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ture was, time was-time begins with ever and ever.” Then if the Son's creation : whereas the passage above throne was eternal, the Son must be quoted in Proverbs, speaks of the eternal, for the words, for ever and Son of God, He who was in the ful." ever, in ply the same as the words, ness of time to become incarnate, re- from everlasting to everlasting: and joicing in anticipation of that event. this is fully confirmed by the prophet ful period with his Father in eternity, Isaiah, ix. 6; we will render the pasbefore the world was,

sage in the order it stands in the The eternal Sonship of Christ, Hebrew " For unto us a Child is moreover, may be inferred from va- born, unto us the Son is given, and rious parts of God's word; we shall the government shall be upon his refer to a few in proof-In Psalm ii. shoulders; and his name shall be 7, we read, “ The Lord hath said unto called Wonderful, Counseller, God. me, Thou art my Son, this day have man, my eternal Father's Prince of I begotten thee.” The words this Peace.”. While, then, Biblicus" and day have have I begotten thee, is others who cavil at the truth of God the stile 'or expressive of eternity, which they carinot bring within the verbs and adverbs of the present time limit of their puny and fiuite powers of and tense expressing eternity. “. Be reason, for while the mysteries of our fore Abraham was I am,” says Christ, holy faith are not opposed to right and “I AM hath sent me," Exod. iii. reason they are infinitely beyond its 14. So this day with God is an ever- grasp; it is our mercy the Lord will lasting day, it is no tomorrow or preserve his children from the wiles yesterday. As God was always God, of Satan and the cunning subtlety of so always a Father, and so Christ als wicked men, that is ways was and is God's Son. Now on

6. Where reason fails with all her powers, this cannot be said 'of Christ if he There faith prevails and love adores." had only been his Son as man by . union, for then he would have been 'Again, we read in Micah, v. 2, the Son of the Holy Ghost, because “But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, this man was by the Holy Ghost though thou be little among the conceived. The Holy Ghost was not thousands of Judah, yet out of thee the cause of his being a Son, for this shall He come forth unto me, that is very Spirit is termed the Spirit of his to be ruler in Israel: whose goings Son: “ Because ye are suns, God forth have been from of old, from hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son' everlasting." In this beautiful prointo your hearts, crying, Abba Fa- phecy, while the incarnation of Christ ther.” How often do we see unre. is most strikingly foretold, the Holy newed men stumble and fall into every Ghost inspired the prophet to revert heresy because they cannot compre- most pointedly to Him who went hend this word begotten. The Father, forth in covenant, for the salvation of they say, must necessarily be before his people, as the eternal Son of God the Son in priority of existence : but from of old, yea from everlasting.' this is unscriptural and untrue ; for So in Psalm cxii. 2, the Psalmist rent as Christ is the Father's only begotten ferring to the majesty and power of Son, then this relationship must be Christ's kingdom, says, “ Thy throne coeval, the one could not by possibility is established of old : thou art from be before or after the other; and that everlasting.” To this those scripthe Son was eternal, is fully confirmed tures which speak of Christ as the in the Psalms, where the Father is begotten, the only begotten of the speaking to his eternal Son: “ For Father might be added; John i. 144 unto the Son he saith (mark the 18; ii. 16:: 1 John iv. 9: which words), Thy throne, O God, is for passages cannot refer to, nor be uns

derstood of him as a man, for as such in him, but the mere babe in grace he was not begotten, and so was will exclaim, It was God and man in without father, the antitype of Mel- one Christ that condescended to stand chizedec, who is declared tu be with. at Pilate's bar, and pass through all out beginning of days and end of life. the stages of his humiliation here In Romans i. 3-6 it is written, that below, for the salvation of his church. “ Jesus Christ our Lord was made of Again Biblicus asserts, that no inthe seed of David, according to the stance of divine worship to Christ as flesh, and declared to be the Son of the Son of God while on earth can God with power, according to the be produced ; the Godhead alone was Spirit of holiness.” Here the seed and is the object of that worship, &c. of David clearly means that Christ in these assertions the cloven foot was the Son of David : but how?' of Sabellius, though hid beneath the according to the flesh; and was also jesuitical long-robe of a professed the Son of God, but according to the trinitarian creed, is fully apparent. Spirit. Now the word spirit is op Good Mr. Hart says, and it is a senposed to the word flesh; and will any timent to which we give our hearty one dare to invert this order, and say amen, that Jesus Christ was the Son of God according to the flesh, and the seed

" That Christ is God I can avouch,

And for his people cares; or Son of David according to the

Since I have prayed to him as such, . . Spirit ?

