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For I shall open every mind
That now looks up to M.E. -
But those that boast, their light is plac'd
In their own wisdom here, -
I tell them,' blind theirselves they'll
When to the light they o find,
To see the blind the truth did find
That ne'er did boast before,
The light of men could make it plain,
And all my Bible clear.
For as thou dost say, this very day,
My wonds to thee were TRUe;
Those that believ'd came all from Me,
Confess they did not know
My Bible here to make it clear,
or by their wisdom see -
Which way the mysteries Ishould clear,
That in my Bible be:
So thus have been, I say, blind men
Confess'd it from the Fall;
Not with their MAKER to contend,
But when they heard my call,
They wish'd to see their light from Me,
And so the light is come 1
But those that boast they've eyes to see,
Are much more blind than them;
Because they boast where wisdom's lost,
Just like the Jews before:
And by their eye-sight they were cast,
As they said they saw clear
A Devil strong in Me was come,
But knew not they were blind:
The prophets they ne'er thought upon,
Where they my death must find;
'Twas all foretold, if they'd behold,
My Prophets they were clear; , , ,
But now the blind men you behold,
Their eyes I open'd there, ,
That said to ME they could not see,
So I their light became; -
And so the fishermen did flee, .
And left their ships, 'tis known;
From them they fled to follow ME,
That were in knowledge blind,
That did not boast just like the rest;
The Pharisees you find,
And rulers there, that did appeer,
Boasted in their own sight;
And so, I sav, they blinded were,
They could not see the light
That came from ME, they could not see,
By wisdom they did fall:
Men judg’d theirselves as wise as ME,
But now I tell you all,


My Bible here no man can clear;
or did I place it so,
That men such wisdom e'er should share,
Till I'd destroy'd their Foe. -
If man could come in wisdom strong,
To have it like a God,
The words before Me let them come-
Could I pronounce him dead? .
Dead to the knowledge of his GoD :
And dead must man appear:
And so from Lazarus, as thou said,
That death I now shall clear:
As dead as him all men have been
To knowledge of their God,
As in the grave when he was seen,
And perfect dead 'tis know’d, - -
Till I appear'd to raise him there -
And did his life restore :
A Tyric for MAN they'll find it strong,
For so I'll raise them here; -
And I've began to raise up then
Out of their native dust,
That they inay see My Gospel plain,
And for my kingdom thirst.
But men appear, as they did there.
Wishing these men to kill;
Because that no man may see clear
I shall arenge MY HEEL
On Sata,'s head, as it was laid—
Thy pondering heart I see:

What manner doth my Gospel break,

'Tis all New life to thee! Now thouse-t plain, what I do mean, How I shall raise up Man From the first death, that was pronounc'd, And they shall know My NAME; Like Lazarus here they shall appear, That inen do say are dead; For to believe thy calling here, I'll raise them as I've said From death to LIFE, I'll end the strife, For so their life shall come; Though men do say, in death they lie, For to believe My NAME, Or Spirit here, that doth appear In words spoken to thee; They'll find such wonders drawing near, Like Lazarus they will see, . .” They were not dead, as then I said, Though dead they seem'd to men, That do appear to mock them here; . But when their life do come , , , To rise again and shew men plain, Like Lazarus all must be.

Rose from the dust they fell at first,
And rise and live in ME. -
So I'll end here and say no more—
* Those that have eyes are blind,
That boast my Bible they can clear,
That every soul shall find.

Here ends Saturday night, October 13, 1804.


