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you with idolatry and blasphemy on things, and therefore it is that so your own shewing. Your Prayer · many, are taken by it. Some may Books, your Decrees of Councils, be pious Romanists but they are so and many other writings of your in spite of, and not through their Church, prove all that we say to religion. Our great and noble forebe true. You may deny them fathers died at the stake to rescue because you do not know them; or us from the snares of this dangerous if you know them, it may be proper system: will you allow yourselves to keep the poor and unlearned in to be entangled by them again, and ignorance of them; and this is often once more suffer yourselves and your the case : inasmuch that very many children to be drawn back into that Roman Catholics do not know the fearful darkness into which all popish abominations which their Church lands are yet sunk? Oh be it your maintains. “I believe what holy solemn determination to hold fast Church believes,” is none other than the pure word of God, and aim, in a the faith of folly : for “ holy Church” life according to it, to win your believes that Mary, Joseph, and Roman Catholic neighbours to a better others, although in another world, way. Beware how you give them can hear and answer prayer. Are your cuuntenance or support. Give you so foolish as to credit this ? nothing towards their Chapels, or Though I might be but one mile be induced by any consideration from you, you might cry from morn whatever, to attend them. It would to noon, and noon to night again, be a sin in you to sanction their woreven like the worshippers of Baal, ship by your joining in it. See what and I could not hear you. How then your Almighty Father says unto you can the dead hear your supplications ? in Rev. xviii. 4., and Oh! remember, and why therefore, should you believe as surely as you partake of Rome's all which the Church of Rome be- apostacy, so surely must you share lieves ? “ Believe them not, though her plague and punishment. (Rev. they speak fair words unto thee.” xiv. 9–11.) (Jer. xii. 6.) “ Their idols are silver May our gracious and only Saviour and gold, the work of men's hands. enable you each to say, “ Our soul is They have mouths, but they speak escaped as a bird out of the snare of not; eyes have they but they see not the fowler : the snare is broken and They that make them are like unto we are escaped.” Psalm cxxiv. 7. them.” Ps. cxv. 4, 5, 8.

Derby. A COUNTRY CLERGYMAN, Dear readers : we do beseech you to pause and ponder, ere you give

THE HEART'S BEST TREASURE any countenance to popery. We are free to admit, that many Protestants

My lear Sister, do not value as they ought, their in

With peculiar pleasure I estimable privileges ; but charge not take up my pen to answer your last this to the fault of our religion. communication; its contents were When Protestantism prevails with so savoury, that it proved to my power, it does truly inform. exalt soul good news from a far country ; and bless mankind. Whereas. in and I am sure you must of late have every country under heaven, popery

been highly favoured with visits impoverishes and debases men. It

from your best beloved, and have cannot do otherwise : for it is, in its

drank deep into that river, the fulness, a system of tyranny and terror.

streams whereof make glad the city of Witness all history and all events.

God. It is well suited to human nature in " How sweet the name of Jesus sounds its blindness and its love of earthly In a believer's ear;

It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds Majesty of heaven, how truly blessed And drives away his fear.”

is the thought, that long before the And why, I would ask, is the name dawning light of time, or the foundaof Jesus so precious, and his person tion of the earth was laid, Jehovah, 80 glorious in the view of every in his Trinity of Persons-Father, sinner made alive unto God by the Son and Holy Spirit, did contrive power of the Holy Spirit; is it not and lay out a plan by which the on account of the freeness, the fulness, sinner could be saved, and all his and the glory with which the salva. attributes glorified, through him, tion he has effected, by his sufferings even Jesus, who bore our sins in and death, so amply abounds ? Yes; his own body on the tree, and thus verily, his name was to be called delivered us from the wrath to come. Jesus, because he was to save his Christ is the mercy promised to the people from their sins; completely, fathers, and through them to all the and for ever, deliver them from spiritual Israel : hence they searched the bitter pains of eternal death, what and what manner of time, the and to raise them to the full en- Spirit that was in them did signify joyment of his presence in eternal when it testified before hand the glory.

sufferings of Christ and the glory It should never be forgotten that that should follow. The death of the salvation of a sinner is the sole the Lord Jesus was by divine apwork of Jehovah Father, Son, and pointment; there was nothing beyond Holy Spirit. so that not one single this that could have laid the Son of circumstance which transpired in God under necessity to be made the eventful life of the Redeemer, under the law, that he might redeem or any event in connection with our them which were under the law path to glory, however apparently to make unto himself an everlasting insignificant, was to be suspended name. Indeed it was the revelation upon the will of creatures, for the of this truth to the hearts of the old full accomplishment of that glorious testament saints that made them plan in which the vilest of the vile valiant in fight, turning to flight the was to be washed and justified, and armies of the aliens ; others have God in Christ eternally glorified. trial of cruel mockings and scourg

