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Notwithstanding the failure of the pro- nations are acquainted with barter and ject of preserving America as a British exchange; and without division of la. colony, the advantage from American boor there would have been very little trade may probably be very great to Eng. of that in the world. land. No other country is so well calcula The American trade requires great ted to supply them with what they want; capital, for the money returns lowly : Bor is there any other country so capa. therefore probably we may not be able to ble of doing it. It is in vain to imagine do to so great an annount for some years that friend thip or gratitude to the French to come as we have done : but if we prewill make them deal with that country ferve any sort of friend nip with Amerito their own disadvantage ; it is equally ca, as soon as it is our intereft and inclivain as to suppose that they would remain nation, we shall find it in our power to fubject to Britain after it ceased to be supply them almost with whatever articles their intereft. Can any ties to France be we please. That universal jealousy of more strong than those to Britain once trade that pervades maukind, is the most were? Nay, can they be half so strong ? narrow, illiberal thing in the world ; If they are not stronger, they must be and when we wish well to England, we broke,

fhould join in wishing well to Ireland Hiftory, perhaps, does not furnish a and America: The more money they greater in Aance of the downfal of ambi. get, the more we shall have from them. tion, and the vanity of human project, if individuals were to go upon the same than Britain experienced in the revolt of principle, that the wealih of their neighAmerica. The idea of preserving it in a bours is a loss to them, the North of ScotItate of dependence, was rapacious, im- land, or the Orkneys, would be the fitpolitic, and unjust. Happy would it have test place for an avaritious merchant ; been for both nations had it then been for there he would have all the riches to coofidered so by the mother country. himself. We may pretty fafely say, howEngland might have said, “ We never ever, that they judge much better who expected to derive any other revenue from do business and affociate with people as you, than what may be the consequence rich as themselves." of a mutual trade; nor were we ever foolith enough to conceive that you would ever trade with us but when it was your Origin of the STUCKING LOOM. intereft ; the extent of your coasts, and your diftant and continental situation, YT is not out of some mens remem. prevent that. You are able, and you + brance, that a young gentleman of na wish to be independent; let us part fortune, a student at Oxford, fell in love kiends, and deal as extensively as is our with an inn-keeper's daughter of that Butual intereft; that is all we can expect town, whose circumstances were very narof each other.”—The trade to America row. He had philofophy enough to de. would in that event have been immense ; fpife superfluous wealth, and judgement and it will yet be very great ; for though to foresee the neceflity of a competence; we perceive a most sudden and great de- but love was headstrong, and too hard cline, yet that arose only from the cir: for reason; so that, after a year or two's cumstances that operated during the war; ineffe&ual delay, they bid defiance to aod, in a few years, there can be no their stars, and had courage enough to doubt that the trade will be greater than märry! The scholar gained a wife, and it ever has been. The Americans proba- lost a fellowship, the only finall subfiftence bly will not attempt those manufactures ke before depended on. with which they have and may be fup. Our inn-keeper often upbraided the plied from England. It will not be their bridegroom with the barren effects of his interest to do fo for many years yet to learning, and thought it very strange, as come; and though it is not impollible he well might, that while every body told that they may attempt it, it is very him his son-in-law was a great scholar, improbable that they will persevere.. his whole stock of knowledge could not The same division of labour that takes help him to one penny of his own get. place in single manufactories, takes place ting. . also in towns, counties, and nations ; Six or seven months after this inar. and the advantages arising from it must riage, the father-in-law dies, miferably have been very soon perceived; for all poor, and the credit which his industry Vol. XLIX.


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