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But how by Man can this be done?
Now see my Bible clear:
As I did say to Job that day,
I now may say to Man;
The Leviathan there's none can slay,
The way I said to him ;
And now the same I say to man-
Can you destroy your foe,
Tbat, like that fish, is surely strong,
And doth a fishing go?
I know for man his power is strong,
They caumot him destroy;
But I'm a God shall send a rod;
For man I will enjoy."

Co. xli. last verse.—He beholdeth all high things; k is a King over all the children of pride.

Now from the verse that there is mention'd
Let the wise and learned see;
Then they must drop all contention,
Know-the fish was nam'd by ME;
What I compard, they all must hear,
A Type of Salan stood.
How can men say another way
I do the fish allude,
To be the whole when I do call
My children from distress 2
As I did there to Job appear,
- His sufferings to redress,
His grief to free, I now tell thee,
The fish I did compare;
There was no wisdom wrought in he
For to destroy him there;
And so to Man I now shall come—
You can't destroy your Foe:
For as I said the fish was strong,
So Satan's arts I know;
But as a king can you now bring
That fish upon the sea,
That all the children here of pride
His power do cast away 3
In power there can he appear,
O'er all them that are proud.”
Itell thee, No; he cannot go;
Nor can you this allude,
To make it plain by learned men,
The way 'tis mention d there.
Nought but the fish did I allude,
That did in power appear,
No; 'twas to Heil, the truth I tell,
Though like a fable penn'd;
For Satan's arts they so did swell
Against my o

So unto he I then did sav,

Coujd he destroy his t'ge,
Who like that fish in power did lie?

But now the truth you know, ,

Twas drawn from he, the end you see,

Because you know 'twas great;
And I did turn his enemies,

That judg'd there was deceit
Found in the Man, In- grief did come,

But I did turn the whole;
And now the end 'tis my intend,

The same on Man shall fall;
Though Satan tint in rase may bunt,

My friends-for to connemn;
But I do tell them at the last

My thundering voice shall come ,
My friends I'll free, I now tell thee.

As I freed Job before.
But first, you see, condcmn'd they b0

By false friends to appear,
Who say, 'tis wrong they do go on.

My friends they would confound;
And strong the tempter now is come*

1 say, in every sound,
For to condemn in every Man

That upright wish to be,
And wish the Serpent was destroy'd,

That they might live in Mb.
Then these to Job I shall allude—

And here the lines go deep:
Because they wish for to be good,

That they my laws may keep;
Sin to be gone, and I may come

To be the guide of all;
Then all may see they upright be,

Or they'd reject the call. * So unto Job I all allude.

That wish my Kingdom near;
But I do say to thee this day.

False friends do now appear.
As his did come, I see in Man

They daily do abound;
Hypocrisy they do condemn,

nut their words will be found.
I say, at last, as Job's did burst—«

It fell upon their beads:
And in the end 'tis my intend.

That back their words I'll lead;
Upon them all, when I do call;

So let the words be penn'd.
This is a warning deep for all;

for so they'll see the cud."


