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Tuesday Afternoon, Sept. 25.

Joanna has been reading through theory/ fond tiooks of Kings; and is astonished to hi judgment men have drawn of their Bibles, ( ing David and Solomon; as she has fr< heard the Bible taken to pieces on account i men, that the Lord promised such great 1 to, and they condemned them for the greatestj But let them know how the promise stood | | entirely on conditions. Now, if David sina^j?: them see his .repentance; which I have \ deeply. But now I shall come to Solomon. He the Lord said to Solomon, after he had b hou^e. 1 Kings, ix. 4. The promise was "If thou wilt walk before M"b, as David th; walked."—Now go on to the 10/7; verse same words again in the 1 Chronicles, vii the end. Now let them read through the and see how the promises stood; and sei Solomon did afterwards, in the 1 Kings, xi. .deeply the Qth ve^se—" And the Lord was with Solomon, because his heart was turned fr Lord God of Israel, which had appeared ur twice." Now weigh the chapter through; how the greatest part of the kingdom was rende i Solomon, and given to Jeroboam; and ser | Rehoboam did, the son of Solomon .T these chapters my heart pondered deep fercat way from what 1 have heard men. The more I read the more I ac1 . the goodness, and the condescen in all ages; how he trieth to win • vercy, and with blessings, if th;' =>eek

other gods, to their hurt.—B t _.e .my seems lost in wonder, of the ingratitude oft and the power and influence that the Devil has them !—That after Rehoboam saw the Lore! angry with his father, for departing from the i

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ed his miracles, his y had despised their of their kings bedid some of the >tn the fury of then Jews, wh'en our Sasciples, and many the Gospel. Ther -jvo Afferent ifirit, ng as there are tw< Power of God ape are my observation sent; for I see then ;pirits, that are no\ ar will never chang lostroyed the powt ws stand out throng e' truth of our Sav: crusalem destroye. roughout the face < change their mind ny heart, in readn ul meditating up< ns, that there is i 11 established for t government that is sippeareth to mi ; that psrfed pe£ when the fulfilrm This is the pond the Bible, whic ik, instead of me reading their Bit iselves, seeing w of man; and t e, and see what] .n.Sowhatthew looking glass for .rs. My obserys

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... , son, and shew them what blessings they hould receive, is they would but walk in the sear of le Lord; but they themselves, by disobedience, oronght all the evils upon their own heads: for all

the old Testament stands upon conditions. Then

how can man say, the Promises were sure, let men do what they would : I have not read such words through my Bible: but I find the words of the LoRD have been TRUE, what he spake by the proPHETs : and the fatal end of the kings came by their rebellion, as the prophets all had told them, one after the other. Then how can Man contend with his MA KER 2 or how can Men find fault with their MAKER, when they bring evil on their heads, by the hardness of their own hearts and their own unbelief ? Then what have we to marvel now at the unbelief of mankind, seeing how the kings went on one after the other, after being warned by the prophets of the judgments that should follow And the same judgments did follow; yet they still hardened their hearts. . Therefore my opinion, som owhat I have seen of the Bible, is, that men would e the same now ; if the sword, plague, o fl

mine were to be in the land, it Yold not co the people for any continuation, ifos power *ness remained; for, in reading 2, I read the perfect language the \rld. Then where is the difference not all of one spirit * While th 3 reat enmity against God, x ork in man the same. See 'o' s the prophets worked of . " prophecies came ! And, ". should miss them, before o 'o' Yona Ware S. Now, if that cam 1. s 'hardened through unbelief " ths of the prophets fulfille “ e same, till they were made je kingdorn

from th: " ": . our Saviour


tame to visit them, they despised his miracles, his words, and his working, as they had despised their prophets before; though some of their kings beJieved in their prophets, as did soine of the peopls, and hid the prophets from the fury of their enemies; just so was it with the Jews, when our Saviour came. Witness the disciples, and many Of the Jews that turned to the Gospel. Then is it not plain, that these two different tfirits will always be in the world, as long as there are two ppposite powers to work; the Power of God arid the power of the Devil? These are my observations from the past ages, and the present; for I see them perfectly alike in the opposite spirits, that are now in the world: and this I am clear will never change till the Posvek of God hath destroyed the power of the Devil: for how did the Jews stand out through Unbelief? Though they saw the'truth of our Savi* our's words, the holy city of Jerusalem destroyed, and they themselves scattered throughout the face or the earth ; yet all this doth not change their minds. But one observation I made in my heart, in reading over the reigns of the Kings, and meditating upon the reign of kings in all nations, that there is no government that has been so well established for the happine-s of mankind, as the government that is brought in by the Gospel. This sippeareth to me a shadow of good things to come; that perfect peace and happiness shall beestcblisedwheri the fulfilment of the Gospel is accomplished. This is the pondering of my heart, from reading the Bible, which I am ordered to pen; and I think, instead of men's blaming the Lord, they ought in reading their Bibles to take guilt,and shame to themselves, seeing what perverscness was in the heart of man; and they cught to look abroad and at home, and see whatperverseness now is inthe heart of man. So whatthe world now make a mockery of, is a truelooking glass forme, to see all faces in their true colours. My observation.

went the deeper, as I have heard men make the greatest mockery of the Bible ; and I know many abandoned wretches have not only written against it, but have taken pleasure to turn it into ridicule and fun. But let them look into their own hearts : then they may say the Bible is a looking glass for them to see their own likeness painted there ; for there is every man's likeness in the Bible, both good and bad. ' And the mockery and unbelief of mankind do but strengthen my faith the more ; because I see all these characters have been before ; and the Gospel assureth us they would remain till the powers of darkness were destroyed. Therefore, my prayer is, that the Lord will hasten that happy time, to cut off Sasan's reign; and bring in His own, whose mercy and goodness are over all his works. But what mercy and goodness would it have been in the Lord to prolong the wretched reign of Manasseh who appeareth to me a complete tyle of the Devil : and yet Hezekiah his father was so good a man ' Thus it appeareth to me, it is not from the Fall of ADAM, as the blood running in man; for then the child might be like the father; but it appears to me, by the heart and spirit that are in men, some give themselves up to be drawn by the Spirit of God, and others give themselves up to be drawn by the power of the Devil. But these are my own ideas from my observation of the Kings, that the sons did not all walk in their fathers' steps ; for some turned to do good, and others turned to do evil; which brings my thoughts to our Saviour's words. “His servants ye are to whom ye yield yourselves to obey.”—

“Now Joanna, thee I'll answer.
From the ponderings thou hast here,
Let them judge who is thy Master;
Let the sons of men appear. -
To answer man I shall begin;
Let them thy pondering see,
And then I say I'll answer men,
If they can answer ME;
That say from Hell thy heart doth.sweh,
Or Satan doth thee guide;

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