in vain the net is cottage for worship ; then to invite spread in the sight of any bird," some other people around to attend ; Prov. i. 17. And we know full well, and so, step by step, to obtain a firm that to catch a bird in a snare, we footing in the place. Sometimes, must be very wary in our movements, where no person can be so turned to and quiet in all our proceedings. Popery, houses are hired, and Roman Any creature that hath a wing, would Catholics are sent from a distance to soon be beyond our reach, could it live in them. By little and little, the perceive the trap that we lay for its opening increases : and, after much liberty or life. Now, we fear that sly and secret working on the part of some of our neighbours, and espe. the papists and their helpers, every cially the simple and unlettered poor, body is surprised by a sudden outare hardly so cautious and prudent breaking, or establishment of Popery as they should be, when Roman Ca- among them. The snare is laid so tholics try to beguile then from the cunningly, and the allurements are faith of their forefathers, and to ens spread so enticingly, that our unwary tangle them in the meshes of Popery. Protestant fellow-countrymen, like so Oftentimes they are caught before many unsuspecting birds, are prethey are aware, like a bird which sets sently beguiled and entangleıl almost perhaps, a bright yellow grain in the beyond escape or deliverance: and trap, and thinks within itself, “ Oh! then, alas ! for the souls that once if I may but get that nice morsel of for all become the dupes and the capcorn, I will risk the danger of getting tives of Rome! Her felters are too March, 1842.]


strong to be easily unwrung, and her up for you when you are dead, if way goeth down to the chambers of you will give something towards a death. In your very sight, it may be, popish chapel : tell them their masses is the snare of the enemy laying: are vain oblations, and prayers for and surely with your eyes wide open the dead as useful as moonlight shade upon it, you will not suffer yourselves to warm us in a winter's night. Their to be caught or deceived by those so-called masses are dangerous dewho would beguile you from the ceits.. simple faith of the Gospel, or lead S uch are some of the deceits you into the ridiculous mummeries, whereby popery will catch you if yea, the awful idolatries of the Church it can. Oh ! listen to this cautionary of Rome.

warning! And be aware that when Observe how they will begin with popery cannot growl like a dragon, you:

it will bleat like a lamb; when it There is not so much difference,” cannot devour like a lion, it will they will tell you,“ as some pretend fascinate like a snake. to discover between Protestantism For observe : all that is peculiarly and Popery; consequently you may objectionable to Protestant light and be as good Papists as you may be to Protestant feeling, the priests and Protestants.”

teachers of Rome do most carefully Again, they will ask, “ Are you quite keep back and conceal until it suits sure that the Protestant version of their opportunity and purpose to bring the Bible is a true and correct one? it forward. Hence, you will not Are there not many perversions of the hear at first, of the fearful and Scriptures in it?” Thus they would tremendous curses which they deawaken suspicion and darkness in nounce upon all whom they choose your minds, and then, under cover of to call heretics. You will not, prothat darkness and doubtfulness, bring bably, hear much of the horrors and in their own mis-translations and the flames of purgatory, and of souls errors.

writhing and burning in them, some You will hear, too, plenty of abuse 10, some 20, some 100, others 1000 of one Dr. Martin Luther, as if he years and even for ever and ever, unless were the devil incarnate, because he you will pay money to a Roman Caopposed and brought to light all the tholic Priest to pray them out of it. wicked proceedings of the pope, and Yon may, very likely, just be told the bare-face impudence of the priests, how needful it is to confess your sins in selling pardons for sin.

to a priest, in order to procure theirabsoOnce more : a vast deal will be lution : but this may not be strongly said to you about the Roman Catho- urged upon you for a while. Some lic Church as being the only true considerable time may pass, before Church : holy; and one; and uni- you come into the marvellous secret versal. Tell them it is stained with of a piece of wheaten bread being the blood of fifty millions of the converted into the body, soul, and human race : that its boasted unity divinity of Jesus Christ! But so is a mere delusion, and that it never every papist holds it to be, when a was or will be, the Mother and Mis- priest of his Church has a mind to tress of all Churches. The City of make it so. Only think of a man the Seven Hills is the harlot of the making his god, and then eating Book of Revelation ; and what her him! Well might the poor Negro doom shall be, you may read in the exclaim, “ Massa, me think this is 18th chapter of the same.

strange too much !” What a wonMasses will be offered for you derful Church it must be, whose while you are living, and prayers put ministers can create the Creator, and out of a loaf of bread, make as many whole then, these and other such-like gods as there are grains of corn in things, will be withheld, for the most the loaf, or as there are communicants part, until the poor deceived converts to eat it! Can you find any mention of popery, being bereft of their abhorof such a Church in your Bible ? rence of popish falsehood and deceit Then again, are you prepared to and weakened in their Protestant put your trust in the Virgin? The principles, they fall altogether into Pope, now living in Rome, says, that the trap of the designer, and now all his confidence, and the confidence learn to put darkness for light, and of the whole Roman Catholic Church light for darkness ; bitter for sweet, is in Mary, the Mother of God! and sweet for bitter; or in plainer This he has stated in a letter lately words, evil is mistaken for good, and directed to his followers. Surely, good is put for evil; lies spoken in you will exclaim, How shocking is hypocrisy are believed, and the truth this blasphemy! Mary was the of God is forsaken for fables. Isa. v. mother of JESUS : the Godhead can 20. 1 Tim. iv. 2. have no mother. The scriptures One most effectual remedy against assure us there is but one Mediator all the plausible statements of the between God and man, the Man Roman Catholics, is to bring every Christ Jesus. 1 Tim. ii. 5. How thing they say to the test of the Holy unscriptural and wicked therefore, Scripture; remembering that what must it be to say, as all the papists is called the “ Apocrypha,” forms no continually do, to a man or woman part whatsoever of God's Word. It departed this world, “ Pray for us!” never did so; and it was only of late Moreover, we should think it a very years that the Church of Rome deoffensive thing, and an act of most termined to make it of equal authority undutiful conduct in a child, to alter with the Bible, because some of its the will, and to contemn the com- practices, (for example, prayer for the mandments of a dying and a loving dead, and pardon of sin through parent ;-without scruple or apology, giving of alms) are only to be proved the Roman Catholics violate the will thereby. Hold fast, then, the Holy of heaven's great Lawgiver, and Book of God which your forefathers make his commandments void. They translated into your own tongue, and will not tell you how they take suffered even banishment and death away the second commandment, and itself, in order to keep the Holy Scripdivide the tenth into two parts to tures for your constant perusal and make up the number Ten. We have instruction. seen five of their Church Catechisms, When we expose to you the danin as many different languages, and gerous encroachments and plausible the Second Commandment was wan- pretences of Rome on the one hand; ting in them all. And why? because and state the true doctrines of the God has so solemnly forbidden the Word of God on the other; it is very worship of images, and BOWING DOWN easy to say, I don't believe you ; it to them, which all Roman Catholics is all a lie! But seeing it is declared practise! In England there is a “ All liars shall have their part in the Catechism which contains the Second lake that burneth with fire and brimecommandment after a mutilated form : stone;" (Rev, xxi. 8) it must be a very and for this obvious reason, that in sad thing to charge a man with known England there is too much Protestant and wilful falsehood. Roman Catho. honesty to allow so glaring and shame- lics constantly say to us, It is all lies. ful a dis-service to God's will and Well, we reply; either you speak word, to pass without its merited ignorantly, or your are not willing indignation and rebuke. On the to be informed correctly. We charge

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