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should be the best of men, and in thy heart thou layest they are the worst of men. And—

Now \hy folly I shall answer,

From the judgment drawn by thee,
If thou'stlook'd to thy Creator,

And the Land in sin to be.
If from Me first the whole did burl'.

And I did Man create,
And yet in sin they did begin

For to bring on their fate;
Then how can Man so upright stand.

Where Promises are made,
While Satan's roving through the land?

Thy wisdom weak was laid:
Had Abraham's seed in virtue stood,

And David stood the same,
Then surely I who Dwell on Higm

Must 1)8 more ueak than Man.
If Man had power to subdue

The folly of his child,
Then how can 1 be Just and True

To letmankind be foil'd?
If Abraham's seed in virtue stood

I ask thee, why not Mine?
If David's sons in virtue came,

And bright in wisdom shin'd,
I ask thee then why mine began

To fall away from Me?
I tell you all, the things are plain:

These things compar'd must be
Now with the Fall, I tell you all—•

Was David without sin?
Thou answerest, no: the truth is sqj

Then how could he brin^in
His children here for to appear

In virtue bright to shine,
When Men bv Me created were?

But Satan /tad his time
To baffle all, and Men did fall,

Like David, at the first.
For there his crimes you now must call,

How David's n'ns did burst;
Upon his head they first were laid—

Thou knowest L'rii'.h's death:
And then his children did proceed

hi deeper crimes come forth.
So first be<>an the Fall of Man,

I sav of Adam's Fall;
The sin fii>t there did sure appear;

But now 1 tell you all,
The Prorni-e sec at first to be.

The Curse was cast on Man;
And so the offsprings you do kee

In every age com on;'



Sin did abound in every sound, Where I did Promise make, Because the Curse was on the Ground, And so that Curse did break; I say on Man at first did come— So here stands DAvid's REIGN : The Promise great you may command, That I shall here explain: The Curse at first on him did burst., As 'twas pronounc'd on Man ; The Blessings great they all did miss, But ne'er discern'd my plan, o How it was plac'd, ye fallen race, Where Promise I did make; I tell you all, back to the Fall The truth of all must break; For while on Man the Curse do stand, No Promise I can free ; But now I tell you every one My Promise all shall see.— A DAvid's RE:GN Tll now explain, As I have said before; IHis children they were just like MINE, And let the Jews appear: In every land see how they stand, And how they sought my Life; But in the end, 'tis my intend This way to clear the strife. A David's REIGN 1 tell you plain, Hath follow'd from the Él. And all my children you may see, Have been like DA vids als; Because that some in wisdom stand, Like Solomon appear; And other men in vice did come, As Absalom, did there. So here my REIGN has been, like him, Children to disobey: And DAVID, he did act in sin; The Fall of Man doth lay . Upon their head, as I have said; Then how can man be free Before the promise, they will plead? And then the Curse must be Upon the first, as it was cast— The Woman cast it there, You know, upon the serpent's head.And now I'll answer here, When this is done, I answer man, And ADAM's truth shall burst: In My own LIKENEss Man shall stand As I made him at first But was it so? you well do know, He did not stand like ME;

Concerning David. 11

tto: he did fall, I tell you all;

Then now his offspring see:
Then David here you soon would deaf,

His standing was the same—
The man did fall, I tell you all,

And so his ofispring came
To follow on as he began,

So tainte'dbv the Fall;
And worse and" worse they still wenf on,

1 now do tell vou all.
So Adam see, the Fall of he,

Which was the Fall of Man;
But after him, you all do sec,

Afataller Fall become;
Because that Cam^-call to your mind—

A murderer did appear;
And so from David you do find

What murdering sons were there.
So all in sin they did begin;

The parents first did fall,
When 1 the Promise made* to them;

Once more I tell you all,
While! Satan stands in e»ery land,

He hasty will pursue;
Like men of war he will appear;

