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stumbling stone to them, as great as it was to the Jews; for I am as much a Saviour to the Jews as I am to these men; therefore they are not all of Israel that are in Israel; because they have not faith to believe what they themselves do not know: then whjt a Saviour can a mere man be to them? a man whom they believe to be a liar, and supported by lies, they cannot believe he is the Saviour of mankind; therefore I tell thee, as they will not believe a thing they do not know, I am no more a Saviour to them than I am to the Jews; and they have no more knowledge to know whether their belief be true, than the Jews have knowledge to know theirs. Here I have shewed thee from mankind, that there is no knowledge in man under the Gospel, any more than there was under the Law amongst the Jews. Now come to the different beliefs of men under the Gospel; for I now tell thee, the Romans as mucli believe in my Gospel, that I was the Saviour of man, as you Protestants that profess to be the true worshippers of the Gospel; yet their belief is without knowledge, that there is no other Name given under heaven whereby a sinner can be saved, but in and •*'•„ through Jesus Christ; yet I tell thee, if men take one word of my Gospel and place it to their own wisdom, they have as much reason to trust to their, Popes as the Cahinists have to trust to their Election; and they may take their belief from what I said to my disciples—Whose sins ye remit, they shall be remitted; and whose sins ye retain, they shall be retained. This they may believe stands a proverb for all men, as the Calvinists believe from my saying, Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I hated, stands a proverb for election and reprobation. Now if. men take thtse words, from their own wisdom, without any knowledge, and believe they stand as a proverb for all, the Roman Catholics and the Calvinists stand both alike upon one footing; and one have as much ground for their belief as the other; there

fore I tell thee, there is no knowledge in man; the Koman Catholics never discerned that these words were only spoken to my disciples, who were with Me through all my sufferings, who were with Mb in all my miracles, and to whom I gave power to work miracles in my name after my death, and they suffered the cross for Me, and sealed it with their blood, as I sealed it with mine. Now if the popes come to act like the disciples, they must-have the power the disciples had, and prove they are filkd with the Holy Ghost, as the disciples were; for if they have-power to heal the soul, they must shew the power to heal the body, and at the end to lay down their lives, as my disciples did. Thus, iftheytake upon them the one, they must fulfil the other; and know unto whom the words were spoken; but if they take it in general to all that believe my Gospel, then every man hath a right to the words, that believes my Gospel, and so go out among the heathen nations to pardon the sins of those that turn to the Gospel: but what have they to pardon in those that believe alike? Know, when 1 said these words to my disciples, I sent them out to bring into my Gospel the heathen .nations, when I gave them this power to say, whose sins ye remit they shall be remitted; because my Spirit was upon them; and I said, he that received them, received Me; but did I give them this power one over the other, or allude these words to them that were then believers in my Gospel ? I tell you all, no; it was only meant to the heathens, and them that had no knowledge of Me or my Gospel, but were brought in by their preaching, that these words were meant to; and know, I said that those that received them not, received not Me; and they should shake off thedust of their shoes against them; but those that received them,received Me; because they received myGos


is no likeness to be compared together of them and my disciples? and I tell thee, the Romans have taken it for a general rule to all men, without discerning in what manner it was spoken, or to whom it was spoken. Now if men take it general, they must take it to all that believe the Gos-^ pel, as well as the popes; so this is the folly of mankind, having no knowledge of the meaning of words, they place them to their own wisdom, and their own belief, and every man professes he hath the Scriptures for his belief, who professes to believe in the Bible, or in any written word of God; for know, it is said in the Scriptures, many wrest them to their own condemnation. So from these words the Romans have Scriptures to conceal their Bibles, and say it is not right for those that are unlearned to see them, fearing they may wrest them to their own condemnation; without discerning I gave a command that men should read the Scriptures; for these were* they that testified of Me;. and yet the Romans have built their faith on a few words of the Scriptures, without knowledge or understanding of what they mean; perfectly like the Calvinists resting their faith upon Election and Reprobation, because I said, Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I hated; but never discerned where the type stood,or in what mannerthetype stood,and that it stood where the promise stood, for all the families of the earth to be blessed. But let men answer Me how all the families of the earth could be blessed, if the type of Esau stood for all men to the end? Then all the families of the earth could never be blessed; for they must say, one part I still loved and the other hated; and the. redemption of man can never take place, that as in Adam all died, even so in Christ shall all be made alive; and that Christ died to reconcile the world unto God; but how can . the world be reconciled unto God, while one pait is beloved, and the other hated? Then what king

dom of peace can there ever be established? Wars and tumults must for ever remain, like Jacob and Esau's anger one against the other, instead of establishing my kingdom in peace, and bringing that blessing on man I created him for, '' • t all the families of the earth may be blessei ., My followers, like Jacob, must be forced to flee, if the type of Jacob and Esau stand for man. Here 1 have shewed thee, from the Scriptures, how men place their judgment without judgment, and profess to have knowledge without knowledge, never discerning in what manner, or to whom these words are spoken; but if men weigh deep in what manner the promise was made before to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, they would draw a different judgment from the words of Esau, that when I fulfilled the promises made to Abraham and to Isaac, what I hated must be destroyed, that all the families of the earth might be blessed; but they have placed it for a general thing for mankind, when they look to the sons of Jacob, whose crimes concerning their brother Joseph were worse than Esau's concerning Jacob; yet the prophecy that was given to Joseph, was, that his brethren should all fall down to him. Esau was a type of the devil; Jacob's sons were a type of men, who persecute my followers, as Jacob's sons persecuted Joseph; but when it cometh to the end, all must fall down to the Josephs whom they have persecuted. But this men do not discern, how nor in what manner the types stood one after the other; first Isaac's being offered up; then the promise so greatly made; and then the curse pronounced on Esau, that stands in the Bible to be cut off; and next the type of Joseph and his brethren. If men had knowledge to understand the Bible they would draw a right judgment from these types: and the same from the type of Pharaoh, when I came to deliver mv people by


must discern in what manner these things stood; for know, the children of Israel were promised to have the promised land, and to be freed from bondage, where the type stood of Pharaoh, to pursue them for his own destruction; so let them weigh them both together, and I,': \will see that they have no more ground to buila iheir Election and Reprobation to Man, from Pharaoh and Esau, than the Romans have to build their Faith upon the Popes, because I said, Whose sins ye remit they shall be remitted, and whose sins ye retain they shall be retained; and to conceal their Bible, because it is written, manywrestthe Scriptures to their own condemnation.Here I have shewed thee in what manner the Saints must judge the Earth—that men act wrong from want of knowledge; then they will own the truth of my words: my people perish for want of knowledge. And now I tell thee, if they will reject knowledge, I shall reject them; the Jews rejected knowledge when I came amongst them, and I rejected them; and now, I tell thee, I am come in the Spirit to bring all men to the knowledge of the Lord; and I shall not stop till I have accomplished my work; but if men reject Me now, they will find I shall reject them; for I am now throwing open my Bible to call all things to men's remembrance, that they may see, from all ages of the world, how men have perished forwant of knowledge. Butliowcan men boast against the Jews, because they drew a wrong judgment from their prophets, when they see those that are enlightened under my Gospel draw so wrong ajudgment therefrom, as I have shewed thee from the Romans, from the Arians, and from the Culvinists, that is visible in the world? And are these all that have drawn a wrong judgment from the Gospel? In thy heart thou answerest, no; then who can boast against the Jews? Let them look at the standard there; if they perished for want of knowledge^.

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