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And from the Prophet you may see

The -way the whole is plac'd:
No wanders here can now appear,

No wpnders did I do,
But what 1 warn'd mankind before,

And now you'll find it true. ,

The shadows here that do appear

I've warn'd you of before;
But 'tis the substance you must fear;

For now I'll tell you more:
I have begun, I will go on,

My Bible I'll go through;
Beyond your skill, in every wheel,

I'll prove my Bible true.
But Where's the man that now can come
And answer to my word, •

To say my Bible is fulfiU'.d?

Or men do know the Lord?
I tell thee, No; it'is not so;

They do notknow my Name
From J Ah Jehovah all do flow.

Men's wisdom 1 shall shame,
And soon confound in every sound;

My Bible must appear:
The truth in all shall now be found—

My prophet's words see clear:
He said, that nothing 1 should do,
> But servants I should gain,
That they before the thing might know:

My prophets, I'll maintain,.
Must mrely come by my command;

Their words shall ever stand:
My Gospel see alike to be,
„ And now the whole command:

The word of God you know is said,

1 come not to destroy; •
Or say the prophets were misled,

No; all I would enjoy,
I told you then, to make it plain:

And plain shall all appear.
So from the propliets pow I'll prove

Their words I'm come to clear;
Then mark.the chapter, how'tis plac'd,
, What words were spoke by he; . •
You ne'er discern'd, ye fallen race,

The words were spoke by Me.
But from rtie judgment drawn by men,

Fliat prophecies must fall;
Then wrong my Gospel must be penn'd,

I now do tell you all.
If wondrous things 1 do begin,

And tell them not before,
MV i>rophet here must speak a lie,
Or I myself must err.

Now let men observe from this chapter, Amos iii. 7, 8, and weigh the words with my Gospel: Matthew v. 17, 18-—I come not to destroy the law or the prophets. Then if I come not to destroy them, know that prophets must follow after my death, as they did before; or I must have destroyed them. But now observe all men, I ceme not to destroy the Law of God that was left on record; neither his Words that were penned from the prophets; neither did I come to destroy the prophets, that none should arise afterwards, to prophesy in my name; but I come to fulfil their words, and the words of the prophets that were spoken before: then, I have shewed thee from the words of the prophet, that the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets. Now, I aft mankind, if I come to make their words null and void? I tell you, no. I did not come for prophecies to cease; but as in ages that are past, so is the present: they hate him that reproves in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly. This hath been in all ages of the world, and this will continue as long as the power of sin reinaineth: For how can two walk together that are not agreed? Can Satan and I walk together? I tell thee, no: neither can those that are led by his spirit, and these that are led by mine walk together and agree. But thou sayest in thy heart—though believers agree together in one faith; yet they do not agree together in all things. To this I answer, as. long as ye remain under the fall, ye have different spirits of your own that may not agree together in all things; neither will ye, /;// nature has its perfect change; but what has that to do with your being led by My Spibit in one faith and in one belief? if ye agree in your faith, then know that ye are led by Me, if ye believe any calling that is from Me. Now as thou hast HOW FAR NATURAL DISPOSITIONS LEAD MEN. 433

