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playhouse and the gambling table, ings and respect for the Sabbath, these haunts of depraved sinners, was join more with the world, and so behis delight and the Lord only know. come again at ease; letting the eth what I suffered under these two providing for myself and wife have men for above twelve months, during the first place in my heart. For this which time I had no particular visits, I was determined, and had that afterliving as a sparrow alone; yet in noon, before my brother, his wife, many instances I had strength to and an affectionate acquaintance exresist their words, and felt a hatred pressed myself, but this circumstance to their vice. They both could ridi. altered my views, I withdrew from all, cule religion and all who professed and wept bitterly over my folly, and it: while the last would not scruple confessed the justice of God if he had to deny the scriptures and Jesus the that night destroyed me. subject of the scriptures'; and he was The next day I felt very ill and not afraid to declare it, as his opinion, had no strength to work, I became that there never had been such a again as a pelican of the wilderness, person in the world. His arguments and from the depression of the inind, would sometimes confound me, but and many temporal wants, became when I compared his sensual beastly weak and depressed in body. My life, with the lives of some I had bore the dispensation cheerfully, and known, when young, who were es by her needle, was a help-meet indeed. teemed Christians, this would over. The fourth of march, 1804, our come all he said, and cause me to first son was born, and being ill I had say, · Let '

me live the life and die the only earned 2s 7d the week before ; death of the righteous,' for I never it was the Lord's-day, and I was saw any thing in the life and practice forced to get up, and then kneeled of an infidel' worth imitation : After before the Lord and wept bitterly. I left this man I spent six distressing My mind was so distressed that I months in body, mind, and circum. could not at first speak, at length my stances, and had some severe shocks mouth was opened, and I opened my of conscience to stir me up to seek mind to the Lord in prayer, and the Lord Jesus Christ. I will notice whilst I was speaking the Lord began two: the first was one Lord's-day to send relief. It was then past 2 evenirg, I was in a room alone, about o'clock. Three persons had come to 8 o'clock, when a comet passed over visit us, one went for the doctor, one London; the light of the comet for my sister in law, and one gave superseded the light of the candle, me a guinea and wept. The mistress for it was but little inferior to the of the house was sent for, she knew light of the sun; I saw every thing nothing of our being so ill as not to in the room clearly, but it was only be able to help ourselves, not even to for a few seconds, and then the light light the fire or prepare food. I of the candle resumed its power. went under great risk for a nurse, This filled my mind with terror, it and before I returned a son was born. filled me with the awful fear of death There were several friends, and none and judgment. It was the more came empty handed; the goodness of awful because that day I had endea. God passed before us for a month, voured to persuade myself that God the remembrance of which hath often did not see, that God did not care filled my heart with gratitude since. for his creatures, that it was in vain The Lord was before hand with me. to serve the Lord or to hope for or to About two months after, when looking seek his mercy; and that I might be at the child I was led to ponder my enabled to procure a comfortable liv- past life, I could see nothing but lihood I would sacrifice all my feel- wretchedness, misery, and sin from

March, 1842.7


the glory as of the only begotten of the Fatlier. And then, in 1 John iii. the Father, full of grace and truth.” 8, it is declared that the “ Son of This the apostle means of his divine God was manifested,” (evidently in person before time, which took flesh; the flesh, as chap. iv. 2,) which is sywhich is become a stumbling-block to nonimous with God manifested in the unbeliever now.

in the flesh.” In chap. iv. 9 it is deLet the ministers of God judge clared, that the Father sent his only between Mr. B's letter and my book. begotten Son into the world ; from Also let the church of God judge for which it is plain that he existed as themselves, and try the spirits.

the Son before his incarnation, and as the Son (a divine Person). You

say that you believe Christ is the Mount Zion Chapel, Borough.

