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things that are excellent, that ye may tractive to the outward appearance, be sincere and without offence until who having increased their perfumes, the day of Christ; being filled with or works of their own hands, were the fruits of righteousness, which are continually saying, “I am rich, and by Jesus Christ unto the glory and increased in goods, and have need of praise of God.”

nothing," Rev. iii. 17. How solemn, Believe me, dearly beloved, I feel dear Sarah, all this, inascouch as that much for you, on account of the de- the Lord doth not speak one word of privation of the Lord's appointed love to these queens of the prince of means of grace ; but even this cometh darkness, these concubines or virgins, from the Lord of Hosts, who is won but on the contrary, see Isa, xlvii. 1, derful in counsel and excellent in 2, 3. Whereas, notwithstanding all working. Therefore depend upon it this their abounding profession, the there is a needs-be wherefore things Lord's spouse, bride, or church is but should be thus. 2 Cor. v. 18. And one, his holy one, his chosen one from again, Rom. viii. 28, 29, 30. Surely among them, to be his love, his delight in your neighbourhood there are and companion, both in grace here three-score queens and four-score and glory hereafter. Song vi. 9; Ps. concubines, and virgins without num. lxxxiv. 11, 12. How great, dear ber. But nevertheless the Lord's sister, our unspeakable privileges, see dove, or church, or uudefiled, is but Mark iv, 11, 12, with Luke x. 17– one, the only one of her mother, and 21. Herein, then, we can and do the choice one of her that bare her. rejoice as members of the one family, This is a great mystery. But I speak that although the before-mentioned concerning Christ and his churcb: queens of the south may be crowned for we are members of his body, his with their own outward doings and flesh, and of his bones. As for ex- works, the King's daughter, of the ample, by the three-score queens, royal family of heaven, is all glorious understand the various and distracted within, though full of spots without opinions of professors in general ---black but comely. Deut. xxxii. 31, about religion. Rev. xvii. 15. Some 32. Wherefore from all such good appear like queens for authority, seem Lord deliver us! to know every thing when they are With respect to mr journey home, ignorant of the very first principles it was, through my honoured Lord's of the doctrine of Christ. Rev. kindness, comfortable, though rather xviii. 7. From all such withdraw tedious to the flesh. On the road, thyself. 2 Cor. vi. 14—18. Others while in the way from one place to I perceived were like concubines, another, how thankful my poor heart under a slavish and servile fear of was that accommodation could be man, worshipping the creature more found for the least of all in the dif. than the Creator, who is over all ferent inns, when there was no room God blessed for ever. 1 Cor. lii. 4, 7. for the Lord of all in such a place.

Truly, therefore, when passing by Ah, my friend, who can write or many who have a name to live, but speak of the depths of his humiliation vet are dead in sin, the thought more who in all things hath the pre-emithar. once crossed my mind, This nence! In suffering, as well as in people is laden with iniquity, while glory, Heb. ii. 10, and again Heb. v. committing and living in spiritual 8-10. Sweet therefore the thought fornication. Isa. v. 4. And once to faith, Col. i. 14–20. again, numbers upon numbers were On my arrival home at Stonehouse, to be seen in your streets, who like on Friday evening, at balf past eleven, the virgins, or virgin daughter of Ba- several of Corpus Christi, were waitbylon, were more engaging and at ing to meet the coach and greet me in love. I thank the Lord to have be fed a thousand two hundred and found all well, and by the power of three-score days: here is wisdom, let his Spirit still kept walking in the him, &c. Rev. xiii. 18. The beast, fear of the Lord and comfort of the or Pope of Rome, had full authority Holy Ghost. This indeed did rejoice given him in the year 666 after our my heart ; having no greater joy than Lord's return to glory from the field to hear of the Lord's children walk of battle. Tbe witnesses are to proing in the truth! How then could phecy or minister 1260 prophetical I do better than come forward, on days or years to the gentile part of the following Lord's day, before the Christ's church. Which two amounts, church with the text “ Unto him that forming 1926 years, shew the cessaloved us," Rev. i. 5, 6. Blessed tion of ministration, when the fulness therefore be the glorious and almighty of the gentiles will be gathered in. Him, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Then deducting the begone years since the root of David, who hath prevailed the birth of Christ, namely 1841, over all our enemies, in his personal there remaineth but 85 years yet to conquests over sin, Satan death and come before the witnesses will be hell in our law-place, room and stead. slain, according to the word of the Rom. iv, 25; v. 1-5. Ob then this Lord, in Rev, xi. 7-11, and also in illustrious and powerful Him, wḥo Rom xi. 26 to the end. hath made our peace by the blood of The Lord be with you and bless his cross, and hath reconciled all you with much of his presence, that things unto himself, whether they be you may be kept faithiul unto death. things on earth or things in heaven; Rev. xvii. 17. My love to dear Mr. by Him, I say again,

and Mrs. - , together with all

them who love our Lord Jesus Christ This mighty Him makes all things sure, Through life, in death, and evermore,

in sincerity and truth. And believe In Him the great Amen!

