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smiling face seems expecting to receive one. The men read them as they go home from their pit-work, and I do believe what they read is most useful to many.

I only wish we could get an annual grant of some hundreds, which we could well employ. We received a nice stock from the Society, but they are nearly gone."

“ And wherefore do the poor complain?"

The rich man ask'd of me;
« Come walk abroad with me,” I said,

6 And I will answer thee."
'Twas evening, and the frozen street

Were cheerless to behold,
And we were wrapp'd and coated well,

And yet we were a-cold.
We met an old bare-headed man,

His locks were few and white;
asked him what he did abroad

In that cold winter's night;
'Twas bitter keen indeed, he said,

But at home no fire had he,
And therefore he had come abroad

To ask for charity.
We met a young bare-footed child,

And she begg'd loud and bold;
I ask'd her what she did abroad

When the wind it blew so cold.
She said her father was at home,

And he lay sick a-bed,
And therefore was it she was sent

Abroad to beg for bread.
We saw a woman sitting down

Upon a stone to rest,
She had a baby at her back

And another at her breast;
I asked her why she loiter'd there

When the wind it was so chill;
She turned her head and bade the child

That scream'd behind be still.
She told us that her husband served,

A soldier, far away,
And therefore to her parish she

Was begging back her way.
I turn'd me to the rich man then-

For silently stood he-
“ You ask'd me why the poor complain,

And these have answer'd thee."


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