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for ever; unchangeable in his love, mercy there are times when I would and ever will prove himself what he not change with any person in the ever has been, “ A Friend that stick- universe. eth closer than a brother.” Oh! my Again, another thing to cause opfriends, that we may be enabled more pression is cross and trying providento trust him.

But there are many other things Secondly, I shall speak of oppres- that produce it. But from whatever sion. This arises from various causes. source, however, our troubles may A sense of original sin will cause it. arise, we shall ever find the Lord to I believe David felt this, wben he be " a refuge in times of trouble.” said, “ For my loins are filled with a Now although we have often proved loathsome disease ; my sore ran in it thus, when we get into fresh exerthe night, and ceased not: my soul cises, we can no more enter the refuge refused to be comforted.” And when than at the first time we were enabled the child of God feels a keen sense of so to do: it is every time a fresh act this, it will cause great oppression, of faith, under the divine influence of and he will be bowed down greatly. the Lord the Spirit, and we shall have Another thing that will cause great to prove our utter helplessness to step oppression is from the power of Sa- one step towards it. tan. Pharaoh was a mighty oppressor Painful I know it is, but such is the to the Israelites; the king of Babylon experience of God's needy family. was a mighty oppressor; and many And in reality it is our greatest mercy others. But put them altogether that such promises are to the poor they were nothing to be compared to and needy, to those who cannot help the great enemy of our souls It is themselves; to such God says, said that our dear Redeemer went will feed the strong with judgment,” about “ doing good, and healing all and, “ the rich he will send empty that were oppressed with the devil ;" away ;" also, they that know thy and it is written, “For the oppression name will put their trust in thee, for of the poor, for the sighing of the thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them needy, now will I arise, saith the that seek thee.” Lord, and set him in safety from him In Exod. xxxiv. we find the Lord that puffeth at him." David also proclaiming his name to Moses :complains of this oppression: “Why ^ The Lord, the Lord God, merciful go i mourning because of the op- and gracious, long-suffering and abunpression of the enemy?” Oh! how dant in goodness and truth.” This he tries to despond and sink the soul, precious name of " long-suffering' and sets before the poor soul, as Mr. has been very sweet to me of late,

and what Peter says is in accordance

therewith" And account the long" All that is dismal in this world, Or in the world to come.”

suffering of God salvation.” This

name also refers to Christm" Thy Another thing that will cause great name is as ointment poured forth, oppression is affliction of body. This, therefore do the virgins love thee.” my dear friends, you are aware I And our happiness consists in our know much of. How much the ene- knowledge of this precious name, my at times presents to me those who which knowledge is made known are not so afflicted, and sets me to when the love of God is sweetly shed envy those who have the use of their abroad in the heart; and then by love limbs, &c., whereas I am obliged to we are constrained to love. This was be dependant to others to assist me the cause of Mary's getting the box in almost every thing,

This causes of precious ointments, and anointing great oppression of spirit; but through the Saviour. And thus all they who

Hart says,



know His precious name will

put their Another evidence is love. And trust in him. And why will they? why is this, because He first loved us. Because God says they shall : " I will Do you love those that hear his image ? also leave in the midst of thee an You will say, They are to me the afflicted and poor people, and they excellent of the earth. Then, as shall trust in the name of the Lord.”. John says, we know we have passed Here is the foundation of our hope. from death unto life, because we love Oh, blessed security! And what the brethren.” A sweeter evidence God the Father wills is equally the there cannot be. I would also menwill of the Son: and this the blessed 'tion nothing can ever quench this and Holy Spirit effectually works in love: “ Many waters cannot quench the hearts of all the elect, to believe love." It is, like faith of divine all the exceeding great and precious origin, and, as Mr. Hart sweetly obpromises, and the blessedness of these serves, are described in the following texts“ Blessed is the man that trusteth in

“ It lives and labours under loads,

Though dam t it never dies." the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is; he shall be like a tree planted by Like the palm-tree, the more you load the water.” “They that trust in the it the more it grows. True faith can Lord shall be as mount Zion, that never be too much pressed: it rises cannot be removed, but abideth for above and through all opposition. It

will be found to be so from Genesis What need we, my dear friends, of to Revelation ; and, blessed be God, sweeter and more blessed assurances, I know it to be so by sweet experience. But some of those who are weak in and so do many of you, dear friends. may be asking, How


I These characters God will never know I am this seeker ? As I love forsake : and I speak it with deep to feed you, I will drop a few hints. humility, but God must cease to be 1. By thirsting: Do you thirst after God if he could do otherwise. Hear after God? Hungry and thirsty his own words : Once liave I sworn their souls fainted within them, then in my holiness that I will not lie unto they cried unto the Lord,” that is, David, his seed shall endure for ever.” sought him; and, as David says, “ As God is not a man that he should the hart panteth after the water- lie, nor the son of man that he should brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, repent." Oh! most blessed promiO God! My soul thirsteth for God, ses. May you and I, my dear friends, for the living God, when shall I come

have much of the comfort thereof, is and

appear before God.”. Have you my most earnest desire. Amen. felt, poor sinner, this thirsting? then

Lewes. I can tell you it is an evidence of divine life.