me to unite with my beloved wife in

sending spiritual greetings to you in All hail the name of Jesus Christ,

the name of Jesus ; to whom with Let angels prostrate fall;

the Father and the Holy Ghost, be Bring forth the royal diadem, And crown him Lord of all !

honour and power everlasting. Heb.

xiii. 20—21. Hallelujah! Amen. Praise ye the Yonr affectionate brother in Jesus, Lord ! Phil. ii. 6--13. Since my arrival home the Lord in

GEORGE HENRY GODDEN. rich mercy hath again appeared, as

Mal. iv, 2—3. 2 Tim. i. 9. Farethe God of providence towards our nation, in causing her majesty to bring

well dear friend for a season, until forth a son, an heir apparent to the

another opportunity presents itself for throne of these realms -a national

my again taking pen in hand. Col. ï.

6-10. mercy indeed! My text on the occa. sion was Rev. xii. 5, 6. Handled the subject spiritually, shewing how the woman, in all her members, or “ little

THE SAINT'S INABILITY. sister," or gentile church, brought forth Christ in her experience, after

Extracted from a choice work by Rev. Wil

liam Bridge: a new edition of whose her new birth, being pained to be de

complete works is now preparing for livered from the condemning sentence

publication. of the law, doubts, fears, unbelief, &c. Gal. iv. 19; John xvi. 21; Rom. viii. As a man is unable to every action : 1, 2. By the 1260 prophetical days, so also, he is naturally unable to preor years : the spiritual woman was to pare himself unto what is good, spi

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ritually good. Good people, mark ration, I can prepare, I can draw myit, I say, a man is also unable to pre- self unto Jesus Christ, or I can draw pare himself unto what is good. Christ unto me. Beloved, in natural Not only unable to do good; but un. actions there needs always prepara. able to prepare himself unto what is tions to the introducing of forms ; good, spirtually good : not only un: necause in the way of generation of able to overcome the enemy, but un. nature, things are wrought by de. able to draw out his forces : not only grees. As for example now: If a unable to receive the enemies charge; great log lie in the mud, before you but he is unable to draw out his for. can carry it away, you must loosen it ces. “Ho, ho, every one that thirs. from the mud ; but the log doth not teth, come and buy wine and milk loosen itself : and so if wood be to be without money, or money's worth.” burnt, first it must be dried, there is If a man could prepare, here is money preparing the wood to be burnt, behere is money's worth: as one ob- cause the thing is to be done be de. serves well, then a man might say, grees. But in the conversion of a the first beginning of iny salvation poor sinner, the work is done in a was of myself: yea, in truth a man moment; it is no natural work, God may say, the greatest part is from infuses grace there, and therefore, myself; for it is more to begin, and there needs no preparation there. more to prepare ; so the greatest part And therefore Bradwardine, he reaof our salvation should be from our sons the case very well thus : If, says selves. Ye know what the apostle he, a man can prepare himself, then says, and I pray consider it, in Eph. the preparation either helps forward, ii. 1, “ And you hath he quickened, or causes the following grace : if it who were dead in trespasses and sins. does not help forward nor cause fol. Even you (at the 5th verse,) even lowing grace, then it does not prewhen we were dead in sins hath pare ; that that does not help, does quickened us together with Christ; not prepare ; and if it does help forby grace are ye saved.” Mark, twice ward the following grace, or cause it, the apostle brings in that sentence: that God must give a following grace he brings it in again at the 8th verse: as a reward of this preparation ; then “ For by grace are ye saved :" why surely this preparation makes a man twice ? Not only to shew that the pleasing in the eyes of God : for, will progress of a christian is by grace, but God reward a man for a work that the very first beginning, and setting does not make him pleasing in the out, it is all of grace : “ By grace ye eyes of God? But how can a man are saved.” It is a good speech of be pleasing in the eyes of God, withAustin, grace is no way grace unless out faith? “Without faith it is imit be every way free. Now can a possible to please God.” Heb. xi. 6. poor dead man prepare himself unto So that a man cannot prepare himself life? Did Lazarus prepare himself to what is good. Put all these togeto life ? Could he do it ? Could ther: a man cannot naturally overLazarus do it? There is saith the come a sin, a temptation, though philosopher, a proportion always be- never so small : he cannot rise when tween the action, and the term of the he is fallen : he cannot stand though action. Now what proportion is there he shauld rise : yea, he is unable to between nature and grace? No man any good work simply in himself : (says our Saviour) comes unto the and he is not able to prepare himself Son, but whom the Father draws, unto what is good. Surely therefore John vi. 44; thus says our Saviour. all are in a way of receiving; whatOh! but (says Pelagius) I can go ever grace one hath, he hath it in a unto Jesus Christ by my own prepa. way of receiving.




No testimony man can build,

No eloquence he knows. To me can satisfaction yield,

Or give my breast repose. I want, by realizing grace,

To know grace comes from thee; I want, by seeing Jesus' face,

To know he smiles on me. Come promised vision, hindered long,

In rainbow beauties drest; Thanksgivings then shall load my song,

And gladness fill my breast.



