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We have intimated that the Unitarian Advocate is published because such a work is needed. By this we do not mean to imply that other works, similar in character and objects, and extensively circulated already, are chargeable with the smallest deficiency. We cordially unite in the common sentiment of esteem for these very important and useful publications. The talent, diligence, and zeal which the Christian Examiner especially has long exhibited, warrant the belief that it will remain a most effective advocate of those good designs which we wish to see advanced. But the great increase in the number of those who read on religious subjects and are earnestly watching the progress of opinion, demands and authorizes a corresponding multiplication of the helps to inquiry. It is as an auxiliary, and in no degree as a substitute, that we would be known. This work will differ from others, rather in the extent of its plan, and some modifications in style and form, than in any thing essential to its character and purpose. We shall, as far as possible, confine ourselves to what belongs


VOL. I.-NO. I.

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