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"For all is tne before our view,

«« And mysteries weNfcdiscern'd
"Much greater than we ever knew,

"And now, we bold can stand."
This will be seen and known by Men,

When I do strong appear;
They'll know from Heaven the Whole was given,

And nothing have to fear.
Then thou must go, I tell thee so,

To meet them in the Field;
And then that day thy friends may say—-

"\Ve know our foes must yield;
"Our standing's strong, the time is come,

"Our foes must all submit;
"And Christ, we see, bur Kino will be»

"We'll worship at his feet:
* Because that Hell, we now know well,

"Its power he will destroy;
"And so bring forth a Gloriovs Earth*

"That we might now enjoy
41 The Paradise that is of Christ,

"His Kingdom we see clearj
"All things are open to our view,

"Now what have we to fear?"
Then will begin the joy to Men,

To see the rebel cast; '•-.'>

The mysteries here I shall not pen,

That then they'll see to burst.
So now tell all, they shall not fall,

That strong in faith do stand;
The Sealed Number may come all

To judge thy written hand,
That can appear, I tell thce here,

When in the Field I call;
That is the way, I now do say,

That I shall clear the whole.
So boldly stand, by ray command,

Those that their Seal* have got;
Those that have not, I'll tell their lot,

Just like thy Egi;s they'ie broke;
And down they'll'fall, I tell them all.

None but the seal'd can stand;
For in the Field the rest must yield,

When I the foe condemn:
Because, in thee they'll all find MB

In Power strung to break!
And those that are thy enemies,

I cannot one protect,
I tell thee, there if they appear

Into the I''ield to come;
Because the foe that dayj they'll know,

Willi>el My Powerful Ha:id
To make him fear and tremble there,

If b* my friends molest;

Aa a

'Tis but the Sealed I can spare,
When in the field I burst.
So now if Men presume to come,
Without a Seal appear, -
I'll tell them all their final doom,
My fury they will hear;
No friends to Me, they all shall see,
My anger it will break;
My Kingdom here for to appear,
My Kingdom you reject.
* Then how can I, who dwell on high,
Eer vindicate my foe
If I screen Man, who against Me stands,
Satan may answer here,
I must screen he, as well as they,
My Kingdom they despisod.
Then how can Mai, the Trial stand,
When Satan I chastise? -
He'th had his reign, I tell you plain,
His ending's drawing near ;
And now discern, ye sons of men,
And see my Bible clear.

Isaiah xlvi. 10–4 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, my council shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure."—Now go back to the beginning. Genesis ii. 18–-And the Lord God said, it is not good for the Man to be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. Chap. iii. 13, 14—And the Woman said, the Serpent beguiled me, and I did eat. And the Lord God said unto the Serpent, because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field. Weigh deep the three following verses, then come to Matthew v. 18—For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Now I shall answer thee, as thou hast put one verse before the other, the last first, and the first last, just so stands my Bible, and just so was my heel bruised before Satan's head.

But when I come in power to Man,
My Father's will to clear; *

The last is first, the first is last,
And I'm your HelpMate here.


I telt you phtin, ye sons of men,

The Woman nought can do;
No; it is rfr. the end you'll see,

Whti. •. have all went through.
So now for Man the time's at hand,

Your Helpmate shall appear—:
Tlie Spirit's Me, you all shall see,

That will My Gospel clear.
The words I spoke, the way I act,

V.'as ne'er discern d by Man;
Because this day to thee 1 say,

I often stumbled them;
Or how could I, who dwell on high.

E'er save them by mv Death,
If they hud known they had inurder'd

Marlv what the Scripture saith—
They did not know what they did do!

To knowledge Men were dead;
Cut now t'H briry ail to tlieir view.

For I Am the Living Head,
That shall appear the whole to clear^

They'll see My Spirit strong;
No eneinv that daj could bear

Into tlie Field to come,
So I'll end here, and say no more,

But this 1 bid thee «ciid;
Aiid now this answer let them hear,

That wrote thee as a friend.

