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grace prevents not, their life is em- to die, but after this the judgment; bittered and will be to all eternity. so Christ was once 'offered to bear In this chapter we have a certain the sins of many; and; unto them creature made subject to vanity ; that look for him shall he appear there have been many disputes about the second time, without sin unto this “creature made subject to vanity, salvation." Appear where ? in your not willingly, but by reason of him hearts, said she," he shall appear who hath subjected the same in the second time, without sin unto hope.” I do not wish to set up my salvation.” If we deny the resuropinion contrary to the word of God, rection of the body, what do we though I believe it is too much the make of it? If it is not the selfcase in this day : men come forward same body that we now have that is with new light, but not the meaning raised from the dead, it must be a of God the Holy Ghost. It strikes new created body, then it cannot be me very powerfully, the creature called a resurrection ; if it be a treated of by the apostle Paul, is raised body it must be that body neither more nor less than one part that had been buried, that body of me, that part that is essentially that was sown in corruption, the necessary to constitute me man, very self-same body that is raised that is, the body ; the creature, the in incorruption ; that body that had body was made subject to vanity, been sown or put in the grave change, corruption, and death, not through weakness, is raised in power; willingly, “but by reason of him that body that was laid in the grave, who hath subjected the same in there to rest till the second coming hope. For the earnest expectation of the Lord Jesus Christ, which by of the creature waiteth for the mani- the sound of the trump, the voice of festation of the sons of God.” We the gospel, shall arise and come forth. seldom go far enough in looking at I do not know what to say respectour relationship to God and his ing the doctrine of the millenium, Christ, we generally look at his har- the personal reign of Christ for a ing to do with the soul of man ; but thousand years, yet I am at a point the Lord Jesus Christ by his death, here, that if ever there is a millenium did not purchase the soul separately under the present state of things, it from the body : it was his person, must be when a wonderful change his whole man, body and soul that takes place in the earth. It must be he purchased, therefore the earnest after the first resurrection, for on expectation of his people. Every such the second death hath no power. believer shall be delivered from the As, christians, believers in the Lord “bondage of corruption into the glo- Jesus Christ in this matter, we are rious liberty of the children of God. saved by hope ; we see ourselves For we know that the whole creation rescued from condemnation and death groaneth and travaileth in pain to- by the peace-speaking blood of Jesus, gether until now. And not only as it respects immortal, eternal life, they, but ourselves also, which have the resurrection of the body, having the firstfruits of the Spirit, even a body fashioned like to Christ's we ourselves groan within ourselves, glorious body, in these things is waiting for the adoption, to wit, the included our salvation. We are redemption of our body.”

saved by hope, the thing has not I have heard those who profess. already taken place; yet as Paul faith in Christ deny the resurrec- said before Felix, “ Touching the tion of the body. I once heard a resurrection of the dead I am called quaker, a female, take this text, “And in question by you this day ;" my as it is appointed unto men once hope respecting the resurrection,

January, 1852.]

that this mortal shall put on immor- to respecting himself, or bis soul tality, that we shall be changed, and Godward, yet according to the allcaught up to meet the Lord in the seeing eye of God, he sees him to air, body and soul become re-united, be amongst those that have in their that spark, spirit that is in me shall hearts the firstfruits of the Spirit. then burst into a blaze, this “ mor- What are we to understand by the tality shall be swallowed up in life,' firstfruits ? The firstfruits are a “and if Christ be in us, the body," certain earnest of the harvest home. according to law-reckoning “is dead We will go farther. The firstfruits because of sin, but the spirit is life of the Spirit is a little of heaven let because of righteousness. But if the into the soul in a time-state, though Spirit of Christ dwell in us, he that not heaven as to the degree, yet in raised up Jesus from the dead shall kind, as to the joy, comfort, consolaalso quicken our mortal bodies by lation, and peace it brings into the (that very) Spirit that dwells in us. soul, it is heaven already begun ; it And not only they, but ourselves is the firstfruits, the earnest, like also which have the firstfruits of the servant that is hired to a master the Spirit, even we ourselves groan has the earnest put into his hand as within ourselves, waiting for the a part of the whole, that ensures or adoption, to wit the redemption of points to the whole. So it is with the the body.” Now there are two or believer in the Lord Jesus Christ; three things in the text. First, they have a heaven of glory already what Paul says of himself while here begun. Christ's kingdom, which on earth, that he had received and stands not in the letter, but in the had in his possession the firstfruits power of God, is already set up in of the Spirit. Secondly, we notice their heart; yea, the kingdom of what they do along with the whole heaven is begun within them; the creation of God, that have the first- kingdom of heaven is within you. fruits of the Spirit, they groan, saith Grace here, is glory in the bud; the apostle ; we groan within our therefore it will not be all entirely selves. For what do we groan ?new when we come to die, if we are “ waiting for the adoption, to wit the people of God. Paul said, rethe redemption of our body.” He specting himself and others, by the then goes on to speak of what we are good will of God towards them, by saved by. “For we are saved by the operation of the Spirit of God họpe ; but hope that is seen is not within, they have the firstfruits of hope. But if we hope for that we see the Spirit, when at any time the not, then do we with patience wait for Spirit of the living God leads their it.” What is it then to have the first- mind experimentally to have sensafruits of the Spirit? There are two or tion, or joy in God, through faith in three things named in the word of God Christ. What do you consider these I consider to be synonimous, or nearly sayings represent? They set forth so; the firstfruits of the Spirit, the so many senses, as seeing, tasting, seal of the Spirit, the earnest of handling, feeling, and so on ; does it our inheritance ; you may make not immediately seem to come to what you please of it. I consider this, that there is such a thing as them to be one and the selfsame sensation in religion ? sensation in thing. Paul says “ We that have religion without light is the devil's received the firstfruits of the Spi- fancy ; light without sensation is the rit," as much as to say, every true light of a hypocrite, but light and believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, beat, life and immortality, ensation be he who he will, or what he may, and feeling, with light in the underwhatever conclusion he may come standing to take in and comprehend

