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| PERworse Ness of The Jews ExEMPLIFIED. 225

thief priests consult that they might put Lazarus to death, because many of the Jews believed on Jesus, when he had raised Lazarus from the grave 2 Now if this be the perverse hearts of men, it might well be sid, cursed is man who trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his stay ! Now how perverse were the Jews! when our Saviour cured a man who was born bind how did they try to confound the man, who was born blind, that he should not acknowledge that it was done by the power and GooDNEss of GoD ! But remember the man's answer; if this Man was not of God he could do nothing. But they ansvered, thou wert altogether born in sin; and dost thou teach us? and they cast him out. Now what a perverse spirit must have been in men, to cast a man out from among them, who believed in the Lord that had wrought so great a miracle upon him, and bestowed so great a blessing unto him; that he that was born blind should have the Licssing to see the sun, which they themselves, though having eyes, could not see by what sun hé received his sight ! a blessing they could not give to him, yet it was a blessing they wished to take from him, by trying to fill his heart with ingratitude to deny the Lond that had opened his eyes! Thus, I xe the perverse heart of man throughout the Gosort , and thus I see they are working with ME, casting my name out as evil, because I will not act ungratefully unto the Lord, who has opened my blind eyes; for in a spiritual sense I was born as blind is thr man, and I grew up blind as the man, before the visitation of the Lo RD came to me, to open the ors of my understanding, and shew me the TRUE 116 hr of his Gosz EL, the TRUE LIGHT of the BI*L*. and the 1 to e LIGHT of the PRomise that was made in the Full. So I may say, like one that was dead. I am brought to life; for as the transgression afthe Woman brought 1/rath into the world, so th foulinea: of the i Rox1 or bringeth LIFE and IM+. F f

MoRTALITY to light. So because this truth shall
not be believed, they would put me to death, as
they wanted to put Lazarus to death ! But these
are my own ponderings, how much the world ap-
peareth now like the days of old, and how they are
persecuting now CHRIST com ING in the SPIRIT, the
same as they persecuted at his being in the BoDY;
and as they persecuted his Disciples for believing in
His Gospel; so they persecute those who believe
in His secon D com ING to bring in his KING dom
of PEACE. Now as I see the perfect likeness, and
all has happened as the Scripture foretelleth, I would
sooner give up my life than my writings; for I can-
not give up my writings without giving up my Bi-
BLE, as the truth stands so close together. Before our
SAv Iou R came into the world in the body, his
Death, Sufferings, and Persecution, were all fore-
told ; and the same in the Scripture, it is foretold,
the like persecution and unbelief would abound now
that all these truths stand together. Then how can
they fall without falling together I shall say with
Esther, I will go through to my Trial; then if I
perish I perish: but how can I perish, trusting in
the God of TRUTH, who has not told me any thing
but what the Scriptures will bear HIM witness:
though not understood by the wisdom of man, but
known and understood by the wisdom of Gop, in
what manner all these things should be fulfilled.
Now what could St. Paul mean when he said, the
heavens must receive him until the time of the resti-
tution of all things : Then must not a time come,
that the Lord will restore all things to Man, in that
likeness and happiness he created him for at first P
This appears to me to be the refreshing times, that
St. Paul says shall come from the presence of the
Lord, and he shall send Jesus Christ, which before
was preached unto you. This was spoken by St.
Paul after our SAv Iou R's ascension to glory ; so
he could not speak of the age then present, that