Another thing is the desires : --. With my soul have I desired thee

The Rev. J. Cartwright, from Mount Zion in the night;" and again, " The de- Chapel, Devonport, commenced his labours sire of our soul is to Thee, and the as the stated paster of the Church of Christ remembrance of thy name.” Now if assein bling at Mulberry Gardens Chapel, you desire an object, nothing but the

Pell Street, Ratcliff Highway, on Lord's

day, Feb. 20, 1842. in the room of the Rev. attaining of that object will satisfy Robert Stodhart, who has resigned. you; so I would ask any seeking soul if any thing short of obtaining Christ Mr. George Wyard, late of Over, Cam

bridgeshire, has accepted the pastoral charge will satisfy you? Oh, no, you will

of the Particular Baptist Church meeting say, nothing in this world, or if I had

at Soho Chapel, Oxford Street, late Mr. G. a thousand worlds, Christ is all I want. Coomb's

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and care,


When rescued from Egypt, with Canaan so

near, The Antediluvian—the Patriarchal-the Wil

Why led'st thou thy people the wilderness derness—the Temple—the Christian—the

road, Millennial--the Glory.

Oh! why was the desart selected by God?

Why crown not the foreheads, now flushed III.—THE WILDERNESS.

with delight, The sighs of his Israel from Goshen arise, With the promised possession so nearly in The voice of oppression ascends to the skies; sight? Now, now, saith Jehovah, my arm I will bare, Wly give not at once the free sceptre to those, And Israel shall see that I listen to prayer : Who are shouting hosannas o'er God-conGo, Gabriel, and Amram's young infant con- quered foes ?

'Tis well : in their history, Saviour, I see My vengeance on Egypt by him I 'll reveal. The way thou hast led and art still leading me. Obedient the seraph to Memphis descends, Like them in captivity, darkness, distressAnd Pharoah's own daughter young Moses

With sin a hard task-master told to oppressbefriends.

In slavery, worse than Egyptian, I dwelt, But royalty's glitter, its pomp and its show, In love with my chains and enamoured with Cannot make him his lineage forget or forego: guilt; He sees an Egyptian an Hebrew oppress, Till a tempest disturbed my monotonous And instant his arm is-upraised to redress; night, Then fearful, for safety to Midian retires, And my eyes lost the scales which perverted And wisdom to fill his bigh mission acquires. their sight.

Strange scenes passed around me of sorrow A wonder is done at the scarlet wave, And Israel is taught that the Lord can save. And the world I had loved seemed the home The prophet admonishes Pharoah no more, of despair. Ten times hath God's judgments admonished Oppression rode o'er me, and mocked at my before :

grief, Ten times hath in Memphis the mystical rod, With none to deliver, God sent me relief : Calamitous warnings, brought horrors from I ransomed, stood praising, and saw the wild

God: Ten times hath reluctant permission been Engulph my oppressors and harmless pass me. given :

Then grateful I bowed me, then uttered the Ten times hath the king braved the fury of heaven.

God shall be my God who protected me now. They have journeyed to Etham, 'when har- And I thought, when thus rescued, he taught dened anew,

me to kneel, The king with his army resolves to pursue. At once he would all his rich mercy reveal. His chariots o'ertake them, they tremble for fear :

Alas! like the Hebrews a desart I tread : Loud threatening, the monarch is close on Lord, shew me that I like the Hebrews, am their rear :

led. High bills on each side, and before them the Let the pillar of cloud, and the column of fire,

With a sense of thy presence my courage Lord, none now can save thy poor Israel inspire. but thee!

With the dew of each morning the manna Jehovah hath spoken, the billows divide,

bestow; And suddenly build chrystal walls on each Let the rock always follow-its streams al

side; And as suddenly, when the loved tribes have And when, like old Amalek, enemies fightpassed through,

When Balaams endeavour my doom to indite, Returning engulph the vast host of the foe. Almighty protect me, and make them ex

press, Say, Lord, when delivered from bondage and Tho gh fain they would hurt me, thy pur





ways flow.

pose to bless.


And while in the wilderness, Saviour, I roam, Oh! think of that thy Saviour drank for thee,
While wilderness discipline fits me for home, A deep unfathomed cup of agony.
While wilderness sorrows awaken the sigh,
Lord, wilderness mercies abundant supply. Think of the wrath of justice, mighty load,
When some bitter Marah sheds waters of Which He endured to bring thee night to

God; Lord, sweeten the stream with the promise Behold his sufferings, when upon the tree, of life.

Guiltless he died to set the guilty free! When sin, the foul serpent, doth venomous

He died that thou mightst live : in records bite Display thy red cross and encourage my sight.