And he has heard my prayers.On page 11, Mr. Gunner asserts, “ The human nature of Christ is not The Christ which Biblicus represents a person.” To this Biblicus objects, as having stood at Pilate's bar a mere and vauntingly calls upon us to defend man, is not an object of wors iip, cer. the assertion. It is not necessarily tainly! But the Christ which the required of us to defend every line in scriptures reveal, the Christ of God, every book which we may review; the Eternal Son of the Eternal Fabut the one referred to we unhesita- ther, did receive, and was most truly tingly approve. When the second and properly an object of divine vorperson in the Godhead became incar- ship. We read, in Matt. ii. 12, nate, he took our nature, body and “And when they (the wise men) soul, into union with his divine per- were come into the house, they saw son ; but it was human nature, not a the young child with Mary his mother, person, he so took; it was that holy and fell down and worshipped him." thing; nor did that human nature Chap. viii. 2,“ Behold there came a ever exist but in union with the God- leper and worshipped him, saying, head; and it was this mysterious Lord.” Chap. ix. 18, “ Behold there union which the apostle Paul justly came a certain ruler, and worshipped terms “ The mystery of godliness, him.” Did not the thief on the cross God manifest in the flesh :" that con- worship him, when he prayed to stituted the God-man Mediator. But, Jesus, “ Lord, remember me when says Biblicus, it was the man Christ thou comest into thy kingdom?'' Jesus whom Pilate condemned. This And the eleven disciples, it is said, is, indeed, a full proof of our oppo- worshipped him at Bethany at his nent's dainnable errors. Where was ascension. Also the man that was the divinity of our blessed Lord, if it born blind, whose sight Jesus rewas only the man that stood at Pilate's stored, when asked by the Saviour bar? We well know that Pilate could " Dost thou believe in the Son of see nothing in our Emanuel but the God ?” replied “ Lord, I believe, and man Christ Jesus, nor does the unbe. he worshipped him.And was not lieving world now see any thing more unbelieving Thomas a worshipper of

March, 1842.]

the Son of God, when he exclaimed, believes him to be only a mere man, “ My Lord! and my God!” And and does not believe in three distinct that divine worship was given to the persons in the Godhead. And it is Son of God while on earth, may be remarkable, Biblicus refers us in a few fairly inferred from the circumstance, lines on to Luke i. 35, as a proof of that no one ever came to Christ to why and how Christ is the Son of God; solicit cure at his hands, addressing and this passage is quoted, and the him as Lord, but were made whole; same construction put upon it by while those who, like Biblicus, coldly Socinus himself: but let it be remem. addressed him as Good Master, were bered that the angel does not say the sent away uncured. If then the Son holy thing born of the virgin should of God is not an object of divine be, but should be called, the Son of worship, would he have sanctioned God. The angel is not giving the idolatry? May Biblicus blush at his reason why Christ should be called awful temerity, and learn not to blas- the Son of God, but why his people pheme. But says Biblicus, “the should receive him and own him as Godhead alone was and is the object such. It is the manifestation and of worship.” We reply, that as the declaration of him as such in the human nature of Christ never existed human nature, to which the angel but in union with the divine, such a refers; and as to how the union of remark has no force whatever. The the two natures existed in one Christ, God-inan Christ Jesus was and is an is a subject which the angel does not object of divine worship, and nu poor attempt to explain--it is a matter for sensible sinner need fear to pour out faith and not for reason. Again all his supplications to this all-gra- Biblicus says, Christ has not two cious, all-merciful, and ever-loving Sonships : but Christ speaking to his Saviour, for God the Father has com- disciples says. “ Whom say ye that I manded all creation to honour Him the Son of God am ? Whom do even as they honour the Father. men say that I the Son of man am ?” Never, poor sinner, listen to the sug- evidently proving, that while the ungestions of Satan, or to the lies of believing world would, like Pilate and such men as Biblicus, but pray for Biblicus, look on him and view hiin the teachings of that blessed Spirit only as the man Christ, his own pecuiwho will testify of Jesus as the Eter- liar people, redeemed by his precious nal Son of God.