I am aware that salvation by elec. ings, yea moreover bonds and impriting love and mercy is a doctrine sonments; and having obtained a opposed to the pride and self impor. good report through faith, they all tance of the carnal mind; and never died in full hope of a glorious immorwill its soul-humbling and God tality and eternal life. This was glorifying principles be received in the foundation upon which the prothe love of them, until sovereign and phets, priests, and kings rested their almighty grace subdues the power eternal salvation. It was this that of unbelief, implants precious faith inspired the apostles not to count in the heart, and carries out the soul their lives dear to them, so that of the sinner to Christ alone, who they could finish their course with is a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge joy, and the ministry they had re. in times of trouble; and, blessed be ceived, to testify the gospel of the God, they that know his name will grace of God. And, be it observed put their trust under the shadow of his that it is upon the same foundation wings.

that every believer now rests his Seeing, then, that man is not only eternal hopes, and from which he in a state of guilt and misery, but, draws the sweetest consolation and also, all the powers of his mind the purest joy. are in open rebellion against the If you, then, my dear sister, enquire how it is that the children of the King But, blessed be God even by these of saints go lean from day to day, I painful feelings we learn the value answer, they live too remote from the of the blood of atonement, and the life-giving healing beams of the Sun of blessedness of the man who is living righteousness whose smile is heaven, in near and intimate communion and whose frown is hell. I do believe with the Lord of life and glory; hence the more we have to do with the that most blessed promise—" He that chief things of the ancient mountains, dwelleth in the secret place of the and with the precious things of the Most High, shall abide under the everlasting hills, the more apparent shadow of the Almighty ; for he will will be the fruits of righteousness, give his angels charge over thee, to the more settled and confirmed will keep thee in all thy ways; they shall be our confidence in the Rock of bear thee up in their hands lest thou salvation, and the more successfully dash thy foot against a stone.” shall we contend with the powers In 'closing my remarks I cannot of darkness, through faith in the help reminding you that to-morrow blood of the Lamb and the word of is the Sabbath day, in which, through his testimony : hence runs the an- the preaching of the everlasting goscient invitation—" Look uuto me pel, the Son of God will be glorified, and be ye saved, all ye ends of the sinners saved, and saints comforted earth, for I am God, and besides me and built up upon their most holy there is no Saviour.”

faith ; whilst the angels in glory witAnd where, I would ask, can a nessing the power and the glory of poor, guilty, ruined sinner look for Christ snatching brands from eternal comfort in the season of trial, for burnings, will rejoice and triumph. strength in the hour of temptation, The public ordinances of God's house for salvation in the article of death.

are a most blessed appointment of and for acceptance before God in eternal mercy, and should be regarthe world of spirits, but unto Him

ded by every child of God with feelwho is of God made over unto us wis- ings of the deepest interest and dom, righteousness, sanctification and

gratitude. Indeed when I consider eternal redemption.

the natural aversion of the human " On love like this reflect my soul,

mind to every thing of divine revelaHere's heights and depths to view; tion, and its fixed determination to 'Twas for the foulest of the foul

oppose every appeal that is made to For sins of blackest hue.

promote the eternal interest of the The sins of all the ransomed race, never-dying soul, I cannot regard an

That's found throughout the world ; assembly of sinners listening to the By this one act of sovereign grace,

word of salvation, as proclaimed in Were in oblivion hurl'd.”

the everlasting gospel, but with pleaI am aware, my dear sister, of sure and delight. your unsettled state of feeling, and I am aware that no real, spiritual, must confess with you that the and saving good can follow upon influence of the spirit of the world, the use of any means of divine apand the workings of a corrupt heart, pointment. only as the Holy Spirit united as it is sometimes with the is pleased by his life-giving influence, suggestions of the prince of darkness, to render them effectual to the often obscure that light from our pulling down of the strong-holds of view which makes manifest these sin and Satan ; still it is a pleasing glorious truths ; and as a painful sight to behold the sanctuary of God consequence we grow weary in the filled with immortal souls, for surely midst of the way-fruitless and we may expect according to divine unsavoury in the knowledge of Christ! promise, the power of the Lord to

ed to

a Deaco

f Gower-st.

be present, turning men from the SERIES OF LETTERS WRITTEN BY THE power of sin and Satan' unto God,

LATE REV. HENRY FOWLER. Doubtless on the coming day, these instances of redeeming love will be displayed in the sight of the nations

(Never before Published.) in different parts of the habitable

No. 7.-To be Continued. globe; for is it not written that he My dear Brother. will make the place of his feet

I hope this will find you glorious, and that, by the melodious and the friends well generally. I am sound of a free grace salvation, the certainly much better. I have not my outcasts of Israel, and those which attacks so frequent nor so severe as I are ready to perish, shall be brought had. Our God, who is most gracious to his holy mountain and be made

to the cries of his children, I know

to the cries of his joyful in his house of prayer.

is able to lengthen out my share, and Indeed when I consider the ever- if He sees fit that it should be otherlasting love of the Father of mercies wise, his will be done: “ the Lord as fixed upon them from before the liveth, and blessed be my Rock, and foundation of the world, of the cove.

