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*' righteousness imputed, and imparted, and the moort, "that is the earth, and its sublunary vanities, under "her feet?" Where is the man can make this join together, that the church is in this glorious state as he mentioned? that Christ hath subdued all vanity? and that all evil is thrown beneath him? and the glorious Gospel and the Apostles shining bright, as they are prophesied to the end to be in this persecuted state, as mentioned in the Revelation? Oh, what an impostor must such a man be, willingly and knowingly to impose on weak minds! Men should discern what they are writing, before they take upon them to correct what they cannot mend, or understand. And now I shall come to the 14th page: Hebrews xi. where he speaks of a living Faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; and without the evidence of this Faith upon the heart it never can be called a living Faith. Here this wise pretended corrector, with his plain remarks, has turned the weapon back bn his own head, and has shewed himself to have a dead faith. But from the evidence that I have bad of things not seen, and before they sprang forth I told men of them, and the faith that is planted in me, that I should see the substance of things I hoped for, he assures me this faith is the gift of God, it comes from God, and it leads to God; then he must allow my teaching is of God; for he adds, if any man have evidence of this Faith in the soul, though in ever so small a degree, it is utterly impossible for that man to be lost; then it is certainly impossible fbr me to be lost, when the Lord hath so strongly implanted that Faith in my breast—that the gates of hell should never prevail against me; and in opposition to men and devils, He would



thcr:—Without this.Faith it is impossible to please . God. Then where is his faith to please God, if he believes the Lord will go from all His words and all his promises? But when I see the Lord has not gone from His words or promises in the past, I shall surely trust Him for the time to come; therefore he might well add—The Lord is the author and finisher of this Faith. Here he brings forward the Gospel to .Strengthen me; and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. This, he remarks, is a true and lively faith. Then now be wise, Oh sim• pie man, this living and strong faith was planted in me more than thirty years ago; or I never should have had faith in ninety-two, to believe it was the visitation of the Lord, to leave my work to write what was coming upon the whole earth, when there was no appearance of it, if tlie Lord had not been the author of my faith before to trust in Rim, and obey His word: and so He has carried me on to be the finisher thereof. Therefore this wise writer might well say, the effect this living faith has upon the heart, is wonderful—and wonderful effects has this faith had upon me. He further adds, whenever this faith is planted in a man's heart, by the operation and influence of the Holy Spirit, there is an effectual change in that man's life:—And I am the witness for myself (and the Lord is witness for me) that I have been dead to the world as to all its pleasures and vanities, and the world to me; and the desire of iliy soul, for thirty )cars past, has been to wish to live tp God, and to God only; so this man has assured me, my calling is sure; that the Lord hath called me with an effectual call ; and that He will save me with an everlasting salvation, who died forme, and has fulfilled the law^and made it honourable—that never said to the seeking seed of Israel, seek ye 4hy face in vain: but out of my weakness He bath made me strong, and to war valiantly in the fight; and I fear not but he will turn to flight my enemies, and stop the mouths of the lions, qu nch the flames of fire, escape the edge of the sword. This he hath quoted in the l6th page, that the Lord will do for them where their faith is strong in him. Then does not this man build up with one hand what lie is trying to pull down with the other? as he has pretended to judge of a thing lie knows nothing about, as he does not know me; and, I fear, does not know my Master; yet, God forbid I should deal as harshly with him, as he hath with me; for I trust the Lord may, at some places, be working in his heart, to bring forward Scriptures to strengthen my faith, and to clear me, while 1m is trying to condemn me, that lw hereafter may see his own folly, and that he has but a notion of faith, a dead faith, without a lively sense" of faith; for if he was acquainted with the Scriptures, and knew what was the dqty of a Christian, he would never have acted with such gross errors, to pretend to write gainst my books, and confess himself he had read bur little of them. How unjustly should I publish against the man, or condemn his book, before I had read it through and had seen what to cond< mn in it? I da not conderr.p the texts of Scripture he has brought forwaid ; but 1 condemn the manner he hath explained mosr of thein ; though I grant his explana-. tions are short; but in the J 5th and l(Jth pages, I confess his explanations are wise and just and perfectly true ; which. I can prove by happy experience. And now I shall come to his observation on Sealing. He s;iys, mine <-is a new fashioned mode of selling^ "which I vainly imagiae as a Type of the Israelites' "sprinkling the'blood:" he says, " that passage refers "to the blood of Christ." Does the ignorant man suppose I did riot know that as well as he did? a thing I was taught from my cradle, that the sprinkling of the door posts wis the sprinking of the blood of Christ, as the Lamb slain from (lie foundation of


world; and to sprinkle our hearts from dead works, that in and through the merits of His Blood we might be saved. But could not Hib Blood cleanse us without Types and Shadows? Could He not have saved us if the blood had not been sprinkled upon the door posts? You will answer, Yes; the Lord could have done it; but he did not choose to do it without setting a temporal sign for a spiritual salvation. Then what have you to marvel at the Sealing, if the Lord should require a temporal love of man, that they should shew their love to God, by s\ibscril)ing with their hands unto him, to fulfil the "words of the prophet *? And now to fulfil that word, believers are required to sign with their hands unto their Lord, that they wish for Christ's kingdom to come, and His will to be done on earth as it is in heav-en; and Satan's power to be destroyed; then .to have a temporal seal, that they are the sealed of the Lord, whereby tliey are sealed to the day of Redemption; so that the things temporal and spiritual n ay stand together of sealing, as the things temporal and spiritual stand together of the blood of sprinkling. Now if the sealing be not a temporal thing, why is it said in the Revelation, hurt not the earlh, nor the sea, till the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads? He does not say, till they are sealed in their hearts, but in their foreheads, meaning their names are sealed—as every man's name is signed in his forehead when he is baptized; and a particular number was mentioned; but that number can never be known from the heart—who is sealed, and who is nit; but by the names the number is known. Now do men vainly suppose, when it is said thece dreadful judgments should be prevented until the number were sealed by their names, and that those that were, not sealed had the mark of the beast in their

* Isaiah xliv. 5.

foreheads, (which is a thing easily to be understood) they are signed with the sign of the cross on the forehead in token hereafter that they shall fight manfully under Christ's banner, against the world, the flesh, and the devil; but now that they are called forward to fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil, they refuse to let their names be seen in public, that they have a desire for the kingdom of Christ? Thouglithey receive their names in the forehead, to fight manfully for him; but let them know, the cross of Christ came through the sinfulness of the the beast; then if they are willing to wear that mark of the cross, but refuse to sign for Christ to come and wear the crown, and possess the kingdom he died to purchase and redeem, they must remain with the mark of the beast in their foreheads; whose mark they are willing to continue, and their pretended love is but hypocrisy. I could enlarge much on this subject, as our Saviour compares things temporal with things spiritual : and the sealing is made plain to me, that it is a command from the Lord to those, who wish for his coming. But I am sorry to say there is one fatal truth in his bookthat some of the sealed people are just like the Calvinists, that when they think they are the elect of God, they may commit what sin they please—they are the elect, and they shall be saved. This erroneous belief I have seen in many of the Calvinists, and have heard them say, they knew they were the elect of the Lord, when their lives and conduct have been such as a moral man would have been ashamed to live in, if he had any regard for his honour amongst men. I heard one of them say myself, when he was reproved for swearing: "he was in no sin, it -was not he swore, it was sin that duelled in him sivar*." The same excuse I heard made for

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