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not fighting with it myself in my own strength, but run iña mediately and tell the captain of my salvation. By the sword of his spirit, he soon destroys it, and makes me exceeding happy. This is what I call a simple looking to CHRIST. I know of no other effectual way of keeping the old man down, after' he has gotten his deadly blow. Look up then, dear Madam, to a wounded Saviour. Go to him as a little child. Tell him your whole heart. He will hear your lisping, and set your soul at liberty. He is pleased graciously to answer my petitions, and to bless my poor labours. We have many good souls in our society, that are gently coming into the knowledge of themselves. Our Saviour deals most lovingly with us indeed. Last night we had a general love-feast. It was exceeding awful and refreshing. 'I could have wished for some of my dear Scotland friends. I was enabled to pray for them most fervently. May Jesus bless this letter to your soul ! Wishing, above all things, that it may be in health and prosper, and with humble acknowledgments for all favours, I subscribe myself, Honoured Madam, Your Ladyship’s most obliged humble servant,

G. IV.

The End of the First VOLUME:



This book is under no circumstances to bo

taken from the Building

form 4.

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