“ Mighty God,” &c.; and yet by de

nying his eternal Sonship, you deny À REPLY TO BIBLICUS' STRICTURES

his distinct personality, and conseON THE DOCTRINE OF THE ETERNAL

quently his proper Godhead, as one i SONSHIP OF CHRIST.

with the Father and the Holy Ghost,

whether you are aware of it or no, as Dear Sir,

is plain from your comment on Luke : : Having read your strictures i. 35. The first reason you give why on the doctrine of the eternal Sonship you reject the eternal Sonship of of Christ, and as you are open to Christ is, that no part of Holy Scripconviction, as you say, if any of the ture (you say) asserts it. This I Correspondents of the Spiritual Mag- have with scripture authority refuted, azine can scripturally show you a by the passages already quoted. And more excellent way; it is in love and secondly, you say, If true, then Christ affection to thy soul, and for the glory would be an Arian's God. To which of God; that I have undertaken the 1 reply in the positive, no', and boldly task : and if with scriptural authority assert that Christ is the Son of God, I show: unto you, a more excellent not by office, emulation, derivation, way, I pray God the Holy Ghost to nor profession, but by nature; pos. apply the truth as it is in Jesus with sessing, as the Son of God, the same invincible power to your heart, and nature as the Father and the Holy then sure I am that all your pre- Ghost, and that from all eternity. conceived: notions concerning the His equality with the Father (as the Sonship of our most glorious Christ Son) is plainly declared in John v. 18, will be hurled to the ground, and you and equal honor is to be paid to him will be willing to receive God's testi. as the Son, as verse 23 declares. mony concerning his Son, and will Again, in Luke x. 22, the equality of no longer. lean to thine own under- Christ, as the Son of God, with the standing. i 1 , is

Father, is plainly declared. Again, I beg to say, before I enter upon in Heb. i. 2, Christ as the Son is de: the subject, that I have not seen Mr. clared to have been with the Father Gunner's book, therefore am not at when he made the world; and as you, tempting to justify his assertions. a Sir, declare you are no pre-existerian,

I will endeavour to 'reply to your you must (unless you have a seared objections as they stand.' ! sá, conscience) admit that the Son here

First, you ask, Does the Holy spoken of refers to the Godhead of Scripture nice assert the eternal the Lord Jesus Christ, for he did not Sonship of Christ? I reply in the then exist as man.- Again, in verse positive, and give you scripture au. 8, the Father declares his eternal dothority in proof. John i. 18. Here minion as the Son of God; and then heris declared to be in the bosom of in verse 9 his human nature is spoken of, and in his human nature he is he is the Son of God, for saith he called the Fellow of bis brethren ; (the Son) “I and my Father are and be it remembered, that Christ one." was anointed in his complexity as That the human nature of Christ God and man, the Son of God and is not a person is plain, if you take Son of Man in one person, and thus into consideration that the Son of he is the Lord's Christ: so that Christ Man never existed separated from, in his human nature is true and pro, but in union with the Son of God : per man—the Son of Man; in his or, if you please, the human nature divine nature true and proper God of Christ never existed separated from, the Son of God: and in his com- but in union with his divine nature : plexity God and Man, or the Son of for from the moment the human naGod and Son of Man in one person, ture of Christ was begotten by the possessing two whole and distinct Holy Ghost in the virgin's womb; natures in one person. This is a from the very time that the buman great mystery, but am I to reject the nature of Christ was prepared by the truth because it is too great for my Father (as saith the Son to the Fa. poor finite mind to grasp; and al- ther, “ A body hast thou prepared though the truth is not contrary to me"); the Son of God took that sound reason, yet it is above reason, very nature into union with his diI say, am I to reject the truth, te vine. Oh! how mysterious, but no cause I cannot comprehend it? and less true for being mysterious. Theresay with Nicodemus, “How can these fore it does not follow that because things be?" No, but my desire is the Son of God took a perfect human to believe what God hath conde- nature in union with his divine, that scended to reveal of himself, resting be as man was a person, for the reaassured that it is infallibly true, be. son before given. It is true that cause God hath said it: and, I add, Pilate called him “ that just person,” it is impossible for any creature to but be it remembered that Pilate was know more of the incomprehensible ignorant of Christ as a person in the Jehovah, than he is pleased to disco. Eternal Trinity, the Son of God; ver of himself; and all the attempts but viewing him as the Son of Man that man hath made or may make to only, Pilate's calling him in his human explain the mode of the existence of nature, a person, has therefore no the holy 'Three in One Jehovah-Fa- weight whatever in favour of your ther, Son, and Holy Ghost--will only argument. serve to show their weakness and Dear Sir, when you asserted that folly. And the utmost stretch of our no one. instance can be produced, knowledge cannot rise higher than wherein Christ received divine worthe “ Acknowledgement of the mys- ship as the Son of God while on tery of God (the Holy Ghost), and of earth, had you quite forgotten that the Father, and of Christ.”... the scripture, Heb. i. 6, where it is said,