LORD! from the cell, the cheerless cell

Of deadress, darkness, care :
The dreary dungeon where I dwell

A prisoner of despair:
Fain would I raise a prayerful sigh,

Would urge a pleading groan;
Permit the scarcely uttered cry

To reach the eternal throne.
Saviour! who bear’st upon thy breast

Thine Israel's cherished name;
Acknowledged as thine Israel's Priest,

The Altar, and the Lamb: On thee, who can'st be touched with all

That pales thy people's brow;
Thou great High Priest, on thee I call,

My only helper now !
As Aaron stood in ancient days,

To introduce to God,
The people's prayer, the people's praise,

With incense and with blood :
So art thou now, we bless thy name,

By office and by love,
Engaged to feed th' expiring flame,

And lift our prayers above.
Let my petition-else in vain-

Thine intercession share;
Let it thy bleeding perfume gain,
· And prove successful prayer.
Let thy good Spirit-present now-

My supplications aid ;
And his rich influences bestow

To make the mourner glad.
Thou know'st the language of my sigh,

The meaning of my groan;
The burden of my urgent cry

Is one request alone :
All minor things, all blessings less,

Prized as they each should be,
Only as harbingers of this

Are rendered dear to me:
I want to feel that grace and faith

Are not ideal things;
And know that what the scripture saith

Comes from the King of kings.

CHRISTIAN, as ye onward journey,
Through this world of death and sin ;
You must fight and combat daily
Foes without and foes within.
Life will not be strewed with flowers,
Satan ofttimes will assail,
With his black, infernal powers,
Yet not finally prevail.
Worldly baits will make thee linger,
And awhile confuse your mind;
Pointing with derision's finger
To the pleasures left behind.
Often you will feel distressed,
When corruptions work within ;
And your hearts, with grief oppressed,
Cry for strength to conquer sin.
False professors will thee stagger,
Cause the groan and inward sigh ;
Wounding sharper than a dagger,
When they tell thee truth 's a lie.
You will feel the cross distressing,
When your kindred on you frown ;
And fresh difficulties pressing,
Seek to pull each comfort down
Yet this is the christian's portion,
Such the burden he must bear ;
Thus the world can form no notion,
What their joys and comforts are.
Fear ye not, though now you travel
More in darkness than in light;

'T is the end that must unravel,

I welcome pain-yea, labour 's rest And show all things best and right.

To converse with my God. Here imperfectly thou knowest

I ask not, Lord, to roll in wealth, What is meant, but soon shall see,

Be that to others given ; In the land to which thou goest,

But give me labour, grant me health, All was ordered well for thee.

And make me meet for heaven. There no clouds will bound thy vision, Then, when my days of toil are o'er, Darkness will all disappear ;

I 'll lay this body down ; And the world with its derision,

To yonder realms of bliss I 'll soar, Will be left behind you here.

And take my blood-bought crown. Free from all that here molested,


J. P. With no tempting devil nigh, Nor by doubts and fears infested, You shall joy and never sigh.

“ BY GRACE ARE YE SAVED." There on love for ever feasting,

Eph. ii. 8. Streams of joy and light divine;

By grace are ye saved : oh! how sweet the Christ thy sun, and Christ thy fountain,

sound Will on thee for ever shine.

To those by whom sin a burden's here found ; There with all the blood-redeemed,

It makes them to hope amidst all fears, Thou shalt sweetly join and sing,

And on their dear Saviour to cast all their Hallelujah, hallelujah,

cares. Jesus is both Lord and King.

It leads them to look back and see what they Sweet will sound the song for ever,

were, As ye sweep the golden cord ;

When moving along the black road to desHallelujah, hallelujah,

pair ; Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

While seeking their pleasures, and trifling

with death, Swaffham.

J. E. c. While their life as a vapour hung on a breath.

It brings them to feel they have nothing in

self, LINES

And to hold close to him from whence comes

their help; Written After Hearing a Sermon on Malachi By the teaching of bis Holy Spirit they 're iii, 16.


To see what their Saviour and Redeemer “ A book of remembrance was written for

hath wrought. them that thought upon his name.'

How that he has finished salvation's great Amidst the various thoughts that rove

plan, Across my sinful breast,

And made it complete for poor sinful man; How few that lead to joys above

That they in his righteousness may be arrayed, Where saints are ever blest.

Complete in himself to eternity made. But when the Holy Spirit blows;

Oh then, all ye sinners who 're brought nigh His soft and gentle gales,

to God, Each thought with love my soul o'erflows, Who've the witness within that ye 're clean No longer sin prevails.

through his blood;

Speak aloud of the sweetness of his saving No matter where, if called to toil

grace, From morn till dewy eve;

By which ye have hope to hehold his bright With joy I 'll pass the day's turmoil,

face. While Jesus whispers-Live!

Then farewell the things that surround us How swift my hours then pass away, With joy and sweet delight;

When ye are called hence up to glory to go; When I can muse on Christ by day,

To reign with the Lord where no cares can And sing his praise by night,

annoy, Oh, may such thoughts inspire my breast. In whose glorious presence is fulness of joy. Throughout my dubious road;

w. n.

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