After this communication was written, the Spirit seemed to leave Joanna, and there was no further communication till 'half past six o'clock; the thoughts of her awful Trial seemed as though it was over her head, and greater than she could bear;

and was answered with these words:


f Thy Trial there's no Man could bear,

If 1 in Spirit was not there;

But soon thy Trial will come on—

Over tlty head thou -rfv'st 'tis come,

Over thy Spirits to a;)|>ear,

And so thy doom thou'it shortly hear."

Joanna being very faint, Townley persuaded her to take a little port wine. It was in a tea-cup, and she said to herself, when the wine was brought, *' May I drink deep into the Spirit of Christ /" She was immediately answered, <* Wilt thou break that tea-cup as thou didst break the glasses? then I will take thy Trial from thee; for thou wilt break thyseif off from me.” These words cut her to the heart, and Joanna thought she would sooner die as a martyr, than ever desert the Lord or his cause; so that she was fearful of letting the cup fall. As we were writing, she took up the book of the Flock of Sheep, and opened it at the place of Osmyn, which affected

her heart deeply.

Now, Joanna, thee I'll answer,
Let thy doubts and fears be gone;
1 that am thy every M Ast ER,
Much like Osmy N now am come.
"Twas thee to try, I now do say,
I did thy grief awake,
And shew'd thee of the awful day,
That on thy head would break.
I painted here, to make thee fear,
What thou hast to go through;
And then in sorrows thou wert found,
- I brought all to thy view.
if thou would'st break ('twas I did speak)
Thyself then off from Me,
The Trial thou should'st never bear,
That thou wilt shortly see.
But then behind thou soon would'st find
Thy ruin to appear;
Peo to Me . prove unkind,
My Cross thou could'st not bear.
Then I must fall, I tell you all,
As it was plac'd at F1RST;
Orlando Osmyn's ruin sought,
And so the end must burst.
If thou had'st done as then I said,
- To break thyself from ME;
But from the Parable that's here,
I hold the hand of thee.
It could not go, I well do know,
For thou art in my hand;
And so the Trial thou'lt go through,
And by thee. I will stand.
So do not fear, thy Trial's near,
But I shall thee support;
My rival may thy heart ensnare,
ho be shall never hurt.
I say, thy hand in MINE does stand,
And I will guide thee through;
Not all thy foes who're in the land, -
By Satan's arts can do.
For every way, I now do say,
I've tried thy every hand;
And silent here I did appear,
To see if thou would'st stand.


Oft to indite, when I'd not speak,

The letters waiting here,
For thou to send uuto thy friends,

But tliou didst not appear
To answer one, till I did come,

And answers i;ave to thee.
So where's the Man shall dare condemn

A heai t that acts like thce?
Now I'll go on, from man to man,

And all thy foes confound;
And in the journal this must stand,

For all to judge the so»nd.

Letters came from Mr. Hirtt, and Mr. Senior, on Friday, August 1O, 1804, which Joanna did not answer till this day. Yesterday, she said the letters must be answered, but as no communication was given her the could not answer them, so we did not write till half past six o'clock, and the Spirit of the Lord broke in upon her, and gave her an answer to Mr. Hirst's letter, which was finished this morning. 'After that, she had no communication till this evening, after the melancholy had seized her spirits; and one part of her melancholy sprung from our telling things of gipsies and people's telling of fortunes, which had been true; this worked a jealousy in Joanna's heart, that as knowledges^n given to them from a wrong Spirit, and thinking of tier awful trial, how she should appear it there was a possibility of her being deceived'; but as soon as the question was put to her, of breaking herself oft', she trembled at the thoughts and burst into tears, and thought she would sooner die than run that fatal hazard.

Now, Joanna, thee I'll answer:

How cans't thou wiih them compare;
All the Wisdom of thy Master,

With the^lymg gipsies there?
If ought be true, before their view,

That Satan here did see,
In them he'll speak, in them he'll break,

For now I'll answer thee:
As I do come, and in My Name,

The words are spoken here;
)So Satan works the tamr with them,

Ib things that he can clear.

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