All ages find it true;
Because cm matt the Curse did stand,

A» I did say before;
And now I say, in every land

It strongly doth appWr.
So marvel on as thou'st begun,
. To think of Davids Fall:
You sec the Tempter still ii strong;

I say, to cast down all,
Where Promise great to them I makej

Bjit see they cannot stand,
Until my Sceptre I do shake,

To aaiu the Promis'd Land.
The Promise first for Man to bunt;

The Serpent's curse appear;
Then all may say another way,

"We see die Promise clear: "A David's Reign doth now begin

"In happiness to burst; ** We see the curse rcmo/d from metif ,

"Upon the Serpent cast."
Then children free all men will ice, •" •

Like Solomon appear;
That is in Wisdom great to be,

But not in Sin to err:
No, no; I say to thee, that day

When 1 destroy the Root,
And everv evil take away,

Satan must stand muter.

“I’ve had my time I now to find,
“...When God did promise Men,
“That he unto them would be kind,
“. If they would worship him."
That is, to do, you all do know,
As 1 do them command.
But Satan he did find a way,
He would not let them stand:
For like the first, this sure did burst,
Like Adam's promise make;
And Satan then so strong did come
These promises to break.
Then of what use can I produce
A Promise great to Man 2
They'll not obey what I do say;
I see they cannot stand,
While Satan here do strong appear-
Weigh every Promise through:
As Adam first I here have placid;
My Bible all go through:
And Moses see, I promis'd he
The land of Canaan there,
That I my children then would free;
But how did they appear?
Sin did abound in every sound,
And Satan did pursue,
Like Adam's Fall, I tell you all,
Was then their passage through.
Then how could I who dwell on high,
Preserve the life of Man 2
I tell you, no: it was not so,
My Promise first must stand:
If men obey what I do say,
Tshall fulfil my Word;
But men did not, judge every lot :
Sce how they fell from God:
Though Abraham here I mean to clear,
işut Isaac he was bound ;
And know the Promise l made there,
And see how soon was found
Then Esau strong from him to come—
And Esaus all may see ;
While Satan's reign I do prolong,
Your murderer he will be : -
o Jacobs'here let men appear—
But know his sons did fall ;
I say in sin they did begin—
The Promise stands for all :
I say, at first it there must burst,
As Man so strong is bound;
By Satan's chain they do remain,
Where Promises are found
So great to Man, he cannot stand,
While Satan's power do reign;


so a David you command. These Promises see plain; How man did fall, I tell you all,

Where every Promise stood;
Then how to Adam can you call.

And all to Imn allude,
When you see plain, ye sons of men.

How all did fall like he?
Then like the Woman now contend,

That I may set you free
From Satan's hand in every land,

And from hisartfuj power;
And then you'll see the Reign of ME,

What Satan cant devour.
A David here I'll then appear

And bring My Crown to Man: And every promise then I'll clear,

And shew how all shall stand;
When from the first the Promise bunt

Unto the Woman made,
Then Satan shall receive his curse,

And men shan't be misled.
Like David here I did appear,
And like his words do cry;
Thm^h he did ne'er receive the spear,

Bur mark what he did say—
"O Absalom! my son! my son 1

"O that I'd died for thee'." The shadow there that did appear,

The woKD'sfulftCd in Me:
So I did die—I tell thee why:

Because my sons I'll save!
And yet I hear, like Absalom's cry,
My throne they now would have.
The ways are two before thy view j

Some wish Me for to die,
That all their vice they may pursue,

Forgetting hell is nigh,
Where they must go, as he did do—•

Such Absaloms are here!
Bring every thing before thy view,
And then thou mav'st see clear,
How strong in sin men do go on,

Against my every Word;
Mv Kingdom they would sure unthrone

By mocking of their Lord.
Then now see clear, I tell thee here,

My children are like he—
The Absaloms are every where,

That soon cut dmin will be.
Yet still 1 grieve that men will live

So much tn Satan's power! For-reason here thev will not bear, 'tenses h? devours,

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