Is the fair charter of indemnity : When pale unbelief whispers doubts about

Thy debts are cancelled by his love divine, home,

Then at thy transient griefs canst thou reAnd scares with forebodings of peril to come, Let faith, like young Caleb, bring clusters to

pine ? prove,

Faint not beneath the rod-a token mild The truth of thy promise--the wealth of thy That thou indeed art God's beloved childlove.

But bless the affliction, sent by sov'reign love,

To lead thy wandering feet to realms above.
Christ bore the wrath of God, that thou

mightst be,

Exempted from it through eternity : l'oor sinners now lift up your voice,

Thus love directs each stroke thou 'rt called

to bear, Gladly in Jesus' name rejoice, Who once came down to bleed and die,

And all chastisements mercy's aspect wear. To save our souls from misery.

And he is thine, with all his gifts and grace, Joyful, poor saints, sweet anthems sing,

Thy life, thy portion, and thy dwelling-place;

And he'll sustain thee, fly to him by prayer, To Jesus our exalted King ;

And on him cast each overwhelming care. Who to our souls salvation brought, And Oh, your Jesus changeth not.

Thy sky may be o'ercast, but whence thy

fear ? When he expired on Calvary's tree, 'Twas the sweet year of jubilee;

Faith can discern the promised rainbow near ; He crushed the powers of sin and hell,

With grateful heart then kiss the chastening

rod, That all bis saints with him might dwell.

And bless thy faithful, omnipresent God. Immanuel our full ransom paid, When on the cross he bowed his head;

EMMELINE. And “ Finished," said, poor soul, for thee, And thus proclaimed sweet jubilee.

ON OPENING A PLACE OF WORSHIP. But Oh, ye saints, when Christ arose, He conquered all our hellish foes;

Oh, thou most blessed sacred Three, The victory gained o'er death for ye,

The holy glorious Trinity; And gave us all sweet jubilee.

E'en God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Spirit-Three in One.
Since Christ the glorious victim stood,
And for our ransom shed his blood;

Now condescend in love to shine.
Oh may our souls before him fall,

Upon this little tender vine, And crown King Jesus Lord of all.

Which thou hast planted, by thy hand,

In this dark desert barren land.

Thy providence hath brought us here,
To dedicate this house of prayer;

Then dearest Lord vouchsafe to shine
DESPISE NOT THOU THE CHASTENING Upon this little church of thine.

May we in love and union be,

Upheld by the great sacred Three ; Hush thee, poor mariner, wipe the tears

Till we shall meet on that blest shore. that flow,

Where sin is known and felt no more. Say dost thou faint beneath thy cup of woe; Portsea.

T. P.

T. P.




" For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the FATHER, the WORD, and the

Holy Ghost: and these Three are One."--1 John v. 7. " Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.--Jude 3.

Kolding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."--1 Tim. iii. 6.

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ANGELS, REGARDED AS MINISTERING humble our pride. Eliphaz the TeSPIRITS TO THOSE WHO SHALL BE manite seems to have been unac

quainted (no uncommon case) with " Are they not all ministering spirits, the effects of the fall, and with the sent forth to minister for them who shall extent of sin, original and actual. be heirs of salvation ?"-Heb. i. 14. Much he dwelt upon his own com

With regard to the subject of parative innocence. In short he Angels, we are so dreadfully prone wished to justify himself before God. to idolatry, that there is danger (as But “a thing was secretly brought to the frailty of the holiest men may him, and his ear received a little evince Rev. xxii. 8), of putting them thereof. In thoughts from the visions in the position of Him of whom it is of the night, when deep sleep falleth written—There is one God and one on men, fear came upon him, and Mediator between God and Man 1 trembling, which made all his bones Tim. ii. 5, the man Christ Jesus. If to shake. Then a spirit passed before men have been so miserable as to his face, the hair of his flesh stood up. worship Bede and Becket, and even It stood still, but he could not discern their bones, how much more will they the form thereof : an image was benot worship—'angels ever bright and fore his eyes." He heard a still fair?'

voice, the import of which was to On the the other hand, it must be admonish him, that as far as merit owned that Scripture reveals not a was concerned, he was a guilty, lost, little concerning angels. And while and condemned creature. Job iv. 12. we adhere to Scripture we cannot err. &c. We may

therefore consider the What Eliphaz learned in his previsible agency of Angels, first as liminary fit of consternation, is taught affording some illustration of that to the heirs of salvation by the more divine work which is carried on in ordinary (though supernatural) workthe heirs of salvation without such ing of the Spirit of supplication, visible agency; and secondly as afford- Zech. xii. 10, and self-loathing Ezek. ing some fore-shadowment of the xxxvi. 31. And the word of God is future glory of the latter.

to them instead of the nocturnal 1. (1). Angels have been sent to visitor. April, 1842.]


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