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Calvinists, that from a few texts of Scripture, which they cannot understand, have wrested the whole Bible to their own condemnation. But I know they will be ready to answer me, they have placed the Bible for their own justification, that they were elected before the foundation of the world to be saved, and all the rest of the world were ordained to be lost. So they have picked out texts for their purpose, which they do not understand ; because it is written—Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I hated before they were born; but they know not why that type was set in Jacob and Esau; nor what is meant by election and reprobation ; but they go to St. Paul, whom they say was a chosen vessel of God, though he was a great persecutor at first; but they know not why he was a chosen vessel; yet from his own epistle, we might clearly see his heart was good, though his belief was wrong; and of that wrong belief the Lord convinced him, as he had a single and zealous eye to the glory of God; and for his honour and glory the Lord chose him. Here I believe, with all the Calvinists in England, when the Lord has any wondrous work to do,

knowing the hearts of all men, he chuses instru

ments to work by. The foreknowledge of God must be allowed by every Christian believer; therefore in any work he has to do, the Lord certainly knows who is calculated and fit for the work: the Lord knew, when Moses was born, what he would be ; therefore he preserved his life in a strange manner, and for a strange work; he knew the perverseness of Pharaoh's heart, and instead of cutting him off in his sins, as thousands are cut off, HE prolonged his life to shew his wondrous works in him. Thus we see the Lord, knowing what is in man, chuses the objects on both sides, to shew his wondrous works : but does this affirm, the Lord knowing what is in the heart of man, that it was his determination, before the creation of the world, when he created man, that he designed to create the major part of the world to be in opposition to his will and command?


that he chose and ordained men for that purpose? Then I ask them what they make of the Bible? I shall come to the Revelation first—Whosoever will, let him. take of the water of life freely. But here the words must be turned by the Calvinists, and say —Whosoever the Lor,dhath ordained are to lake of the water of life frtefy. So the will must be put out of the question. Chap. iii. 21—To him that overcometh I will grant to sit with Me in .my thrpne. But what hath man to overcome, if he be ordained what he shall be? Then man hath nothing to overcome; if the decrees of the Lord are fixed, that he is born to go to heaven, all things" are overcome for* him; then why is he counselled to buy gold tried in the fire? that he may be made white? and anoint his eyes with eye-salve, that he may see? Here are Scriptures mentioned in the Revelation, that are wrested and turned by the Calvinists. Do men vainly ima,gine that the Lord invited men to mock and deceive them? Weigh deep Chap. iii. and hear what the Lord saith to the churches;—that; no man may take their crown from them: But who can take the crown from a man if it be firmly fixed by the Lord unalterably, that cannot be rempved? In Qha[>. \\.lQ. it js said —He that overcometh and keepeth my- works unto »he end, to him will I give power over, the nations.

THE ANSWER OF THE SPIRIT; "Now I shall answer from the pondering of thy heart. Thou sayest, as the Arians err from the truth of the Gospel, just so do the Calvinists err from the truth of my Bible. This I know is thy pondering heart, from all the Scriptures thou hast read; and I now tell thee, the pondering of thy heart is worked by Me, to shew the madness and folly of mankind; therefore I tell thee, without my visitation to come and open the eyes of the blind, to unstop the ears of the deaf, the madness and folly that is in man Would soon make my Bible to be but a form; for as

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thou sayesr from the Gospel, if they make every witness of mine talse, and all my assertions false, they must make my Gospel false; and this, I tell thee, is done by thousands, while on the other hand there are many that profess my Gospel to be true, and yet deny the truth it contains. Now let men answer Ms, why I wept over Jerusalem, and said I would have gathered them together, as a h'en gathereth her brood under her wi:igs, but they would not? why did 1 say, I came that they might have life; but they wfnild not Co.tic unto Me that they might have life? Now I tell thee, as much as the Arians err from the truth of my Gospel, on the one hand, to make Me, and my disciples, the author of lies; just so do the Calvinists make my Bible the same; therefore I Worked in thy heart to differ in thy opinion from the opinions of men; and now I bid thee search the Scriptures—and where are the men who can answer for their belief on the one hand, any more than the Arians on the other?"