the way of life and salvation, accord- says, “ That by two immutable things ing to free donation and blood, pro- in which it was impossible for God mised through a crucified Redeemer, to lie, we might have a strong conso: more or less, these stand together. lation, who have fled for refuge, to What an awful account we have lay hold upon the hope set before us; given by the apostle in the sixth of which hope we have, as an anchor of Hebrews of some such as these, who the soul, both sure and stedfast, and had tasted of the heavenly light, which entereth into that within the made partakers of the Holy Ghost, vail ; whither the forerunner is for knowing the powers of the world to us entered, even Jesus.” I have come, and so on ; yet after all he sometimes looked at it, seeing the compares them to that part of the sealing testimony of the Spirit of earth on which the rain falls that God; I have looked at it with strong brings forth nothing more than briers desire and heartfelt prayer to God, and thorns ; but says he of some to that I might understand it. Now it whom he was then writing, “ we are says, “ Grieve not the Spirit of God, persuaded better things of you.” whereby ye are sealed to the day of Better things than what he had redemption ;" there seems to be no named ; better things than having distinction made; it takes in the tasted of the heavenly gift ; better whole church, high and low, rich and things than being made partakers of poor, small and great, bond and free; the Holy Ghost ; better things than 6 Grieve not the Spirit of God, having tasted of the powers of the whereby ye are sealed to the day of world to come: yes, better things : redemption.” It appears to me the things that accompany salvation. It Spirit of God in his inbeing, in his appears there are things that do not inhabitation in the soul of a poor accompany salvation ; he speaks of sinner, so that he is eternally sealed : them, such as being once enlightened, that soul shall never come into consome who had been baptized, and demnation. As it respects what is made partakers of the Holy Ghost done for him in Christ, and what is in an extraordinary way, such as cast done towards himself, by the operaing out devils, made to comprehend tion and influence of the blessed and take in something of that power Spirit, as it respects my satisfaction, that God puts forth in the ministry comfort, consolation and knowledge of his word ; he seems to sum it up in this matter, being sealed up in the here thus, we all know they are only bundle of life with the Lord God; tasters ; like the man who tastes I am satisfied in this point; it is physic, feels it nauseous to his palate, by divine manifestation and operatherefore spits it out again; so these tion in a comforting way in my soul, men, who taste of these things, have not by the Spirit's inbeing. God a dislike, hatred and malice to them Almighty keep me whilst I am in in their heart ; not having the life this world, in this particular ; never and love of God, the first-fruits of may I run at random, nor say things the Spirit, the regenerating influence without digesting. The world is of the Lord the Spirit ; not being full of persons who do so. It takes united to Christ therefore fall away a good deal to discipline a man. The and become nothing. I have often burnt child dreads the fire, and whatlooked at this chapter, how it begins ever a child of God has suffered, and in which way it ends. Some whether by men speaking at a venwould say, it begins favouring the ture-if a man speaks at a venture, doctrine of falling from grace; the Lord will make him hate his own but Paul treats the subject of falling words.- In that point we did not from grace as being impossible ; he receive the Spirit at a venture ; the