I would notice, as I proposed, your " that when He (the Father bringeth objections as I go on, and remind you, his only begotten into the world, he in your quoting Heb. i, 8, 9, a clause saith, Let all the angels of God worfrom each verse, you have made it ship him!” Think you that the speak language quite contrary to what Father commanded the angels to is therein declared. I say with you, commit idolatry? Certainly not. But that right reason, founded, on scrip- this must unavoidably be the conseture, equally rejects the notion of two quence, if they worshipped a human supreme Gods, or of one inferior to being, as you assert Christ to be, as the other : which conclusion we dare the Son of God. One would think not follow, by Christ's being God, as you had discarded the covenant of

grace altogether, when you talk of of the Trinity set forth most blessedly, the man Christ not praying to the in opposition to your remarks upon it. Son of God. Oh, Sir, the assertion It is said of the human nature of the you here make militates with equal Son of God, that it was begotten (as force against the Godhead of the the learned tell us the Greek word Holy Ghost, as it does against the should have been rendered in Matt. eternal Sonship of Christ; and one i. 20) of the Holy Ghost, that it was would think from your own assertion, prepared by the Father (Heb. x. 5); that you were a professed Sabellian, and this human nature, begotten by But to return, is not the covenant of the Holy Ghost and prepared by the grace plainly revealed in God's most Father, was taken into personal union holy word ? in which covenant each with the Son of God, by the Son of sacred Person (Father, Son, and God himself. Thus in this verse each Holy Ghost,) in the ever-blessed distinct person in the Trinity is spoTrinity, solemnly stipulated with each ken of, and each jointly concurring other for the salvation of an innu. and co-operating in the incarnation of merable number of the children of Christ':-the Father preparing, the Adam; and did not the Father make Holy Ghost begetting, and the Son of to Christ, as the Redeemer of his God assuming the humanity thus prepeople, in this covenant, exceeding pared and beyotten and taken into great and precious promises ? and union with his divine, and thus bewhile tabernacling here below, Christ came the Son of God and the Son of pleaded the fulfilment of those pro. man (or God and man, which are mises made to him in covenant on synonimous terms) in one (not two) behalf of the church -- himself the person. And, I add, Christ is God Head, his people members of his and man in one person by union and body. And I would here add, that in no other sense. May the dear all that Christ is doing, hath done, or Lord make use of his own truth for will do on behalf of his body, the his own glory is the prayer of church, was, and is, and will be ac

A SINNER SAVED BY GRACE. cording to his covenant engagement

Islington. and covenant responsibility. So that this, as well as all the rest of thy arguments against the Son of God

EDITORS' REPLY TO BIBLICUS. being God, as he is the Son of God, fall to the ground.