After I had searched-the. Scriptures I found them full of the threatenings of the Lord against his own people; and the invitation of the Lord, to have them torn unto him that they might live. Now mark the words of the Lord, what he saith concerning the children of Israel—Oh, that there was such a heart in them as I could wish .l As I live, saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather in them that repent and turn: turn ye, turn ye; for why will ye die, O house of Israel! saith the Lord: all day long have I stretched out my hand to a disobedient and gainsaying people: the ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib; but Israel do not know, my people do not consider. Now mark Jeremiah xxii. 5, the threatenings of the Lord


your thoughts; neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord ; for as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways; and my thoughts than your thoughts.

THE ANSWER OF THE SPIRIT. "Now I shall answer thee from these words: and enquire of mankind v-hat they make of Me, and my Bible? Should I invite men to turn unto Me, and promise them mercy if they did return, if my dectets had been fixed they should not return? How then could my anger and indignatiqn be kindled against a people, that had done the things I ordained them for? Remember what I told thee concerning Pharaoh; and know for what ends I have said, the wjcked was prolonged: to shew my judgments, that the Hying may lay it to heart; but if my ways had bjeen like the ways of men, and n:y thoughts like the thoughts of men, that say the sinners are ordained so by. Me, to what use is my shewing judgments in this world, that the living might lay it to heart? O, vain and simple men! do you judge your God another such as yourselves? I tell thee, the Arians no more wrest my Gospel, and make all my apostles false witnesses, than the Calvinists wrest my Bible. What do they make of Me and my prophets, any more than the Arians make of my Gospel, who make the witnesses all false, and make Me another such as them, by saying I was not the Son of God? And yet they allow Me to be a just man, which they can by no means prove in the way they have fixed the Gospel. And now I ask them how they will prove Me a just God by the way they have fixed my Bible? If they bring the whole together, as thou hast brought the particulars of the Gospel, they must see the perfect likeness. One parable I shall put for man, and let him answer for himself: Does a father condemn his children because he places themtoditferent trades, if they behave alike in their trades, every-one as their father hath placed them? But if the father should take his children as soon as the were born, and dc

termine to put one part from him, never to see or know them ; and bring up the other pan in his own house; who can blame the children that they do not regard their father alike, when he harh refused one part to have any knowledge who is their father, or to shew any love unto them? Should he threaten them with judgments because they did not love him, like the cliild-ren that had a knowledge of him? In this thou sayest the father must be cruel: and I answer thee, perfectly so; and to that likeness have men compared Me; that I hare refused them any knowledge of Mk, every influence of my Spirit, every caU of grace; and yet they say I have punished mankind, that they would not receiTewhat I would never give! How then can I wait to be gracious? How can my Bible be true? How could I say, turn unto Me, and I will turn unto you, if I have mad? men so that they could not turn unto Me? I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, their doctrine came from the influence of the devil, to lead one part in presumption, the other in despair! But thou sayest in thy heart, many good men are filled with that doctrine: and I now tell thee, there are many good men full of errors, as well as the wicked; or how should I have pronounced in my Bible that the wisdom of the wise men should perish, and the understanding of the prudent men should be hid, to prove that man was dead to knowledge as I pronounced him? Therefore I tell thee all these evils are amongst mankind; know it is written, the righteous man falleth seven times a-day, and know wharl said in my Gospel, when they had done all, they were but unprofitable servants: and No Maw


I know the pondering of thy heart—Is man lost for his wrong judgment ? I tell thee, no, if his heart be good ; for they do not discern what they do; and no more discern what they make of my Bible, or what they make of their Creator, than the Arians discern

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