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Do cacb article is annexed tbe number of the page of this volume in which it is to be found.

1987. Fao 1$. A convention, explanatory of the late commercial treaty, signed
Paris by Mr Eden and the French plenipotentiary, page s.
Feb. 2. The court of exchequer, at Edinburgh, determine a cause against the bur-

Refles of Dumbarton, by which they find, That the magiftrates of royal boroughs se ate not obliged to produce annually in exchequer the accounts of the expenditure

of the public money, p. 97.

4. The infurgents in Massachussett's Bay, in New England, defeated by General Lincoln, and tranquillity restored, p. 150,

# The Empress of Ruffia arrives at Kiow in her journey to the Crimea, p. 143, $13.297.

13. The House of Lords voted, That the Duke of Queensberry and Lord Aber. corn having been created British Peers, do cease to fit as representatives of the Scots Peerage, p. 70.

1. A memorial presented to the magiftrates of Edinburgh, by the managers of the charity work-house, stating the diftrefled fituation of that inftitution, p 09. 12. A grand assembly of the Notables of France held at Versailles, p. 144. 26. Mr Pitt makes a motion in the House of Commons relative to the consolida, tion of the customs, &C p. 168.

March 30. The claims of the inbabitants of St Eustatia heard before the privy
council, and determined in their favour against Lord Rodacy and General Vaug-
wo, p. 199

Apoils. The burgeffes of Dumbarton take a protest again their magistrates, for
having refolved, at the defire of the Lord Pruvoft of Edinburgh, to instruct their re-
presentatives to oppose the plan of reform in the boroughs in parliament, p. 202.
19. Mr Herschel discovers three volcanoes in the moon, p. 317.
21. A memorial presented by the grand jury at the Old Bailey, to the Lord May.
at, &c. respecting the profanation of the Lord's Day, p. 301.

24. The trustees begin to pay, at the Prince of Wales's treasury, nine per cent.

of bis Royal Highness's debts, p. 200. i 30. The Lord Chancellor, in the House of Lords, declares his sentiments of the

Scots faitious votes, p. 381

May 6. An arret published in France respecting the entry of English merchandise, in consequence of the commercial treaty, p. 352.

10. The Commons impeach Mr Hattings at the bar of the House of Lords, $ 378. 435. 10. Hoftilities commenced in Holland between the patriots and Stadtholderians, 11. A bill for farming the poft-horse tax passed by the House of Commons, p. 333. 12 The commercial, treaty with France takes place, p. 147. Rejoicings upon that occafion, ib.

13. The forefhips, and transports with convicts, fail from Portsmouth, for Bolasy Bay, in New Holland, p. 247.

31. A meflage from his Majety delivered by Mr Pitt to the House of Commons, requeting provifion to be made for paying the Prince of Wales's debis, &c. p. 329.

15. A remarkably brilliant drau ing-room åt St James's, in confequence of the Prince of Wales's coming again to court, p. 148. 25. The affembly of the Notables at Versailles diffolved, p. 399. 26. Their Majeftics honour Mr Whitbread with a visit to his brewery in Chis.

sell Atreet, p. 355..

28. Mr Sheridan proposes in the House of Commons, to present a petition relativt to the reform in the Scots boronghs, p. 478.

Jose 1. A proclamation issued for the encouragement of piety and virtue, and the soppreffon ot vice and impiorality, p. 306. 1.5. The celebrated Counters de La Motte escapes from her prison in the Sal-Peo triere, at Paris, p. 299.491.

6. Lord

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Í A NU A RY, 1787.

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PARLIAMENT. (vol. 48. p. 534.]

fore you. I must recommend it to your,

P• 334.) to take such measures as you shall judge Seffion 4th.

proper for carrying it into effect; and i HE Parliament met, at West.

ment met, at Welt. trust you will find that the provisions minster, on Tuesday, Jan. 23. contained in it are calculated for the enagreeable to Royal proclama couragement of industry, and the exten.

tion. The King opened the fion of lawful commerce in both coun. feffion with the following speech.

tries, and, by promoting a beneficial in. "My Lords and Gentlemen,

tercourse between our reipective subjects, I have particular satisfaction in ac- appear likely to give additional permaquainting you, that since I last met you nence to the bleflings of peace. I thall in parliament, the tranquillity of Eu. keep the same falutary objects in view, Tupe bas remained uninterrupted, and in the commercial arrangements I am that all foreign powers continue to ex. negotiating with other powers. press their friendly disposition to this I have allo given directions for laying country.

before you a copy of the convention a. I have concluded a treaty of navigation greed upon between me and the Cathoand commerce with the Most Christian lic King, for carrying into effect the fixth King, a copy of which hall be laid be. article of the last treaty of peace. VOL. XLIX.

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