That every one of our readers In your comment on Luke i. 35. should coincide with our expressed you have made pretty havoc of the opinion of every new work which in word of God, and in substance denied our review department may pass un. the doctrine of the Trinity (Lord! der 'observation, is scarcely to be exwhat is man when left to his own pected; but, that the writer, who thoughts), by saying that God the under the signature of Biblicus, cenFather, by the Holy Ghost, produced sures us for commending the tràct of that holy thing in the virgin's womb, Mr. Thomas Gunner, on the Sonsbio which when born into the world, was of Christ, should be decidedly hostile, to be called the Son of God, wbieh as well to the work in question as to Son of God you say was a human our recommendation of it, can awaken nature. Here, Sir, you blot out not no surprize, for who ever heard of an only the eternal Sonship of Christ, Arian or a Sabellian, whether an open but the Second Person in the Trinity or a disguised one, who could aci. (I say second in order and in point of quiesce in a scriptural display of order only) altogether. But in this Israel's triune Jehovah ? . verse above cited we have the doctrine Biblicus asks us, whether a public reviewer should not take heed lest in dance upon His gracious guidance commending a work he should sanc. who has promised to lead his people tion error under the name of truth? into all truth, we will proceed with Surely he should : but then it is by all possible brevity to bring forward no means a necessary consequence, some few scriptural arguments which that what Biblicus may assert to be clearly prove the doctrine of the eter, error, is indeed such; or that what nal Sonship of Christ. We do not he designates truth, is in accordance expect to satisfy Biblicus, or any other with the truth of God!

such sophistical reasoner : our only Biblicus denies the eternal Sunship object is to guard the weak in faith of Christ, and calls upon us to prove against the cunning craftiness of men it from the scriptures. We readily who lie in wait to deceive, and to admit that he has a right to refer us maintain the truth of God as he has to the law and to the testimony, as revealed it in his own word. that to which all things relative to The eternal Sonship of Christ does our spiritual and eternal interests not detract from his being equal, coshould be tested; but it must also be eternal, and co-essential with the recollected, that there are mysteries in Father ; for in the opening the canon the infinite Jehovah - Father, Son, of scripture, the creation of this world and Holy Ghost, three distinct Per-, is ascribed to Jehovah in his plurality sons in the unity of one Essence;—. of Persons : see Gen. i. 26, “ Let us the union of the two natures, divine make man;" ver. 2, “ The Spirit of and human, in the one Mediator ;- God moved upon the face of the the union which subsists between waters ;” and the apostle declares, Christ and every member of his mys- “ Without him (Christ) was not any. tic body : and each of these are sub. thing made that was made:” here jects for our faith! Reason cannot then we have a Trinity of Persons in explain how any of these things are; one Jehovah, revealed to the church and we think very lightly of that as existing ere time began; and this man's professed belief in the doctrine Trinity of Persons are manifestively of the holy Trinity, who admits it made known to the church of the only on the mere arguments of man, living God, as the Father, the Son, though supported from the word of, and the Holy Ghost. Now in nature God. That man, and that man only a man cannot be a father withont a is an experimental, unwavering he- son, and the same moment that he liever in the doctrine of the Trinity, has a son he becomes a father, and who, having been quickened to divine not before ; thus the father and the life by God the Holy Ghost, has, son are both so constituted at one under His gracious and saving teach- and the same time. And we think ings, been brought to see his election Prov. viii. 21-32 fully confirms the to eternal life by God the Father, and Sonship of Christ to be eternal. We by the same blessed Spirit is led to know this passage is wrested by some the Lord Jesus Christ as his Law- in proof of the pre-existence of the fulfiller, his Surety, his Redeemer: human soul of Christ; but the period this man will indeed believe and hold here referred to is prior to the creafast, with a tenacious grasp, the God- tion, and if we admit the human soul head of the Father, of the Son, and of Christ to have existed at any time of the Holy Ghost. Hence then, prior to the Incarnation, it must have while the scriptures are our unerring been created at some given period, as staudard both for doctrine and prac; its advocates do not say that it is. tice, there are mysteries which cannot eternal, nor indeed could it be; and be fully explained. But Biblicus de- to say it was created in eternity is a mands proof; and, in humble depen- contradiction, because when a crea

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