Christ should come, and restore all things to Man;; but he tells them to repent and be converted, that their sins might be blotted out when the time of refreshing did come. The more I read ray Bible, the more I am astonished, hfjiv ministers can read their Bibles and not discern that the visitation of the Loed must come in the Spirit; and that Christ must come the Second Time in the Spirit to establish his Kingdom in Righteousness and in Peace, as He taught us to pray for his Kingdom to come, and his will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, which is spoken of throughout the Bible, But can He warn of His Coming by the .spirit, to such as do not believe the visitation of the Lord in the Spirit? It would be like sending of Moses to, Pharoah, for their condemnation, and not for theirr salvation. Now as I find in the Bible J must go through evil report, and good report, have friends and foes, be persecuted and despised, and yet be believed and supported by those that go through the fire of men's anger and indignation; all this mustbe to fulfil the Scriptures, therefore I rejoice, that I am counted worthy to. suffer persecutions for the sake of Christ. I see, in pondering through the> Bible, how He suffered persecution, hdi.cule, mockery, scorn, and contempt, to be counted a mad-, man, a babbler, and having a Devil, doing his miracles by Beelzebub the chief of Devils; all this, and more, He suffered for me, and for an ungrate^, ful world, that is just the same now as it was then. And shall I forsake Him also? No; sooner let me die by His Cross than ever forsake Him, or lose him from my sight; for persecution strengthens my faith; and if men would not believe in Christ himself, when He was in the Body upon earth amongst them, what have I to marvel, if they reject Him now in the Spirit? For I see perfectly the same different spirits in men now, as there were in our Saviour's days.

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Disciples; for they went about doing good, and persuading men for their own happiness, to repent and believe in HIM who had pow ER to save unto the uttermost ; for which reason they were persecuted ; and just so is the world now, that the Lord is come to warn men every where to repent, that his KING Dom is at hand, that they may be able to stand, as good and faithful servants, to enter into the Joy of their Lord at his coming; and be like the wise' virgins, ready to enter in when their LoRD cometh. Now for this merciful visitätion, HE is mocked and despised by a persecuting and ungrateful world; and his servants are treated by the world now as they were in the days of old. Persecution has been throughout the BIBLE ; for they that are born after the flesh persecute them that are born after the SP1RIT. So I am clearly convinced, the carnal mind, that is at enmity against God, will ever be at enmity against God, as long as the Powers of Darkness reign. These are my thoughts on reading the BIBLE, which men cannot explain to me themselves, neither will they suffer the Lord to do it. But shall I quench the Spirit, because man would persuade me? God forbid! who can answer for me at the hour of death and in the day of judgment He that can answer for me, and HE that can save me from the powers of death and hell, let him direct me; H.E. that can save me, let him instruct me; by my own Master I must stand or fall, - **


“Now I shall answer from the ponderints of thy heart; and begin from thy last words. By thy own Master thou must stand or fall. And thou sayest, He that can save thee let him direct thee.—

Then surely I, who dwell on high,
Will now direct thy hand; - -

Thy Foes I shall make silent lie,
The Trial none can stands

" - A. stiNo state of MAN und 4R THE FALL. 229

When I've went through what's in my view
The Trial must appear;
And men shall see they've mocked ME-
Tis time for Men to fear ! . * *
My Bible through I well do know,
en mock'd Me at the first; • *
And so my Gospel I went through,
Men's mockery so did burst;
Then shall I spare the mockers here :
No; them I shall confound;
And men shall tremble for to hear,
They've mock'd in every sound-
My Bible's true, they all shall know,
As thou didst ponder on;
Because thy eyes I open'd so,
To see how all must come :
Blind from thy birth thou didst express,
And blind I say were all;
The Scriptures no one could express,
Nor yet explain the Fall.
For to explain is what I mean"
By saying to erpress; - -
But now to drawing to the end, o
I'll boldly answer this; *-
That all are blind, they all will find,
And made so in the Fall:
So from their birth they may express
That they were blinded all,
Never to see the mystery,
The PROM is E /low it stood;
But those that say they've eyes to sce,
Did never once allude
Back to the Fall the whole must call.
Now I'll come to the blind,
Who do appear to answer here—
“The mysteries none can find;
“Our Bibles here to see it clear
“We never could discern
“The way that ProMise must appear,
* “Nor how the Lord did warm ;
“We could not see the mind of HE,
“How he would all fulfil;
“And of our Bibles blind we be—"
So let the blind stand still,
And they shall see the light from Mr.
Their eyes I'll open whole;
But those that boast they've eyes to see,
1 tell them, down they'll fall.
Thy pondering here from ME appeard, -
‘Twas 1 that ponder'd on,
To let thee see my Bible clear,
My Gospel how 't must come.
$o it is the blind the light must find,
That own they cannot see:

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