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Esse the ift of January next, by which

ITALY. aty proprietor of a house throughout his electorate is to enter it in a public

Florence, Dec. 16. The Great Duke epifter, at a valuation fixed by himself.

of Tuscany bas just issued a new code of The loffes by fire are to be computed

criminal laws, which is ordered to be Gry fix months, and an equivalent sum

observed in all his dominions. It concolected from the whole of the proprie

afts of 119 articles, by which capital 2015, in proportion to their property as

punishments are abolished, as having been registered, which is to be applied to the

found to leave too fight an impression individual sufferers, according to the va.

on the minds of the people for the preisation contained in the register. This

vention of crimes, and more visible and role sill saturally induce the proprietors

permanent sufferings ordained in their to deliver in a fair valuation of their pro

stead. Torture is prohibited. Confisca. perty. Lond. Gaz.

tions are declared unjust, as involving The Emperor has reduced the interest

the innocent with the guilty. Propor of his pablic funds to three per cent, and

tionable penalties are inflicted for Dight a afligoment of eight millions yearly is

offences, and a more equitable mode of

trial is established, particularly with re. made to pay off the debts of the Heredi

gard to evidence. tary States, which amount to only eleven mibocs.

Soon after the publication of this new Piesea, Dec. 30. The late partition

code, a man condemned to the gallies of the kingdom of Hungary into ten

for a most inhuman murder endeavoured

to persuade the companion to whom he large diftris, with only the same oum

was chained, to escape with him ; but ber of courts of judicature, having been found insufficient for the speedy distribu

upon his refusal, he took an opportunity tan of juftice among the lower classes

of picking up a large ftone, with which,

notwith&tanding his chains, he massacred of people, his Imperial Majesty has estabed, in each of the thirty-eight coun.

his companion, in the presence of the

guard. So horrible a deed, under fuch ties of that kingdom, an inferior tribusal for the decifion of all causes between

circumstances, almost overcame the Great individuals in the first inftance. As these

Duke's humane temper. He immediatetribunals are conftituted on a much more

ly ordered a gallows to be erected in the Everal and folid footing than formerly,

molt public part of Pisa; but his Impethe moft falutary effects may be expected

rial Highness countermanded the order

for his execution, and the criminal was from them, Lond. Gaz.

sentenced to a more excruciating, and Ojiend, 795. 6. An Imperial edict was ifrued here on the rith ult. repealing

lasting punishment, that of being immu

red between four walls, where, almost a edicts, ordinances, and regulations concerning the corn-trade in these pro.

unable to move, he must end his life in

the utmost mifery. As a more flagrant visces, and declaring that henceforward every one shall be at liberty to export or

offence can scarcely be cominitted, pu

nishments by death are not expected to import all kinds of grain and meal, with

be revived in this country. sat being subjected to the inspection of

Naples, Jan. 2. Mount Vesuvius conthe police, or any other restriction or

tinues to disgorge a great quantity of lava formality whatever, except the payment

from its crater, which cools before it can the duties hitherto paid on the ex

arrive at the cultivated parts of the mounportation or importation of those artides. Losd. Gaz.

tain; no damage therefore has hither

to ensued from this eruption. Lond. gaz. Berlin, Jan.g. The Royal Bank has

On Sunday, Dec. 24. two shocks of an reduced the intereft paid to individuals for their capital from two and an half to

earthquake were felt at Venice, which two per cent. But the capital of minors

were not very violent. is exempted from any diminution, and

By the late determination of a convothey continue to receive three per cent.

cation held at Rome, on the affairs of the for their money. The Bank' likewise

Cardinal de Rohan, that Cardinal bas

been reinstated in all his functions, and continues to pay two and an half per cent. for money belonging to the church, and

his former suspension erased. to piops eftablishments, as well as for the

FRANCE. money deposited under legal adjudica. His Majesty having declared in Coun. tioze.

cil bis resolution to convoke an Allem.


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bly de Nobles; the following is the form an account of the plague having broken of the summons for that purpose : out at Conftantia, with such violence as « M.

to spread the alarm over all that part " Having resolved to assemble the

of the coast. The number of deaths molt qualified persons of my state in was faid to be from fifty to eighty in their different conditions, so as to com a day; and the Consuls and other fomunicate to them my wishes for the eale reigners at Algiers had shut up their of my people, and the order of my fi

houses, and renounced all communica-.

houses. pances, and the reform of many abuses, tion with the rest of the i

tion with the reft of the inhabitants. for which I have thought proper to call them together; I send you this letter, to inform you, that I have appointed

AMERICA. the 29th of Jan. 178), for the meeting The following is a tranlation of a let. of this afsembly, at Versailles; and it is ter from the Emperor of Morocco to the my intention that you meet there on United States : that day. I am assured that I shall re- * In the name of God! Mahomet ceive from you that aid which I ought Ben Abdala! to expect for the good of my kingdoms, " Most Illustrious Congress of Ame: which is the object of my calling you to rica! gether; upon which I pray God to take " We have received your letter by the you into his holy keeping. Given at hands of your ambassador, and perused Versailles, this 29th of December 1786. its contents with all due attention. We

Louis.” have remarked therein the inclination There has not been a similar meeting you express of concluding with us a treato the aboye fince the year 1626, and all

ty of peace. To this we willingly have France is on the highest pitch of expec. assented, and even ratified the plan, such tation.

as you have proposed, by setting thereto | An edict has been issued, and was in our Imperial seal. Wherefore we have, force on New-year's day, strictly com from that very moment, given striet manding all perfons belonging to, or command to the captains of our ports. holding any places in, or otherwife be to protect and affist all ships under longing to the court, to reside in Paris, American colours, and, in thort, to and always to appear full-dreffed.

fhew them every favour due to the most SPAIN.

friendly power3 : being fully determined

to do much, when an opportunity offers. Teneriffe, Nov. 16. The Volcano at the

o at the We write this in full testimony of our top of the mountain in the land of St fincere friendship, of the peace which we Magdalena, vulgarly called the Pike of

ed the Pike of offer on our part. Teneriffe, from which there has been no

“ Given the 20th day of the Ramadan material eruption for a long series of

in the first year of the Hegira, 1200 years, burst out very suddenly in the

the that is the 24th of July 1786." morning of the roth, with a black smoke,

ke; Extract of a private Letter from a Gentle. which was succeeded by a liva, and the

man ai Virginia 10 his Friend in Ea/ casting up hot stones, some of which

Kent, Sept. 23. 1786. fell on board the shipping, and caused

" Soon after my arrival, I waited on great alarm. It has fince leflened, but Gen. Washington, by whom I was re the flame is prodigious.

ceived very politely, and hospitably en Paris, Jan. 2. The Count d'Aranda,

l, tertained for two days I staid with hin Ambassador from the court of Spain,

ot, pain; at Mount Vernon.

This is a handsom has received an express from Madrid, with feai delichefullu Gituated

seat, delightfully fituated on the banks o the important intelligence, that the King Potowmack, a few miles below Alexan of Spain has had a stroke of the pally, dria: the house commanding a fine and which had affected his intellects, and

extensive view up and down the river, and totally deprived him of his mental pow

over into Maryland. The river is upward ers. His eldest fon, the Prince of Anu

of a mile broad, and, when I was there rias, has taken up the reins of govern

was actually covered with wild fowl, witi ment.

which, during the season, as well as wit B A R BA RY.

a variety of fine fish, the General's tabl Madrid, Jan. 8. An express has ar. is always plentifully supplied. The Ge rived at Carthagena from Algiers, wità neral is said to be rather diffident, filen:


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