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amlable ; and alike practised by a Cla. pletely irreparable T hus precarious, rodon, or ap Oxford, by Walpole, and and thus defective as it must be allowed, North.

yet its duration appears to have no visible ADMINISTRATION.

or even probable limits. It refts on the When I have thus finished the portrait two great and substantial foundations of of the minifter, I may be said in it to have the unquestionable favour of the Crown,

oprehended almost the whole admini. and the equally undisputed opinions of tration. Mr Pitt,“ with Atlantean shoul- the people. Perhaps I might add, withders," fupports the incumbent weight of out severity, that it is propped and fur

monarchy, and stands, like Ajax, tained by a third circumstance; the diftak and alone, amidft bofts of furround inclination of the greater part of the in

chemies. One, and one only friend, habitants of Great Britain to the compoyears, decorated with the infignia of nent members of the last adminiftration : kai dignity, to oppose, in another House, and an opinion generally diffused, (wheme attacks of opposition. Where-ever ther true or false, I shall not stop to ex. di I look, I fee only a vast vacuity; amine), that there is in that great party a racuity where no talents, no power of more splendour of talents, than rectitude watory, no ftrength of intellect, illumi. of intention, or principles of political sizate the darkness, or cheer the gloom! virtue. The names of a Sydney, and a Carmar.

Mr fox. ben, can only be transmitted to future At the head of that great band denofocs, by being involved in the illustrious minated the Opposition, and comporain of Pitt, and must be preserved fed of so motley materials, as no longer won oblivion by mixing in his radiance, to be reducible to any fixed colour or They may " pursue the triumph, and form, appears Mr Fox; and near him, putake the gale;” but never can mingle co-ordinate, but not co-equal, hiş once the {plendour of the renown: too hap- great antagonist, though now his friend

if their want of ability screen them and fellow.labourer, Lord North.-It from investigation! A Jenkinson, and a would be mockery to regard the Duke Duadas, may indeed supply the defects of Portland, however respectable and exof the Cabinet, in either House of Par- cellent in his privale character, other

neot; but England was not accuftom than the pageant of a party, round whon ed, in better times, to see the foreign in the chieftains assemble : - The Lord forts of ber crown thus abandoned, and Rockingbam of 1787; and diftinguilhed ta seglected, in every court in Europe, by nearly fimilar endowments of heart ad every quarter of the globe.

and of understanding with that departIt is not fofficient for men who assume ed Marquis. If I place Mr Fox foread undertake to conduct the affairs of most in this list, it is, that though infe. sations, that they poffefs probity and rior in nominal rank to Lord North, he pod inteations. Talents and applica. is far superior to him in all those quali100 most mark them out from among ties which demand, or which acquire the powd of nobility who surround the dominion over the minds of men. trone, and intitle them to occupy the Not more liberally endowed by nature cangerous eminences of state: nor can with the graces of external figure, or az adventitious decorations of rank, or with the elegance of manner and address, dulrious birth, be admitted as a compen. than bis rival Mr Pitt, he has yet an unfation for this in herent and incurable de known and undescribable fometbing,

which pervades the darkness of his comYet, under these vices of the admini. plexion, and sheds a fort of lustre across tration, and incompetent as it must per- his saturnine features. Whether it can haps be confidered to propel the languid be termed a smile, I will not venture to wbels of government in many of its moft allert ; but it certainly has the effect opdiratial operations ; sustained as it ap on the heart which smiles are calculated pears to be by the gigantic and fingle ta- to produce, that of inspiring confidence, lents of one individual, ftill in early and exciting complacency. Descended ruth; dependent not, only on his life, from a Monarch diftinguished by this bar on the life of others, by whose de. peculiar and characteristic excellence of mike be could no longer be in a fituation face, he may perhaps claim an heredito prefide in the House of Commons, tary title to it. Son to a nobleman, as were his loss or absence would be commuch marked out by public obloquy and


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