nrmrWivl nn thp nn<» hand T shall anSWCr theC OK

persecution, and in their unbelief, agree together in all things? Thou aiiswe/est, no : And to this I answer as before: Satan may have power to blind their eyes through unbelief, and in that way to lead them on by .unbelief; yet they have spirits of their own of different kinds, that his hading cannot change; therefore it is not the disagreement in other things that sheweth always by what spirits you are led; but this doth shew by what spirits you are led; for when my prophets were sent out in the world, no man believed in them that was not led by My Spirit; and no man persecuted them but those that were led on. by the working of the devil: and perfectly so was it in my days ; yet there were many that neither persecuted nor believed; and thy enquiry is, by what spirit then were they led? to this I answer, by a spirit of their own; whose lukewarm hearts were known to Me; for they could not bear the persecution of the world for my sake; therefore they could not agree to walk with Me, for want of love on the one hand; neither had they zeal enough for the glory of God, to be filled up with indignation if I had been an impostor, on the other; therefore they could not agree to be led by either; and so they walked on in a spirit of their oizn, that is fallen from God by /fop'ALL : and this, I tell thee, is the case with thousands at thistime; and in this spirit they will go on, neither to persecute nor to vindicate: such were the Laodiceans; and such men have been in all ages of.the world; and so they will continue to the end. For I now tell thee and all mankind, there is no other spirit in man now, than what hath been in all ages of the world; which if you weigh my Bible deep, and compare their spirits with the spirits, of men that are now before you, you may see the likeness in every age of the world. But one thought strikes thy heart— they were not alike when the world was drowned; for thou nearest of no one disputing to be with Noah; neither did any rise up against him, to -prevent his building the ark ; for they only laughed at his folly; and as he had money to go through with the building, he could gain labourers to assist him inthat, as well as in other things; but thou dost not hear of any parties being overtaken with any warmth either for or against him. Here the spirits of men do not appear to thee, in that age, like as they were in other ages, and the present. To this I answer: when men were all come to that spirit, of one careless mind, they were all destroyed; and as the world was then destroyed by water, so, I tell thee, it would now be destroyed by fire, if there was but one careless spirit in it which was proved to be at that time, and no one was preserved But know, since, different spirits have arisen; that meaneth, different spirits have been in men, and different workings in men since the Flood : many have laid it to heart, fearing the same destruction might overtake them again. Had there been but one spirit in man when I came upon the earth, and that spirit was like the antediluvian world, none would have sought my death, any more then, than they did Noah's : so I might have been the Noah, and have gone into the ark by myself, and so have destroyed them all, because they would not come near ME; then my coming would have been of no use: the love of man would never have been shewn on the one hand, nor could the fury of Satan have been shewn on the other. For of what use is Satan's working in man, when he thinks he is going to possess the whole, as he did by the deluge But I tell thee it was different, as I said the deluge should no more go over the land to destroy it, so in all ages of the world hath my working been powerful with man to prevent it; but I now tell thee, My sp IRIT shall not always strive with man ; for I will go on to destroy the powers of darkness, as I destroyed the world of old; for know I told thee, they were all of one mind; therefore they were all destroyed; and so of one mind are


•all the evil spirits, and like them they shall be destroyed.

Because the Ark is made for Man
The Sealed Number so must stand:
And here I say the lines go deep.
For men and devils both to weep,
If they the mystery could discern,
And understand how I do warn.
But of these words I'll say no more—
From types and shadows you see clear
The way I've plac'd my Bible through,
And brought the whole before your view:
And so together all must come,
W hen I do make an end for man.

But now I shall go on from the prophets. Mark what followed from the words of the prophets to the ages that are past: then judge, if there be no shadow of turning in man, what shadow of turning must there be in Me ; only to bring all things round like the vision of Daniel, and the wheel of fire. And now discern, how I have sifted the house of Israel amongst all nations, as corn is sifted in a sieve; yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth: neither shall the least grain of My Word fall to the ground ; for now will I turn back the captivity of my people, and the waste cities, which I shall go on to destroy they shall build again; and they shall be inhabited by the house of Israel, which I have told thee—is the House Of Faith. So let not the Jews boast against the Gentiles; nor the Gentiles against the Jews; nor the nations one against the other. For know I have told thee what the house of Israel is—The Faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: and all the children of the faithful are what I call the House of Israel; riDt by the name of the Jews, but by the faith of the Jews, that stands on record. So all they that will inherit the Promise must catch hold of My Words, and say, "I am of the seed of Israel, as the seed of faith is sown in my heart" and these are the people that I will plant in the land, and they no more shall be plucked out of their land, which I have given them by My Promise.

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