exalted be the God of the Rock of nant engagements of the man Christ

my salvation." Jesus, who in his own Person bare

Circumstances here are such that I our iniquities upon the tree, and of have a wish to stop another week, the promised energy of the Holy both for my health and with a view Spirit to make the word of God to to settle some matters for Mrs. Hardy. run, to have free course, and to be

Cannot Mr. Warburton stop another abundantly glorified ; I feel warranted

Lord's-day? or, if not, can you obto expect that by the preaching of

tain Mr. Parsons. I shall leave Lei. the cross the eyes of the blind will

cester to-morrow morning and stop be opened, the ears of the deaf un- here and there in my way to Stamford. stopped, the lame be made to walk,

where I shall preach on Thursday the lepers cleansed, and the dead in

night. I suppose Mír. Sloper is in trespasses and sins raised to newness Sussex ? Drop me a line by post on of life,

Wednesday night if you can obtain My dear sister, for the present

a supply, if not I will return on Frifarewell; I trust the remnant of our day: direct. days will be spent in the contempla. Í find Mrs. Hardy surprisingly suption of the glories of this mysterious ported: she is carried quite beyond subject : it is here the scenes of eter- the intrusions of the flesh, and can nity past and eternity to come are

rejoice in the all-wise dispensations of opened to our admiring view, and by her covenant God. Truly there are faith we can even now enter into that some spiritual souls here. I can feel it rest which remains for all those in in my

in my preaching, and their loss of whose hearts Christ is formed the hope dear Hardy, I fear, will not soon be of glory.

- made up. Give my love to the friends “ Come, saints, and sing in sweet accord, in Christ. Now let your sorrows swell,

Ever your's, The cov’nant made with David's Lord,

HENRY FOWLER. In all things order'd well.”

June 2, 1833.

P. S.--My sight is still bad, as you “ No sinner, once within its bound, Shall ever sink to hell,

perceive. As Mr. Tiptaft is at TrowHere's pardon, love, and grace profound, bridge perhaps he may be able to stop In all things ordered well.”

another Lord's-day for Mr. WarburChatham.

ton. If Mr. Warburton can stop, and can give you an answer to-morrow


J. M.

night, be so kind as write on Tuesday, and attended family prayers in the then I shall have the letter on Wed. parlour, but all this yielded no comnesday morning at Stamford, and so fort nor edification, I had no refreshshall have more time to let the Lei- ing hope of mercy and forgiveness, cester people know: but if you cannot nor any meltings of spirit; I seemed decide so soon, I shall wait at Stam- like our Lord, led into the wilderness ford till after post-time on Friday to be tempted of the devil; this morning.

proved a place of temptation indeed :

I had never before felt such horrid RECOLLECTIONS OF MY PILGRIMAGE.

temptation, and I wondered at my

self, and at what had possessed me, for BY AN OLD DISCIPLE.

they were sudden and violent, and No. 5–To be Continued.

when past I have wept bitterly to

think such thoughts possessed me. THE visit on Clapham Common I was astonished to see what a poor was often the meditation of my heart, wretched miserable, sinner I was. and it caused the greater anxiety and It had this effect, however to stab longing to escape this Sodom which I righteous self; it wounded it, but did felt myself to be in, and I panted for not altogether kill it, yet I could see service in a religious family. I soon there was an overruling power that was granted this desire, and in a kept me back from destruction. Here sudden and unexpected way: I was I must suppress particulars, and leave walking down stairs very coolly when it with those whom Satan hath in the I put out my ancle-bone, and another same way tempted, for them to conperson was procured to do my work and ceive; in this place I expected rest, I was ordered to lay up which I did and to find those who feared the a few days, and then became so rest- Lord, but I was sadly disappointed, less, that all the entreaty of my mas for all the seven months I was with ter, his sons, and nephew could not them I never remembered to have prevail on me to remain. The after- heard any godly conversation ; all was noon, that I left this place, I called as the world, of proffits and loss, on a friend living on Balham Hill, who trade and the news of the day, and I was a professor, and knew something felt joy on leaving them. of my inward conflict; from this On coming to Londor, could get no friend I learned that a pious family employ in my business, so engaged near there was in want of a sérvant, with a person to learn the bootclos. it was a place that would suit my ing: gave him five pounds and three mind, and to secure me the situation, months work, and then married the went directly to the house, stated lady's maid with whom I lived on particulars respecting me, and re- Clapham Common. In my master I turned with an order that I might found a sensual devilish spirit, one wait on the Gentleman, which accord- that was absorbed in every low vice; ingly I did, and was engaged to serve he was drunk or else ill from his him, while fourteen days were granted drunkenness six weeks out of the thirme for the recovery of my ancle. I teen that I was with him, and I left lived in his family seven months, then this violent passionate man without they left London for Hull, and no making any progress in the business, thing could prevail on me to go with and engaged with another, to whom them; the chief cause was because II gave two guineas to finish me, and found no more happiness in a reli. he paid me a low price for all I did. gious family then I had found in an In this man I found an infidel Christinfidel family, no nor so much. I at- despising spirit, an insinuating tool tended preaching at Lower Tooting of Satan against all holiness; the

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