blood, would worship and adore him Biblicus goes on to inquire, “ Did as the eternal Son of God. Christ as man ever pray to the Son ? But we must notice one more pas

.... Yet if the Son was God, as sage. Biblicus's words are, “ By · he was a Son, why should not the holy scripture we are forbidden to man Christ pray to him also, and not worship two gods, whether both su, always as he does, to the Father.” preme, or one inferior to the other : As God.inan Mediator the Saviour so the mystery of God, even the Fa. while on earth, fulfilling that obedi. ther, and of Christ, is simply this ence, active and passive, which in the There is to us, as St. Paul saith, one eternal covenant he had engaged to God the Father, and that God was in accomplish for his church, necessarily Christ reconciling the (elect) world addressed his prayers to the Father. unto 'himself: and Jesus Christ was And, as we have before stated, he and is “the Son of the Blessed,' in took human nature, and not a human his human nature, and as I believe in person, into union with his divine; his-human nature only, of which God therefore our objector's term the man the Father was the real father and Christ, grates very mucli on our ears, Mary the real mother.”. To this heand compels us to conclude that he terodox sentence we would reply very briefly. The church of the living ing child of God should have no ear; God worship one Jehovah—"the Lord and while his faith embraces the reour God is one Lord”-revealed in a velation of three divine persons subTrinity of Persons-Father, Son, and sisting in one God, corroborated as it Spirit-alike equal in power and ma- is by his own heart-felt realization of jesty, the one neither before nor after the separate and actual work of each the other. But that God the Father in the matter of his own soul's salvawas in Christ we do not admit. God tion, he will not, when in, a right was in Christ: but the Father never spirit, seek to inquire how three can became incarnatė, neither did God exist in one, and yet neither be less the Holy Ghost. Nor do we admit than the other. Let none say we are that God the Father was the father advocating a blind, ignorant faith ; of Christ's human nature; scripture God's children know that it is not expressly ascribes that to the Holy '80: and, if it were worth while, such Ghost : an l therefore in respect to reasoners as Biblicus might be silenced the humanity of our Lord, he was with innumerable facts in nature, like his type Melchizedek, without' which they can never explain, and father; and in his divine nature, which yet they unhesitatingly believe. without mother. As man, he was We cannot close our remarks better, the son of Mary; as God, he was the than with the following extract from only begotten Son. But it is clear Gregory Nazienzen :that Biblicus believes in One God, " Let the generation of God be denies the trinity of persons in that honoured in silence; it is a great one God, and holds that the whole thing, (abundantly so,) for thee to Deity was embodied in the Son; and learn or know, that he is begotten; that Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, but how he is begotten is not granted are names of office, not Persons: thee to understand, nor indeed to the thus embracing the indwelling scheme. angels. It is enough for me that I

There are several other points to hear of the Son; aad that he is of which we ought perhaps to allude, the Father; and that the one is a but we have already exceeded our Father, and the other a Son: and limits. Upon so fundamental a doc- nothing besides this do I curiously trine, and thus publicly challenged, enquire after. we deemed it our duty to defend our “Do you hear of the generation sentiments; but it must be under- of the Son ? do not curiously inquire stood, that a lengthened controversy the how it is. Do you hear that the upon this subject will not be allowed. Spirit proceeds from the Father; do The Spiritual Magazine is a Trinita- not curic usly enquire the manner how rian Magazine, and as Biblicus must he does; for if you curiously inquire now in future rank himself as a denier into the generation of the Son, and of the Three that bear record in hea- the procession of the Spirit. I also, ven, and which Three are One, his in my turn, will curiously inquire of communications for the future must thee, the temperament of soul and seek a place in some publication, if body; how thou art dust, and yet the there be any such, conducted by the image of God; what it is that moves modern adherents of the heretic Sa- thee, or what is moved; how it is the bellius.