sealing testimony of the Spirit of it is the self same body that shall be God is the earnest of our inherit raised in the resurrection, when this ance ; for it is by divine sensation mortal shall put on immortality. In and feeling, comfort and consolation that very change, what sanctification, is produced in a secret way and what a spiritual body in a little time manner in my heart, that the world is brought forth, when my vile body, is altogether a stranger to. Now the according to nature, shall be fashioned voice of many ministers, if they are like Christ's glorious body. so I may right, Paul is. wrong : they say, if enjoy God, soul and body, to a vast you live above everything, live eternity, without a veil between. down every thing, do away with Paul says in one of his epistles, in sighing, crying, groaning, doubts speaking of the adoption of which and fears, suspicions and complaints, we are the subjects, that it is founded live them down, rise above them ; on divine predestination. Paul never no, says Paul, it is not so, “we our- put the cause for the effect, or the selves also, which have the first- effect for the cause. Being predestifruits of the Spirit, even we our nated according to our Father's will, selves groan within ourselves.” I being predestinated to the adoption am glad Paul acknowledges so much, - of children, adoption is an emanate as though he had said, a man having act, being in God's own vast eternal the first-fruits of the Spirit, while in mind, a relationship to the Lord a time-state, in consequence of the Jesus Christ; ye are children of weight' of unbelief, in consequence God by adoption, by election grace, of Adam's fall, sin and transgres- which we had before we had a being. sion, does from time to time groan. Men make no distinction here in The Lord delights to hear our groans; speaking of the people of God. Some it proves to a demonstration, that men in these days make no distincwe are not independents, that we are tion between the children of God by debtors, dependants, that we cannot gift, and the children of God by rise, cannot live, cannot come into faith : the scriptures do: “behold I, the joy of the Lord, which is our and the children thou hast given me.” strength, without divine help from God in his choice, choosing some of God our Father, through the Lord Adam's race, in the Lord Jesus as Jesus Christ ; yes, says Paul, we Mediator, and it is this adoption that groan within ourselves, what for? is the grand reason or cause why the waiting for the adoption, that is, the Spirit of God is given in time, to redemption of our bodies. What is have the Spirit of adoption, to give it ? It reaches to body and soul, me to know my relationship to God “waiting for the adoption, to wit, and his Christ ; so they were known the redemption of our bodies." How to themselves, 66 waiting for the far Dr. Hawker may be correct, adoption," "predestinated to be chilI do not know: in speaking upon dren;" then if predestinated, we sanctification he says, that the body belong to the vast great family of of man is just what it was ; that God. What am I predestinated to God's work of grace in the soul has have ? Jehovah for my inheritance, nothing whatever to do with the body, and for me to be bis ; predestinated that remaineth a filthy, vile, polluted so for God to count and reckon me body ; that it would do no better as bis inheritance : “the Lord's porwhen old, than when first called by tion is his people, Jacob is the lot of divine grace; now it is said, “ The his inheritance ;" so we hear not very God of peace sanctify you David, but David's Lord saying, wholly, body, soul and spirit.” Per. “ The lines are fallen to me in plea. haps he runs it up in this point, that sant places ; I have a goodly heri

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tage,” hundreds of millions of chil- being found among the sons of God, dren ; they are his inheritance; the or being sons of God. What is tithe or tenth belonged to the Lord, wrapt up in that saying, adoption ? as Mr. Huntington said : out of ten, It doth not yet appear what we shall three went to the right, three to the be, being predestinated to be conleft, three stopped short, and one formed, in body and soul, to the goes into the fold ; that is, marked image of Christ, that is his adoption. with the Father's rod, the Father's When he shall appear, we shall be mark in the forehead, the blood of like him, we shall see him as he is ; the everlasting covenant, Zion's me. we are waiting for this ; we are morial to the end of time, in the looking for this, looking for that souls of God's children, to be to blessed hope, the manifestation of them for a token of good. What is this adoption, the glorious appearing wrapt up in that saying, "adoption ?” of Christ, who shall change our vile Paul is plain enough. Adoption bodies. Oh, the bliss and blessedtakes in something more, “waiting ness of the people that are overfor the adoption, to wit, the redemp- comers, that overcome the world, tion of our body.” Adoption takes the flesh and the devil, and to enter in all that is needful for body and into the joy of their Lord. We read soul; all men, all transactions, all in the book of the Revelation, that things consequent, and all things the man that overcomes is to eat of that accompany salvation, convic- the hidden manna, and, says Christ, tion, sanctification and redemption in “I will give him a white stone,” and full final perseverance, a good hope in that a name written, which no through grace, perseverance in man knoweth save he that receiveth grace, life, love, the power of God, it. What is that white stone ? It religion felt in the heart, and en- is absolution, pardon, justification. joyed in the soul, the Lord from In what does this justification contime to time making good his pro- sist? In this, “ Blessed is the man mise, renewing our strength and to whom the Lord will not impute shewing us favour. I tell you what sin ;" we will go a little farther, appears now more than any thing. “Blessed is the man to whom the If there is one thing in this world, Lord imputeth righteousness withmore unlike than another to be found out works.” It comes to this, we in the creature, it is a solid man or must at last be saved in this way, woman, using lightness and levity, according to this saying ; we shall in speaking of frames and feelings, be justified according to this saying; manifestations, consolations and com- I live, yet not I, by the works of fort ; this seems to be a spirit of the my own hands, but by what the world ; this never came from God. Lord Jesus did, by shedding his If the citizens of Zion shall draw precious blood on Calvary's cross; near with a solemn frame of mind, the title to heaven is by the doing God shall help them to speak of the and dying of the Lord Jesus, his mysteries of his kingdom, and talk obeying the precepts of the law, of the glorious majesty of his king- his fulfilling them all ; this is my dom and his almighty power; the right and title to eternal glory, right way to do this is with a reve- according to covenant transactions ; rential awe, the fear of God in the I shall go to heaven by virtue of heart, and before the eyes, “ waiting Christ, my covenant head, accordfor the adoption ;" it is not come yet. ing to stipulations and re-stipulaSome have said that adoption has tions. May God add his blessing. something more wrapt up in it than Amen.

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