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Page The Crane,

281 Moths, with their CaterpilStock, Ring, and Turtle Jars, &c.

414 Doves, 283 | Butterflies,..

416 Qaail, and Partridges,.. 309 Flea, Spiders, Ants, Fly,.. 441 Peacock, Peaben, and Spar- The Mustard Tree of the New rows, (304) 317 Testament,

511 Cock and Hen,

321 Camphire, and Rose, . 524 The Whale, 340 Spikenard, .

536 Rattlesnake, .

348 The Almond Fig Tree,.... 558 Cerestés, or Horned Viper, 354 The Pomegranate Tree, ... 562 Serpent of the Island of Ce. The Olive and Cedar Trees, 576 lebes,

356 The Palm Tree, and Vine, 593 Great Boa of South America, 357 Sycamore Tree,

607 Scorpions, Bees, Wasp, Barbary Ape, and Ouran Grasshopper, 383 Oatang,

663 Snail, and Frog,

388 Spotted Monkey, and LionRed and Black naked Snails, tailed Baboon,

ib. Slow and Red Worms,.. 392 | Proboscis and Horned MonHornet, Green Locust, and keys,

ib. Ants, (p. 440). 397 | Long-armed Ape, and RibStag-borned and Rhinoceros bed-nosed Baboon, ib. Beetles,



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Those who wish to bind this work in Two Vols, have Titles provided for that parpose, and may end Vol. I. at page 280, and begin Vol. II. with page 281,

London : Printed by II. Fisher, Son, & P. Jackson.

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