same that moves and is moved ; Oh! it is a fearful sign of a repro- how the sense abides in one, and atbate spirit, when a man will pry into “tracts that which is without; how the mysteries which the human mind mind abides in thee, and begets a cannot fathom, and which God hath word in another mind; and how it not seen fit to reveal. Where the imparts understanding by the word ; scriptures have no mouth, the believe and, not to speak of greater things, what the circumference of the hea- eternal God is thy refuge, and undervens, what the motion of the stars, neath are the everlasting arms." or their order, or measure, or conjunc. I shall take up the words of my tion, or distance; what the borders text as they lay before us. On the of the sea; from whence the winds first speak of this refuge in a threeblow: or the revolutions of the sea- fold way–in the past, the present, sons of the year, and the effusions of and the future tense. In the first I showers? If thou knowest not any have no doubt all of you as children of these things, Oman, of which of God can join me. When brought sense is a witness, how canst thou into heavy trials, arising from whatthink to know God accurately, how ever quarter they may, we have and what he is ? this is very unrea- proved by heartfelt and happy expesonable.”

rience the blessedness of this refuge, And this short but excellent sen. and can say with the prophet, " Thou tence from Athanasius

hast been a strength to the poor, a How the Father begat the Son I strength to the needy in his distress; do not curiously inquire; and how be a refuge from the storm, a shadow sent forth the Spirit I do not likewise from the heat, when the blast of the curiously inquire ; but I believe that terrible ones is as a storm against the both the Son is begotten, and the wall.' Holy Spirit proceeds, in a manner 2. I can generally say I daily find unspeakable and impassible.”

this precious refuge, and can join the

Psalmist, “ God is our refuge and THE EDITORS.

strength, a very present help in trou.

ble.” And again, “I cried unto EXTRACTS FROM SERMONS DELIVERED thee, O Lord : I said, Thou art my BY REV. J. VINALL, AT JIREH CHA

1. VINALI, AT JIREH CHA- refuge, and my portion in the land of PEL, LEWES.

the living.” No. 11.–To be Continned.

But, 3. the most trying part is to Psalm ix. 9, 10.-" The Lord also

say, in the words of my text, “ The
Lord also will be a refuge.”

Here I will be a refuge for the oppressed, a find my daily exercise. I generally refuge in time of trouble. And they

find after preaching of a Sunday

find that know thy name will put their morning alth

morning, although most wonderfully trust in thee, for thou, Lord, hast not bronchi

'brought through, a suggestion of this forsaken them that seek thee.”

kind : · You will never get through When a soul is awakened to feel the evening service. Oh! my base his lost and undone estate — when unbelief; and what a cruel foe is Sa. God's law has entered the sinner's tan, the great enemy of our souls, to conscience when all his sins are be- labour to dishonour our dear Lord fore his face, and knowing that he and his precious word of promise. I must ere long be brought to the house am sure if any have cause to trust appointed for all living, feeling sensi- him, I have, who has brought me bly that without an interest in the through such unnumbered difficulties everlasting love of God, he must for and trials. But perhaps, my dear ever perish: such :1 soul will well friends, did I not go through these know how to prize a refuge, which I exercises, I could not speak a word humbly conceive is more particularly in season to those who are weary, and meant in the words of my text. But travelling the good old beaten path at other times it refers, when speak. of tribulation; but sure I am, that ing of a refuge, to Jehovah, in his we shall have to prove the Lord to be threefold character--Father, Son, and our refuge, live as long as we may. Holy Ghost--as the following : “ The He is the same yesterday, to-day, and

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