In chap. viii. Job is deeply condemned by his friends, vetse 13—And the hypocrite's hope shall perish—Chap. xi. 2, 3, Job is again reproved by his friends—Should not the multitude of words be answered? And should a man full of talk*be justified? Should thy lies make men hold their peace? And when thou mockest, shall no man make thee ashamed? Ch.ip. xv. Job is again reproved by his friends, verse 4, 5—Yea thou castest oft" fear, and restrainest prayer before God: For thy mouth uttered! thine iniquity, and thou choosest the tongue of the crafty. Chap, xx, Job is again reproved by his friends, verse 5—The triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment. This they laid to Job, that his triumph was the triumph'of the wicked, and his joy, the joy of the hypocrite, which they said should perish like his own dung; and they which saw him, ^hould say where is he? Therefore Job might well say, in chap. xxi. 27—Behold I know your thoughts, and the devices which ye wrongfully imagine against me. But how do his friends reprove him, in chup. xxii. 5, 6, 7 —Is not thy wickedness great? and thine iniquities infinite? For thou hast taken a pledge from thy brother for nought, and stripped the naked of tl^eir clothing. Thou hast not given water to the weary to drink, and thou hast withholden bread from the hungry. But see what Job answers for himself, in chap. xxix. 12, 13—I delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had none to help him. The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon me: and I caused the widow's heart to sing for joy. Now let God be true and every man a liar: for in the same manner that the Lor,d spoke of Job to the Devil, in the same manner he justified Job to his friends. So, blessed be God, a good conscience is better than ten thousand witnesses. For so Job was able to justify himself; and their boasting as fools was byt for a moment; and thua will be the boasting of all those who judge of things they know nothing about, as Job's friends judged him. “They neither knew the cause, nor his life; and therefore they drew a proud and ignorant judgment; but were soon cut down in their own boasting, and brought upon themselves what they blamed Job for—that they had judged as hypocrites, condemning the innocent, and clearing the guilty. For though they did not discern what they were doing : yet in the manner they condemned Job, they joined with his accuser, which was the Devil, who condemned him to M. F. Now remem':er what I told thee in 1792 : thy cause was like Joe's cause ; and thy friends were like Job's friends ; and because they could not account for my wondrous working with thee, they were sometimes silent; and when they spoke, they spoke wrong ; for when they drew their judgment, they drew it from the Do il. And now I will prove they are perfectly like Joe's friends; for while they are boast,ng of their great goodness to ME, and the great merits of their Savious, they are just like Job's friends, that wanted to make their God the Liar, by denying the ProM1s E that was made in the Fall; and by denying the fulfillment of the Merit of my Death. Now, as I said by Joe, I say by thee: if Job had said of himself. what his friends said of him, he could not have said he was a perfect and upright man; for, then he must have given his God the lie, and denied the truth of what I said to Satan concerning him. Andjust the same I say of thee: shouldest thou speak after the manner of the world, to say thy writings were from thy own invention, thou must give the spin IT the lie; as I have said through thy writings that they came from ME. Now, if thou sayest they are from the Devil, then thou must be openly obeying him. But here in thy heart thoutiast often pondered like Job, when confusion has filled thy mind, and knew not front whence they came. How often has this been th:


complaining—Oh that I could come before the Lord! Oh! that I could bow myself before the Most High l—

And now to Man I bold will come :
For Ishall answer here.
Perfect like Joe thy cause has been,
So letthy Foes take care;
For much like he, 1 now tell thee,
Satan did thee condemn ;
Therefore I gave hin liberty -
All ways to try thy hand. o
So every way, I now do say,
The tempter did appear;
And every way, they all inay see,
Like Job thou didst appear.
Integrity was found in thee,
Thou never would'st give up
The hopes that thou hadst got in ME,
Which made thy foe to drop.
I say, in he’t can never be
In boldness to appear;
Because I let bim every way,
Like Joe, to try thee here.
Then now to Men I'll boldly come,
And letthem all stand mute,
Their boasting shall be overthrown,
Whcn I do strike the root;
Then they shall see they surely be
Like Job's friends heretofore ;
Their boasting is hypocrisy,
Their triumphs shall be o'er ;
Because of ME, all flesh will see,
They cannot find a Man
My Bible clears as thou hast here,
To glorify my Name; *
In wisdon shine the thoughts of thine,
Thy God in all thou'st freed.
Bring Me the Man that now can come, -
My Bible clear like thee :
Though 'tis from Hell some men do tell,
Then Satan all may shame;
If 'tis from thee, they all must see -
Thou'st honour’d great my Name. -
Then where's the Man can dare to stand
For to condemn thee here?
For let then seek throughout the land,
My Bible none can clear,
As thou hast done, l'îl answer man-
Let every book be found
Against my Bible that is penn'd,
And letthem judge thy sound;
en they must say another way-

“We judgil the Bible wrong;

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