Sunday"morning, October 14, 1804. Now I shall answer, from the words that are before you, Acts ili. Now I ask them that boast they have eyes to see, what they make of this chapter what they make of the time of refreshing to come and what they make of the restitution of all things Let this be answered by the learned ; but I shall answer thee; and let them answer what is meant by these words—“. When the Coinforter cometh he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment; of sin, because they believe not on ME ; of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged ; howbeit, when the Spirit of Truth is come, HE shall guide you into all Truth " Let these questions be answered by the learned ; and the

following be answered by the learned—Now is the

judgment of this world; now shall the prince of this world be cast out; and I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto ME * These are questions men must put to the learned to answer: but f shall answer them to thee; but not to the world till thy Trial is over. So put down the chapters : John xii. 29, to 32—Chap. xvi. 7, to 15—Chap. xviii. 37—Pilate said, art thou a king 2 - Jesus answered, thou sayest I am a king; to this end was f born, and for this cause came I into the world. Acts iii. 18 to 22. These are the chapters that must be answered by the learned. Now I shall begin with thee, from John x–My Sheep know my voice & and there shall be one Fold and one Shepherd,


No. from thy thoughts thou ponderest here, tell thee plainly I was near, Work'd in thy healt to ponder on, That the Good shepherd now is come; And 'tis His voice that thou dost hear; A stranger's voice thou canst not bear, Whether of Devils, or of Men, That do against thy Lord contefid; Because against Me they are come, That do condemn thy written hand. Now from the chapter all see clear, How all the hirelings do appear; The wolf is come, and they do flee, And so my sheep, I plain do see, The shepherds for them do not care, They all may flee and perish here; Then I'M the Shepherd now alone, Whose voice at first to thee was known, And so my sheep I'm drawing here, Into one Fold they must appear; Because these words were for the End, When I in SPIRIt did descend, To have my voice be known to Man, Then all my Fold I knew would come. And so to thee I answer here, 'Tis the Good SHEPHERD doth appear, Whose voice to all men shall be known, That to the END 'tis surely come. They'll find the Spirit true is here, Which they can't see, nor will they hear, Nor are they ready to receive The Bounty here that I shall give; For if that I was judg’d by Man, My judgment in the END must come, To have the prince for to be cast That in the world so strong did burst, To work upon the hearts of men. The prince of darkness had his time, And in this world he did appear, As though a prince he then was here, For in the people he did speak, And in his malice they did break; And so I say they lift'd me up, And on the Cross my Life did drop; But know, with it, I rose again, Then Death and Hell must sure be slau ; For all men now I'll draw to ME: These that wont come must surely flee, If with their master they will join, And with the earthly prince combine; Then with him they will surely fall, The worldly prince, I tell you all, As I was lifted on the tree -Aud crucified, he now shall see . . .

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That I will cut him off the same,
And all the world shall know MY NAME.
For all men I shall draw to Mr.
That own they are blind, and wish to see
The meaning of my Gospel here,
Their eyes I'll open to see clear:
As I at first was lifted up,
The powers of darkness so shall drop.
For my Disciples at that time.
Ne'er understood the words were mine;
Like thy believers they appeard,
And wrong theirjudgment they drew here;
So My Disciples did at first,
When that My worps, before them plac'd,
They said that they did signify
The death that I design'd to die:
But ne'er discern'd the words before,
What from MY DEATH should follow here;
That all the world I'd draw to ME,
The worldly prince cut offshould be.
But this was not discern'd by Man;
As my Disciples' wisdom came
For to compare it to my death; ,
No man discern'd the words 1 said:
And when my Bible I go through,
They'll find thy pondering heart is true,
And more in judgment to appear
Than my Disciples ever were.
For when the Apostles thou'st went through,
I'll lay the whole before their view;
My HoNour they've not spoke like thee
The world to blame, thy God to free.
But with my Gospel #. on ;
I've shew'd my lifting up to man, ,
That if my life I did lift up
To bruise MY Heel, the HEAD must drop,
That did the Woman first betray—
On Satan's head it now shall lay—
For now the CoM Fort ER is come:
But here's a mystery deep to man,
By wisdom they can never clear,
To say the CoM Forter is here,
The world of sin for to reprove;
They'll say—“What comfort, or what love,
“Can in this CoMFort ER appear,
“When all the world's reproved here?
“But how the righteous can they come,
“To be reproved then by HIM2
“And how can judgment then appear
“To be reprov’d in comfort here?
“But can the comfort of mankind
“Come to reprove, our sins to find,
“And tell us of our unbelief?

“The CoMForTER must then bring grief-"

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