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ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong. And let them answer who is the true prophet, from the following lines: I have heard from the Lord God of Hosts a consumption, even determined upon the whole earth. Now this prophecy is known to thee, that I have declared unto thee; for thy prophecies go to the ends of the earth, that I have begun and will go on, till I have brought all men to know the Lord : but Garrett says, he knows what

God is ; then he must know all my decrees, and

know more than the angels in heaven : for the angels know not the Lord to perfection, nor what HE will do, to make all His ways perfect before men and devils, saints and angels. Then how can a man boast he knows from the Bible what God is 2 For I tell him, he knows not what man is; neither does he know the deceitfulness of his own heart; though

he pretends to write as a priest and a prophet: and

let him know, from the chapter he mentioned, he must profess to be a prophet, that hath heard all my decrees, and determination upon the earth, or he must allow himself to be the false prophet, the false priest, that hath erred in the visions he hath seen, and stumbled in the Judgment he hath drawn. Let him weigh his chapter deep, and let all men weigh it deep; for I tell thee that chapter stands for the end. And now mark the following, chap. xxix. 9—Stay yourselves and wonder; cry ye out, and cry: they are drunken, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong drink. And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed. And so I tell thee are the prophecies and the visions unto them that are hardened through unbelief.

For now to all I thus do call,
The chapter that is here

Foretells mankind their fatal fall,
Where unbelief appears. .

The chapter he points out to thee;
False prophets there are come,


And the false prices let them ice,

What is the eud of them;
But from the true they all must know,

That my decrees do hear,
I never shall give up the blow

Till 1 have ended here.
So earth and hell they now may swell.

And let their lies go on,
But from the chapter let them see

What fatal end must come;
For line on line, behold the time,

What prophecies arc penn'd,
And from the precept let them see

The way that all must bend.
For backward here do men appear, . ,

And backward they go on;
Back to the Jews, hear ye the new*.

1'or backward so they're come.
So backward all will see their fall,

That stand in unbelief:
The Tried Stone, t tell you all*

Must end your every grief
That do believe I'll not deceive.

The sure foundation's here;
I am the first, I am the last.
I'll make my Bible clear;
My wondrous council all shall see,

My working shall come round.
Till I've destroy'd the enemy, ( • .

And man shall now be ciown'd
With peace on earth, the Scripture taithp

That in Me do believe,
I am a God that's just and true.

And will not man deceive.
But unbelief will bring on grief
To those that mock my word:
The vision's like a sealed book
To those that know not God.
Therefore with wonder they may cry.

What false prophets are here,
That gave ray Bible so the lie.

What priests do appear?
I said before I'll make it clear

The ending so would come;
But one good Shepherd men would hear~
Now mark the words in John."

See Jofa, chapter x. 11—I am the good Shepherd: The good Shepherd gave his life for the sheep. Ver. 12—But he that is an hireling, and not the Shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattered the sheep.


“Now I tell thee, this chapter alludes to my coming in the Spirit, when I come to call my sheep and they shall know my voice; but what other Shepherd did I say, as man, they should depend upon when I compared them to hirelings 2 and he is a hireling, that denieth the visitation of my Spirit. Now come to the chapter he told thee of in Ezekiel: chapter xiii. 7, 8–Have ye not seen a vain vision, have ye not spoken a lying divination, whereas ye say, the Lord saith it; albeit, I have not spoken 2 Now let them mark verse 3—Thus saith the Lord God: woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing ! Now from the chapter he mentions to thee, as beng brought against thee, is entirely against himself; for he set himself up as a prophet, following his own spirit and having seen nothing. . Then let it be known unto all men, the word of the Lord came unto the prophet Ezekiel, to prophesy against these prophets that prophesied out of their own hearts: and out of their own hearts have all the priests prophesied that prophesy against thee; and they are seducing my people with lies, saying, peace, and there is no peace : they are building up walls, and daubing them with untempered mortar. Now let them see that chapter deep, what destruction these prophets must bring upon mankind, that prophesy out of their own hearts, who are like the foxes in the desert; and like the foxes they are destroying my sheep, crying peace: but I ask them what peace 2 Now let them mark verse 22—Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad ; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not turn from his wicked way. Now I shall answer thee from this chapter: Let the prophets fear and tremble, that prophesy out of their own hearts, and have seesa

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hothing, to deceive my people with tlieir lightness and their lies. Now see how much this is in the hearts of the ministers. I have threatened with judgments, and judgments have come.; I have threatened with scarcity and dearth, and the land hatli felt it; 1 have threatened to punish with the war and the sword, and it is still over your land* Yet seeing all these things before them, they are prophesying peace to my people, telling them 'tis A vain vision, and a lying divination, all they have Seen and heard; for they are telling the people, from their own hearts, they are the prophets to Vvhom you are to trust: but how fatal will be their end, when they see all the judgments pronounced in that chapter fall upon their own heads, for prophesying out of their own hearts? This w;is the destruction of the Jews; they prophesied out of their own hearts against the true prophets that I had sent Unto them, and so they deceived the pec pie by promising them peace, that nothing should na, pen to them, when I had threatened to destroy tl em. Now as I have told tliee, in all ages of the world men have been alike, and that likeness will continue, as lon.^- as Satan's power reigns; and perfectly as the false prophets are mentioned in that chapter, that they were then, perfectly so they arc now; but I now tell thee, their end will be more fatal; because they have my Bible to see what unk !ief brought upon man, and how m>ich it is mentioned of the false prophets, prophesying against the true ones. Therefore this last .'resumption willbe more fatal to man than all the former; for where is the man can now come before thee, and say thou hast prophesied lies in my Name? Have not all things been foretold, from 179'^ to this day, that have already taken place? And now mark how many men thou hast heard affirm they were called of God to preach the Gospel, whose sinful, lives have mad* thee tremble: as thou hast often said, to do


the Devil's drudgery in Christ's livery : and now I tell thee, your land is full of these preachers. Therefore he pointed to thee the very chapter that sheweth his likeness, and the likeness of others. Know, the true prophet was but one, the false prophets were many ; and many false prophets are gone out in your land, saying, the Lord sent them to preach the Gospel, when I have never sent them nor commanded them ; but out of their own hearts are they gone, and building up walls, daubing them with untempered mortar, that is not tempered with my true word, nor with the Gospel; for know it is written, the good Shepherd must appear, before the redemption of man takes place, or the fulfilment of the Bible is accomplished ; but how is the good Shepherd to appear 2 or how is the Lord to be revealed 2 or how is the wicked one to be revealed 2 Will they say, by those prophets or priests that are gone out into the world, and saying, Lo, here is Christ revealed to me; I am sent out to preach the Gospel, by the sword of his Spirit ; and another crying out the same, I am sent out by HIs SPIRIT to preach the Gospel a different way ? For this is known unto thee and to all men, it has been affirmed by the different preachers, that thou hast heard preaching one against the other, and yet both say they are called of God; then what untempered mortar is their preaching my word, to say they are called of ME to preach my word when they cannot join to— gether —

So now see all, the wall must fall
That's so built up by man:
Untemper'd mortar is their call,
The prophets firse are gone;
Throughout your land they now do stand,
Affirm they are sent by ME;
But from their doctrine thou dost know
They no ways can agree;
Then surely here they must appear
False prophets in your land;
Untemper'd mortar, all see clear,
Together cannot stand.

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